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  • My Final Thoughts on Nintendo's amiibo

    When Nintendo first announced that they would try their hand at their own "toys to life" campaign similar to Disney Infinity and Skylanders, the news took the Internet by storm. Many were excited to get quality figurines of their favorite Nintendo... More
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay (WWE2K15 Review)

    In the world of Wrestling Games there are really only two kinds of gamers. Type A loves the fight; they are thrilled to play as their favorite Superstar and get excited by large rosters, tight controls, and probably enjoy online competition. These gamers... More
  • How Much Will the Holiday Damage Sony and Microsoft's Brand Image?

    Like most of you who frequent these pages I follow the video game related news-scene pretty thoroughly. Like you, I know when games are released on a rushed schedule and can generally (with a healthy margin of error) predict whether or not I should hold... More
  • Ubi-Slop: The new EA?

    Those of you with the ability to scroll down a few blog posts worth of headers may remember that I have taken Ubisoft to task for their poor handling of Watch_Dogs graphics issues and their outright lies about the nature of those graphics issues on PC... More
  • Last (Gen) but not Least -- Dragon Age: Inquisition & Far Cry 4

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    It's no surprise that there is a conspicuous dearth of reviews for new video game releases on last gen consoles. Still, it's a safe bet that most gamers have not made the leap to the new generation of hardware. That leaves word of mouth as the... More
  • The Pressure of New Content

    Those of you who know me and who have read any of my blogs before know that I am not one to replay games, at least not very often. If it's a story-based game, most likely it's a "one and done" for me. I play it through the story. If... More
  • Half-Life: Decay (Chapter Six)...

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    Welcome to another episode of my little project where I play through all of the Half-Life games starting with the original and hopefully ending with Half-Life 2 Episode 2...and maybe by then Valve will surprise us all and Half-Life 3 will be announced... More
  • What I'd Like To See In Just Cause 3

    Climbing up a building, on a mission for I can't remember which faction featured in the game. I was doing it the long, and maybe at that point only way available to do so, way and had been going up the skyscraper for about a few minutes when suddenly... More
  • Amiibo Early Impressions

    In the style of games like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Nintendo launched a series of figures called Amiibo. During E3, I was excited to see how they would be used in upcoming games. Not only that, but the figures themselves looked amazing. However... More
  • Let's Play Homefront Part 3

    Part 3 of my playthrough of Homefront is now live! Enjoy! More
  • My history with Sega

    The Sega Genesis has turned 25 this year. When I was a fledgling I asked for one for what seemed like forever. Finally my prayers and pleas were answered when Christmas rolled around and I opened the genesis 2 model with sonic spinball, x-men, and mazing... More
  • 365/365 Day 328: My Ten Favorite Pokémon


    Not much else to say; my ten favorite Pokémon!

    ... More