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  • Questions Regarding a New Metroid Game

    This year is the 20th anniversary of the release of Super Metroid for the SNES. Twenty years later, Super Metroid is still highly regarded, and the franchise has been a mildly successful series since then. In Metroid Prime specifically, the gameplay is... More
  • The Ultimate Game

    Imagine this, if you will, a game in which you decide what happens! No, no, I'm not referring to say Dragon Age or Skyrim, or anything like that. Imagine a game in which the players (yes, players) start on the very beginning of human history. The... More
  • Surely You Jest, Ubisoft

    I am on the outs with Ubisoft. And it's frustrating. As I wrote about in an earlier piece , I had had an issue obtaining the appropriate code from Ubisoft for an advertised bonus when pre-ordering Far Cry 4 by a certain date from GameStop. The mission... More
  • My 2014 game awards.

    Please Note:-I'm not including remakes or re-releases in my major awards but I've given honorable mentions for remakes/releases.Also,please note my awards are based on my opinions and opinions aren't facts.I have also listed each genre in... More
  • What I Want From Arkham Knight

    4 1
    SPOILERS TO ARKHAM CITY. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I have made a rule for myself to never over hype a game. When someone says, "The hype is real", I wince and hold my breath. Sure, getting excited for a game is only natural but saying, "This... More
  • Hear Hear for that Holiday Cheer...

    Let's take a minute to talk about Ugly Christmas Sweaters and why they are awesome. During the Holidays, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the excitement, but sometimes we forget to have any fun. At times like this, we can lose perspective on... More
  • Derail Publisher Hype Trains

    There’s a locomotive that needs to be stopped: the Hype Train. I am referring to the inflated interest that is generated by game publishers for their upcoming projects. Consumers everywhere are swept up by the puffery publishers use to bring to... More
  • Be a Pirate!

    Hello all Chaos back again with my newest creation for Call of Duty Zombies. DEAD SHIP A fully crafted Pirate Ship filled with Undead Wenches for your plundering pleasure! Download Page:;sa=view;down... More
  • Video Game Discussion - Final Fantasy VII

    First of all, before I get started with this blog, I just want to thank GIO user MightyMagikarp , who’s Community Discussion blog series served as an inspiration for this very blog you are about to read. The Video Game Discussion is my new blog... More
  • Guess That Game (Dec 2014)...

    If you're reading this, then allow me to welcome you to Guess that Game, a monthly feature loosely based off of the game of 20 Questions. The first thing you might want to do is make sure you are viewing this with the website lights turned on (the... More
  • 365/365 Day 350: Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles X


    Some of my thoughts on the story, soundtrack, and gameplay of my most anticipated game of 2015.

    ... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard- Playoffs Round One

    Brought to you by: "The Golden Pipo. The battle begins." Hey, everybody, and welcome to the first round of the GIOFFL playoffs. If you're wondering where the scoreboard has been, the matches for this year's post-season are two weeks... More