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  • My Top 25 Companions

    I like reading peoples Top whatever lists and I did my own My Top 25 Main Characters few days back. So due to the popularity of my last Top 25 list, I'm now doing a companions list. *Note* I'm having trouble getting used to the blog editor and... More
  • Nano Wars game updates

    Hey, mpaof is here to bring you updates. Anyway, here`s this week`s and some of last weeks stuff. I`m busy next Monday. Testing... also I won`t actually be posting pictures. sorry! Amoebattlers- a type of amoeba, it is a basic starting warrior. Sheilgerms... More
  • WGWC #7a - The Unlikely Adventurer

    I will try and do some of the other challenges as well, but I will start with this most recent and work backwards. So Many To Choose From Several "universes" came to mind, when I read about this challenge. The Star Wars universe was my first... More
  • The Future of Games Isn't at the Theater, it is in Your Bookcase

    Not long ago, I was listening to a writer's lecture featuring my favorite science fiction and fantasy author: Orson Scott Card (writer of Ender's Game, Xenocide, Ender's Shadow, and a wide array of other excellent books). During this particular... More
  • Don't Get Too Competitive

    As you may have guessed, I like games, a lot. Me and one of my buddy's both got our PS3's at around the same time, early 2011. My friend already had a 360 and Wii, but for me this was my first current gen console. I played many a game that year... More
  • Women and Games

    This blog is gonna be pretty short because I can some up how I feel in a few sentences. I wish more women played video games. I know, I know. There ARE alot of female gamers in the world its just there aren't much I've ever seen. I'm a guy... More
  • The Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games: A Small Update

    Hello once again people of Game Informer. This is sorryjzargo with a small update to the Unofficial Ultimate Hunger Games. In my original blog I listed the 24 tributes, and have been providing more information here , here , here , and here . However,... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 30: Special Guest Matthew Fugere

    "There's all those shows about teenagers being pregnant all the time so if they're moms then that demographic mixes perfectly together."- Matthew Fugere "This episode may become a little goofier than usual." -Jeremy "We... More
  • Special Announcement: "Let's Play for Child's Play"!

    PersonWaving here after a long stream of silence. Now, you are about to find out why. On MAY 5TH, 2012, I and a friend of mine, will be hosting a four-day long even t, known as " Let's Play for Child's Play". Now you may be asking yourself... More
  • 5 Ways to Improve International Relations

    5 Ways to improve International Relations 5. Discuss the future of your Nations over something to eat. Yum, you say? Indeed. Normally you get our leaders going into a meeting room with only a cup of tea and biscuits sent in from the secretary. That isn't... More
  • GIO RUN - Day 1: Through The Misty Yellow Lights

    Hello! This is going to be a short blog series, just to record for myself and maybe for you too my progress throughout the week which is made especially for the Gameinformer Online RUN event. Even though it say's "RUN", I will be biking... More
  • It's Just a Game (This Isn't a Mass Effect Blog)

    (This will have no spoilers of any kind for any game.) Lately, a lot of people have been complaining about Mass Effect 3's ending, also people have been complaining about the people complaining. Then there are people like me who are complaining about... More