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  • Idea for Valve: A series of 3's

    Well, Valve has been very hush-hush on their next project, so I'll fantasize shortly about what they'll do next. I'm thinking Valve can start on putting out a third game for all their famous IPs. Over a multi-year process we'll be seeing... More
  • The Five Most Annoying Characters in Games

    We all know people we can't really stand to be around. Maybe at your job, school, or maybe it's family that you just can't get away from. But we all live in a civilized society, so we just deal with it. You smile, be polite, and grind your... More
  • Spark Unlimited making SW Battlefront 3

    My information comes from 2 sources and, the community which finds new information on the game all the time and Tuggie does weekly updates or updates when he has enough information. If you don't know the company... More
  • The Awesomeness of an Impulse Buy - FOR FREE!

    ...and what I had learned from this purchase... I hate going to most stores, especially the ones where I can buy things that I like...I'm looking at you Amazon, Gamestop as well as the local ice cream store and burger shack... If you read my previous... More
  • After a long absence...

    Im back! How have you all been these past 6-7 months? I got really busy with various things that were going on and, unfortunately, GI got put on the back burner. Now, though, I have a ton more time so I should be more often :) Some things I hope to address... More
  • Countdown To Mass Eff3ct, pt 6: My Top Ten Overrated Moments

    Folks, humanity has been counting down the days, and we've finally reached that inevitable moment: the Reapers are on the horizon, and will invade the planet Earth this March. Mass Effect 3 will be upon us, and all of the galaxy's Shepards - both... More
  • Are games art?

    Right off the bat I would like to say that I consider games art. So this blog is about my personal experience with games and why I consider them art.Now lets get started on them in chronological order. Ah Dragon Warrior 1 for the NES. This is the game... More
  • My Little Companion - Lag!

    For a great time now, I think for a whole decade, I've had this little friend as my companion in everyday gaming. He's there ready for my needs every day and he has always been successful in surprising me with his new tricks. You wanna know who... More
  • New SPOILER Developments on Mass Effect 3

    Hey there Ladies and gents. Found some new interesting stuff about Mass Effect 3 and would like to share. If you want nothing to do with knowing what's new, ignore this blog. I THOUGHT I pre ordered the Mass Effect Universe art book but it arrived... More
  • The Controversies of Mass Effect 3

    Before I start this, I just want to remind everyone that I absolutely love the Mass Effect series and it's lore, I currently have the N7 Edition Pre-ordered and am chomping at the bit to pick it up just next week. With that being said, Mass Effect... More
  • Screw Nostalgia, I Want Something New

    (Note: There is a problem with formatting that I cannot fix) Lately most people I talk to about games are talking about the games they really enjoyed as a kid and now they’re going back to them. They pick up those forty dollar HD versions of PS2... More
  • Gamer's Log 7: Music Game Frustration - Powergig

    Hi GI! Well, now that I just got out of class, might as well share something that really is frustrating. And that is Music Games. And why is that? I can agree that when the first games do come out, they lack a lot of great ideas, and as they keep progressing... More