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  • Why Are AAA Publishers Obsessed With "Games As A Service"?

    Every major third party publisher is obsessed with "games as a service." For years, much of the industry has turned away from exclusively "linear single-player experiences." Whether you look at Activision with Destiny 2 and Overwatch... More
  • A Long Awaited Return

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    I'm rusty at this. Seriously... and sorry in advanced. I'm not going to put on any pretenses that this is particularly gaming related; at least, not directly. So I won't hold it against you if you choose not to read past this point. But if... More
  • Every time when Attempting a shortcut (Ghost Recon Wildlands)

    watch?v=zUaVCiWg8pM&t= More
  • My Year in Review(As a Human)

    So last December, I graduated college. Yes, freaking sweet on all accounts aside from the 40K of debt now shouldered onto me(and I got out good). But, that blog isn't about that. This blog is about my adventure out of college. I Worked the Best (And... More
  • Game-Making Challenge: Crafting the Perfect Open World

    On this month’s game-making challenge, we’re shaking things up a bit! First of all, it’s my official debut as a Game-Making Challenge co-writer and idea haver. And second of all, this month is going to be a bit more focused on art and... More
  • SEGA's side (if they were put into Nintendo vs. Capcom)

    Ok, so yeah, I didn't exactly post "next week" but here's something to think about if NvC wanted another side (MvTvKvSvNvC?). So because they haven't had a (crossover) fighter, I did this in console eras. Master System: Alex Kidd... More
  • Why Watching Others Play Video Games Is Special To Me - Part 2

    Sometimes, a blog has too much potential worthy of a sequel and when that happens, inspiration strikes again to continue sharing that same feeling with a brand new perspective. Two years ago I wrote about this having been inspired by my college friends... More
  • Let's Talk About Life, Real Life

    Over the passing of years, the world has changed. Within these changes, there is much to be mentioned as the world, just like life itself, is very complex. As a teacher who sees and listens to many students with every passing group, I can say my generation... More
  • Attack on Titan 2 Pop Up Ad.

    I can't possibly be the only one annoyed at that sh#@. Am I? Used to make good blogs but Turi loved stealing those. Good Riddance. This is more fun. YO GI the Pop up ads suck mad Ravioli. Oh yea in case your wondering...yes this is Mega Man. But only... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 85 - The Best Games (of 2017) Period (ft. Dean Stephenson)

    After a holiday hiatus, we're back! Jack, Daniel, and returning guest Dean Stephenson talk about the best games of 2017. And what a year it was! incredible sequels, new IPs that left gamers stunned, and the incredible success of a new Nintendo console... More
  • A Look Back at Nier

    I reviewed Nier on this blog back in 2011. At the time, I was sixteen, and M-rated games were a new, vast world for me to explore. I remember the first three Mature games that impacted me: Red Dead Revolver ; 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors... More
  • It's Time to Jettison Density or Bungie's Got Their Work Cut Out For Them

    For background, please see my earlier posts about how much I played Density 1 and how I liked the initial campaign of Density 2. Look, I've put a lot of hours into the Density franchise, so much so that my iPhone tries to autocorrect the word "destiny"... More
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