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  • The Other Shoe - The Problem with Limited Saves

    This topic may have been done to death already. If it has, I sincerely apologize because I have not been around much, and I did want to share my opinion on this. Plus, you probably have not heard my particular perspective as yet anyway. By now, just about... More
  • Review: The Legend of Dragoon

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE The Legend of Dragoon Time Investment: 40+ Hours Verdict: Pass There is a lot to dislike in The Legend of Dragoon , but what stands out as the single worst thing about this game is just how close it was to being... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - A 3DS Localization Wishlist

    In light of the fact that we’ll be seeing the 3DS around into 2019 , there’s plenty of time to hope for a localization or two. However, since what we know of the future of the system is pretty clear , now is a good time to check back in the... More
  • As Good of a Time As Any: My Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time - Part 1

    One of the old standby blog archetypes on the blog section is “top x” lists. From Top Ten Wii U games to Top Five Radios , myself and hundreds of other users have used this framework to compile a digestible record of our favorite... More
  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art? 3/15/18 Challenge Edition!

    7 1
    WELCOME TO ANOTHER DO GAMERS KNOW THEIR COVER ART! Welcome one and all to my cover art guessing game. These posts occur twice a month, with the first post of each month being somewhat easy and the second post of each month being more of a challenge. There... More
  • (Cat)Monkey Business

    I recently lost all of my game saves on my PS4 which is frustrating; actually I haven't re-initialized it yet after a few weeks but I don't think there is anyway to rescue the files. However, I did have a bunch of screenshots on a thumb drive... More
  • Bloodborne: The Perspective of a Souls Beginner

    *Contains Minor Spoilers* I never thought I would play, let alone fall in love with Bloodborne, as I’m not the most patient person and I don’t tend to gravitate towards difficult or esoteric games. Love is exactly what ended up happening,... More
  • The Biblical Origins of Dormin and the Curse of the Horns

    Time for me to talk (alot) about one of my favorite topics again: the modern fable known as Shadow of the Colossus . Potentially massive spoilers ahead so if you've never played it... GTFO . Still here? Good. I've talked at length before about... More
  • FFVII, a Piano and Tifa's Underwear

    So I just started playing FFVII (more like replying the PSX version form PSN this time around ) i thought i'd go for another playthrough and maybe get myself ready for the upcoming remake, just one last visit. and so, i decided to play the game differently... More
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Análisis

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Análisis Encerrado en una jaula guiada por un mono-riel me dirijo a lo que aparenta ser un final no muy agradable, al fondo, veo a quien aparenta ser un líder, enojado con uno de sus secuaces al haber fallado... More
  • My Pre-E3 Hype Has Never Been Higher

    Going into E3 last year, I had lost some passion for video games. I knew there would be another Assassin's Creed , Call of Duty WWII did not quite have my interest, Wolfenstein 2 was not announced yet, and Mass Effect Andromeda left a bad taste in... More
  • GMC: Saturation, Baby

    There is a mixed conception when you mention Telltale Games. They have a knack for story and player’s choice that actually matters. Although, there is a lot of stories they’ve already told that were bad or even better than the last Walking... More