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  • A Puzzling Stance From Pitchford On Original Borderlands HD Release

    When it was announced last week that the Borderlands series was getting an updated HD release, it surprised a few of us out there that the original Borderlands wasn't part of the package. In this slow period of games at the onset of the new gen systems... More
  • Remake Wishlist: EarthBound/Mother

    EarthBound is a game that I only played recently, since I never owned a SNES. Other than some clunky, dated design choices, I really loved the game. The humor was self-aware and bizarre, the gameplay was fun, and the story was strangely engaging. The... More
  • No Man's Sky and the possibility of a Xbox One version

    No Man's Sky is probably the years most talked about game, and certainly the most talked about Indie. At this years E3 it was made clear that it was coming to PS4, but no mention of any other gaming device. Something that was also relatively clear... More
  • Moments - Battling Wally in Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

    What sticks with us years after completing our favorite video games are not "the smooth controls" or "how quick the loading times were," but rather the memorable moments we forge and create with them. As games become increasingly complex... More
  • My Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    UNCHARTED 4- The video Sony showed at the end of 2014 made me very hyped for the next Uncharted. The physics of Drake running and climbing showed off the true power of the PS4, and theres no better studio than Naughty Dog. If this is indeed Drake's... More
  • E-Pals: Grand Theft Auto

    Hi! I remember the first time I played a Grand Theft Auto game. It was GTA 2 and I didn't like it. Driver released in the same year, and while it had no out-of-car action I enjoyed it a great deal more (Driver: San Francisco was the latest entry in... More
  • Backlog Blitz: NES, Week 12 "K-Street Shuffle"

    Heyo, GIO! How's it going? I spent the week training new employees at work, which was fun. And I got in some time with more modern games. The highlight was Betrayer , which uses a color palette of white, black, and red. It's really fascinating... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 37; Assassin's Creed in Japan, 2016?

    Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of Assassin's Feed. The topic of this week is the possibility of the 2016 Assassin's Creed Game to take place in Japan. Now usually I don't take theories too seriously, unless their my own, but... More
  • Jackson Stone's Top 5 TV Shows of 2014

    2014 was a great year for television even with the recent passing of Breaking Bad (R.I.P.). I feel like this goes without saying, but no mere mortal is able to watch all the great shows that come out in a year, so there will be some notable exclusions... More
  • Game on friends! Lets have a great 2015!

    I've been a member on Game Informers Website for about six years, and I have finally decided to update my profile and share about my gaming experiences! I hope that if you guys ever end up reading these posts that you will add me and share what you... More
  • Looking Ahead - Batman: Arkham Knight

    TheDarkestLink is back for this weeks Looking Ahead blog focusing on the greatly anticipated conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. This game was revealed in 2014 only to be delayed into this June. Batman: Arkham Knight has been shown at E3 2014... More
  • The Two Sides of Sega

    I think Sega is starting to seem like two separate companies. Their mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, has had a string of terrible games recently. The franchise's 15th anniversary marked the pinnacle of terrible Sonic games, a trend that still lingers.... More