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  • (30 Days of Mass Effect, 5/30) My Six Favorite Bonding Moments of Mass Effect 3

    Hi fellow Mass Effect acolytes, I decided to look into another aspect of the series from a more personal level, focusing on the subtle moments I found particularly interesting. These events don't usually get the attention that those tying into the... More
  • 30/30 Day 5 - Movie Review: Sweenie Todd

    I heard about "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street" many years ago, but never really got interested in watching the movie. When I suddenly found it again, I said to myself that I have to check it out. The story was catchy, but I didn't... More
  • Contra: Perfection in an 8-Bit Cartridge

    They say there's no such thing as a perfect game. Once you start picking apart a title objectively there's bound to be issues that emerge preventing it from being awarded that technically unachievable adjective. Wether it's a few game breaking... More
  • SNES Timeline - Part 4: Enter the RPGs

    Finally in May things are starting to pick up... a little. Three games are released in May alone, along with another in June. And three of the four are RPGs, which haven't been seen yet on the SNES aside from some light RPG elements in ActRaiser.... More
  • 30/30 Day 5: Top 10 Places I will visit

    Well, I ain't getting any younger, and I definitively want to see certain places around the world to experience it's beauty. While I love gaming, I also love beautiful sights, music, art and writing. Well, time for the list, I guess: 10- Chernobyl... More
  • Thoughts and thinking out loud with Easy mode in mind

    There was an article that was just posted about how the creators of Demon & Dark souls are giving thought about adding an easy mode to the experience. Here is my opinion piece about it coming up in question & easy mode all together. My thoughts... More
  • My Game Ideas

    I love videogames, to the point that I can’t imagine a world without them, but I don’t need to tell anyone reading this as I’m sure you feel the same. Also, I’m sure many of you have game ideas of your own as well. Now, I’m... More
  • The Flawed Beauty Of Dead Island

    Before Dead Island came out, it got so hyped that the game fell flat because of it. The story was not there, like the trailer had showed. And it was plagued with technical problems. Plenty of glitches and bugs, and clunky inventory/controls. When it was... More
  • School Starts Tomorrow!!! A life lesson.

    Hey I’m so exited my first day of 8 th grade starts tomorrow! It’s been a fast summer but I’m ready and I will be gaming and blogging through the year too! Even though I’m going to try to get the best grades I can gaming is always... More
  • Voicing My Opinion

    I was trolling Twitter today when Andy McNamara, head honcho of GI, asked a question. Basically, should Valve make Gordon Freeman silent again if Half-Life 3 is ever made/released. It made me think, and a blog appeared in my head. Yea... I operate in... More
  • My time with Final Fantasy: What a ride.....

    For those few of you who have read my first post, you know that I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise. For those who didn't...... I love the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As some of you know, Kingdom Hearts is made by Disney Interactive and Square Enix... More
  • What We Know About BO2 Multiplayer (so far) And How I Feel About It

    Where E3 is the largest industry event in video games (and pretty much kicks off the upcoming gaming season), Gamescom is the largest gaming event, period. Over 270,000 gamers flooded the streets of Colon, Germany to get their hands on the working models... More