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  • A PSA: GIO Style!

    5 3
    November approaches, and with it my twenty ninth year of living, as well as a time for National Epilepsy awareness. Yes, I'm that old, although there are users here who are much older. I thought I'd be proactive, since I'm random like that... More
  • Can Somebody Please Tell Me What Generation It Is…

    10 2
    So, have you ever been sitting in a classroom or maybe a work meeting and the teacher or the person chairing the meeting asks if there are any questions or if everybody understands what's going on? And you kind of look around waiting to see how everybody... More
  • Spending Smart: Making The Most of Your Gaming Dollars

    How often do you make a video game related purchase that is quickly followed by gamers remorse? Are you an early adopter, or do you prefer to wait? Video games can easily become an expensive hobby, but that doesn't mean it has to be. One thing I notice... More
  • I Did Miss Him

    I've made it past my original playthrough's stopping point. On that note, I'm still really liking this game! I'm so glad I decided to give it another chance. I have gotten to Chapter 7 tonight, and only stopped because my back and arms... More
  • How Pokemon Black and White Reinvigorated Me

    Many members of the Game Informer Community seem to assume I am something of a Pokemon fanatic. Given my username, this is certainly a reasonable thing to think, but it's not quite the case. It's true I have immensely fond memories of trekking... More
  • Have A Plan To Kill Every Video Game Character You Meet…

    7 1
    One of the biggest joys I get out of blogging (besides interacting with those of you who read and comment on them) is thinking of new ideas for more blogs. You might've recognized a link between many of my blogs - sometimes it's subtle and sometimes... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football League Scoreboard- Week 6

    3 1
    Brought to you by: "The Dallas Cowboys. I hate to be hasty, especially in regards to them, but is anyone starting to get scared of that team?" Morning all, and welcome to yet another week of Game Informer fantasy football action! Not a lot of... More
  • The Journey Continues

    My journey within the world of Final Fantasy XIII continues onward. I have made it to the second disc. The game is still interesting to me, and in fact, actually pulling me more into the characters than I expected. Heck, even Lightning is starting to... More
  • When is a game remarkably average?

    A lot of us have probably played that game that we have a love hate relationship with. Deadly Premonition is a good example of a game people were really iffy on the quality of. Some liked it, others hated it. But, sometimes the good a game provides is... More
  • It's That Time of Year

    5 1
    It's that time of year and we all need to start thinking about what we are going to choose for game of the year. There are two games I'm still waiting to get only one is a contender for my GOTY, because I don't do ports, remakes or remasters... More
  • Destiny – A Universe Divided…

    7 1
    Destiny. One of the most ambitious video games of the year. Some might even say longer than that. A few might even say...the most ambitious games ever. I have seen discussions swing from both ends of the spectrum - some praising it for being creative... More
  • The Argument of 60fps vs 30fps

    30fps Equals Cinematic? Suuuuuuuuuure. I'm going to go ahead and just lay this out. A video game set at 30 fps does not make it feel more cinematic. It just makes it less smooth to control compared to 60 fps or 120 fps. The fact that developers are... More
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