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  • Sympathy for Kojima: Overdone?

    Shortly before the launch of Metal Gear Solid V, the gaming public started to receive hints of turmoil brewing within Konami. Despite a history of much-loved games dating back to the original NES and earlier, the new word on the street was that Konami... More
  • Until Dawn, The Blob (1988), and 'Protagonist Potential'

    Horror’s greatest strength is its ability to circumvent conventional storytelling. That may seem an odd statement – “rules” (e.g. you ***, and you die) and archetypes (virgin/jock/pothead/etc.) often dominate the genre –... More
  • Top 10 Boss Battle Themes

    As you confront the large beast or being that stands in your way from you moving on to your destination; you begin attacking the being with all your might, at the same time you hear the chanting chorus in the background, the strings of instruments vibrating... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Change of Story, A Change of Pace

    Most games are fixed with their stories from the moment of production, with some standing up to be worthwhile, while others fall from grace with a simple turn of events. Video games have the power to immerse the player into a story that will only unfold... More
  • My Thoughts on Resident Evil 7

    After playing the demo and watching multiple trailers, I'm a bit sceptical about it. Although, it's great to find a new game leading to the horror roots, but not the right roots. All of you guys out there who are loving this game's trailers... More
  • Video Game Observations from a Kid

    As a 33 year old whose first experience with a home console was his dad's Atari 400, I have become quite accustomed to video games. I have certainly been aware of the oddities in video games over the years, but I would say most of the time that I'm... More
  • Top 10 Great Games that Need a Reboot...

    There is a large selection of games that have marked gaming history in either how great the game was or how many were willing to buy this game. Titles such as Shadow Warrior, Doom and Quake have gotten new reboots and are great or going to be great, but... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 39 - Okami

    Two games concluded the run of Capcom's golden age of IP development with their semi-independent Clover Studio: God Hand and Okami. There are few games with the pedigree of Okami; directed by Hideki Kamiya (the creator of Viewtiful Joe, Devil May... More
  • Who has a brighter future - Consoles or PCs?

    Image taken from wakeandgame Predicting the Apocalypse of Consoles Every once in awhile, the subject of video game consoles coming to an abrupt end is brought up. Every few years critics would claim that consoles are on their way out and will be replaced... More
  • Pokémon Sun & Moon: Say Aloha to Alola

    Gosh Darn it Pokémon! <p> Just when I thought I would retire gracefully with 6th Generation and close the final chapter, you bring me right back in with the announcement of 7th Generation with cool new Pokemon and other new stuff!! EVERY... More
  • A Gamer Games: 2010

    After going through many sequels I'd been dying to play in 2009, the following year I set myself to dwell into different genres and those games I played sure were the ones I needed to invest my time into. This is my 2nd blog series where I write about... More
  • Expand Your Mind

    Video game expansions are a tricky thing. They are meant to expand on the main game in a worthwhile way. Whether it be through advancements in gameplay or fleshing out the story or even tying together loose ends, expansions can make a game feel complete... More