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  • When 2 is the Magical Number

    9 2
    This generation of games has seen some of the most powerful sequels I've ever gotten a chance to play. Maybe game developers learned the lessons of Devil May Cry 2 and Zenosaga 2 from ten years back or possibly they've just lucked out and managed... More
  • 30/30 Day 23: Made-Up Videogame Characters Fun Facts


    While it's fun and interesting to read above real news, it's also good to just take time and make up fun facts about characters.

    ... More
  • Borderlands 2: Pandora Revisited

    11 1
    The original Borderlands was a much beloved first person shooter/role playing game hybrid. I enjoyed it, but was not as enamored as many others were. A fun co-op game, the decent solo experience nonetheless did not compel me to stick with it. So it was... More
  • A Tour of Silent Hill (5/30): The Knight in Cotton Armor

    2 1
    Our trip brings us to the humble abode of Henry Townsend. Don't worry if you showed up late; he isn't going anywhere, so we have plenty of time to scrutinize this modernized medieval figure. To begin, let's go over a few factoids about this... More
  • My Summer Of Discontent: Pondering A Lengthy Season Of Disappointment In Movies... And Games

    4 1
    Last night, I watched the digital HD release of Prometheus. As excited as I had been for The Dark Knight Rises, I truly had high hopes for Prometheus. The idea of revisiting the experience I had upon watching "Alien" in the early 1980's... More
  • 30/30 Day 23 - The Greatest Challenge Is Coming (TOP 100 Announcement)

    2 1
    I've written many large and time-consuming blog posts during my stay here in GIO. Well none of them have been as crazy as Saint's GIO Annual Statistics Report (that's my opinion), but they've been massive and some of those have taken over... More
  • (30 Days of Mass Effect, 23/30) Bioware and the Gamer's Gauntlet: Did ME3 survive?


    I revisit an older blog to compare and contrast how successful Bioware was in delivering fan expectations in Mass Effect 3. The verdict? Read for yourself.

    ... More
  • A Vault Hunter's Log: Day 1

    2 1
    The following is a custom Borderlands story I will be writing about my character of choice in addition to my day-by-day impressions of the game overall. Let me know what you guys think of it (since I've never written any stories) and I will continue... More
  • Weekend Blog: Missing out on the first Xbox

    Many of you know I am a very big Sony fan in the console war but one thing that may surprise you and that surprised me is that I had missed out on the first Xbox. The way I found the Xbox was, one day I was at a friend’s house and we were choosing... More
  • WGWC #2: Life is Beautiful Review (1998)

    Johnny Stecchino (Johnny Toothpick) was the first Roberto Benigni movie I ever saw, and I would say it definitely still holds up today. It is a fantastic comedy, made in 1991, which I highly recommend if you can find it. But that's not the movie I... More
  • The First Games I Played on each of my Gaming Systems

    There is no gaming experience quite like opening the box of a new gaming console or handheld. Looking down on a shiny piece of new gaming equipment is enough to make anyone forget that the actual games you play on it is what really matters. It's because... More
  • Condemned: The Best Survival Horror Game of the Generation

    With Halloween on the horizon and a new entry in the ultrapopular Resident Evil set to release soon, people have horror games on the brain. Unfortunately the pickings have been pretty slim for console owners this generation; the Dead Space games are great... More