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  • Community Writing Challenge: My Favorite Pokémon Memories

    I’ve been playing Pokémon practically since it came out – and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I recently wrote a post applauding Pokémon for all that it’s done this year, but now I want to applaud it for... More
  • Tackling the Backlog: SSX (2012)

    Really all that needs to be said about SSX (2012) is done so by comparing its cover to that of SSX Tricky . On the right is Tricky with its garish color scheme of sky blue smashing into Fanta orange. The three character designs all very distinct. You’ve... More
  • My first video game! I programmed it myself ;)

    Hello GI online! This is the first "game" I have ever programmed. It runs off a language called DCPU-16. It's an offshoot of a game Notch/mojang was making called 0x10c. It's very simple, but it took around 12 hours of work. Copy and... More
  • Entrevista: Fumito Ueda - Director en The Last Guardian

    Fumito Ueda - Director en The Last Guardian En Londres, Fumito Ueda mira expectante como un grupo de periodistas juegan su próximo juego: The Last Guardian , posteriormente da una entrevista a los periodistas (de España y Alemania) en la... More
  • [Analisis] Kopanito - Allstars

    Esto es Jogo Bonito: Kopanito Este fin de semana pasado, probamos Kopanito All-Stars Soccer , desarrollado por los independientes Merixgames y nos ha gustado mucho, el fútbol podría ser uno de los deportes preferidos de muchos gamers, en... More
  • The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 21NOV

    Last week I detailed some of the best Xbox deals with Gold and digital downloads. This week I will be highlighting some newer deals as well as timely Black Friday additions. Let's go ahead and see what's in store for the week then shall we? Join... More
  • Remembering Skyward Sword


    On the fifth anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, TheDarkestLink looks back on what makes Skyward Sword not only one of his favorite Zelda titles, but one of his all-time favorite games.

    ... More
  • Hitman: Season One Review

    Many of us were somewhat skeptical when IO Interactive announced that the next iteration of the Hitman saga would be an episodic release and span almost a year's worth of time per season. I do have to say, all things taken into account, it went a... More
  • A 3-Step Guide to Video Game Distribution and Marketing

    I got sad information a few days ago from Javy Gwaltney . Hidetaka Suehiro (AKA Swery 65) - a popular developer associated with cult games like Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, has announced he's retiring from his studio Access... More
  • How To Purchase Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Game (PS3), And If It's Worth The Cost

    I am a determined person. At least I'd like to think so. So, when I found out that a game based on Brian Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels existed, I was hell bent on playing it. Then I found out it was take off of PSN... More
  • Finishing 2016 Games To Beat

    Slowly but surely, my time to think about my tight backlog clearing regime has come. Granted, beating 5 to 10 games per month helped me gain some gaming culture, decrease the amount of games in my backlog from 150 to 87 and all that, but deep inside,... More
  • The First Step

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    Hello GIO community! This is my first official post (I posted once on Halloween, but forgot about the rules for beginner accounts). As a fresh faced level 5 I hope to begin publishing blogs filled with comedy, gaming, analysis, anime, and other fun stuff... More