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  • Nintendo shafts the North America (as always)

    I'm just making a slightly random post, but anyway, I've always been a Nintendo fan, playing pokemon since I could read, and every time a game comes out, I'm always looking for when they will give out promo pokemon, but literally, Nintendo... More
  • Mass Effect 3: The Controversy Within The Controversy

    The internet is abuzz thanks to controversy regarding Mass Effect 3, the final chapter in BioWare's space epic, and everyone has a big ol' stinky opinion on the matter. We'll get to mine last so no need to worry about any spoilers outside... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 26: Special Guest Naughty Dog Co-Founder Andy Gavin

    This was easily my favorite episode to record. Andy Gavin stopped by the Indie & Mojo headquarters to talk to us about the early days of Naughty Dog, leaving Naughty Dog and everything in between. It ended up being our longest episode, running at... More
  • Gamedonator Weeks 10 and 11

    [Update] Oh man, I am so sorry for forgetting the hyperlinks to the sites. I fixed that up a bit. Sorry I have taken so long to do another one of these. I have been swamped with projects and other work, so I haven't had time to come back to this.... More
  • The Anti-social Gamer

    Hello GIO! I am here today to talk about gamers. Not gamers as a whole but a specific type of gamer;The "anti-social" gamer... Well who is this "Anti-social" gamer you speak of? Good question! Well it all happened a few nights ago... More
  • Demons Or Dragons? ...And love!?!?

    Don't have much time, so I'll try to make this as short as possible. A grand choice awaits me next week. I'm planning to buy something big, something that might be a bit costly for me (since I'm still at school, I don't have a job... More
  • Commander, It Has Been An Honor

    I have served with one of the greatest men in the galaxy. How do I describe him? He did impossible things: heroically defending Elysium during the Skyllian Blitz, defeating the rogue Saren and the heretical Geth who followed him, surviving suicide missions... More
  • 10+ Thoughts for the Next Elder Scrolls

    24 2
    In November 2011, there came Skyrim. Once again, Bethesda found a way to make one of the most fantastic series in gaming even more fantastic. The graphics are ridiculously beautiful, the combat and leveling systems have been finely tuned, there's... More
  • The REDvolution Will Overtake You (Pt. 1)

    Hey guys! How’s everybody doing? Good? Awesome! I’m on Spring Break, and so far it’s been pretty good. Well, after getting over to Tulsa, Oklahoma, my dad showed me the latest line-up for the Mabee Center venue, and much to my excitement... More
  • Playing With Yourself Vs. Playing With Others…

    Hah Hah, how's THAT for a catchy title. I almost changed it to read Playing By Yourself but it didn't sound nearly as exciting. Okay, just to get everybody out of the gutter now (or at least me) I will clarify my introduction a bit...I am obviously... More
  • I Am (Still) Alive

    It's been said that there are no original ideas. If true, the sources of one's inspiration and the extent to which one can mimic their success or overcome their failure will help dictate the hold on the imagination. Lately, the downloadable game... More
  • My Time With ME3

    If you recall my last blog, I said that I'll be buying a copy of Mass Effect 3. Well I haven't gotten around to that. So instead, I played the ME3 full game trial. It took forever to download, and I had to delete a ton of stuff in order to install... More