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  • Ranking Every 2016 Game I Played

    About two weeks ago, I ranked every game I played during 2016 that released prior to that year . And now it is time for me to do the same with the games that actually released in 2016. Coming into 2016, I thought the year had the makings to be one of... More
  • Nostalgia Sucks

    Nostalgia Sucks Is it just me, or have original ideas become dangerously hard to find these days? Nah, it's not just me. It's freakin' everything . But this isn't just about typical sequelitis that plagues Hollywood and television and... More
  • My Favorite Gaming Moments of 2016

    It is now 2017 but before I look ahead to what is coming in the video game industry this year I want to take one last look back on 2016. Instead of listing my favorite games of the year I thought I would change things up and list some of my favorite moments... More
  • [Analisis] Furi (PC) - Hack & Slash muy difícil

    Tomado de CR Gamers Hub Análisis – Furi Hace unos días me encontraba leyendo un articulo en un sitio web sobre los mejores juegos del 2016 según sus editores, entre ellos topé con uno que me llamó la atención... More
  • Keeping It Stylish #1: Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (PS3)

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new series I’m starting, “Keeping It Stylish” where I’ll examine character action games like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, MG Rising Revengence, and the like. I figured I’d start this series with... More
  • Retro Review: Final Fantasy IX

    Final Fantasy said goodbye to the PS One with a strong title. Taking everything that has made all the previous entries so memorable, FF IX nor only combines, but also improves upon many of the series strengths in order to deliver a masterpiece. Even though... More
  • Does it Hold Up??? Backyard Baseball 2003

    As I begin playing Backyard Baseball 2003 I’m having one of those moments where something I loved as a kid proving to be...odd. I noticed a “forget about it” line in the Italian girl’s profile. Okay, not a biggie. I next heard... More
  • Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

    Typically during the holidays, even when family visits, I end up working for most of it. Over the past decade I have worked every single Black Friday as well as either the day before or the day after Christmas (often times both). It can really put a damper... More
  • My Most Anticipated Games of 2017

    2017 is going to be a good year for games. There are quite a few I'm looking forward to, but these eight are the games that can't release fast enough for me! 1. Mass Effect: Andromeda - Despite the horrible ending for ME3, I still really enjoyed... More
  • An OCD Gamer's list of games completed! (2016)

    This is my personnel list of games beaten in the amazing gaming year of 2016. These are listed in order of completion, starting with the very earliest game I put under my belt, and even includes the date of completion for each day. Yes, I'm a little... More
  • Everything Wrong with Overwatch

    Overwatch. The game that took TF2 players by storm. No, those TF2 players. Get you Titans and roll out or something. I mean, the Class Shooter that was the only one of it's time, with whacky and literally insane characters with large personalities... More
  • My Gaming Goals for 2017

    Congratulations, we survived 2016! For most, it was a hard year full of political turmoil, division in society, and a constant reminder that our childhoood heroes aren't as invincible as we once thought. Thankfully, 2017 is finally here and waiting... More