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  • 343, Seriously, Not Cool


    I'm one of the gamers who's completely and utterly psyched for Halo 4. Based off of what I've seen from trailers, gameplay, the characters, design, matchmaking, and forge mode have all been revamped for the better. So of course I watched the most recent in-game Launch Trailer. 

    I'll admit, the trailer is cool and it does its job hyping the game when it wasn't outing every plot point. Which reminds me, spoilers. And there were oh so many of them.


    ... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 47/Round 2 Day 24

    Resident Quests: 10 completed today; 21 more to go. So, at this rate, it'll take me 2 or so more days to finish (and then I'll still have a number of Guild Quests to do, as well as a few remaining Bounty Errands and the bonus area Vellgander)... More
  • Civilization V story

    I wrote this story on the Civ V Moments article, and I liked it, so I'm preserving it here. I have another good Civ V story. The game was nearly over for the mighty Siamese empire (me), I controlled one of the smaller civilizations, but I was economically... More
  • Dopefish Lives!: The Terror of my Childhood

    I always anticipated going to my grandparents' house around Christmas time because they had the one thing I enjoyed most as a child: computer games. This was before my parents had invested in a computer and seeing an interactive program from which... More
  • Videogames I believe were created by Satan

    Late October is the only time someone can say "Satan" in a room and not get a weird look so I figured now was my chance to make a blog based on the guy. I was gonna ramble on about how I've played a buttload of games and how I swear sometimes... More
  • Wanna Hear A Spooky Halo-Ween Story?

    " This entity has been terminated, its matrix comandeered " — Former Status of AdjutantReflex AdjutantReflex , colloquially referred to as "AR" by Bungie fans, is a mysterious character who has posted on the and Halo... More
  • 31/31, Day 22. Sorry.

    Hey everyone, I haven't been writing these blogs lately, sorry about that. I've hit another hard time in life, as part of being a teenager, most of you know. Friend issues, relationship issues, and someone died. So in case you think anything happened... More
  • Top 40 Tips to not being Mauled by a Necromorph

    With Dead Space 3 coming out February 5th and the Dead Space series being my favorite series of all time, I was thinking about the new set of scares and challenges that I will have to face. Then I started to think about how I even survived the last two... More
  • Resident Evil 4 -is- Resident Evil 6

    Resident Evil 6 certainly has been getting a lot of attention these days, isn't it? Kotaku's making a tirade against it, Jim Sterling's gone to town criticizing it, and reviews a ranging from high praise to utter hatred. Funny how no one noticed... More
  • Unfinished Business: My Complete Game List

    I apologize for the fact that this may just be the most boring thing you have ever read in your entire life. It is literally just a list of every game I own, more for my records and future reference than anything else. Well, it’s almost been a year... More
  • Playstation Plus is great but...

    If you are someone like me, a person who loves video games but just doesn't have the time to play as much. PS+ is a waste of money. Don't get me wrong It is a great bargin for people who have the time to play all the free games, exclusive demo's... More
  • How to make Axton into an Army of Two.

    Borderlands 2 is an amazing game filled with monsters, guns, bandits, guns, explosions, guns, awesome set piece moments, guns, rpg goodness, oh did I forget to mention the guns? must have slipped my mind. Now here on GIO Dan Ryckert and a few fellow bloggers... More