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  • I Need Your Help So Please Help Me Help The Children! (An TeamGIO Plea)

    3 1
    Well in almost exactly a month we here at GIO will be participating in the Extra Life charity event, and much like last year it goes to a great cause in The Children's Miracle Network. I will be participating as I did last year where I received an... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 3-1

    3 1
    Season 3 begins! This week, Wes, Dean, & Titus share their impressions of Borderlands 2. Break audio provided by David Lammey. Thanks for listening! Click here to play this audio clip More
  • Xbox Live Rewards Birthday Gift is 20 Microsoft Points

    6 1
    I recently heard about Xbox Live Rewards being tied now to your gamerscore, and in doing so the addition of a mysterious birthday gift. My birthday happens to be in a few days and I've been a xbox live rewards member for a while now so I checked my... More
  • The Co-Op life

    In the day of the child I lived for the adventures of games. From playing Streets of Rage and Double Dragon with my brother, to playing against both him and my father in Goldeneye, these were moments that were appreciated and longed for. The importance... More
  • Minecraft and Borderlands 2: The Weekend that Rocked!!!

    2 1
    I was told that I write like I talk. A few friends of mine like to read what I post on here. My wife does because she thinks I open up more than I do normally. I don't see it. But, I really like my title, not just because it's fun to say, "Rocked"... More
  • Shopping For the Gamer in Your Life

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    Surely the gamers in your life are wanting the hottest and biggest titles of the year, shopping for all these games can some times be hassle though. Most avid gamers already know how pre-orders work but for those of your that don't know. Preorders... More
  • PETA Makes A New Parody Game: Pokemon Black and Blue

    12 1
    I just stumbled upon yet another PETA video game parody - this time focused on Pokemon. Since Pokemon are terribly abused creatures and are forced to live in tiny cramped ball shaped cages at the beck and call of their master, Pikachu has decided to thundershock... More
  • 31/31, Day 8. My Most Anticipated Games(Of Fall-Winter, 2012)

    If you don't all know of the huge wave of games that arrive every Fall-Winter, let me ask what rock you're living under. Anyway, this year seems to hold a ton of good games(just like every other year). Sadly, they all start out as $60, which is... More
  • It must be loud Master Chief ( Halo 4 - Revival Remix )

    Hi there, I wanted to have some little fun and so I've joined Halo 4 remix competition. There is 3 tracks to choose from, and i think you can make up to 3 remixes. I just finished first remix, which is experimental electronic, and starting to work... More
  • SFA Day 18: Sound Shapes Is Music To My Ears

    As I've made pretty clear, I'm a music geek. I love to hear new, unique music, and I love to see music presented in new and fascinating ways. Whether its iPad visualizers, Beck's latest album (which is just sheet music given out to fans to... More
  • Pokemon White 2 Day 1

    Picked up my reserved copy of "Pokemon White 2" today at GameStop! : ) It came with a cool Pokemon comic book, although I would have liked it even better if it had been a figurine like it has in the past. Oh, well. Anyway, I started playing... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 30/Round 2 Day 7

    Today I went through the Lost Woods again and had to do a bunch of boss fights. First was a bunch of soldiers, followed by 2 Gigas, which wasn't too bad. Then there were 2 Zore Crystals, which were somewhat annoying, but I only had to do one at a... More