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  • Angry Birds vs Crush the Castle

    I have thought of this for many years wondering how angry birds got so popular. When I first saw my friend playing it I noticed it looked just like crush the castle (Crush the castle is a flash game.) I started wondering which game came out first and... More
  • Who Else Watches The Legend of Korra?

    I usually make it a point not to watch television shows meant for children. Kids' shows are usually terrible. That's just how it goes. Sorry, but I'll take high-octane backstabbing in Game of Thrones over learning how to share from The Wiggles... More
  • Am I the One Percent?

    #MoneyMaker #NoNeedForCreativity #AddModeToAllThings! #ZombieGames There is a blatant trend in today's media. You need to make the format include some sort of half dead brain eaters who slog around with no evidence of intelligence, no I am not just... More
  • 31/31 Day 9- Castle Crashers

    Castle Crashers is an epic, emotional journey following a knight mourning the loss of his village. He proceeds to go kill the person responsible for it, and travels across the land. I'm totally kidding. Castle Crashers has tons of hidden items, awesome... More
  • Stupidity At Its Finest

    ^^ Experiences like these ( buying something that turns out to be utterly useless making you feel like you've just burned all your money) can be rage inducing and financially depressing. I have probably had experiences like this at LEAST every year... More
  • My Personal Top 10

    My gaming experience began when I received a Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas. The first time I actually owned a console was when the Wii came out, and at that point I'm ashamed to say I didn't know it existed; me and my brothers had asked for... More
  • My attendance to EVO 2012 - The biggest FG Tournament of The Year

    Hello! It's been a while since I've last blogged on this sight. I would like to invite you guys to look through the trip to EVO 2012. The 3 days that I've spent there were filled with fun, intense fighting game action, and good times. Enjoy... More
  • The Mercenary's Tale, Part 13

    The Plains of Haronnen were dreary. Flat open land, the kind of environment Thane loathed. Out here, there was no cover. A cavalry soldier or an archer could see a target for miles. In addition, the waist-high grass made it far too easy for soldiers—or... More
  • Project Rainbow- Bit o' Game Media

    Hey there, I know barely anyone cares, but I've made a couple posts before about the game I have been working on. I put up an early wallpaper featuring the main antagonist last post and this time I have a couple pictures showing some characters and... More
  • Jolt & Hannibal's 31/31 - Day 9: Our Favorite Mass Effect Builds

    Jolt - There's no denying that Mass Effect is an awesome series. The choice of class, weapons, decisions... the possibilities are endless. Personally, I have played through Mass Effect 2 & 3 nine times each. Each of those nine play throughs have... More
  • The State Of Affairs

    I think it's been over 3 months since I've posted a blog on here, well besides The 4th Floor posts of course, and during the past I guess year or so, not sure which I've had my fair share of ups and downs. My first actual blog post got herded... More
  • 31/31 Day 8: The Week In News Review 7/1-7/7

    For My 31/31 challenge, I wanted to make certain that I stayed addressing current events with the industry, as well as doing blogs about topics that I find of interest. So, I've decided to do a blog series similar to my community blog, The Community... More