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  • "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," Why Female Characters are Often Under-appreciated in Gaming Media

    Would you play a Daring Do video game? I know I would. I'll be the first to say that there are MANY female video game characters. Just like there are plenty of anthropomorphic animals, DUR HUR MUSCLE men and plenty of hapless CPUs who are always running... More
  • Video Games Are My Life

    My life revolves around video games. I remember playing such games as Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mega Man X, Super Mario World and Riven as a child and I knew, even back then, that I wanted to devote my life to gaming. As I got older and started reading some... More
  • Happy (early) Valentines Day Borderlands!

    Dear Borderlands, Happy Valentines Day! I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your existence. You mean a lot to me and I just wanted to let you know that I care. I thought about giving you a box of chocolates, but seeing as how you are an... More
  • Online Games Journalism: A Competition for a Fickle Audience

    I don't claim to be much of a games journalist though I am trying to be one as best I can with the limited resources at my disposal. The world of online games journalism is filled with thousands of people trying to compete for the reader's attention... More
  • GIA: General Achievement Requirements…

    If you're reading this then hopefully you're familiar with the initiative afoot within the user community to implement our own set of achievements (and for the record, when I say achievements I really mean, awards, trophies, badges, trinkets,... More
  • Re-makes, Re-bundled, Re-sold

    Maybe you've heard of all these HD collections recently, From Metal Gear Solid to Tomb Raider, they're everywhere. I've heard people describe them as the same old game with a shiny new skin slapped on so that developers can get a quick buck... More
  • Long Live the King

    Execution is underrated. Gamers demand innovation and reward it with sales and praise. A well-executed game, on the other hand, can suffer under the weight of expectation. Kingdoms of Amalur raised high expectations with its impressive pedigree of designer... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-20

    This week, Dean shares his impressions of the Shank 2 demo, Titus shares his impressions of the Gotham City Imposters demo, and we talk about the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man movie (which leads to a conversation about the progression of comic... More
  • Reckoning Impressions: It All Adds Up

    As of now, I am a bit over 20 hours into my time with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. This is/was my second most anticipated game this year and I am happy to report that it does not disappoint. And it's looking to be my Crysis 2 of 2012; the game that... More
  • Video Review: Gotham City Imposters

    This week I take a look at the recently released Gotham City Imposters. Is this latest arcade FPS worth your time and hard earned money? You'll have to watch the video to find out. However, I will say that Hatchets will be involved. Lots and lots... More
  • The Grammys 2012; Why I Hate Them, also Who Won.

    Let's get one thing straight before we start. Read the title. Don't expect my opinion on the Grammys to change due to some comment. So as most of you are aware of, the 2012 Grammy Music Awards were yesterday. If you don't know what it is,... More
  • Development: The World's Hardest Game

    The current generation of technology has brought about changes to the gaming industry that have made producing games possible for small, and even one man, developers. The proliferation of mobile gaming and online marketplaces affords these dedicated and... More