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  • The Devil is a Part-Timer Review: Satanically Delicious!

    In a distant land known as Este Isla, the king of demons, Satan, has begun his conquest of humanity with the aid of his four demonic generals. However, humanity eventually pushes back and defeats Satan's demonic armies thanks to the hero Emilia and... More
  • Why I’m Glad Video Games Aren’t Completely Realistic…

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    If you've been gaming for any length of time, no doubt you've heard the conversations about how games have continued to grow and evolve over the years and when we can expect to see games that truly look like real life and convince us they are... More
  • Controller Input and Immersion

    Immersion. Video games. The two go hand in hand. No matter the game, you are immersed to some extent. The joy of playing games is being taken into another world to be lost in. More story focused games obviously make a greater effort in immersing their... More
  • Yet Another Super Smash Bros Newcomer Wishlist

    A new Super Smash Bros game is a huge event for Nintendo fans. They only come once a console generation, feature tons of Nintendo characters, and can still be enjoyed years after the sequel has had a sequel. Super Smash Bros also gives any character that... More
  • Favorite Fist Of Fives (Excluding The Fighting Genre)…

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    There are fighting games, and then there are games that have fighting. You would expect a fighting game to have punching as a maneuver. Heck, most of them label a button or two (or more) the punch button, so of course they probably have really good punches... More
  • Scoring a Legend: The Music of The Legend of Zelda (Part 2)

    After Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo’s role as the sole composer for The Legend of Zelda would come to an end as he was joined by Toru Minegishi and other talented composers for subsequent Zelda scoring. It’s evident in more contemporary Zelda... More
  • Hyrule Hypocrasy

    Koei's bringing a lot of new Warriors games to the US this year; namely Warriors Orochi 3 ultimate, Samurai Warriors 4, and the one that's gotten the brunt of the attention, Hyrule Warriors. Now this is great news for die-hard Musou fans like... More
  • The Rise of the Average Joe in Gaming

    Those who vehemently contend gaming is a mere form of escapism often point out that the main allure of video games is they put you in the shoes of a powerful and courageous hero. An adventurer who fears nothing, and bravely pushes forward conquering foes... More
  • Is The Video Game Industry All Con’d Out…

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    There are a number of ways you can measure the success of a video game title and even though I'm no developer or publisher I have to imagine if your game gets a convention named after it, that's a pretty good indicator there are people out there... More
  • Nerdy character bios I wrote for my Destiny Beta characters. Because I'm a nerd.

    So yeah. Basically, to elaborate on what this is, I've been playing the Destiny beta, and earlier today I suddenly got this urge for some actual character for my characters in the game/beta. My mind started running, and I started coming up with an... More
  • Bungie Needs to Get Out of Their Own Way

    Maybe it's time for Bungie to quit trying to sell their newest game, and just give it room to speak for itself. Despite a year and two consecutive E3 appearances, it took an Alpha demo for Bungie to finally explain what “Destiny” actually... More
  • Wimp vs. Creepy Little Girl: My Impressions of F.E.A.R. and Its Expansions

    Alma, of course. There are many games I haven't played for a varying number of reasons. Certain genres aren't my thing, a title might slip my mind, or I simply just don't have the resources at the moment to get a certain game and wind up settling... More