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  • Backlog Challenge- Asura's Wrath

    Whether they be gameplay or storytelling, there are few irredeemable mechanics. What is maligned can be twisted into something enjoyable. Asura’s Wrath is a testament to that. QTE’s don’t have to be a bore. Interactive film / television... More
  • Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Saving a Forest of Beauty

    The second you start up Ori and the Blind Forest for the first time you immediately feel a connection to the characters in the opening cutscene. Watching the relationship between Ori and the gorilla-like Naru warms your heart until your heart is eventually... More
  • Destiny Urchin Error Code Is Nothing To Worry About.

    Players of destiny my be experincing a message when they fire up there game saying they have restricted access to games features. Players who have tried to access the reef social area get a Urchin error code. The code is used telling people they have... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Favorite Coop Experience

    watch?v=xisrZVxCh6k (I’d like to preface this by saying that I hope you watch the “highlight” video I made, within this post, capturing us playing in tandem.) LINK HERE I love Jes, and she loves me. She’s the love of my life and... More
  • More Polybius Mayhem

    Last week I had been thinking (and subsequently writing) about the urban legend of Polybius , the fabled game that could basically cause you all sorts of creepy problems if you were unfortunate enough to play it. The legend began back in the arcade heyday... More
  • May Game Challenge: Week Three

    It is with great relief that I can finally say I have finished my replay of the entire BioShock series, concluding with the only part I'd not experienced before: Burial At Sea. After staying up all night on Friday, I saw the credits roll on Saturday... More
  • Quick Impressions: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

    With all of the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae hype, I feel like some people are forgetting the actual game it came with. I know I did, but I finally got around to trying Final Fantasy Type-0. Ever since its Japanese PSP release in 2011, I've been... More
  • What I Hateth Most About Dark Souls (And Other Games that Get Archaic English Wrong)

    First of all, it's not the difficulty. I enjoy a good challenge, so on my first playthrough of Dark Souls (I know, I'm behind), I'm relishing the steep learning curve. It makes success that much sweeter. And overall, Dark Souls is an incredible... More
  • Madden Feature Re-Hash

    For NFL fans who play Madden, you've probably heard about Madden being accused of just bringing features from previous games. Considering they've had 20+ years to work out the problems in Madden, you would think they would have it down, mostly... More
  • Computer Opinions

    So I've been out of the game a LONG time when it comes to PC desktops. What do you guys think? Revolt R777 Case 1 x iBUYPOWER Revolt Mini Tower Gaming Case Case Lighting 1 x Revolt Advanced Lighting Processor 1 x Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor... More
  • Blog Herding Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Playdate Round 2

    GI community! It's time for another playdate. This Sunday we are revisiting the world of Monster Hunter to fight giant toads, dragons, and anything that can be carved and turn into a neat hat. Details from Blog Herding below: This week's playdate... More
  • Restore Points (Save States): An Advance in Accessibility or An Insult to Classic Games?

    As a gamer born in the N64 era, catching the tail end of its games, I came into my own as a gamer sometime in 2007. I'd been gaming consistently to that point, but I didn't really take it seriously (not that it should be taken too seriously) up... More