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  • The Hilarity Of Playing Multiple Games Concurrently

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    One of my 2016 gaming resolutions was to simply play more games. And I've done that. Some might say I've done that to a bit of a nonsensical degree. I've already completed six games so far this year. Six. That's not bad! But I've gotten... More
  • Having A Great Time Playing Video Games While Commuting To College

    Last month I began college again after a 4 month strike, and while my gaming sessions are compromised, they are not forgotten. My 3DS arrived in time and playing on the go has been a great advantage of owning a handheld. Before having the opportunity... More
  • Top 10 Survival Horror Games...

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    Today, you are here to see our list of the best Horror games out there. From guts and gore to death and insanity, we give you the top ten survival horror games. 10. Dead Rising This game brings me back to Dawn of the Dead. The game's sequels have... More
  • What Happened To Fun? (A Rant)

    Is this gonna be another sappy, saccharin sweet reminiscence of the "glory days" of gaming? No. I've done my share of looking back. But, I've got to say, I'm getting tired of constantly looking ahead too. I've been fighting with... More
  • Gee, If Only I Had A List Of Game I Beat This Year...

    Inspired by Reiner, I decided to keeps a list of games I beat this year. I will try to update the throughout the year. I will add a little info on the playthroughs, such as: whether or not it was my first time beating it, what difficulty, and did I use... More
  • Guess That Game (February 2016)...

    nuqneH Game Informer! More months go by so more Guess That Game appears. Last month's installment had people getting the game at various clues. It's always fun to make people think it's one game only to have another clue make them doubt themselves... More
  • Post-Beta Thoughts On The Division

    Along with many others last weekend, I spent some significant time with Ubisoft's beta for The Division. I had hoped it would clear up some of my uncertainty surrounding the game, yet I came away with more questions than ever. Allow me to say right... More
  • Can A Game Be Too Big?

    For anyone who follows my writing, it's not news that I've been playing a veritable crap ton of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was (and still is) my goal to "finish" the game by the 9th so I could focus on three new releases coming out... More
  • The Invaders, Chapter Four: Part 2

    Author's Note: Just to say, this took a while to write and re-write. Everything was hard to create, imagine, and to put on paper. So if anything is confusing or anything in that nature, please tell me, so I can correct it. And another thing, there... More
  • Can Final Fantasy XV Succeed?

    With the announcement of the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV, I started to wonder if this is yet another case of “too good to be true.” Episode Duscae was entertaining for a short demo, but the latest footage shows that... More
  • Battle Brothers - An Brief Early Access Review

    When you combine the tactical combat and chance-on-hit mechanics of XCOM, world view and company management on Mount and Blade: Warband, and random events of FTL, you get Battle Brothers. Battle Brothers is a diamond in the rough. It's a game that... More
  • Monthly Gradebook: January 2016

    Greetings! Welcome to my debut edition of the Monthly Gradebook. I’ll be giving my thoughts and of course grades on all the games I managed to play to competition this past month. I decided to do this as a way to share my thoughts on the games that... More
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