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  • Entering Resident Evil: Parts 4 & 5 + Thoughts On RE6

    I've finally done it. Today, I completed my long running blog series "Entering Resident Evil" and would like to thank anyone that has seen it. It's been a ride, and I hope it will prompt you to play some RE games before RE6 launches... More
  • 31/31 Day 26- Kirby's Nightmare In Dreamland

    Kirby's Nightmare In Dreamland is one awesome game, and is my favorite in the series, at least in what Kirby titles I've played so far. It has cool music, epic cover art (Meta Knight is banned in Brawl for a reason), and classic Kirby gameplay... More
  • Just a little update...

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    I am not leaving Game informer totally but I am actually going on a vacation this next month and I most likely won’t have a computer. I have been thinking of buying a laptop for when I go places but I don’t know if I will need one quite yet... More
  • Super Hero MMO's: Something For Everybody

    As an on again-off again player of NCsoft's City of Heroes for the past three or so years, and as someone who recently managed to get his PS3 back up and running in order to take Sony's DC Universe Online for a spin, I have to say I'm pretty... More
  • The 12th Month (31/31 Announcement)

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    Maybe a reaction to my posting here? I don't know, it has been a while since I've done one of these for real. Well, regardless as many of you know almost 11 months ago now I started up a challenge for myself. A challenge to get myself back to... More
  • Ten Question, Plus an Additional Ten Questions

    So I'm going mainstream with this blog, cause I feel like it and I have nothing else to do during my job. So I'm going to answer both the ten questions from the GI podcast (or wherever it came from) and Jolt's weekly question thing. I'll... More
  • The First Day of the Super Nintendo

    Here's the plan. I'm going to go through every game in the SNES library, by release date. This includes Japanese and European games. I'll go by earliest date for multi-released games. I decided to go by release date because I thought it would... More
  • 10 Games That Changed The Industry Forever

    I would never presume to speak for the entire industry, but, objectively, some games have had more of an effect on our industry than others. Some games transcend their little worlds, and become something more. Some titles make themselves known through... More
  • Jolt & Hannibal's 31/31 - Day 26: Our Favorite Actors

    Jolt - Film is a very powerful medium. I would place it in the number 2 spot, personally, behind video games. The truly good films are thought-provoking, they cause emotions to take center stage, or they plain out make us pee our pants from laughing so... More
  • Nintendo's Forgotten Racers

    Who doesn't love Mario Kart? Apparently next to no one, since each entry stays on top of the sales charts for months, and remains pretty much the undisputed king of the kart racing genre. But, with the overwhelming success of the Mario Kart series... More
  • 10 Questions, Because Bandwagons are MADE to be Jumped On

    Forget fancy lead ins. I'm new, this trend is new, and well… why not? 1. What was the first video game system you owned? The Amiga . The earliest years of my childhood are faded memories of Marble Madness, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego... More
  • Companies I would love to work for/with

    I've been in the shoes as a Developer in Training (and still on-going), and I've been watching videogame videos/trailers and feel a bit nostalgic in this generation in gaming. So let me explain: 9- Criterion Games: I love cars, crashes and explosion... More