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  • There be Silence in them thar Hills

    The release of this month's Silent Hill: Downpour marks the eighth entry in the iconic survival horror series. Despite its missteps, it's a solid game, but has some fans of the franchise wondering if the full potential of Silent Hill will ever... More
  • E3 2012!

    You people are not even talking about this right now like I am doing with some homies from my neighborhood, but E3 is getting closer. I am way too excited to see what they are bringing, since there is a lot of mystery going on in the gaming world. A lot... More
  • Mirrors Edge 2 concept gameplay demonstration

    As I sat down in a brightly sunlit room in an Ontario development house for EA Digital Illusions CE I took notice at the large vista displayed before me just outside a single pane of glass. Just beyond my reach was an amazing landscape of lakes, evergreen... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 46 of XX...

    It's that time again for another episode of Member Herding, and the newest person to be featured has been actively supporting the community for a little while now, but has really been going above and beyond supporting the community lately. He's... More
  • My Predictions for 2012

    Movie of the Year: The Hunger Games My Favorite Movie of the Year: The Hunger Games Game of the Year: Bioshock Infinite My Favorite Game of the Year: Borderlands 2 Book of the Year: I don't know????? I only read Star Wars books and stuff I have to... More

    This blog has been two years in the making, being carefully planned, plotted, and devised in the minds of two college students who while drinking their favorite sodas decided that ranting and raving in front of a TV screen would be, for lack of a better... More
  • Top 11 Games I Would Take On An Island

    23 2
    Imagine, if you can, that you are stuck on an island. There is unlimited food, water and power, and every game console and handheld ever made just hanging out. While there is no internet, you are allowed any existing DLC, and any peripherals needed to... More
  • Out of hand DLC....

    I found myself disliking DLC early on & now I full blown HATE it. It's getting so out of control & needs to stop NOW. It's a **** business practice that's killing the industry & games themselves. I don't care if it's free... More
  • Mass Effect's Ending Explained

    3 1
    As you can probably surmise from the title of this post, there will be SPOILERS abound in this post. Many people who have finished Mass Effect 3 are disappointed, upset, and even outraged at the ending of Mass Effect 3. To begin with, I was not among... More
  • Indie Game: The Movie…

    The other night I had the television droning in the background while I was hammering out a blog. I couldn't tell you what was on, much less what channel it was tuned in to. All I know is my trained gamer ear picked up on the following words: Indie... More
  • Video Review - Journey

    Journey Playstation Network Developer : That Game Company Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment Release Date : March 13th, 2012 Full written review can be found here . Journey is a different kind of game, and I had to ditch the typical review layout... More
  • An Angry Fan's Rant

    8 1
    I know most of you are obsessed with changing Mass Effect 3's ending right now, but just read this. I'm desperate for a new Avengers game. Why? A bunch of people in Hollywood are making a movie based off the original comic books. I'm hoping... More