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  • Overwatch and a Rekindling of Childlike Wonder for Video Games

    Overwatch and a Rekindling of Childlike Wonder for Video Games Now lets be honest, no one really needs more blogs or praise in general saying what a great game Overwatch is. People who play Overwatch can and already have appreciated the sentiment, and... More
  • The Controversial Dead Rising 4

    I guess you could say this is also a blog about people telling how to spend your own money. Yeah, these divine beings of monetary knowledge literally get angry over a total stranger buying certain games, DLC or even microtransactions. The whole "you're... More
  • EA, You Dickheads

    I held off on buying Mass Effect Andromeda at launch, hoping I'd get a retail copy from Best Buy to avoid a hefty download. Just my luck, they had 2 boxes left in the case and I was quick to flag down an employee to nab me one. He went to the back... More
  • 31/31 Day 24-- Xbox One Does Have its Moments

    Early in this 31/31 I discussed why I not only have chosen the PS4 as my console of this generation, but see why so many others have as well. It’s the better offer. Microsoft and the Xbox One aren’t without some advantages. Since the horrendous... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 56 - Mass Effect

    It is easy to forget that BioWare took a bold risk when they launched their untested, original IP as an Xbox 360 exclusive back in 2007. The RPG genre had never truly veered into uncharted territory with a mainstream release as with a third-person shooter... More
  • Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

    In the past few years there hasn't been a game that has piqued my interest more than Horizon Zero Dawn. It was the coolest game I saw during E3 2015 and I followed it closely after its reveal. After finishing the main campaign I thought I may as well... More
  • The Story of Jeremy: Part Four

    A book, book of legends, open, laying on his lap as his child lays on his tattered bed. He looks at him with a smile as he looks at this book. "The Tale of the Lost City" it was called, a small old legend of a naive king. "Do you what books... More
  • zombie's Tips for NieR: Automata

    Disclaimer #1 - The following is a statement of opinion, my opinion of course. My opinion is not your opinion and vice-versa. Though at times they may resemble, do not confuse them for one another. If you plan on commenting all that I ask is to be sure... More
  • Introducing My New Blog Series: The Incredibles

    As those of you who've seen them know, I compiled two sets of three lists last year. Two of those were of films and video games that I would give my highest honor, a 10/10 rating. There are fifty-three total entries so far, and there will likely be... More
  • The Necessary Evils

    Game design has come far since its inception. Systems and mechanics that were once frustrating or annoying have vanished and been replaced with elegant solutions that eliminate clutter and streamline the experience. From inventory management to navigation... More
  • [Análisis] DESYNC – El Poder Berserker de los Shooters

    DESYNC es juego del tipo Shooter desarrollado por The Foregone Syndicate y distribuido por Adult Swim Games . Este titulo te sumerge en un entorno digital frenético donde lo único que tienes son tus reflejos y habilidades para evitar los... More
  • [Acceso Anticipado] Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Beta

    Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Beta Cerrada Hace unas semanas tuvimos oportunidad de probar la Beta de Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 ( sorry la demora), es una historia donde el patriotismo y traición entran en escena, en la experiencia de francotirador... More