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  • WGWC 2: Brink'in Review

    Brink was a new look on first person shooters. It played like one of the Call of Duty serious just with a more cartoon look to it. Basically if Black OP's and Borderlands had an illegitimate love child on the side, that baby's name would be Brink... More
  • Dirty Fighting: When Heroes Go For The Cheap-Shot...

    (I couldn't very well NOT include it...) Sometimes over the course of an adventure even the most stalwart of heroes is faced with a moral conundrum. Should I take the easy way out or play it safe and announce my presence to the enemy? Sometimes playing... More
  • The Difficulty of Comedy in Video Games and How Portal Got It Right

    It's difficult to write comedy. I found this out when I tried incorporate humor into a creative writing class once. I could never make it work consistently. Sure, I'd slip in a pun here or there, or I'd get a laugh through the use of a particularly... More
  • Tomb Raider: Underwhelming.

    Every now and then, the latest game in a classic franchise makes you stop, look back, and realize just how far the series has come. Underworld is not that game. With Lara Croft getting a prequel revamp early next year, I decided to give her last adventure... More
  • Mass Effect: Homeworlds Review

    Bioware and Dark Horse Comics have been putting out comics together for a couple of years now. The result has been a positive one for both gamers and comic readers. The stories in the comics usually fill holes in the lore of Bioware’s IPs. Mass... More
  • My apologies.

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    No... No drawblog today... what I have to say is a little bit too serious for drawings. I will not be able to continue the thirty out of thirty for this month. Life has a particular flavor of deadly Irony to it. My great aunt Marie died this morning,... More
  • Top Three Magisters


    ... More
  • Guess That Gamer (SEP)...

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, gamers of all ages - I present to you the ninth episode of Guess that Gamer. I'm not even going to predict whether this week's episode is difficult or not, because every time I do that, one of the first few... More
  • 30/30 Day 12: Best Minecraft Creations that I've seen


    My time is really scarce today, so I came up with an idea for a blog: Best Minecraft Creations I've seen. 

    ... More
  • Where Credit is Due: Adventure Games

    Adventure games have always had a very special place in my heart. Adventure games have always been right next to me in the video game spectrum of my life. I think it's safe to say that adventure games were a huge milestone in the history of video... More
  • 10 Questions Week Whatever It Is(8?)

    Seriously, keeping track is starting to get hard. And I also saw some WGWC blogs, does that mean it's back? I stopped keeping track of that and I'm not completely sure. Well, my HDTV is now broken. I have to use a 22" SDTV. So, I now cannot... More
  • Are Surprises the Best Types?

    Ask me two months ago if I was remotely interested in Darksiders 2 or Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I probably would have responded with something along the lines of, "Meh, they look decent, but nothing I would consider buying unless they get... More