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  • Community Discussion: January Edition

    15 1
    January is coming to a close, and with it goes our desire to actually fulfill our New Year's Resolutions (remember those?) as well as the newness of 2015. It's a bittersweet transition, but sweetening this revelation is this month's edition... More
  • Pursuing My Dreams

    13 1
    Hello everyone! I’m incredibly excited to finally be here at Game Informer as one of the Winter 2015 interns. I’ve been working towards this next major step in my career since I started gaming on the Super Nintendo with my older brother. He... More
  • Home Again, Home Again

    10 4
    Hello once again GIOers. I’ve been here a while, posting in our little community sidebar as one of Game Informer’s featured bloggers since the concept of the featured sidebar was originally conceived. I’ve had blogs herded by Saint,... More
  • Take Me On An Adventure

    20 1
    I could hardly believe it when I saw Matt Miller’s email with the words “phone interview” in the subject line. With a shaky grip on a water bottle and my phone in my lap, it’s safe to say my nerves were rocky as I waited for that... More
  • GIO Member Herding: Episode 72 of XX

    9 2
    GI is a terrific place, and in the years I have been here, I have seen a lot of very talented bloggers come and go. Some started strong and tapered off quickly, some took a while to find their stride and are still going strong, while still others start... More
  • Moments - "Don't...Eat...Dinner!!!"

    2 2
    Zombies have bled so deeply into the mainstream that in order to stand out, a successful movie, novel, or game in the subgenre has to do something different from the crowd. Truly successful modern zombie fiction has strayed away from placing emphasis... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 30


    This week’s topics include Dragon’s Dogma Online, Amiibos and the monthly Games with Gold vs. PS+ debate, and we also discuss our favorite multiplayer maps.

    ... More
  • 5 Most Influential Games of Last Generation

    With the advent of the previous generation of video games (colloquially referred to as “Generation 7”) we’re left with an excellent opportunity to examine what this generation brought to the gaming world. Since gamers seem to love lists... More
  • Katzenbalger's wacky 'Lords of the Fallen' lynching

    So... Lords of the Fallen. It’s a game that largely went under the radar and forgotten, the sort of title most forget even exists. I bought it on release, played a bit and lost interest. It took me a long time before I actually properly sat down... More
  • Game on friends! Lets have a great 2015!

    2 1
    I've been a member on Game Informers Website for about six years, and I have finally decided to update my profile and share about my gaming experiences! I hope that if you guys ever end up reading these posts that you will add me and share what you... More
  • 52/52 Week 5- The Week of Demos

    For the past two weeks or so, the 3DS has been bombarded with a few high-profile demos for games coming soon. I got a chance to play both the Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Monster Hunter 4 demo, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on both of these demos... More
  • A Puzzling Stance From Pitchford On Original Borderlands HD Release

    When it was announced last week that the Borderlands series was getting an updated HD release, it surprised a few of us out there that the original Borderlands wasn't part of the package. In this slow period of games at the onset of the new gen systems... More
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