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  • 30/30 Day 3 - Mushrooms, Stumps, Pigs & Dragons - This Is MapleStory

    Oh well. MapleStory it is. I heard about this game many years ago, but I didn't pay much attention. Back then, the setting wasn't interesting for me and the gameplay, well, I wasn't into this kind of stuff. But now, things have changed...... More
  • Custom GI Avatars: the Avatars Ride Again!


     Due to popular demand I'm bringing back the avatars!

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  • 31/31 Day #31 - A Little Late, but Better than Never

    So the GF surprised me this weekend and unfortunately I never got a chance to post up the final blog of the 31/31. I didn't forget, just ended up with a lot to do this weekend. Anyways, I suppose you'll want me to be getting on with it all. Well... More
  • Looking Ahead: Borderlands 2


    Why in the world did I stop writing this blog series? Hell if I know but I'm bringing it back. First up? Why it's Borderlands 2 of course. I've got my epic loot chest preordered and I'm buckling up for a ride.

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  • Correction: Saturday BrinkFest (Xbox 360) - 09.08.12

    [Update: Apparently I was in a hurry before and put the wrong date in the title.] BrinkFest Date: Sept. 08, 2012 Time: 5pm PST / 8pm EST Platform: Xbox 360 To Join: Just send a friend request to "Xscapist" with the words "BrinkFest"... More
  • My Top 100 Games

    I have played many video games; some were brilliant, while others were badly made. After 11 years of gaming, I have finally decided which are my top 100 games. 100. Fallout 3 99. X-Men Origins Wolverine: Uncaged Edition 98. Fable III (3) 97. Max Payne... More
  • 30/30 Day 3: What I've learned from Videogame Development: The Pros

    Not too long ago, I did post a blog about the Cons of videogame development. Yes, the art and work behind this magnificent game development is quite a hard one, but in the end, there is the good side of it. While yes, most of the time you'll be working... More
  • More Video Game Statistics (But Not Mine)…

    In response to news concerning the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim (read Game Informer's coverage of the story here ) and the fact it might not be released on the Playstation 3, I mulled over the idea of posting a follow up blog to the one I posted recently... More
  • I have re thought *Update from yesterdays blog*

    Hey everyone I’m back again and this is just another update from my last blog I posted yesterday. I think I made a mistake in my thinking and plans for 2012. I said I wanted to do a 31/31 this October but I realized school is starting up in what... More
  • The Allure of the Unknown


    Careful withholding of information further intrigues the audience. Why don't games leave more to be desired?

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  • (30 Days of Mass Effect, 2/30) In Retrospect: The Benefits of Importing your Save into ME3

    As everyone who’s read my blogs should know, I’m a fan of the Mass Effect series. I admire the game’s unique style and the wealth of lore waiting for players to dig up inside it. I play with every possible class, both genders, and every... More
  • True Horror


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