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  • Goatee Awards: The Worst Games of 2012!

    5 1
    It's that time of year again folks, we've weathered the second apocalypse of our generation, Obama got reelected, and now it's time to hate on some games! Oh yes, the GOTY awards are all about praise and accolades, but they don't give... More
  • Twenty-Twelve: Coming up for air in a media flood.

    Note: The original article is posted at . Check there for reviews, news, and editorials for a different kind of journalism. Seriously. Check it out. It's cool. I'll wait. [With 2013 looming before us, it's the time of year... More
  • Honorable Mentions

    There are many other fantastic games that could have gone on a list of my favorite games. Here are five other great games that didn't go on the list. None of these games are part of a series in the top 10 list. 15. The Matrix: Path of Neo Unlike the... More
  • Game Over: Colonial Marines' MP is Dead Space 2's MP

    Today, I'm resurrecting an old blog idea I had. Game Over, in which I will be calling games, gamers, or any aspect of the industry particular on their crap that apparently no one is pointing out. Today seems appropriate, after having just gotten to... More
  • "Do You Know The Definition of Insanity?"

    If you were one of the many viewers of the Ubisoft press conference at E3 2011, that line still might resonate uncomfortably with you today. Gamers were probably confused but at the same time enthralled when the demo of a mysterious game set on a tropical... More
  • The Most Godawful Piece of Trash I've Ever Written

    I'm proud of my writing. Some of it sucks, but most of it is acceptable. Still working on getting it to "good." That's another story. However, even the laziest blog written on my worst day does not compare to the story I'm about... More
  • YouTube Gamers: The Good And The Bad

    *Disclaimer: (This is probably as biased as blogs will get. If you disagree on any of my points, feel free to argue in the comments section below) * I have made serious edits to my previous blogs and I have taken a new approach. I apologize for calling... More
  • 31/31 Day 27 - Upping The Ante

    There seems to be a trend going on with video games: everything has to continuously get bigger and better. This is not a hard trend to spot: look at any series of games and you'll find examples of this. I understand why this trend is popular, but... More
  • T'was the Night After Christmas + Videogame Characters Write Letters to Santa - 2012

    14 1
    I've added a poem, 'twas the night after Christmas, after these letters to Santa. The poem is rhythmically similar in structure to the poem of similar name. Details and the poem itself are down below. It's not really long enough to warrant... More
  • Top Tens of 2012

    2012 Top Ten Lists I know GI is primarily a gaming site, but I really wanted to do some top ten lists. That said, I am going to be talking about topics other than gaming (but I will get to the games, I swear). Music Oddly enough, when I think back to... More
  • My Top 10 Favorite Games

    I'm new to blogs, and for a while, I didn't really know what to put on my blogs. I've always wanted to create a top 10 list, though, so here it is. There is only one game per series on the list. Feel free to comment on my favorite games. 10... More
  • Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes/Problems De-Bunked (Spoilers)

    I know it's a little late, but I'm just tired of hearing about them and seeing them on review sites. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about people who talk about how terrible this movie is because of it's plot... More