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  • A Spin off the Saint

    5 3
    Saint wrote a great blog on the Dead or Alive game and some comments the creators made in general towards gamer's wanting certain things from their series. I would go into more detail but as he is skilled on the keys in ways that I can't imagine... More
  • Another One Bites the Dust

    This is actually the second time I've tried writing this, but after a computer error lost a couple of hours of writing the first time, I put it on hold, so I apologize for it not being timely to the issue I'm discussing, but I want to talk about... More
  • My Fallout 4 wishlist

    8 1
    With recent rumors of Fallout 4 taking place in Boston (thanks to sightings of Bethesda at MIT), I decided to create a wishlist of changes and features I would like to see in Fallout 4. I’m a huge Fallout fan, enjoying every title in the series... More
  • Double Dragon: Neon Review

    The brawler genre is currently experiencing a renaissance. The simplistic beat-'em-up style popularized by arcade classics such as Final Fight , Streets of Rage , and Double Dragon are brands that deserve to be revisited. This decade, gamers have... More
  • My Favorite System Launch EVER! (yes, really)

    2 1
    I was hesitant to even write this blog. While the GBA, er... Gameboy Advance has a special place in my heart, I rarely hear other gamers discuss it with the same fondness. What may seem slightly odd is that I've been playing games for a very long... More
  • 31/31 Day 4: Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

    It was a dark and stormy night. I was in my bed, watching the new replay. The day was October 8 th , 2011, and the GI editors had just finished their look on Morrowind. I eagerly waited as the roulette spinned and the screen faded in and revealed an odd... More
  • SFA Day 14: The Truth Behind I Am Alive's Development Disaster

    6 1
    This is a story that I wrote for The Game Effect earlier this year. It is about the development of the downloadable survival adventure game I Am Alive which released this year after nearly seven years in development and what amounted to the most expensive... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 26/Round 2 Day 3

    Today, I started out in the Free CIty of Greede, where I upgraded my party's weapons and armor, then went through Flandar Trail, then back to Greede where Caesar joined my party, and then through Greede's Underbelly (which I used a walkthrough... More
  • 3/31 - The High Cost of Free

    4 1
    With several companies' DLC practices causing an uproar this year, it's always a breath of fresh air when a company gives you something for nothing. But is anything ever really free? Bioware has been churning out a good deal of free D LC for Mass... More
  • Nobody Asked Me If I Wanted Bigger Breasts…

    34 4
    I make every effort to avoid blogging about mainstream media topics like politics, religion, and the military; and I even try to skip covering video game industry news figuring its better off left to the experts. But the worst is when video game news... More
  • Getting The Gameplay In My Story

    Defining what a "good" game is, and what qualifies as the best of the year is always a touching subject, in so much that my definition of "good" versus another person's opinion is bound to be vastly different. In generations past... More
  • 31/31 Day 2. Let me introduce myself.

    8 3
    "Let me introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste." Well, not really. As a 16 year old I'm not a man, I'm by no means wealthy, and as for taste, well, lets just leave it at I am a fan of bright pink, slammed cars. But, Sympathy... More