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  • The Essentials Challenge - Month One Update!

    28 1
    *UPDATE!* Month 2, ladies and gentleman! We've only had one more completion since our last update, with Mr. Insane Buffoon getting his Undertale on. Head down below to take a look at his final thoughts, as well as the thoughts of our other finished... More
  • When Do You Stop Playing A Game?

    I’m done playing Breath of the Wild – or rather, my dad’s borrowing it for the next couple of weeks so I can’t actually play it. So, I’ve spent the last couple of days tracking down every last shrine and learning to accept... More

    Samurai Jack has returned and we are already six episodes deep. That means there are only four left! I hate that we are already more than halfway through the final season. So far it has exceeded my expectations in every way and I have a good feeling the... More
  • Worlds of Power

    I read a very entertaining post by fellow blogger Marco Polo titled METROID LEGACY and it got me thinking about video game books. It seems to me that given the massive success that many video game franchises have had it would be a no brainer to publish... More
  • Why Kefka is one of the greatest villains ever.

    To anyone who has played Final Fantasy VI, they are surely familiar with the maniacal villain of the game and his trademark laugh. Whenever I think about the best villains in videogames, he is still in my #1 spot. If you've never played FF6, here's... More
  • Summer + Video Games= Awesome Memories

    A couple of days ago, I was walking through a mall and I caught a sudden whiff of something sticky and sweet, like cotton candy. Then, in that peculiar way that smells can do, it triggered a flood of memories and images of past summers and how much video... More
  • How I became the gamer I am today

    I've loved video games ever since I can remember. My grandma has a video of me excitedly playing Super Mario Bros on the NES while wearing some TMNT pajamas, and I can honestly say that's my first gaming memory. Ever since then, I've kept... More
  • Games I Didn't Review in 2016: Quantum Break

    [As Originally Read on SNo2. ] Quantum Break is a pretty interesting third-person shooter that was released essentially to showcase the graphical powers of the then-newer Xbox One and to potentially create a new supreme IP for Microsoft as well. Although... More
  • 5 Games I am anticipating

    T his is a little list of games I'm anticipating the arrival of and cannot wait until they are released. This list includes two horror games, an open world western, a game that hopefully will include a bad ass campaign mode and a trilogy of classics... More
  • zombie's Struggle with Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Disclaimer - The following is a statement of opinion, my opinion of course. My opinion is not your opinion and vice-versa. Though at times they may resemble, do not confuse them for one another. If you plan on commenting all that I ask is to be sure to... More
  • Some justification for the poor reviews of Iron Fist

    I've never been one to disregard a movie or TV show solely based on a review. Iron Fist didn't exactly spark confidence with its early reviews, but Marvel on Netflix doesn't tend to let me down too much and I would like to stay up to date... More
  • The most exciting announcement of the year?

    I recently made a commitment to type 500 words a day. Whether that is in the form of a blog post, something random in a Word doc, or a combo of both, I am trying to stay on top of this commitment within reason. So far this is not an easy task and I can... More
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