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  • Ranking the Lord of the Rings Video Games

    As a huge LOTR, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is my most anticipated game this year and so in honor of its release later this month, I thought I'd do a post about all of the LOTR games I've played them and the order in which I'd rank them... More
  • Spider-Man Games: Nuisance or Menace (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

    Just this last week I decided it was time for a much needed does of a Spider-Man game. So I went and got a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now I am a huge Spider-Man fan. However, even my extreme fandom wasn’t enough to get me through this game... More
  • The Last of Us: Remastered Review


    Years from now, I’m sure we’ll look back on The Last of Us: Remastered as a pinnacle of morose, mature storytelling.

    ... More
  • 365/365 Day 257: Why Video Game Art Is Its Own Culture

    Since I was young, I've really enjoyed engaging in a variety of forms of expression through artistic means. First it was drawing, and then a bit of painting (that time has passed, though), and now it's evolved to creating tangible objects I can... More
  • Throwback Thursday: Sonic the Hedgehog review

    Throwback Thursday: Sonic the Hedgehog review written by Braulio Ortiz Once upon a time Alex Kidd was Sega's mascot which would lose a one sided battle against Nintendo's Mario, this also led Sega to create a new mascot with attitude to be able... More
  • Time Travel to YOUR Golden Gaming Age.

    Don't you ever wished you lived during one of the Golden Gaming Ages (If you don't know what i mean, don't worry. I'm about to give an example.) One Age i wished i lived during in, is, Mortal Kombat, because it was the Birth of blood and... More
  • So I Just Played A Link to the Past And . . .

    . . .I've come to the conclusion that it is the best game ever made. I bought it on the Wii U eShop channel for $1.50 (I got a discount as I had redeemed it on Club Nintendo beforehand on the Wii Shop channel) and just kind of put it aside for a few... More
  • 365/365 Day 260: Why I'm Excited For Final Fantasy XV

    If you asked me about Final Fantasy Versus XIII before E3 last year, you would have gotten a confused stare. Not because I didn't know of its existence...but because I didn't know what it was. I'd seen some screenshots and a bit of gameplay... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 19

    For the first time in a long time, Blake and Chris go it alone in this week's episode to break down all the news in the world of video games for the week. While everyone else is playing Destiny, we are...well, we're discussing Destiny , which... More
  • Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

    Shooter Prime’s time-per-dollar-spent ratio is not the worrying part. Rather, an Asteroids-like presentation often sabotages high scores.

    ... More
  • Let's Play Rage Part 20

    Part 20 of my playthrough of Rage is now live! Hope you guys enjoy it! More
  • Let's Play Rage Parts 14, 15, 17-19

    The aforementioned parts of my Rage playthrough are now live! Sorry about the long hiatus, and hope you guys enjoy the videos! More