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  • Dairy Queen Review: Casadia Basket and Orange Julian Original

    [Correction: An Original Julian ain't no smoothie.] Every other Friday of the month, I often like to take myself out for an end of the week treat. What kind you say? Fast food. There's fast, there's faster, there's fastest, and then there's... More
  • Give Me More Console MOBAs

    I love League of Legends. I started playing it in January of this year after hearing so much about it and Dota 2 and this whole MOBA genre. I wanted to see for myself what all the hoopla was about and see if the genre is something new I can get into.... More
  • Pic of the Day Roundup: Mysterious Swordsmen and Explosive Lunchboxes

    Video game hype is a magical thing. Depending on how frequently the developers of a title release new information on their upcoming game and the gravity of that information, people will begin to anticipate the arrival of this new game on unseen levels... More
  • Divergence;Cast Episode 2

    Hello everyone, and welcome to episode two of Divergence;Cast! A bit late, yes, but that was due to "technical" difficulties (the Windows 8 Skype app stinking it up, and just Windows 8 in general being an annoyance) on my end. Oh, and it's... More
  • Error Code 8071053D (PS3)

    I just wanted to know if anyone else has been getting this error code. It's been happening to me for the last 7 hours. More
  • Guess That Game (Aug 2014)

    20 2
    If you're reading this, then allow me to welcome you to Guess that Game, a monthly feature loosely based off of the game of 20 Questions. The first thing you might want to do is make sure you are viewing this with the website lights turned on (the... More
  • 365/365 Day 226: Seven Games I Want Remastered For Wii U

    Last year, Nintendo released an HD remake of the beloved Gamecube title The Wind Waker on Wii U. It contained some new mechanics, Miiverse integration, and above all, a new coat of paint that really made the already-beautiful game gorgeous. Now, a rumor... More
  • The XCOM Report: Volume 5

    Greetings! It's time for volume five of The XCOM Report. For those of you who missed my first part, you can read it here . To sum up, this is a feature I will be blogging for a while about my experiences in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In an attempt to reconnect... More
  • Top 50 Games from Last-Gen: Stats

    4 days ago I released the "Top 50 Games from Last-Gen". I made the list using top ten lists sent to me by a total of 20 users. If you haven't read the list yet then you should probably do so before reading all of the statistics I'm about... More
  • The Vita Isn't Dead in 2014

    At both Sony's E3 and Gamescom press conferences this year, the Playstation Vita was entirely ignored on stage. While this lack of attention has been severely disappointing (especially alongside other missteps like the false Final Fantasy Type-0 HD... More
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider and the Fall of the Gaming Community

    (EDIT: Fixed problem with blog looking like one big paragraph, no images however, PC giving me trouble.) Ok, first of all let me say that I’m a PlayStation only fan (always have been, although I would love to play the Halo series someday, never... More
  • Haven Is For Real…

    4 1
    I am a big fan of shooters. This is no secret. I've been playing them for the better part of twenty years now. Like some of you, I grew up in the Doom (and Doom clone) era. I've been playing them ever since. I've also been blogging for a while... More