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  • 31/31 Day 2 - The Important Things

    8 1
    I am a gamer. I love video games. Believe it or not, and this may get me into some trouble, but video games are NOT the most important thing in my life. In fact, the medium comes in second place. So... what wins the gold? For those of you on Twitter,... More
  • What grinds my gears about gaming... Free Passes.

    If you read the title of this blog and have seen Family Guy then you know what you're getting yourself into, for those of you that don't know that title means I’ll just summarize it by saying I am going to complain about something that's been... More
  • Beating The Backlog: Jak II

    It's always nice to cross a game off the backlog. When I gaze upon my massive list of games to play, I often go for something recent or at least from this generation. I like to keep things fresh with newer games. Older titles in my backlog are far... More
  • Looking For Halo 4 Buddies

    I played Halo 4 last night, and it didn't feel the same. After the launch of Halo 4, my friends and I played Halo 4 for hours on end leveling up our spartans day by day. Soon however, my friends moved on to some pc games, which were too demanding... More
  • Blogger Discussion! Religion/Politics in Games?

    So I don't have too much time as of writing this particular post (I'm still thinking of other ideas to write about upon completion of Assassins 3) but I was sparked to this idea from another Blog Post on Dead Space and Christianity. Now I think... More
  • A Tale Riddled with Compromise: Why ME2 was Better than ME3 in everything from Story to Weapons. Day 1/3

    4 1
    A Tale...Riddled with Compromise vs. [Why Mass Effect 2 was Better than Mass Effect 3] Disclaimer: I did in fact enjoy every single game within the Mass Effect trilogy, and think each one is more than deserving of the scores they have received over the... More
  • The Swiss Wii U Launch


    The Wii U has finally launched in Switzerland and Glasses shares his experience of the Swiss launch day.

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 1 - Taking The Plunge

    8 1
    Welcome! As (most of) you should know, this title carries significance. I am going to tackle the 31/31 this month. Apparently I'm the third one to show my face, and there will probably be one or two more that will show up as the day goes on, but I... More
  • 1/31 - Shut Up And Take Your Medicine: Why Reboots Are Better Than Unnecessary Sequels

    "Reboot" has become a dirty word of sorts among nerd culture circles. Be it regarding movies, comics, or video games, in the past ten years the reboot has run rampant, and have started to become jaded to the concept, with many groaning over... More
  • The Forgotten Fun of Boardgames

    I used to be a huge fan of wargames, simulations of (mostly what I played) World War II battles, either strategic or tactical. I played Third Reich, a huge strategy game that goes from the beginning of World War II to the end, with my brother for a long... More
  • 31/31 Day 1 - Here Comes the Pain

    11 1
    Sorry for that title. I wanted to make it something amazing, but I failed miserably. Oh well. I've debated attempting this challenge for quite a while. In fact, ever since Hannibal and I completed the 31/31 Co-Op Blog challenge, I've wondered... More
  • My Top 25 Trophies!

    7 1
    Thanks to DJH for coming up with this idea first. Had to give a shout-put to him. He's the blog writer I aspire to be like one day. To everyone who reads my thoughts, thanks! You have NO IDEA what your comments, views, etc. mean to me. They inspire... More