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  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 2/15/17

    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! ONE DAY LATE EDITION.... If this is your first time allow me to explain how this works. I will post a picture of a video game's cover art almost entirely blacked out. Each picture after that will... More
  • Crappy Concepts Confounding Co-op

    Crappy Concepts Confounding Co-op A few years ago, I was in a great relationship with someone who played games, so we did a lot of co-op gaming. It was a large part of the relationship until her raging alcoholism came back and ruined everything. On the... More
  • So, I'm Writing a Comic Book...

    UPDATE: The complete first two issues of SEASONS are free to read right now! And SEASONS #3 will debut next week... Original Story: Hold on, hold on, give me a minute. I'm pretty sure I know what you were thinking when you saw the title to this blog... More
  • My Favorite Getting a Console Moments

    In little over two weeks the gaming world will be introducing a new console into its ecosystem. Very little is known about the Switch, but whenever a new console is set to release I find it to be a very exciting time. I've pre-ordered a Switch and... More
  • The Evolution of Console Gaming and the Aging Gamer

    I haven't been a gamer since the beginning of gaming, but I have been playing games since the NES days. My first console was the SNES and it came bundled with my first game (that I owned at least), Super Mario World. The start of it all! The 16 bit... More
  • The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel Rant!

    Hello world! ^^ As you know Falcom has been working under the radar for over three decades now, which includes the series The Legend of Heroes. Thanks to XSEED we;re going to be seeing a lot more of it, starting with Trails of Cold Steel. The Legend of... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Most Helpful Video Game Partners I've Had

    I've played a decent amount of games online with others, and I've been fortunate to have several helpful partners along the way. I could make this piece ridiculously long if I detailed all of them, so I decided on the first three that came to... More
  • One Man’s Rankings: Top Ten Wii U Games

    Come March 3rd the history book will close on the life of the Nintendo Wii U; that day will not only be the release date of its final major release, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, but also the launch day of its successor the Nintendo Switch... More
  • My Thoughts on Breath of the Wild

    Oh, there was a time, I actually liked it when developers put a hold on the releases. They usually do it because there is a problem in the game to fix, redesigning the story or to make the game a better experience. Breath of the Wild was told to be released... More
  • Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words

    Final Fantasy 15 and the Man who Ate his Words Now I know, Final Fantasy 15 is "old" news at this point. But in my defense, I had literally no time to play it in December and in January I had pneumonia throughout the month. So February was the... More
  • Japan's Protagonist Problem

    Whenever we sit down and play a story focused video game, it's often the intention of the developer to create a playable protagonist that, to an extent, the player can relate to. After all, if we're going to be controlling this character for at... More
  • For the Love of Games: Political Strife, GIO, and Our Love of Video Games

    I don't know how to start this piece. In fact I didn't want to write this. But over the past few weeks I've seen division in a community I love. Political discourse is non-existent, instead name calling and slurs have dominated. While we live... More
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