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  • How To Purchase Scott Pilgrim Vs The World The Game (PS3), And If It's Worth The Cost

    I am a determined person. At least I'd like to think so. So, when I found out that a game based on Brian Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels existed, I was hell bent on playing it. Then I found out it was take off of PSN... More
  • Finishing 2016 Games To Beat

    Slowly but surely, my time to think about my tight backlog clearing regime has come. Granted, beating 5 to 10 games per month helped me gain some gaming culture, decrease the amount of games in my backlog from 150 to 87 and all that, but deep inside,... More
  • The First Step

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    Hello GIO community! This is my first official post (I posted once on Halloween, but forgot about the rules for beginner accounts). As a fresh faced level 5 I hope to begin publishing blogs filled with comedy, gaming, analysis, anime, and other fun stuff... More
  • CWC: Growing up with Pokemon

    No matter who you are, if you've been a Pokemon fan since the beginning you can't help but feel old. It's kind of amazing that I have been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue came out and now, 20 years later (or 18 for North America), I just... More
  • Análisis RimWorld - Por la Supervivencia de la Colonia

    RimWorld Análisis – PC Por Adrian Velez ‘Vichi’ RimWorld es un juego de construcción con un estilo de arte similar a Prison Architect , con un corte Sci-Fi pero en lugar de crear una prisión y velar que los reos... More
  • When I Gave A Gaming Presentation At College

    4 years ago, I entered college pursuing my dream. That dream was to by one way or another get involved into the gaming scene, and English education seemed like the best option I could take. If was a tough decision to make, but in the end, it would prove... More
  • Top 10 WFT Moments in Games

    We all love a good twist in game. When the villain was actually your best friend or that all the problems you dealt was to help the bad guys, but when it's too awesome or confusing, it makes you say what the f**k? Hello and welcome to this top 10... More
  • Over a Year Later Undertale's Soundtrack Still Provides me with Determination

    Last year a small unknown indie RPG came out of nowhere and became a fall sensation during a time when the AAA titles are the ones making all the noise, that small unknown indie game was Undertale. I had no clue what to expect going into Undertale but... More
  • Why 2016 Will Be Remembered in Gaming as the Year of 'Reality'

    I have inspired of this " Uncharted 4 Leads The Pack For 2016 'The Game Awards' Nominations " by Matt Bertz . 2016 has been a fairly monumental year in many ways, with things like Brexit and the Trump election likely to have long lasting... More
  • Electronic Arts concentrado en tener sus juegos en Frostbite

    Electronic Arts concentrado en tener sus juegos en Frostbite Durante la Global Technology Conference de UBS en San Francisco, el director financiero de Electronic Arts, Blake Jorgensen habló de como la compañía se esfuerza para mejorar... More
  • Games to Play When You’re Stressed Out

    Man, these last two weeks were rough. Between the insane amount of school work I had due, the election, and starting to get sick, I was very stressed out. So, I did what most of us do when we’re stressed – I turned to games. Here’s my... More
  • CWC: The things I want in my favorite games.

    There are a lot of games I have played over the years that I absolutely love, but even in my absolute favorite games there are things that I wish were included. So here are a few things I would like to see added to or changed in some of my most played... More