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  • Popular but effective gaming introduction sequences

    I’m taking a look at various types of game introductions that are used to hook a player into the experience. A lot of games tend to share common intros, so I decided to name them and specify how the intros played out and how they were used to hook... More
  • The Fork In The Road That Developers Face

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    I read an article on IGN about two weeks ago titled Spec Ops Dev: Game's Multiplayer "Should Not Exist." Although I personally haven't played the game, I've heard plenty about it and wanted to know what the developer meant by this... More
  • An Internship 22 Years In The Making

    27 3
    About 11 years ago I went into a GameStop. I don’t remember where it was located. I don’t remember which of my parents drove me there. I don’t even remember if I bought or traded any games. The only thing I remember from that trip is... More
  • I Want To Be The Very Best

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    I was a quiet kid growing up. As an only child, I had a lot of alone time. As a result I developed what my school would call an overactive imagination. Coming from the South – Texas to be exact – a child who can throw a football is valued... More
  • I'm Just As Surprised As You Are

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    From the moment my teacher told me I should consider careers that might interest me, I always knew I wanted to “do something involving video games.” The primary answer to this search was game designer. The writing, design, and programming... More
  • Resident Evil 6: W. Y. N. T. K.

    HI guys guys im back for another of my new series . Many people are eagerly waiting for this new everyone i'm in the same but from what i have been seeing the game is gonna be amazing.soo before the game it's release i want to... More
  • Revisiting Final Fantasy X: Villains

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    Welcome to part 3 of revisiting Final Fantasy X. Like the previous blog, me and Jolt will give our opinions on the villains. Please leave your own opinions if you have any. Yunalesca Van: The daughter of Yu Yevon, though not technically a villain, has... More
  • The Fight: This isn't your fathers war

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    As I stand here with my body freezing and my heart burning, begging myself to move, I take in the last few moments of my life. How did this happen? I wish I could remember. All I can see now is the large man giving us orders. He stood over us and barked... More
  • Game-stop. The last game in stock. F***!!!

    I recently went to GameStop the other day and i thought I'd blog about some things this place does that make no sense. I traded in some games and the first thing they ALWAYS do is ask ''you want to look around first before i scan the games... More
  • GaMe Week #19 Darth-Carbonite - The Darkness Befalls

    So for this story to make any sense whatsoever you should probably read Part 1 and then Part 2 considering that this will be Part 3. A special thanks to xking595x for letting me run wild with his original story. Since this story has 3 main characters... More
  • Thorns In My Flesh (Or What's Pissing Me Off In The Tech World)

    I try to resist the urge to let my blogs become a non-stop tirade of complaints. Particularly when it comes to video games. With all things considered, gamers have it pretty darn good these days. But I find nevertheless, that there are always a few things... More
  • PSST! I've Got A Secret

    Dear GIO, It is with the utmost regret that I write this letter, for today is a day that I must come clean. In fact on this glorious day of September 20 the year of our lord two thousand and twelve, I have decided to share with you a dark and demented... More