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  • Do Gamers Know Their Cover Art?

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    After a few months of seeing the "Guess that Game" posts done by firedude3663 I drew inspiration to create another type of guessing game. My game is simple. I will be posting pics of a games cover art. The game could be from any console, past... More
  • How To Play the Pokemon Go Game and When Will It Be Released in Asian Countries Like thePhilippines?

    Lot's of Netizens couldn't wait to experience to travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon, especially here in the Philippines. John Hanke the founder of Niantic, the game developer stated that he does not want to limit the... More
  • Being the Sniper on VR

    After seeing Jacksepticeye's video, SKYDIVE SNIPER | The Last Sniper VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality) , it came to me that there could be a new type of genre for VR. It has been done in many ways, shapes and forms, but not at a realistic standpoint.... More
  • Gaming Vacation

    The arrival of August means one thing: summer vacations. Once this month started, I only thought of playing non-stop for a while, reason why I took a week off from blogging. Having missed my 5-10 games per month rule due to college, I was able to beat... More
  • Weathering the Hype Storm

    The excitement for No Man’s Sky has been building for a while now, probably since Hello Games first announced it. To say the least, No Man’s Sky is one of the most hyped games of the year, and gamers are gleefully anticipating their chance... More
  • Metroid and the Magic of Superfluous Mechanics

    Hey, happy birthday Metroid ! Nintendo didn’t seem to remember, but don’t worry – I got you something. A day late. It's an analytical breakdown of ‘Metroidvania!’ Truly the greatest gift of all. I’m throwing a bit... More
  • Hype Expectations: They Can Be Met!

    A new reader discussion post popped up today asking what games, if any, have ever met your hype expectations. Rather than just comment I figured I would write a post about it. Plenty of games are presented as "the next big thing" and not only... More
  • The Problem with the Rockstar Brand of Writing

    Rockstar’s approach to world-building and character writing follows a principle that I call the Everyone Is An *** approach to storytelling. By this I mean: the overwhelming amount of players in a Rockstar world are cruel, violent, even evil people... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - Overwatch Episodes

    Hey everyone! This week's community writing challenge is as follows. Community Writing Challenge: What game featuring only, or prominently, multiplayer deserves a single-player mode? Overwatch is an insanely popular multiplayer game. In fact, it's... More
  • Final Thoughts 58: Grim Dawn

    Final Thoughts 58 Grim Dawn Note: This is not a review, but merely my musings after having recently completed a game as part of my Rogue's Adventures playthrough of my backlog. Follow @RoguesAdventure to keep up with my playthroughs and check out... More
  • Space Is Still Awesome: Mass Effect Trilogy Retrospect

    Many of my regulars are probably aware how much I love Mass Effect . Hell, the trilogy is my top series of all time, just barely kicking out the Souls series. I recently decided to play through the whole thing again, mainly because I saw the trailer for... More
  • Gamers are people too.

    I wanted to talk about a topic today that is close to our hearts, friends <3, are xbox live pictures with voices... (due to internal service errors all pictures have been removed from my blog. So if you could imagine a picture being there at important... More