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  • The Big 5-0 And An Announcement....

    8 1
    Well, upon posting this blog it would mark my 50th entry total. If you look on my profile it will say 51, but I'm not counting an entry I posted for a friend of mine awhile back....I didn't write anything I just simply posted it. So yeah, the... More
  • Haters Gonna Hate

    So recently I stopped playing video games for a month or so, but then I started playing a couple again like Borderlands 2, which I beat this past weekend, but in me doing so I remembered all hose nights spent playing games and all the 24/7 weekends of... More
  • A Special Thanks From Team GIO

    7 2
    Here we are, just days away (at the time of writing this) from our 24 hour marathon of gaming to do our part to save kids who really need our help. To those who have already joined the team, thank you for your time and devotion and keep working hard these... More
  • Crafting the ultimate James Bond game

    With Ben Reeves' recent write up on Bond games, and the 007: Legends reviews (4 out of 10, yikes) and Test Chamber , I decided to take a look at how I would Frankenstein my ideal James Bond title and see how I would create a Bond game (with Skyfall... More
  • 31/31, Day 17. A Redo Of My First Blog; How I Want A Star Wars Game

    My first blog was horrible. Feel free to read it. Before I ever leave this site(I doubt I will), I want to get this off my chest. I don't want to regret ever NOT doing this. I'm going to re-write my new idea for a Star Wars game from scratch,... More
  • Some Minor Issues an Update Could Fix...

    4 1
    (I don't recognize this guy, but apparently he's into complaining...) Some of you may have noticed I haven't been around for about nine days. A few days before the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Saint asked me to be in the October edition... More
  • New XBOX 360 Dashboard Review / Response.

    9 1
    Before reading the following blog. I'd thought I'd mention that the day I posted this blog I ended up being rude to other peoples opinions and I apologize. I was having a bad day but there really isn't no excuse for my rudeness. Everyone is... More
  • 20 Awesome Actors That Make Movies Great (Part 1)

    In recent weeks, I've slowed down a bit on my gaming and been immersing myself in film. Movies have always been one of my great joys, but trying to find truly compelling films has become quite the challenge in recent years. But while theaters have... More
  • Dishonored Review: A Game Truly Worthy Of Its Praise. 10 out of 10.

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Today, I beat Dishonored on a second low chaos play through, and after experiencing both of the games endings I feel that I can now give a proper review of this fantastic title. Now I shall give you a quick... More
  • TUDVGI #1: MMO Withing A MMO

    The Underdeveloped Video Game Ideas (TUDVGI for short) is going to be a short series of various ideas that I have been working on for days, weeks and even months that could become potential video game titles. Some of them can be integrated today while... More
  • Pokemon White 2 Day 10

    Today, I started out by completing the Plasma Frigate section, with a Boss Fight against Team Plasma Colress. Then it was back to the Giant Chasm for a double Boss Fight, first against White Kyurem (which, unfortunately, I was not allowed to capture at... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 39/Round 2 Day 16

    MAJOR success today! I beat Brimflamme (all 3 battles)!!! The first two Brimflamme battles were really easy this time, thanks to Eldore, who was wielding a Staff of Anubis, and used Inundation and Mana Parasite. The third battle, where I had to fight... More