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  • All my Thoughts on the Vita.

    If there's one thing that truly disheartens me about the Vita, it's that it wont be able to leave the legacy it deserves. Rather than being known as one of the best handheld gaming devices ever made, it'll be know as one that could never live... More
  • Is It Wrong To Download Copyrighted Software?

    After thinking about this subject for the last year or so, and hearing Notch - the creator of the ugely successful blockbuster game Minecraft - make the case that piracy isn't wrong, not to mention reading this interesting article written by a lawyer... More
  • Cat vs PS4: a battle lost from the beginning

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    This was my plan in theory...The cat inside her Xbox-bed and the PS4 alone and cool. More
  • November Game Challenge: Week Two (Tombs And Vaults OHBOY!)

    Well friends, the biggest day in gaming of 2015 is upon us, and I for one am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I've planned when I will arrive at GameStop to pick up my number so I can then come back and pick up my games (and game guide), so... More
  • Empty PC Retail Boxes

    I stopped buying PC games from Gamestop when they insist on printing the product key on a damn receipt. I don't understand it; what should be a simple paper with my transaction printed out is a scroll full of unnecessary paragraphs that takes the... More
  • PC Gaming's Top 5 Assholes

    When you think of a PC gamer, you'd probably imagine a paper-thin nerd with glasses or a morbidly obese nerd with glasses, possibly pimples and a serial killer wheeze. It's hard to imagine them as disgruntled, pissed off gamers with a chip on... More
  • Becoming A Gamer. How It All Started

    Some people get into gaming when they buy or are gifted with a new console. Others by playing video game with friends. Boredom, no Internet connection nor a cellphone was the cause why I decided to plug in my Nintendo 64 again and start playing. As a... More
  • Top 10 Best Easter Eggs In Gaming...

    Finally!! Me and my friends reunited after their family vacation and we are excited to give you this awesome list that we were planning for ages! We give a list of the most secret, weird, but awesome Easter Eggs that happen in gaming! Enjoy the list!... More
  • Bethesda's Stories Always Suck

    If it's not a final battle against a dragon that hardly feels exciting because of the hundred more I've fought leading up to it, it's Fallout 3's ending of purifying...water. Yes, the whole trek of finding your AWOL father, the fantastic... More
  • 52/52 Week 45- Discomfort (and Spiders) in Games

    I've played a lot of games in my four years as a gamer. I've played RPGs, 3rd-person shooters, and platformers. And in a lot of games I've played, there have been some uncomfortable moments. Discomfort is almost a necessary element for most... More
  • Backward Compatibility. Why It Matters And How It Can Be Improved.

    Previously on this year E3, Microsoft announced that its current generation console the Xbox One will feature this function and asked fans to help them decide which games should arrive first. This came in as a surprise and perhaps a hard strike to its... More
  • An Unintentional Gaming Sabbatical

    Last week I was feeling very BLAH about the current state of my gaming (yes, all caps was necessary). I was playing far too much Destiny, and not enough anything else. I was getting disillusioned with various aspects of Destiny and I just felt turned... More