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  • My Accomplishments of 2012

    Well, it's that time of the year. I can recap everything I've done so far this year at this point, since after this week, things are going to go smoothly that won't be much about accomplishment. So, without further ado, I bring you Mike's... More
  • How Dark Souls Spat In The Face Of Modern Gaming Conventions And Looked Damn Good Doing It

    The recent news that Dark Souls 2 will be more "accessible" and "direct" than previous games in the series has many veteran fans worried about the future of the beloved franchise. Let's take a moment to remember the ways that Dark... More
  • Erica's Monument-al Adventure! Days 3-6

    2 1
    Sorry for the huge delay in posting. My schedule has been very hectic, so I haven’t had a ton of time to play. I’ve tried my best to tackle a few hours here and there, so here is the next four days of my adventure for Erica! Again, thank you... More
  • SNES Timeline - Part 7: Where I am Terrible at 2 Months Worth of Games

    Games in this post: -Extra Innings- -Shodan Morita Shogi- -Super Tennis- -HyperZone- -The Chessmaster- -Smart Ball- -Romance of the Three Kingdoms II- -World League Soccer- OK, I finally pulled myself away from Final Fantasy IV and am ready to continue... More
  • Serious Stuff and Why I'm Blogging on GIO

    Hello. I've been posting on GIO for a few months now, and I've gotten my feet wet. Mostly it's been good, but I want to be clear about my intentions. I figured now was better than later. So, lets talk seriously. I am extremely young, in comparison... More
  • Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 DLC Announced !!

    In today's news section I have rebounded with some exciting news. Via twitter from CallofDuty that they would be announcing the downloading of their next DLC. The DLC is set to 1600 MSP, unless you have an Elite package that offers free DLC download... More
  • Dear, GIO

    As of today I'm starting a new series, every other week I'll be announcing a veteran member here at GIO. During the two week period I will be interviewing the announced member and posting about it at the end of the period. During those two weeks... More
  • Holiday Gamer SWAG- There's Something Geeky for EVERYONE!

    Ho Ho How Sexy! If you haven't already guessed from all of the Christmas trees in store windows, twinkling lights adorning the outside of houses, it's that time of year again- time to set up the tree, get out the egg nog and look for gifts for... More
  • The Walking Dead Season 3(.5) review

    SPOILERS There's good TV. There's bad TV. And then there's transcendent TV. There are few TV shows that may be considered to be on this level; Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Wire to name a few. One would be remiss to not include The Walking... More
  • Achievement Do's And Dont's

    I’m a bit of an achievement hound. I’m no savant, but I have a respectable 42,000 and I’m always on the hunt for more. I usually peruse the achievement list before ever digging into the game, to see if I should be aware of level specific... More
  • A Selection of Collections #3: Zone of the Enders

    In all honesty, I don't recall ever knowing what Zone of the Enders was around the time it came out. I don't remember ever hearing much about it, and if I remember correctly it was a couple of years until I even knew it was a series. I know I... More
  • Bring On The Rage: Assassin's Creed III Is A Disappointment

    I was pretty confident that I would enjoy Assassin's Creed III. In fact, I was even hopeful. After being introduced to the franchise a few months after ACII had released, I played that and Brotherhood, much to my own enjoyment. Going back and trying... More