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  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 12/1/16

    8 1
    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! If this is your first time allow me to explain how this works. I will post a picture of a video game's cover art almost entirely blacked out. Each picture after that will slowly reveal more of the... More
  • Guess that Game (December 2016)...

    6 1
    Season's greetings Game Informer! December has arrived yet again, soon the snow will cover everything and a winter wonderland will begin. It's once again time to hunker down and binge watch things on Netflix and not go out into the cold for another... More
  • Where Did All Of These Games Come From?

    3 1
    Thanksgiving and Black Friday has come and gone. The Black Friday sales quickly became a parade of games that I recently purchased at prices even cheaper than my 20% discount on new games at Amazon or Best Buy. For example, my beloved Dishonored 2 Collector's... More
  • Dream On: Bloodborne 2 (Revised)

    Introduction I've been playing the Souls' series since 2012, and have played every single one of them, though I have only beaten the first area in Demons' Souls because my PS3 decided to kill itself to spite me. With that out of the way, I'd... More
  • Final Fantasy XV: My First Three Hours

    As i sit and type this blog i've hit my three hour mark of Final Fantasy XV, the reason that this is a blog recapping my first three hours is for the shear fact that I feel I haven't even enough impressions to give you on my first impressions... More
  • My Top 15 Favorite Original Vocal Songs In Games


    I wanted to share some of my favorite original vocal songs in video games so I decided to rank my 15 favorites. Check it out!

    ... More
  • I Just Want Gravity Rush 2 So Bad You Guys

    In case you weren't aware, Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games of all time; I love the setting, I love the characters, and I especially love the gameplay. It was probably the number one reason I had for getting a Vita at launch, and though I... More
  • Rereleases and Adaptations Are the Future and You're to Blame

    Recently when I sign onto my PS4 and I see what my friends are playing it has overwhelmingly been two games. Call of Duty: Remastered and Skyrim: Special Edition . Disappointment. That’s the feeling that overwhelms me. It’s only exacerbated... More
  • Can Assassin's Creed Break the Video Game Adaptation Curse?

    Many have tried. Many have failed. It's a little surprising that a film adaptation of a video game hasn't been a standout critical success to date. From Tomb Raider and Resident Evil to more recent efforts such as Warcraft , no-one has been quite... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2016

    I've watched a fair amount of new anime and new seasons of anime throughout 2016, some have become my new personal favorites while others have failed to leave a lasting impact on me. There still remains a few more episodes for the fall season of shows... More
  • The Game Awards 2016 Predictions

    The Game Awards 2016 Predictions The Game Awards are coming. To be honest, I'm extremely excited. I love video games and I love game reviews. The thing with game of the year awards is that they're the king of all reviews. Since the nominees have... More
  • Destiny - the slog to 400

    So one of the things I found interesting about Rise of Iron is that Bungie said multiple times that players would not necessarily need to play in the new Raid in order to max out their light level. And I am happy to say I've found that to be true... More
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