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  • Manifest Questiny

    [As Read on SNo2 .] Isaac Asimov was Deus Ex long before (the video game series) Deus Ex was anything remotely popular. However, the blog that follows won’t necessarily touch on this point or even remotely resemble that statement. I simply felt... More
  • Revisiting Diablo III From the Grave - As A Necromancer

    The new necromancer class launched for Diablo III on all systems two weeks ago, bringing the first paid DLC to Diablo III since the Reaper of Souls expansion. There's no new story or campaign, but in Diablo each class is a completely different experience... More
  • Persona 5 Review - Like a Thief in the Night

    Persona 5 Developer: P Studio, Atlus Publisher: Atlus All of the re-releases and spin-offs have hid the fact well, but it's been nearly a decade since the last mainline entry of the Persona series. We are ready for what the series has to offer next... More
  • Learning the Hard Way to Temper Expectations

    E3 is undoubtedly one of the more exciting couple of days for those who enjoy video games, as new games get announced and brand new gameplay is showcased for some of the years hottest upcoming games and beyond. With each end of another E3, my list of... More
  • Accompanied by you, big brother.

    In the search of a cure for our father You led the way with the utmost patience Guiding me like mother Who watches over us from heaven's fences. Strength is useless alone My muscles grew bigger at your side Where your might did wonders, I found advantages... More
  • Horror Movie Fighting Game Dream Roster

    It's certainly been a long time since I've posted something here. I think the last post I made was 2 or 3 years ago. But let's get back to the topic. Theres been a ton of fighting games out with this year with Injustice 2 and Tekken 7, both... More
  • MightyMagikarp's Top 100 Video Game Characters (#70-61)


    Having missed several deadlines, I have to make up for lost time.  You know the drill by now, these are my favorite video game characters, and I'm gonna talk about why they resonated with me.  Let's get right to it!

    ... More
  • 4 Art Styles I Want to See More Of

    A strong art style can make or break a game for me. It can also make or break any piece of animation. It’s no secret that I watch animated shows and movies almost as much as I do live action. Over the years I’ve fallen in love with certain... More
  • Abstract Review - The Last of Us

    Naughty Dog has some greats through their run, giving us Crash Bandicoot in their early days, giving us a new platforming experience. Then it was Uncharted giving us a new story to ponder and a character love even more than the game itself. Then, the... More
  • So I watched "Season 1" of Netflix's new Castlevania show.

    You can't really call this a season, but they decided to anyways. I mean come on, it's four twenty minute episodes that build up to an already announced season 2. Watching this is like the equivalent for watching an extended movie trailer and... More
  • Have You Heard Of Fortnite?

    Welcome to a new series I want to start called Have You Heard Of! The premise is simple; I'll be discussing and bringing to light a game with each entry that you may or may not have heard of, going into detail about it's gameplay, and each entry... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: Starter Pack - Portal 2

    Here we go again, dear readers! Kicking off July, we have another Essential to cross off the list as Starter Pack wraps up the second game in one of the most innovative puzzle game series out there; Portal 2! So much of both Portal games has become internet... More