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  • Wario Land II Review - Greed Is Mediocre

    Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Release Year: 2000 Played on Nintendo 3DS (via Virtual Console) Wario sure has had a strange journey, starting off as a villain in Mario Land 2 to basically usurping the role of hero (or rather anti-hero) away from... More
  • Would A Star Fox Racing Game Really Be That Bad?

    With about three weeks to go until this year's E3 press conferences, it's that lovely time of year... The time when gamers run rabid with speculation, baseless rumors build upon one another with little credentials to back them up, and certain... More
  • The 50 Best Games: 46 - Castle Crashers

    The beat-em up genre is one that is often described fondly only through the heavily-filtered lenses of nostalgia and time. In reality, it's a concept that was summarily improved and made nearly obsolete as we got better and more robust 3D engines... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 6

    Steadily I have been getting better at this. Before missions with a Difficulty Rating of two or higher were invitations to death and bankruptcy, now they are manageable. My trip to Sacromonte was not worth mention; another milk run, but when I picked... More
  • Games You May Have Missed - The Terror Aboard the Speedwell

    The Terror Aboard the Speedwell Creator: Javy Gwaltney (Illustration by Elizabeth Simins ) Genre: Interactive Fiction (Horror) Platform: PC, Mac, Linux Special Edition Release: September 2014 (about 3 years, 8 months ago) Where to Buy: On Lo-Fi... More
  • Is Carl the Worst Person in Detroit: Become Human?

    *Spoiler Warning, Play Detroit: Become Human Before Reading* Detroit: Become Human takes place in the not-too-distant future where the tensions between androids and humans are reaching a boiling point. The cheap and infallible android labor puts human... More
  • Gaming's Most Epic Moments: The New GoW Was Amazing!

    Gaming is about many different things these days. There is a social aspect to games, there are competitive games, games provide us with an escape, and occasionally games hit us with unbelievable moments that we will remember forever. The new God of War... More
  • Best Games in the PlayStation Flash Sale this Weekend

    Stop by the PlayStation Store now for up to 75% off on games you might have missed. There are over 150 deals on offer, so hopefully you'll find something that suits your tastes and wallet. If you already have decision fatigue, here is a list of discounted... More