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  • Spike VGA 2012 Impressions

    This won't be a very long post, but I felt like sharing my thoughts. Last year, when I watched the Spike Video Game Awards, I was shocked. Not at the surprise game reveals. Not at the winners of the awards. No, I was shocked at the level of maturity... More
  • Nintendo Nostalgia: Local game store makes a name for itself nation wide

    It might just be a gamer's paradise. It's a place where upon entering you are hit with a wave of nostalgia, of glory days long gone but certainly not forgotten. It's a place where shelves upon shelves, boxes upon boxes are filled to maximum... More
  • Remembering The Silent Service On Pearl Harbor Day…

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    Today is Pearl Harbor Day; a day that doesn't get a lot of recognition anymore (unless you live in Pearl Harbor), but a day set aside to remember and reflect on the surprise attack on Hawaii by Japanese forces, which subsequently led to the United... More
  • Crap I Want for Christmas


    Dear Santa: I've been a relatively good girl this year.

    ... More
  • Let's Talk...GOME

    Let's Talk...Guardians of the Galaxy Middle-Earth I must say, I was really looking forward to playing another Lord of the Rings game, especially having been disappointed with many of the older ones such as the sub-par Conquest game and the trilogy... More
  • Why Starbreeze's Syndicate is my FPS GOTY

    Game Informer has started votes for what everyone considered GotY. But despite that, I doubt Syndicate will gain any prizes from gamers. Most probably haven't even played it, if the sale numbers are to be believed. It's a pity, because it actually... More
  • Why the Xbox 360 is my favorite console of this generation.

    This generation of consoles is arguably the best since the days of the SNES and Genesis. Games are better than ever and online services like Xbox Live and the PSN let us expand upon the games we already have and buy new experiences in the form of downloadable... More
  • My College Life: Part 3

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    Heyyyy! Its me, again. Warrior. I've taken a break from writing my college style blogs because I've been hecka busy. Busy in a good way AND bad way. But this time... I'm gonna talk a lot about what I'm going through. So sit back and enjoy... More
  • My New Blog Idea

    Now, I know this isn't an original idea, but I have decided to write user spotlights! Along with ( insert co-writer's name here) , I will interview people every week with a blog to follow that Friday (hopefully), and have a monthly member spotlight... More
  • 31/31 Day 7 - Why I Game

    Ask a gamer why they play games, and you'll get a different answer from virtually every person. To be honest, that is one of the appeals of video games: they are different things to different people. Some people play games in lieu of reading books... More
  • My First Capture!

    I made my way through the quiet forest path Jolt walking behind me. I had left New Bark Town two days ago. Since I'd left I'd seen plenty of wild Pokémon, but none of them really caught my attention. There were plethora of Pidgeys and enough... More
  • The Unfortunate State of Games I Wanted to Love....

    They may be shocked, but I'm not. Last December, I received two Professor Layton games for Christmas. I had heard a lot about these games- heck they were so popular around the world that there was many a sequel made. On paper, there's a lot of... More