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  • Beyond Compare: Borderlands 2, Black & Project: Snowblind

    3 1
    The Borderlands series is known for the huge variety of guns and gunplay options available to fans of Gearbox Software's creation. Considering the breadth of the shooter genre, it's telling how such an emphasis is relatively rare. In fact, it... More
  • Controlling History - The Atari 2600 & Magnavox Odyssey 4000

    Everything we've come across up to now has been highly focused on the dial styled controller. Sure the dial has been varied in size and shape, but really, apart from light guns, the dial dominated. Cartridges are also fairly new, and even to this... More
  • Bethesda's Bad Example

    22 2
    I'm going to go right ahead and preface this blog with a confession: I enjoy Bethesda games. This may make the rest of this blog sound hypocritical, but it really isn't. While I may enjoy the games, I recognize this truthful statement: Bethesda... More
  • GIO Administrative Housekeeping…

    21 5
    It's been awhile since I took a pause and blogged about some administrative issues instead of a focusing on a particular video game or associated topic. Many of you who aren't regular bloggers or normal readers of my blog may or may not be interested... More
  • The perfect Anime video games

    I love anime, I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z, it was on every sunday morning right before we went out the door to church, which you could imagine had a rambunctious effect for my brother and I, and Samurai Champloo was the anime that inspired me to... More
  • The Kinds or Responses I've Seen to Wii U

    With the Wii U being released today, I was finally able to quantify all the responses I've seen towards it. Without further adieu, I present them to you here. The Ultra-Optimist "I've heard this thing is gonna be, like, five times more powerful... More
  • Game Review- Madden NFL 11 (Part 2)

    11/15/12 "While the game itself is extremely fun and most of what you find is innovate features that improve the overall experience of the game, some glaring gameplay flaws are frustrating and impossible to ignore." That's basically my opinion... More
  • My SUPER LATE review for Assassin's Creed 3

    I'm back and I'm SOOO sorry that I didn't write my review on Assassin's Creed 3 the first day like I promised. I have been terribly busy with school and trying to fully complete the game. I'm on break now and will fulfill my promise... More
  • The Benefits Of Gaming: They’re Bigger Than You Think

    I’m sure many of us have heard or read about how playing video games can have added benefits such as developing basic motor skills and cognitive functions, increased problem solving capabilities, staying in shape, even livening up a party with interactive... More
  • Bi-Weekly Blog #9 - Assassin's Creed Group

    Weeks ago, I joined the Assassin's Creed Group. Two or three days after I joined, I was proposed a job; to create a bi-weekly blog post every Wednesday. So, here it is. The bi-weekly blog post will explain what we have currently been doing in the... More
  • Dawn of the Next Generation


    -How U Will Play Next-

    ... More
  • Farewell, Game Instruction Booklet

    11 2
    After purchasing a 3DS system this past August, and buying some new Nintendo titles, I noticed a disturbing change with every game case I opened... Gone are the traditional instruction booklets of games past, replaced by what is essentially a "moves... More