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  • Dissected: Fanboys

    Hey ladies and gentlemen! Its me, Warrior, again. I decided to speak about fanboys. Just what exactly is a fanboy, you may ask? Haha thats fine. Just sit back and relax. I'm gonna tell you all you need to know, my friends. Yeah, yeah. I love the Legend... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 11] Pokemon 3 (2001) / Pokemon 4Ever (2002)

    Today is a double-feature -- but don't worry, it doesn't mean I hate you. It's just because neither movie has enough plot for me to write a full entry about. Pokémon 3 (2001) Pokémon 3 ends the trend of the movies sending kids... More
  • A Long Delayed Jacked Up Indie and Mojo Show Double Feature

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    Hello lords and ladies of Game Informer Online! Making a glorious re-return is your favorite (okay, maybe fifth or sixth favorite) neighborhood podcast in not one, but two episodes! Join us as we badger special community guests Cru Hunter and Zachary... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 10: Top 25 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (19-11)

    Welcome to the second part of my countdown! Last time, I covered Injustice: Gods Among Us, Sim City, Metro: Last Light, Apatheon, Spy Party, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Now remember, don't say I 'forgot' anything until all of the entries... More
  • Annual Game Informer Online Blogging Statistics For 2012…

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    With the end of the calendar year it's time for the annual Game Informer Online blogging statistics report to be compiled and published. First and foremost, the data collected in this blog is not officially collected, compiled or representative of... More
  • 10/31- Does Playing Video Games Make Me Childish?

    Last night I was sitting at home trying to brainstorm some new ideas to include into the next few days of the challenge. I wasn't really getting anywhere until a very entertaining conversation erupted between my girlfriend and I. As I was nose deep... More
  • Earth, Sky, and Beyond: The Subtle Power of Setting in Our Games

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    I love Uncharted. I love its sweeping adventures, its stunning locales, and yes, I also love the gruffly charismatic charm of Nathan Drake. My affinity for the Uncharted franchise, however, presents an interesting case. For the most part, I tend to dread... More
  • Why I Say No, to Motion Controls and the Likes.

    Yesterday we got a glimpse into the future. Microsoft’s unveil of IllumiRoom takes us one step closer to virtual reality gaming. V.R.G is becoming more and more prevalent. Motion controls and 3D are both common examples. Every major home console... More
  • 31/31 Day 10: Uncovering The Story... After the Credits?

    As Video Game stories have evolved in ways that show this medium's differences from others, one trend has popped up that I have mixed feelings on. That is, to have collectable's that reveal additional details about the story or even give the story... More

    Hitman has you taking control of the world's most deadliest assassin, AGENT 47. the goal of hitman is to best eliminate your target. this could mean finding a sniper rifle somewhere in the environment, or using one of AGENT 47 trademark weapons, his... More
  • Great Women in Games: Part 3 of 5


    Joanna Dark's position as a female FPS protagonist is still an anomaly today.

    ... More
  • Are Video Games to Blame for the Recent Mass Shootings? It's a lot deeper than that...

    I was just reading through all of the comments and arguments on this article on Game Informer, which reported that video game industry reps are being included on a task force with the Vice President to look into the causes of mass shootings like the one... More