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  • Review - Persona 5

    In an era where turn-based RPGs are considered a thing of the past, the Persona series, confident enough to still going with it aims high with its latest installment, Persona 5. After the revival of the series back in 2006 and its successful premise since... More
  • The SNES Classic's greatest flaw

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    The SNES Classic looks great. The 16-bit era has a lot of games that have aged well. Looking at the list of games on the Classic is basically perusing all-time gaming classics. Taken altogether, it's an almost complete snapshot of the SNES's great... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 79 - Illbleed (ft. Matt Conn & John "JJSignal" James)

    The Dreamcast was home to some of the strangest games of the early 2000s. In 2001, Crazy Games released Illbleed, a title that truly helped the studio lived up to its name. Illbleed follows a young girl named Eriko Christy who, having been traumatized... More
  • The Ever Growing Political Divide in Gaming: How Developers and Players do not See Eye-To-Eye

    It seems these days, politics has made it's way into every conversation and topic. People care more about politics now more than ever. We, unfortunately, see politics as us verse them instead us united to create the best world possible. within the... More
  • My Hiatus: Why I Disappeared For a Year

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    I mentioned in my previous blog that "undue stress" had come down on me, and I wanted to talk about that. In an effort to keep to my style, and not to depress or worry you, I'm going to keep my tone that I have tried hard to develop. I'm... More
  • Have You Heard Of...Multi Month Edition!

    Hello and welcome back to Have You Heard Of?. This month, with most of the titles coming out being either huge releases or ones I'm not personally interested in, I thought it'd be good to look at a few titles you may have missed from the past... More
  • Game-Making Challenge of the Month!

    About a month ago, I had a challenge due where you write about which two or more games would be wonderful together. Of course like the *** I am, I didn’t make an announcement about it to get more people on board with it. There were great entries... More
  • I am a graphics and specs whore

    Ever since I built a gaming pc I told myself I really cared about things like frame rates and cooling and high refresh rate monitors and higher resolution displays. I got a job at a computer store and learned literally everything there was to learn about... More
  • Resident Evil 7 is the answer to the plague of filler content

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    Modern video games are getting boring. It's a trend you see across genres and franchises. Developers seem to think if a game is longer , that means it's better . I get why they do it- players love feeling like they're getting good value for... More
  • Breath of the Wild is a Great Open World Game, but an Underwhelming Zelda Experience

    (Originally appearing at Derin Loe Gaming ) I love the Zelda series more than I love Pizza, and I'm a man who loves himself a few slices of Pizza. It is my all-time favorite gaming series and I doubt anything will take its place any time soon. I,... More
  • Abstract Review - Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is a game that everyone had their own opinion on it. If you went on any article about the game on this site, you probably saw some things that were questionable. The game got a Nine on GI and many other publishers. I am a big Destiny fan and... More
  • What Disney Could Have Done To Save Disney Infinity

    Disney Infinity was Disney's answer to the emerging market of toys-to-life gameplay introduced with the Skylanders franchise. Since that game series has made billions of dollars selling toys to children that tie into a game, someone at Disney connected... More