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  • Mass Effect 3: 1 minute in and I already failed.

    The last installment in Bioware's epic sci-fi trilogy has been making a lot of hubub since its release Tuesday, but after many gamers giddily put their game discs into their consoles of choice they found a problem with uploading their Shepard's... More
  • Mass Effect 3: One of the best "Wow!" moments in gaming (spoiler).

    Right now, I should be finishing the fight against the Reapers. However, I wish to continue what is becoming a series of Mass Effect blogs (I have more planned) by sharing with you an awesome moment from the game. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD Mass Effect 3... More
  • Sometimes They Know Best


    Gamers worry about developers and publishers messing with that known, fixed, ‘perfect’ formula. There’s usually a tangible sense of excitement when something new is revealed about a hyped upcoming title. Not always though, of course.

    ... More
  • Dissecting the fan-rage over Street Fighter X Tekken

    Go to for discussions like this, our weekly podcast, and game reviews. This past Tuesday the world was struck with the King of Iron Fist Street Brawling Tournament known to us all as Street Fighter X Tekken. This game was... More
  • Video Review: Mass Effect 3

    Publisher: EA Developer: Bioware Release Date: March 6, 2012 Platform Reviewed: xbox 360 Arguably one of the greatest franchises of all time is coming to it's climatic end. But can Bioware deliver a good send off to one of the most defining franchises... More
  • The Dichotomy of PCs/Consoles

    There is a natural order to all things. The chicken creates the egg which creates the chicken. Neither the chicken nor the egg can exist without the other. This is much the same when it comes to the relationship between PCs and Consoles, and in more ways... More
  • Valve’s Video Game Console FTW…

    I'm a Valve fan boy, I openly admit this. If you've followed me for any length of time, it's obvious and you already know this. And if you don't, I'm admitting upfront that I am. (I've written quite a few blogs about Valve or blogs... More
  • HATERS gonna hate.

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    We all have had to deal with them. Those haters that hate you for no reason at all. We see them everywhere. Some of your best friends are haters. Most will kick ass and beat the stuffing out of said haters and leave it at that. However i find that making... More
  • Update: I'm Getting Mass Effect 3 After All

    Previously on Vogon5's Attempt to Buy Mass Effect 3: After that little incident, we went back to GameStop today. They took back... More
  • /quit IGN

    *** that place. I told myself I would never participate there anymore but I did anyway. If all of the gravity in the universe were to attract douch bags to one dense mass of uninformed-yet-self-righteous ***, that mass would be IGN. More
  • PSN update for March 6. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey people here's your psn store update for March 6 all information is from Hey everyone, This week, we see two big gaming experiences land on PSN, great PS Vita and PS3 content, and a wealth of free content on PlayStation Plus. To... More
  • MARI0-A game needed by everyone. Seriously.

    MARI0 is a fan game for PC that combines portal and the first mario into one awesome mashup. I won't be reviewing this normally, for it is pretty much a portal mod for the first mario, so I don't need to talk about the graphics, sound, or gameplay... More