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  • Captain America: Civil War Review - Spoilers: It Needs More Work... And Thought

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    Oh, the age of where the greatest and best comics you read are becoming a cinematic movie is awesome. Well, most of the time. To be honest, I'm going to state nothing, but what's wrong with this movie and don't expect me to hold back on any... More
  • Big Launches...but That Pokemon Though!

    Let me begin by saying thank you all for the views. One of my posts hit 700 views and my mind has been blown by that! My passion for writing has been rekindled since going back to school and I am glad to be apart of this awesome community, so again, Thank... More
  • Leveling Up: My Birthday Gaming Memories And An Xbox Gift

    Today Uncharted 4 got released, and it is also my birthday. It would have been great if by this point in time I had a PS4, but instead my gaming gift was unexpectedly awesome and that's what matters: My girlfriend lent me her Original Xbox! Now I'm... More
  • GIO Smash Bros Wii U Team Tournament Commencement!

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    The players have finally entered the arena, and now THERE WILL BE BLOOD. We have eight teams currently, and they're all ready to get busy, so without further ado...the teams: House of Bad (Tstitan and Nightcrawler Ash) Blow Hards (Thunder Warrior... More
  • Fun while it lasted ( Overwatch Beta)

    The Overwatch open Beta is finally winding down after spending 15-20 hours in it I had absolutely more fun than I have ever had in a FPS multiplayer environment before, the levels are intuitively designed the characters are cute and charming the combat... More
  • Top 5 Best Mistakes in Games...

    We all love those unplanned mistakes in games. I mean, sometimes they become one of the most memorable. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to this top five best mistakes in games! 5. These Pretzels are Terrible! (Borderlands 2) In Borderlands 2, Jack... More
  • The 10 Best Women in the Legend of Zelda Franchise that aren’t Zelda

    This list is pretty much what the title says. The Legend of Zelda Franchise may not be filled with female representation, but the representation that there is normally pretty good. When you look past Princess Zelda, the game is filled with women that... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 24 - Tetris

    From breaking through the Iron Curtain of Soviet Russia to being labelled as a cause of medically confirmed hallucinations, Tetris has a fascinating history both within and without the video game industry. Alexey Pajitnov and Vladamir Pokhilko's classic... More
  • OverWatch Open Beta Review: I Wanna Play More!

    I love hero shooters. I really do. The amount of characters and their unique backstory really gets to me and makes me what to know more about their story and the lore of the world they live in. Too bad the game has no Story mode to explore that. Hello... More
  • May Game Challenge: Week Two (Making Good)

    For the first time in a while, I can actually report that I made progress towards my monthly challenge! Hooray! This past week I was all over the gaming map: I played a decent amount of the Overwatch beta, I completed The Park (more on that later), I... More
  • A History of Video Game Capital

    Video Games – as an entertainment medium – have come to dominate the artistic marketplace. They have left books, music, and movies in the dust. This is not opinion – this is fact. Call of Duty: Black Ops was the most widely experienced... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: When Video Games Meet Social Issues

    No matter our beliefs, education or point of view on life, there's no escaping the many social issues life keeps and keeps throwing at us. Games can serve as a sort of temporary hiding place to this, but they also keep in touch with this matter somehow... More