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  • The Promise of Oasis

    [As Originally Read on SNo2. ] The best thing I’ve read regarding the pilot of 2017’s Oasis is that it features Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden as a Scottish space priest- yes you read that correctly. And in a weird sort of way that’s... More
  • The Adventures Of A Gamer Teacher: An Invitation To Play

    Many have been the times when I have stated that I like to pin point that I learned English through video games when I teach English, but, what about when you have gamers in your class? Being a gamer teacher is one thing, but teaching people who actually... More
  • How Breath of the Wild Tackles Expectations Both in Game and From Fans

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is yet another great entry in one of the most celebrated series in gaming. There is always a certain level of excitement and anticipation whenever a main entry in the series is announced and eventually released... More
  • 31/31 Day 28-- This New Tech Hasn't Got Me Interested

    This console generation is changing how we think about the notion of generations and the technological leaps made during them. The Scorpio, the Pro, and PSVR are the three big examples of such. None of which I have much interest in. When it comes to the... More
  • What Does the Uncertain Future of GameStop Mean for Retail Shopping?

    Before you could purchase downloadable content for your gaming console or even view previews for upcoming video games online, gamers flocked to retailers like GameStop to satiate their never ending hunger. In fact, many gamers have fond memories of visiting... More
  • Wolfenstein: What Would Have Really Happened If He Won?

    In the famous game, Wolfenstein, Hitler's ultimate plan was actually successful and the entire world was all his property, but how would have done it in real life? What would he have to change in his plans to succeed entire world domination in a span... More
  • 31/31 Day 27-- Stop Taking Genres So Seriously

    There are a few common game debates as painful as passing a kidney stone. Are games art? Yes. End of discussion. Are games causing people to be violent? Is this 90’s again? Is X even a game? Oh, *** off. And what genre a game is or isn’t.... More
  • Undertale Review - It's Kill or Make Friends

    Developer: Toby Fox Publisher: Toby Fox Humans and monsters once lived together in harmony, until the day a monster kills a human. The humans banished monster kind to the underground and sealed them away. In the present day, a small child falls into the... More
  • How Wild Hunt and Breath of the Wild are Highly Comparable

    [As Read on SNo2 .] It is no small secret that I’ve praised and lauded CD Projekt’s Witcher series and most recently the third (and probably final) adventure that Geralt of Rivia embarked upon. It is very much a dark fantasy universe in every... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 57 - Final Fantasy IX (ft. Dan Olson)

    A strangely off-beat throwback to the Final Fantasy of yesteryear? A sunny journey into the heart of existential crisis? A relic outdone by its shinier successor? Final Fantasy IX is many things to many people. Only recently has the general gaming population... More
  • 31/31 Day 26-- How Open Worlds Need to Rethink Transportation

    I, like many others, have had a great many ups and downs with the open world genre in the past five or so years. There are many of them and so few doing anything to stand out. Insert my millionth criticism of cookiecutter Ubi-worlds and the dreck they’ve... More
  • Gaming March Madness Round 4

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Now that the real-life Final Four has been set in terms of Men’s Basketball March Madness, it’s time for us to move onto our next stage in the virtual world. Who will come out on top and who will be upset? Well, you’re... More