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  • Laugh At My Pain: Embracing the Challenge

    I may be destroying the time-space continuum by enjoying this game.

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  • Thank You, GameInformer

    I know I may have said this too many times already, but this that I feel while in Gameinformer is truly something else. What began as a replacement to GameSpot after I departed from there, has become into something much more entertaining than just a hobby... More
  • BJ Blazcowicz Ruins Your Family Cookout

    BJ Blazcowicz is a god-fearin’, red-blooded, down-home country boy. He is the epitome of 'America', but he’s also the saddest man . His internal monologue in Wolfenstein: The New Order is comically depressing. This man is so very very... More
  • Inside: My Five Favorite Puzzles


    I discuss five puzzles from Inside that stood out to me the most. 

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  • The Prison and Torment of the Unforgeting ...

    Author's Note: wrote this a long time ago in 8th grade. It was for a symbolism themed essay. I got B- on it and bumbed my grade in the class from an F to a F+... I guess this wasn't a big finals Essay! Forever attuned. Forever on course. Forever... More
  • The Incompatibility of The Heist and The Camp in Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Wolfenstein : The New Order is beyond ambitious. It’s an FPS stealth-action hybrid with an alternate-history narrative written and shot like a heist movie, colorized like a gritty WWII film, and visually constructed using a speculative combination... More
  • Would Lovebots be Unethical?

    I was reading a (another) story about a man who killed a woman and 3 others in a fit of jealousy and the first thing that came to mind was "of course." I will go out on a limb here and make a bold statement that a large percentage, something... More
  • Talking about inside's ending.

    This will be drawn out. It WILL be deep. So bear with me for a minute and let me tell you what I think of Inside's.. strange conclusion First of all, I knew what I was getting into when I played the game. I knew it's graphics were going to astound... More
  • My Brother, Fallout 4, and Me

    I’ve realized that one of my favorite hobbies is just watching my little brother play Fallout 4. Not only does it give me the chance to enjoy a genre that I’m just not that good at playing but it gives him an audience. Plus there’s that... More
  • Guess that Game (July 2016)...

    Hello once again fellow Game Informer Online peoples or mystical creatures! It's crazy to think that this year is already half over, it feels like the days are flying by for me. Maybe some of you might share in that feeling or maybe it's dragging... More
  • Axiom Verge Review- A Sci-Fi Metroidvania Journey


    Does Axiom Verge succeed in creating a new Metroidvania experience, or does it dig a little bit too far into the past? Find out in my review.

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  • A Story About My Great Abuela...

    I have a lot of lovely family members. They are the nicest people you will know if you ever met any of them. The one that likes to be mentioned around the family get-togethers was my Great Abuela. They said she was the best person to be around and gives... More