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  • What Memorial Day Means To Me

    This blog is written in response to Chris Mrkvicka's challenge for Memorial Day blogs. In considering what to write for this challenge, I found it difficult to properly express my feelings through my usual methods of writing. In such a position, I... More
  • Modern Warfare: Creating A Monster

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    The Call of Duty franchise has quickly become somewhat of a household name. Millions of people play it all over the world, so chances are you play it, have played it in the past, or know somebody who does play it. The community is huge, consisting of... More
  • Botanicula - Short Review

    For the last couple of days, I've been playing (when I get the chance) a really interesting game called "Botanicula". Made by a small independent Czech video game company called " Amanita Design " and released in April 2012, Botanicula... More
  • The Call of Duty Hate Phenomenon: It needs to Stop

    I'm gonna be straight forward with this now. While I agree that CoD is one of the most exploited Game franchise ever, it is getting irritating to see every day hate for it. So you hate it, good. Then don't play it. And all the things I hear negative... More
  • The Game That Changed Me

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    Hello GIO, and happy Friday! I sat down today, determined to write another blog. However, no ideas came to me. I just sat there, staring at my computer screen. Four cups of coffee later, an idea hit me. Why not just talk about my all time favorite game... More
  • My Times With Mass Effect

    I wanted to reminisce on my times with Mass Effect because I believe I am about an hour away from finally completing Mass Effect 3. About 3.5 years ago I finally got my first 360 (which was my first current gen console). I never owned the original XBOX... More
  • Introducing GIO: The Next Generation

    You can pretty much credit this blogs existence to our friend Saint, as he posted a blog last night about roller coasters and missing faces around GIO. It was an interesting read which eventually caused me to start thinking. Dangerous right? There are... More
  • Improving Pokemon Stadium for the Wii U

    Over 12 years ago, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory developed a new Pokemon game by augmenting the creature battles from the 2D sprite based handheld games to a 3D eye-popping console experience. After receiving relative critical and commercial success, Pokemon... More
  • Create a Character Contest Results (and More!)

    Hello once again Game Informer. I am here with the results from my Create a Character Contest I started earlier this week. Sadly, I wasn't able to give much prior warning or much time to complete the contest, so I only received two submissions. However... More
  • Short Stupid Story: Gerry Groundhog Goes To Jail

    Why? Because it's finals week, I'm tired, and I can. This is a short short short story like one Rat (from Pearls Before Swine) might write. Enjoy. Or not. I don't care. So tired... Gerry Groundhog had a problem: he had lost his calendar. Without... More
  • The Legend of Zelda Deserves an Ending

    Spoilers for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword below. Saying that the Legend of Zelda series is popular is like saying that the Milky Way is larger than your mom; true, but severely lacking an appreciation for scale. A more accurate way to phrase it would... More
  • GaMe #5 Jolt the Cynic-The Deep Roads Bounty

    Orzammar. The city of the dwarves. The infamous Mercenary Jolt walks through the streets of the underground city. He makes his way to the palace after being summoned by the King, Endrin Aeducan, himself. Jolt walks through the palace hallway and stops... More