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  • Arguing some semantics

    fun /fən/ Adjective: Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable: "it was a fun evening". Halo 4's Product Description The Master Chief returns to battle an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation. Shipwrecked on a mysterious... More
  • A Tour of Silent Hill (11/30): What is this Hell that I call Home?

    Here we tackle that often-asked question: Just what is Silent Hill? Is it Hell? Is it limbo? Is it an ordinary town with an extraordinary problem? Let's examine (keep in mind that I'm ignoring the presence of monsters throughout). Foremost, we... More
  • Resident Evil 6: I love the change.


    With the game's controversy of being bad, I don't think the franchise is really heading in the wrong direction. It's all about a different perspective and tolerance.

    ... More
  • Review-- Spec Ops: The Line

    Note: I've recently beenpicked up to write for , so I'll be publishing there weekly. But, since I really like posting things here as well, I got the go ahead to link some of my work on this website as well. That way, I still... More
  • SFA Day 13: Want a Job? Just Do It!

    Barcade in Brooklyn, NY is the definition of gaming chic. This bar is unremarkable by most accounts; just one flat screen TV adorns the wall behind the bar, the tables are scratched and worn down and no blaring neon signs mark the entrance. The one thing... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 25/Round 2 Day 2

    Seeing as how I'm going through the game a second time, I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on things I've already covered because that would be boring. Instead, I'll just briefly summarize what I do each day, and only go into detail... More
  • 2/31 - Why I liked Mass Effect 3's Endings

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    It's been over half a year since Mass Effect 3 set the gaming world on fire. The third chapter in the trilogy, this game not only wraps up the events of Shepard's fight against the Reapers, but introduced players to a multiplayer component that's... More
  • Out With The Old In With The Old…

    4 2
    The ink is barely dry on my blog about the X-COM: Enemy Unknown reboot when I notice Jim Reilly, Game Informer's resident late night news guy, post a link to a story about Karateka. I am both frustrated and giddy with the announcement (not at Jim... More
  • 31/31 Day 1. Black Ops 2, why it's going to be good for Call of Duty.

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    Whew, well now I have officially taken the plunge, and am now going to write 31 blogs in 31 days. Well, here goes nothing. Alright, so, with the announcement of the next itineration in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops II, plenty of people on the... More
  • Season Passes Aren't Evil.

    I personally dont mind purchasing season passes for any game that I enjoy. The reason is because a majority of the time I will not have the money the day that a new DLC package is released for any game. The season pass allows me to purchase all the DLC... More
  • Where Did Resident Evil Go Wrong? (And Who Says It Went Wrong At All?)

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    Even before its official launch today, the highly anticipated sixth numbered entry in Capcom's long-standing survival-horror franchise Resident Evil has already generated a rather large controversy thanks to its reception from major reviewers. While... More
  • The game that changed me and my new expectations.

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    When I was young the only video game I ever really played was Madden, Tecmo bowl football, NBA Live, and Street Fighter one and two. I could make the argument that all of these are sports games but some would argue Street Fighter was not a sports game... More