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  • Looking Cool Joker!

    Persona 5 was one of my most anticipated games of last year. I dodged information about the game like the plague, and now that I’ve finally bought a copy of the game and almost finished the second palace, I’m ready to discuss my thoughts so... More
  • My E3 2017 hopes and thoughts

    Please rate and comment ; Wow it's been some long time since I last posted something on my blog space. A lot of things have passed since August 2016 (college mostly) and I rose of position in my job. I am going to sa that sadly I haven't used... More
  • You Can Never Go Home Again

    Do people still blog on this website? I hope so. I haven't posted here for a few years, but I remember a vibrant community of interesting and creative people that took the time and care to talk to each other and put their thoughts into blogs. I hope... More
  • How Doom (2016) and Wolfenstein: The New Order Have Redefined Themselves

    In 1992, id Software helped pioneer the First Person Shooter genre with its massive hit, Wolfenstein 3D. One year later the company released Doom, which became even more of a phenomenon and forever changed our culture by introducing deathmatch fully embracing... More
  • Book Review: Masters of Doom

    Beginning with Commander Keen and continuing on with Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, id Software was one of the most prolific video game developers in the 1990’s. The company’s games revolutionized the industry in such a way that ripples... More
  • Tekken 7 and a Fighter's Passion

    Tekken 7 and a Fighter's Passion I feel like Tekken 7 is probably up there in the two games I waited longest to play. Up there with Xenoblade X and its obnoxious release schedule. Tekken 7 had an excuse, as fighting games like to release in Arcades... More
  • Ms. Goldstein - An Experiment

    Hi y'all! So, here's a little experiment: I have been sitting on a novel for a couple of years. I have two-thirds of it completely written, with the last third existing as a detailed outline. I write for a living in a non-entertainment capacity... More
  • There's One Big Reason To Be Excited for Xbox One X.

    After more than a year of skillfully building anticipation for Project Scorpio, the moment of truth has arrived. Microsoft has delivered on their promise to develop the most powerful console ever, and yet... there seems to be a rather odd silence that... More
  • In The Mood For Love: Quietly Perfect

    In The Mood For Love is a 2000 film directed by Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar-Wai, and probably remains his most famous/recognizable work, and for good reason. It's the story of two neighbors, Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan, played by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: Wolf - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    It's late June, and we have a new Essentials completion! Truth be told, this one was reported to me a long time ago, and I've simply been too busy to write it up. This time around, we have one man taking on the gothic platforming classic that... More
  • GTA V - Are We Overreacting?

    After last night's GTA V rant, I wanted to feel for those who are bitter towards Take 2's decisions. This is a game that's held the top sellers list on Steam for a ridiculous amount of time, and received an equally ridiculous amount of praise... More
  • Surviving the Horrors of Outlast 2

    Outlast 2 by Red Barrels creates an immersive, atmospheric setting for a survival horror video game that goes a long way toward instilling a palpable sense of discomfort and anxiety. But for all the headway made in establishing a creepy aesthetic that... More