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  • Remember Cheat Codes?

    I've been thinking. Games in this console generation just don't have cheats! More often than not there is no cheat code function. I was playing Assasssin's Creed III and it's a great game, but like most games, you can't enter codes... More
  • Star Wars Episode VII: A New Hope? Part 1


    When I learned that Disney had bought Lucas Film, I was very surprised. I thought that George Lucas would take his creation to the grave. That he would allow anyone (other than himself) to mess with his beloved franchise was astonishing to me. Since the deal was announced I’ve taken the time to think it over and decided that I am cautiously optimistic for the future of Star Wars.

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  • Spartans Never Die...A Halo 4 Eulogy

    9 1

    Rest in peace, cbkid.  4/20/1992-10/30/2012

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  • Why I'm looking forward to Black Ops 2

    If you were to ask me two weeks ago which games was I going to buy in the following holiday season my answer would have been Hitman: Absolution. That was it, just Hitman but suddenly Black Ops 2 caught my attention and the more I researched about the... More
  • Spartans Favor WiiU Over 360

    Last night at the midnight release I saw something I thought I would never see, one of xbox's long running mascots embracing the WiiU. More
  • Anything But Election Results...

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    <update, almost forgot I'm on Twitter now @Ashaman3000!> Well, it's finally over. Or at least almost over. (Hopefully) By late tonight or tomorrow we'll know who our next commander-in-chief will be. One thing I know for sure is that... More
  • Review of Wreck-It Ralph

    Because It's video game related. Conceptually Wreck-It Ralph seems an inevitable failure. It partners with a video game development company to work on a film filled with in-jokes for a niche audience. It's protagonist is a bumbling brute who stumbles... More
  • The Unfinished Swan: Playing in a Digital Storybook

    Note: The original article is posted at . Check there for reviews, news, and editorials for a different kind of journalism. Seriously. Check it out. It's cool. I'll wait. When I was little, I learned in art class that black... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 59/Round 2 Day 36

    Did 4 Bounty Errands and 13 Resident Quests today (increasing my Guild Rank to Level 12) and then I decided to switch back to my 2nd save file (the one I'm trying to get 100% on) and did 1 Guild Quest (I tried a second one and spent practically an... More
  • I Was There For The Halo 4 Midnight Release…

    26 3
    I'd like to say the Halo 4 release kind of snuck up on me and caught me off guard, but it didn't. I've been checking the timer almost daily as I watched the seconds and minutes tick off and the day counter slowly turn into hours. Now, as I... More
  • Wreck-it-Ralph Film Review: Turbo-Tastic!!

    I know Enigma tends to do the movie reviews, so I hope I am not stepping on any toes here. Normally I would not even consider doing a movie review on a gaming site. But this movie is just so appropriate for GIO I could not pass it up. I also feel that... More
  • The Magic Star Wars Kingdom: Can The Empire of Dreams Thrive in the House of Mouse?

    As a long-time sci-fi fan, my passion for spaceships, aliens, and epic galactic battles began with the Star Wars saga. Like my fellow fans, I was then only shocked and ecstatic over the recent news of Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm this week and even... More