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  • Imagining No Man’s Sky Language System in its Own Game

    There are a lot of things to be said about No Man’s Sky. But when I was talking with a friend about the game, we realized just how cool the language system was from a game design standpoint. One thing led to the next and we came up with a great... More
  • Why There Aren’t More Superhero Games

    A few months ago I asked why there aren’t more superhero games being made. I still don’t have an answer, but I may have a reason why superheroes and games don’t mix as well as they logically should. Superheroes seem like the perfect... More
  • Thoughts on the 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Transformers: The Movie

    So back in July a friend of mine loaned me his complete Transformers The Series (G1). I was anticipating watching it on my own, at night, when everyone else was asleep. To my surprise, my seven-year-old daughter was super-excited by the prospect of watching... More
  • Pitching Ideas: Vendetta's Bane and How I Want it

    Remember that CWC where you had to write and post your idea for a game? Well, I made a response to that called Vendetta's Bane and it has been an age old idea I had for a long time. I want to describe how the game will be in my mind. I've been... More