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  • Explaining My Hiatus and an Update

    So first I'd like to apologize for my absence. I know I stopped posting without reason, and I apologize. This past semester has been nonstop trouble. I got the flu in January, and since then I've been wrestling with paying debts, pursuing better... More
  • Overwatch Loot: Make Me Care Again

    There has been a lot of talk lately about Loot Boxes. Specifically in Overwatch. I, and many others, have gotten to the point where they no longer bring excitement, but rather than talk about how disappointing they have become I'm going to talk about... More
  • Plarium Releases Vikings: War of Clans as a Browser Based Game

    Plarium is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in the MMO strategy game sphere, with several popular titles under their belts for both the mobile and browser based gaming markets. The company, which is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has expanded to... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: Trenchmace - Fallout: New Vegas

    The month of May sees the completion of another Essential! This time, we speak with the venerable Trenchmace, who decided to finally tackle the almost-as-venerable Fallout: New Vegas. Grab your post-apocalyptic desert gear, and let's head out. We've... More
  • Breath of the Wild from Someone who doesn't like Zelda Games

    Breath of the Wild from Someone who doesn't like Zelda Games Much like every blog I have ever written. Its contents come in far too late to be of any relevance whatsoever. This comes from 2 factors. One, because I procrastinate A LOT. Two, when I... More
  • Gitting Gud with Dark Souls.

    With the "Ringed City" dlc out and "Code Vein" on its way. Dark souls is a topic that is popping up in discussion boards again. I will state this as I often times do Where Dark Souls is concerned. I am not a gamer that plays every... More
  • My Fatigue With the Current Open World Structure

    Back in August, I wrote a blog discussing the issues with the length of some RPGs, along with open world games. At the time, I discussed some of the problems I had with every game pushing to be more open and offered some thoughts on what could be done... More
  • Outlast 2 Review: A Beautiful Disappointment (PS4)

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    Back in late 2013 (early 2014 for console owners) gamers were treated to one of the scariest games ever made. Outlast was built from a small studio that wanted to push the limits of what a horror game could be. They certainly succeeded in that aspect... More
  • More thoughts on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its relation to Horizon Zero Dawn

    So I'm 150 hours in now, have completed 100 shrines, three of the four super pets, and have bought a bunch of the outfits. I haven't fully upgraded them all yet, as that is proving to be more challenging than you'd think for a guy who had... More
  • One Man's Thoughts: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    It’s been almost a year since I first played the demo of Resident Evil 7 that launched during E3. At that time, my experience with the Resident Evil franchise was limited to seeing bits and parts of those cruddy movies that happen to share the same... More
  • Let’s talk about the Dark Tower! A snarky guide to Stephen King’s insane, messy, indulgent Wild West Fantasy Epic.

    A trailer has been released for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower . And it looks pretty good! It also looks pretty generic. Based just on what was shown in the trailer, and how it was cut, it feels like they took... More
  • Should You Be Playing Rivals of Aether?

    Boy howdy, this post is looong overdue! Rivals of Aether launched out of Steam Early Access about a month ago now, and I was actually planning to write this piece elsewhere even before I logged back into Game Informer and started blogging again. After... More