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  • Why You Should Care About Humble Bundle

    4 2
    I think that everyone agrees that charity is a positive aspect of society. People donate their own hard earned cash to try to help others or fund research on whatever the charity represents. Usually, we are okay with not being rewarded for our donations... More
  • Star Wars Episode VII: A New Hope? Part 2

    10 2

    In part one, I discussed why I was cautiously optimistic for a new Star Wars trilogy backed by Disney. In part two, I give my thoughts on what should and should not be done based on the numerous examples of failure with which Disney and Lucas Film have had experience.

    ... More
  • Restarting the N64 Collection

    Once upon a time i was a proud owner of a Nintendo 64. I even had the special "Hey You Pikachu" version, and several games. I actually can't remember how many games, or what game for that matter, that i actually had. Mainly because my friend... More
  • Inside A Game Design Idea: Lets Make An MMO Where You Only Have One Life

    10 1
    Often I talk about game design, but today I'm going to show you something a game designer like myself might ponder. Lets make a massive multiplayer online game, where you can only live once. If you die, you die. You are no longer allowed access after... More
  • 25 Days of Christmas : 25/25 Day 1 - My Christmas Wishlist

    Hello all. Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, or Christmas. Whatever the heck you celebrate. I've decided that this month I would do the 25 Days of Christmas. I am actually pretty pumped for this Christmas. I know somewhat of what I'm going to get... More
  • 31/31 Day 3 - Entitled Gamers

    I don't wanna get all "I used to game before some of you were born" on you guys, but, well, I did. Normally this wouldn't matter at all, but the reason I bring this up is because I was around when the industry was really budding. Now... More
  • Preparing For The Epic Climax Of 2012

    4 1
    This year has been amazing for me. So many cool new games to check out (usually through Let's Play's on YouTube), so many great to things to take place. My experience bar is almost full and level-up is just beyond the last hill, but there's... More
  • The Very Best Games of 2012 (Or Close Enough)

    25 1
    Normally I write up a "Best of" post for the cream of the year's gaming crop. However, I only bought three new releases this year. Everything else was secondhand, on sale, or old. It wouldn't be honest for me to pretend I know which... More
  • What Bethesda Can Learn from Dark Souls

    8 1
    **Spolier Alert** There may be slight spoilers ahead for Dark Souls and Skyrim. I tried to stay general, but you have been warned. **End Spoiler Alert** So let me get the preliminary stuff out the way. I know some people are not going to read this and... More
  • 31/31 Day 3 - My GIO Pet Peeves

    The GIOers that know me knew that it was only a matter of time before I complained about something during this 31/31. I have a huge pool of material in the subject of things I dislike, but I decided to keep it GIO related. I debated on what to talk about... More
  • WGWC #6: Climbing

    7 2
    This week's challenge was to write about a personal triumph in your life. I thought the last WGWC challenge was difficult, but this was much tougher. It took me awhile to think about, but I finally made the decision to write about something I'm... More
  • Erica's Monument-al Adventure! Day 2

    1 1
    Thank you everyone for all the support I received for the first segment of this series of blogs. I also received many kind words and appreciation for sharing this story and partaking on this adventure for Erica. I was told from a few readers and my friends... More