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  • Diversity and Digital Distribution

    Both movies and video games are in the throes of a battle over diversity. In a wash of white everymen, minority protagonists struggle to find a voice. Games have gotten much better about this. Drastically better. This year’s E3 featured a strong... More
  • The Allure of E-Sports

    Forward: A lot of people seem to think that E-Sports are silly, and not real sports. There is an argument to be had there, but one that is beyond the scope of this piece. If you want to argue with me in the comments, feel free. I want to intentionally... More
  • A Contrary Opinion on the Uncharted Series

    Hello, good people of GIO. I return only for a bit in the midst of the craze over Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to give my opinion on the series as a whole. In a review of Uncharted 4 in the Washington Post, Michael Thomsen gave a strongly worded critique... More
  • Don't Like It? Make Your Own Game

    It's a defense that all but kills any credibility a developer and its cult lose when they drop this low. In my eyes, to "make your own game" just to prove something just has you going down to their level - a crappy developer with a crappier... More
  • My Favorite Current Gen Soundtracks

    Music and games go along very well, without epic soundtracks, boss fights and action sequences wouldn't be the same. So, today I'm bringing you my favorite current gen soundtracks, from title music to boss fights. Feel free to leave your favorite... More
  • Video Game Easter Eggs. What's Your Favorite?

    With the rate at which new games are produced it can be difficult to play the games of the past and to appreciate where some of our favorite genres got their start. As I began to play the new Uncharted I was pleasantly surprised with one of the coolest... More
  • Top 10 Best Easter Eggs of Today's Games...

    There are a lot of easter eggs today. In games now-a-days, it is a must for devs to put an easter egg to make the player laugh or ponder what they gave us. From easter eggs that made us laugh to easter eggs that brought a smile to our faces, Hello Wandering... More
  • 10 Nintendo Games that Could Make the Move the Mobile

    There’s no disagreement that Nintendo has been making some weird moves lately – one of which is the move to mobile gaming. While we may not know much about the upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games, they make a lot of sense. Both... More