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  • Xl9 Presents: Best everything of the year

    It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when I talk about the very best gaming has to offer. My top 30 games list is coming out later, but I want to list off the best in different genres. Everything from best Anti-Hero to Best Indie... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 3-5

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    This week, Wes tech serves us & tells us about Freddie W, Dean shares his idea for a story with a world constantly engulfed in fog, and Titus talks about TV Tropes. Click here to play this audio clip More
  • 25 Days of Christmas : Day 2 - When All Else Fails...

    Lots of times during the Christmas occasion, something always seems to go wrong. When you have family around especially, you can't seem to keep things under control. I have definitely had my fair share of days with annoying family members ruining... More
  • Games That'll Never End...

    There are several franchises that'll live on forever. Either in gamers hand or in their memories. Some people say Call of Duty needs to die and I agree. But the truth is it wont. There is way to many fans out there along with gamers who claim to hate... More
  • 31/31 Day 4 - The Final Frontier

    There are a lot of theories and speculation getting thrown around at this point regarding the next console generation. Many claim that the consoles are dying. Many others think they'll continue evolving, maybe in different ways than we know them now... More
  • 31/31 Day 4 - GaMe Week 24: Joyful Penguin - Like No One Ever Was...

    Be warned... this blog/GaMe was not planned out. I'm winging this one. Enjoy, Jameson! Professor Jameson awoke to the sounds of Pidgey and Starly twittering outside of his window. He had always meant to cut down that tree, but old age had prevented... More
  • Conspiracy Theories: Between A Rock And A Hard Place…

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    You're never going to believe the message I got passed to me the other day to investigate. It was an encrypted transmission using an older code, but it checked out. The message was short and the signal quality was weak, but after running it through... More
  • 3/31 - Knowledge Check Failed: Why Have Tabletop Video Games Vanished?

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    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition released for the PC last week. As someone who had played the original as a kid, I saw it as a great opportunity to relive my childhood with a slightly updated interface. As a kid, I also played a lot of Dungeons &... More
  • Another Classic Reborn

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    With the upcoming release of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, I wanted to reflect a bit on Mr. Tolkien's work as well as share some pretty screens of the new film. My love for all things fantasy started young. I spent many an evening lost in the... More
  • Why I trust and respect Developers

    No doubt everyone has a favorite Development team or favorite game/game franchise/etc. It's part of our personal preferences and define us as humans in a way. But not a lot of us know what happens behind the gameplay and the designs. It's no surprise... More
  • Dysfunction And Turnover- Why The Game Industry Can Improve

    The game industry is a unique one. The rapidly changing technology, the need to anticipate changes in the market and the tastes of consumers. Projects carry deadlines that are either rigid and inflexible or loose and frequently missed or ignored. And... More
  • Would you play Les Miserables - The Game?

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    Anyone who knows me in the real world understands that I have a soft spot for musical theatre. Seeing a story come to life through song can elicit some of the most powerful emotions in a human. Melody has the ability to command a person's attention... More