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  • My Favorite Summer 2017 Anime So Far

    We're around the midway point for August, as well as the midway point for many of the summer's array of anime. After taking the spring season off, mainly due to what I thought was a lackluster season besides from 2 or 3 shows, I'm back to... More
  • My Journey To the “Best” Video Game Store In NYC

    I thought up a lot of other titles I could have used while writing this blog. Titles like— “The death of brick and mortar” “The digital revolution is upon us” “The dark age of physical rare collectibles” With... More
  • Opening Pandora's Box (The Right Way)

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] If you’re thrown for a loop as to why I’m talking about a game that has been out for roughly five years to this point and that even has a re-released edition that is pushing two to three years, don’t worry... More
  • A look at Kongai,'s attempt at making a collectible card game

    Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on GameInformer's blog section. I've been studying journalism and professional writing in school, so there's bound to be some improvement from previous entries. I'm interning at a newspaper... More
  • Why a 7 out of 10 Can Mean a Bad Score from Game Reviewers

    Listen up you wonderful people. Game critics are a fickle bunch. Like I've said before, I believe there's a lot more subjective to games than people think. The only true thing I believe is objective is if the game works. I know a lot of people... More
  • The Immense Importance of Sonic Mania

    For the past decade, indie games have been on the rise in the gaming industry. Just a small team of people, a passion for games, and a lot of time to make their creation a reality. This industry has almost been directly competing with AAA games since... More
  • Looking Back on the Oddly Special Game That Was Dragon's Dogma

    I'm going to offer you a little insight into the process that I go through when trying to write a blog, mainly what led to me wanting to talk about Dragon's Dogma. While trying to conjure up a decent topic for a blog post, I rocked back and forth... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 73 - Destiny (ft. Jason Pfitzer)

    After Bungie concluded their work on Halo: Reach, they turned their eyes toward a game that a small segment of the company had been fleshing out for years. That game would eventually become Destiny after overcoming numerous development challenges. Destiny's... More
  • Middle Earth - Foreshadow Of War

    I'm surprised people are shocked that Shadow of War has microtransactions. Way back when I wrote about this game when all it offered was a few concept art and a useless trailer (which was my gripe about the game to begin with) it also listed in-app... More
  • GTA: San Andreas IOS - Lesser Sadism

    GTA is a *** nightmare on mobile. Much like how it was a trend to port over PS2 and Xbox era classics with mixed results, it was always the controls that utterly ruined the experience. Tomb Raider (yeah, the PSone classic) is ungodly frustrating but do... More
  • I Finished Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in One Sitting, Here Are Some Impressions

    Gears of War is a series I have always been interested in, but never played much of until recently. I began like I tend to do with all new series' with the latest entry, but about halfway through Gears of War 4's campaign I decided to stop and... More
  • Round 2!-Looking backwards and forwards

    My summer vacation comes to an end soon. In a week's time I will begin my second year of community college. I won't lie, I had hoped to accomplish more during these past few months. Working more hours, contributing more to this site than comments... More