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  • Drym Meets Glasses: The Conclusion

    From 16th December 2013 to 23rd December 2013, a fellow Gameinformer Online user called Glasses visited my home and my family here in tiny Estonia. It was an amazing week, which temporarily turned my daily schedule upside down and a simple gamer became... More
  • Reader Feedback Request: What do you like, dislike, and would like to suggest

    * The title is rather self-explanatory. I've been blogging for a good while with 29 posts under my belt. However, I would like to know if there's any areas any of you feel I could improve upon, or a suggestion for a posting that you'd like... More
  • Do Uncharted and The Last of Us Share the Same Universe?

    Why hello there everyone! It's time for another new blog and once again this blog will be centered around Naughty Dog's newest IP The Last of Us and its possible connections to the Uncharted series. The above image is found in Uncharted 3 as a... More
  • My Favorite Game of All Time (And What It Says About Me)

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    Yes, that's a giant version of my avatar. Don't worry; it'll make sense in a minute. For starters, however, I should point out that I am not naturally inclined to pick favorites. In fact, I find it quite hard to do in most cases. I suppose... More
  • GaMe Week 25 - Mike - The Symphony of Michael

    This is a re-post of the last GaMe week; it took it down due to a complete formatting disaster. It's fixed now. It's also 17,700 words long, so anyone not interested in GaMe, you may as well skip this altogether. Sorry in advance. Chapter One... More
  • Awards for Every 2012 Game I Played

    I did this last year , and I think making a tradition out of it would be fun. To be on this list, a game must satisfy two important categories: first, it (or DLC) had to come out in 2012; second, I had to play it (I'm channeling Captain Obvious here... More
  • I'm With Ryckert On This One...

    I need to start off by saying that if you aren't on Twitter, you're missing out on a pretty enjoyable part of GIO. Yesterday, GI Staffer Dan Ryckert voiced his opinion about The Walking Dead game. He was baffled that it continually showed up on... More
  • 31/31 Day 30 - The Best Game Ever

    I've been looking forward to this blog. The SNES is, in my opinion, one of the pinnacles of console gaming. Out of my favorite games, many can be found here - FFIV, Illusion of Gaia, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, and, of course, Chrono Trigger. Chrono... More
  • Taking on 30/30 Again

    Do you know what sucks about promising that you will write 30 blogs in January? You kind of have to fulfil that promise. Because I want to just dive into 30/30 right on January 1st, I want to elaborate on what I am doing today. 2012 was a great year for... More
  • Hope

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    I know this is only a blog. One of the many, probably thousands. This might get a few comments here and there. But in the long run, it probably won't mean anything to anyone. I hope that isn't the case. I have been playing games since I was little... More
  • Song of the Week #5

    This week I’ve decided to head back to the PS2. One it’s flagship developers was Square Enix and rightfully so; yes I know Square Enix wasn‘t their name back then. While it may seem crazy to think about, JRPGs were once a dominate genre... More
  • Games on My Radar [Updated on 1/8/13]


    UPDATE - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes added.

    ... More