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  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard- Week 1

    4 2
    Brought to you by: "The New York Giants. Yep, it's gonna be one of those types of season again." Hello everyone, and welcome to another season GIO fantasy football! And with a new season, comes yet another set of weekly scoreboards to help... More
  • Uesugi's State of Gaming: November 2013 - Present

    Beginning from November of 2013 it's been a weird year for gaming so far. From the thunderous launch of consoles we really didn't need to the choking, dry desert of not-a-whole-lot-to-play it's safe to say this year is atypical at best. Here's... More
  • Guess That Game (Sep 2014)

    10 1
    If you're reading this, then allow me to welcome you to Guess that Game, a monthly feature loosely based off of the game of 20 Questions. The first thing you might want to do is make sure you are viewing this with the website lights turned on (the... More
  • Destiny Is An Odd Game At Launch

    Between the Alpha, Beta, and launch, I've played a lot of Destiny. While I was once a Destiny skeptic, I knew I would be buying it day one after I played the Alpha. As it currently stands, Destiny is a very strange game. The Destiny we have right... More
  • Tricks, Traps And Other Perilous Devices…

    3 1
    I used to love reading MAD Magazine and one of my favorite regular features was the Spy vs. Spy comic strips. I'm not sure why I always thought they were so funny...but I kinda did. A few years later I would play Spy vs. Spy on the Nintendo. My gosh... More
  • SSB Character Interview #10: Lucina


    The tenth additon to my Smash Bros. Character Interview Series! This is Lucina's interview for the game.

    ... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Punk-Rocking Folk, Ungulates on Acid, and Chop Sockey Stereotypes

    The triumphant return. Black clouds part and the Hipster sun burns down upon your fedoras and argyle v-neck sweaters once again. For those of you that have been holding your breath for two weeks, your waiting has come to an end (though you may want to... More
  • 365/365 Day 254: GIO Community's Super Smash Bros. Hub

    *UPDATED 9/14/14* One of the biggest releases of the year is almost upon us. While most people are talking about Destiny right now, I find that most of the people I actually know both in real life and through Game Informer Online are actively discussing... More
  • I Didn’t Forget…

    4 1
    I almost didn't blog today. First time in...a long time. Not because I didn't want to. I did. Not because I didn't have anything to blog about. I do. I almost didn't blog today because I didn't know if I should. Today was a day that... More
  • Half-Life: Blue Shift (Chapter 1 And Chapter 2)…

    2 1
    Welcome friends and fellow gamers to another round of my complete play through of all the Half-Life games. If you read my post from last week, you know I finished Opposing Force, which means this week kicks off my play through of Blue Shift. I have to... More
  • Retro Ruminations

    3 1
    It started with a conversation I'd overheard in a Gamestop. This was year's ago, mind you, when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were only halfway through their life cycle. I was browsing through used Gamecube titles when one of the employees asked me if... More
  • Looking back on a good gaming year.

    Didn't you have a memorable gaming year? looking back on some awesome games you made so much memories. My favorite gaming year would be back in 2010, because it released 3 of the greatest games ever, Halo Reach, COD: Black Ops, and AC Brotherhood... More
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