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  • Lessons To Learn From Gravity Rush's Open World

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to play through Gravity Rush (the remastered version, of course, as there wasn't any money in my pocket screaming to be wasted on a Playstation Vita). I hated Gravity Rush at first. I thought its story was garbage... More
  • 2017 Gaming Update 1

    I did it! I finished the last XBOX 360 game. I powered through the last two sections of Dead Island. I can’t say I enjoyed the game. I gave it a 5.50, though the site is not displaying my score right now. Either way, the game is done. I had a lot... More
  • Video Games As A Chance To Escape

    No, this is not a depression related post nor it is that I'm going through some issues on my end, I just realized that, video games as wide as they are, grant players that window to just go away for a while and let your mind worry about other things... More
  • Keeping It Stylish #2: Viewtiful Joe (PS2)

    Welcome back to Keeping it Stylish. today’s analysis is on the cel-shaded beat em up/ character action game Viewtiful Joe. Story Viewtiful Joe begins with our protagonist Joe taking his girlfriend Silvia to the movies to see yet another superhero... More
  • Why Joel isn't Dead in The Last of Us Part II

    This the article version of my video on YouTube, Why Joel Isn't Dead - The Last of Us Part II Hello everyone, it's drmuffin1080 here, and today I'm going to be explaining why I don't think Joel is dead at the... More
  • The Case for a New Battleclash Part 1

    In late 1992 I was sixteen and had been enjoying my SNES for about a year. Super Mario World, Pilot Wings, F-Zero, Gradius III, U.N. Squadron, Super R-Type - I had gotten a pretty good haul from Christmas and Birthdays. But it seemed like something was... More
  • On the Hunt!

    It was the time of day where light begins to shift into darkness. Night would soon be upon me. I pulled out my phone to see if there had been any new details on what I was hunting. There had been a few sightings reported and I had to follow those leads... More
  • The Best Games Period - Honorable Mention - Star Stealing Prince

    A small, independent game released on Windows PC back in 2012. It was the indiest of indies, a title developed largely by one person using RPG Maker software. Many people outside the RPG Maker development community would never hear of Star Stealing Prince... More
  • Top Ten Games of 2016

    It has been an eventful 2016 to say the least. I graduated high school, went of the college, made many new friends, watched the Cubs win a world series and witnessed what will likely be the most unorthodox presidential election cycle of my life. Still... More
  • Tackling the Backlog: Valkyria Chonicles

    Roughly four years ago I wrote this piece on why Valkyria Chronicles is an underappreciated gem. Four years, a PC purchase, a PS4 remaster purchase, and a third playthrough later, I have finally finished. Valkyria Chronicles has long held a weirdly beloved... More
  • Working On A Top 100

    If you follow my blogs then you may have noticed I've been doing a couple different series as of late. Tackling the Backlog and Does it Hold Up . They're both self-explanatory, but their purpose is multi-faceted. Somewhere in the long-running... More
  • The Miraculous Path to the Super Bowl for my Player in Madden 17 (Part 2 - The Playoffs)

    After the playoff clinching drive in overtime against the Seahawks, the 49ers led by my quarterback came out of nowhere to snag the last wildcard spot in the NFC. My first opponent in the playoffs were the Falcons, a team that actually is in the Super... More