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  • And Now, Christmas Is Over.

    Another huge holiday gone. If you have barely any memories of the year, you'd ask, "Where did the year go?" Well, that's just life. It's hard to make a memory for every single day. You don't really have to, anyway. What really... More
  • Good Things 2012: The Opposite of a Rantfest

    It's nearly 2013, and Rantfest 2012 has passed. Now, after everyone has had their Christmas, it's time for a happier post. A post about the good things in 2012, and probably the last post I'll be making until the new year.* *There's going... More
  • A.I. The Hidden Frontier of Gaming

    Not too long ago, I read a little blurb from a video game journalist that suggested that the greatest area of progress for next-gen consoles would not be in graphics, or sound, but in artificial intelligence. The case was laid out that graphics and sound... More
  • The Steam Conundrum

    This blog goes out to all those PC gamers who use Steam and partake of the glory that is any type of major sale. I've only been apart of the PC gaming community for a little over a year now and I have developed a disease of sorts that I think many... More
  • Christmas Loot! (2012)

    Ok, it's very hard for me to not loose my head when I get games or game related things without paying for them. And Christmas so happens to be the one time this happens the most abundantly. As I was going to just include this inside my "Monthly... More
  • Merry Christmas 2012...

    15 3
    By now many of you have consumed copious amounts of candy and sweets; or maybe ham or turkey. And many of you have opened your presents, casting wrapping paper and boxes to the side as you clutch your new found treasure. I made out like a bandit myself... More
  • 31/31 Day 25 - PSA

    I'd just like to take a minute and do something slightly out of the ordinary for me today. Obviously, today is Christmas, and I'd rather be doing something else than blogging right now, but by golly I'm going to stick to this challenge and... More
  • 6/35: An Artist's Perspective, Reuniting with Kätlin, Skirting Around the Language Barrier


    Glasses visits an art museum in Tartu, reunites with the girl from the bus, and clumsily gets over the language barrier.

    ... More
  • One More Take On Violence

    I am surprised to see how long the national discussion on violence and how to address it has lasted. It seems that most issues for our times, no matter how serious, have the lifespan of a housefly if not less. I have quietly listened and absorbed many... More
  • Late Reviews - Why Bother?

    The gaming industry is steadily moving forward, always. New games come out, followed by another batch of reviews. Those reviews get put out, then it's on to the next game. This cycle repeats itself on a never ending loop. While big gaming sites can... More
  • The Wii U changes: From decent to excellent

    The Wii U is a good console. However, it has the potential to be an amazing console; better even than the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. As of this writing, I would say that the console is on par with its rivals, but could, in time, surpass them. I've... More
  • My Misadventures in Christmas Eve Controller Repair.

    5 1
    It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Except for a disgruntled and tired Tyler (Yours truly). So, perhaps I should set up a little back-story. You see, I purchased my PS3 a little... More