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  • 31/31 2 Day 5: Top 10 Ice Levels in Gaming

    It may be winter, but here in sunny Southern California we don’t get any snow. The only way for me to experience snowy hills or ice caverns is to turn to my favorite hobby. Ice Levels are usually bashed for their use of ice physics to make your... More
  • 5/31- The Importance Of Cutscenes In Games

    Games nowadays are becoming more and more like interactive movies. Some are a bit more guilty then others( I'm looking at you The Walking Dead). Some manage to achieve the perfect blend. Cutscenes in gaming have been around for awhile now. Remember... More
  • The 5 Things That Halo Does Best

    I don’t think that any individual Halo game is the greatest game ever (although the original did make my Top 50 of All Time ), or that the Halo series is the best game series out there, but there are a few things that I think Halo does better than... More
  • Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em, GameStop Is Clever…

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    Last night, I was in a bad spot. It was later in the evening and I was all alone. I thought I could resist the urge I was feeling, but I just couldn't. There was a GameStop right there...calling to me. Still reeling from the post-holiday influx of... More
  • Similarities

    On rare occasion, two things from two completely different worlds can be undeniably similar to each other. Two video game characters in particular recently struck me of exemplifying this. Subject Delta, a big daddy forever tasked with protecting his "daughter"... More
  • 5:31 - The Protagonist: Why is 'White Male' the Default?


    As we enter the next-generation era, the typical shouldn't follow. Developers need to spice things up. We need to see a slew of diverse protagonists.

    ... More
  • My Top 3 Games of 2012

    So GI has been filled with these types of blogs/lists so I have held off on doing my own. I had planned on a Top 5 sort of thing, but I think a more in-depth Top 3 would be better. So, here's my attempt at being one of you cool kids. Ha! No. 3 - FFXIII... More
  • Out with the Old Breed...

    A Speculative Look at what Could be in store for Gamers this Year Reboots or Prequels Coming 2013 Gears of War: Judgment Devil May Cry SimCity Aliens: Colonial Marines Neverwinter Tomb Raider God of War: Ascension Now, you'll notice that I've... More
  • 31/31 Day 5: Friendship as a Gameplay Mechanic

    I'm always a fan of games that have a system where your can develop relationships with other characters. Having something about the game change because of how you treat a certain character be it plot or gameplay greatly interests me. It's why... More
  • 5/31 - Reboot This: Star Control II

    It's a strange time to be a gamer. We're seeing an industry constantly under fire for being unoriginal, out of fresh ideas, or simply too lazy to bother with anything other than sequels, prequels, or annual releases with little or no innovation... More
  • Analyzing Console History, and Why Your Predictions are Probably Foolish

    Analyzing Console History, and Why Your Predictions are Probably Foolish Isn't this fun? We're on the cusp of a new generation! You know what that means? It's time for rampant predictions and speculation! Most of which will be around "who... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 5] Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)

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    The characters come face to face with a bright yellow robot (known to fans as Cyrax). After defeating the robot, a marking on its shoulder, which is later revealed to be a tattoo -- a tattoo on a robot -- suddenly removes itself, transforming into small... More