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  • Revisiting Spira: A Final Fantasy X/X-2 Retrospective

    "Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance." It turns out that Tidus had nothing to worry about, as there have been numerous opportunities to play Final Fantasy X since its original release in 2001 (2002 in Europe). With yet another... More
  • Exploring Old Tombs with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    I had it lined up perfectly. There was another platform maybe five feet away. Beneath it, hundreds of feet of falling water crashing into the sharp rocks at the bottom. All I had to do was make the jump. Then things went off the rails. The rocks beneath... More
  • It’s the most wonderful K/D of the year.

    As a gamer, there are things we get used to. Games will be shipped to early, DLC will be forced upon us, and internet connection is becoming more and more important. However, there is something about gaming that has happened the last few years that makes... More
  • Neato Feature In Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Other Games Should Borrow)…

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    I'll be the first to admit - I'm not much of a music person. I've never been much of a music person. I remember in the 80s, the size of your portable stereo (I think some people called them boom boxes) was directly proportional to how cool... More
  • 365/365 Day 344: Persona GIO Chapter 12: The Magician

    Once again, a new chapter is here! 

    ... More
  • MGS Peace Walker, Vic Voss and....Bananas!

    For all of those who didn't or haven't gotten the chance to play or experience MGS Peace Walker's Multiplayer (and by that i mean you @endorbr ) you need to know that there's nothing out there good enough or comes close, to even compare... More
  • Pre-Holiday Backlog Blitzkrieg

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    There comes a time when you look at the stack of games on your shelf and feel a pang of shame when you realize how many are unfinished. Did you fall out of love, grow too frustrated, or just run out of time? Once upon a time, I pre-ordered Assassin’s... More
  • Virtue's Last Reward Review: Welcome To My Kingdom

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    ***NO SPOILERS*** On a cold Christmas morning in 2028, a college student named Sigma is preparing to head home after doing some last minute schoolwork. When he gets in his car however, a surprise awaits him outside... a gas masked figure called Zero.... More
  • It’s The End Of Times And I Loot Your House, What Do I Find…

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    Ever since I was a kid I've had an active imagination (some might even say an overactive imagination). Maybe it's because I grew up in the sticks and didn't really have anyone to play with so I just made up my own adventures and pretended... More
  • 365/365 Day 343: Ten Of My New Favorite Songs From 2014

    No, not all of it is Persona. Yes, a majority of it is Persona.

    ... More
  • Book Review- The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg

    This is the best book of poetry I've ever read. This is the best book I've ever read. This is the best book I ever will read. The Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg changed my life. They introduced me to the Beats, and rekindled my love of literature... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 31; Dead kings for free?!

    Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of Assassin's Feed. Today we are discussing what is relatively old news, Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings being free. I was going to talk about this last week, but then Assassin's Creed... More