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  • The Elements That Make For a Good Boss Fight

    For as long as I have been playing games I have always look forward to and enjoyed boss fights in most games that I've played. For me, boss fights usually end up being my high point in many games due to the epicness or large scale action that helps... More
  • Interview with the Speedrunner

    As you folks know, Summer Games Done Quick comes to a close this weekend, so – apropos of SGDQ – I thought I’d interview a speedrunner – talk about the unique history of this ever-growing subculture. Fortunately, I happen to know... More
  • Living Memories

    July is upon us already, and my game challenge of having beaten 55-60 games could not be fulfilled. Even though I decided to put games aside for a while to dedicate more of my time to college, those gaming experiences were successfully recorded in my... More
  • Pokémon GO Review

    I’ve been cautiously excited about Pokémon GO from the very beginning. I’m a huge Pokémon fan and seeing Pokémon in the real world is a childhood dream come true. What I was worried about was accessibility. I’m from... More
  • The Halfway Point: GOTY Front Runners, Disappointments, and What's to Come

    So I saw some other people posting blogs with their "halfway through the year" awards, and I thought to myself: "Hey, I should do that." Then, it occurred to me that there aren't many games on my list at present. Despite what has... More
  • Review: I <3 San Francisco - Games and the Growing Economy of Personality

    You can play this game here . I would recommend you play the game before reading my review – especially if you’re a fan of Ms. Riendeau’s work – as it’s deeply connected to her characteristics as a writer. We live in an age... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Life is Strange

    I’ve wanted to talk about this game for a while but it’s taken me a long time to figure out just how to. The story deals with a lot of feminist issues all while being wrapped up in a compelling game mechanic. Life is Strange is one of my favorite... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Gardening with Games

    There are so many games that make me want to get outside and enjoy nature because of how beautiful the environments are. There are sprawling forests, expansive deserts, and snowcapped mountains. Video games developers can create scenes even more picturesque... More
  • Furi Review - Mixing Things Up

    Furi has a very captivating premise, it' an action game that mixes hack and slash with dual-stick shooting. There's no exploring, no platforming, just boss fights. It's an intense game, that nail it's premise of exhilarating 1v1 encounters... More
  • Top 5 of the Mid-Year 2016

    This year screams Jamison Miller. Most calendar rotations have me confidently making my top 10, only having to cut one or two with any real remorse. Even with major delays like Zelda , Persons 5 , and Mass Effect , 2016 is easily one of the most stacked... More
  • My Top Five Games of the Mid-Year 2016

    Read this post on my blog Why wait until the end of the year to rank my favorite games? I want to talk about great games now! Last year I began doing a mid-year Game of the Year-style list. Since I'm ranking half of the year I only allow myself five... More
  • Resident Evil 5 or 6 should have Killed a popular Character

    Resident Evil 5 and 6 have recently hit next gen consoles so I of course had to replay the games. Personally I think Resident Evil 5 was very well made, while 6 was pretty average and not as good of a a game. Anyways in Resident Evil 5 Chris witnesses... More