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  • Top 10 Games That Need to Die

    Look at that! Going back to my roots! I've been trying to make one for about 5 months and it feels like years since I tried. Well, this one I feel confident about and feel things need to be said. A lot of games are being released constantly and sometimes... More
  • Review: Gravity Rush 2

    Gravity Rush 2 is a game packed full of content. There are plenty of missions to play, challenges to attempt, and a whole LOT of collectibles. Gravity shifting is what makes this game shine brightest of course and every aspect of the game expects you... More
  • Boardgames - New to Me in January 2017

    One of the joys of boardgaming for me is playing a new game. Whether it's a new game that somebody else brings and teaches me, or a game that I have bought and finally got to the table, both experiences are pure boardgaming heaven for me. For that... More
  • Tackling the Backlog-- Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    While I attended college a couple years back I sat squarely in the middle of three GameStops all within a 15 minute drive of my apartment. Those stores often had “Buy 2 Get 1” on used games, so you can imagine where I’m going with this... More
  • Three Shades of Hard Mode

    I am currently playing three different games on their hardest difficulties. I have no idea why I started this, but I have come too far now. Glutton for punishment? Sure, we will go with that. Maybe I was tired of trudging through normal mode to only replay... More
  • Everything Wrong with Titanfall 2

    Oh, Titan Fall 2, I love you. Your first installment had so much potential. The story felt fluid, the gameplay felt so smooth, but because you made the campaign a mixture of different multiplayer modes, the game got a low rating. Then they came with a... More
  • Time to get involved!

    So over the past couple of weeks I have gotten into a groove with life. Ever since i graduated in May things have just not been the same thanks to getting a real job (which I am grateful for) and just general adulting things. But I feel like I am at the... More
  • Virtual Reality Vertigo: Reeling From the Highs and Lows

    I've been eagerly anticipating a mass market virtual reality experience since my brief but exhilarating introduction to the technology outside an arcade in the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino nearly 20 years ago. I think I paid $5 back then... More
  • The Case for a New Battleclash Part 3

    The previous post examined in detail the "DNA" of Battleclash and Metal Combat. This post will look at ways to pull out the parts of the Battleclash system that would work in modern games today, and which parts would not, as well as what could... More
  • Guess that Game (February 2017)...

    3 1
    Greetings Game Informer and welcome to yet another Guess that Game from yours truly. Last month's entry seemed to have people guessing the game from multiple different clues. Let's see if that continues on with this week as well. Allow me to welcome... More
  • [Análisis] The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (PC) – No te aferres muy fuerte

    The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (PC) Tomado de CR Gamers Hub . Todos hemos oído algo sobre The Walking Dead , aquellos fans de la serie y amantes de los videojuegos también han de saber sobre The Walking Dead: A New Frontier , pero para... More
  • CWC: Time Splitters 2

    I love games from the past. There are so many I want to play again, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, Mega Man, they all made my life! But the one that got me through my depression was Time Splitters 2. I loved that game and I played so many times. I didn't... More