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  • My E3 2016: Battlefield 1 & Titanfall 2 at EA Play

    I almost didn't attend EA Play last night, but I'm glad I changed my mind. Two rounds of Battlefield 1 and one round of Titanfall 2 later, my enthusiasm for the FPS genre was rekindled. It's not that they reimagine the formula, but they exploit... More
  • The Best Moments from this Year's E3 Press Conferences

    I know it’s fun to be cynical about E3, but it's something that I think we should try to avoid. I myself fall into that trap, so it’s important to highlight some of the nice moments from E3. Here they are in no particular order. 1. Condolences... More
  • E3: Overall Satisfaction

    What a day ladies and gentlemen. Waking up to a Microsoft E3 press conference and being tucked into bed with a Sony E3 press conference. Does it really get any better? I have a hard time keeping my fan boy in check, but I was seriously impressed by what... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Legend of Zelda: Sheik’s Legend

    What if Link wasn’t the hero of the story, just a pawn in a larger plot? What if the real hero of Ocarina of Time was Zelda? ~~~~~~~~~~~ They say that history is written by the victor, what they forget to mention is that even the victor can twist... More
  • Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments in Gaming...

    There is a lot of disturbing things that games can do to you. Some are even gut wrenching! Although, this list will have some rules when it comes to the different definitions of "disturbing" to some players. There will be no scares that are... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 28 - Grim Fandango

    The gang returns this week to talk Grim Fandango, the adventure game that launched Double Fine. The late 90s adventure classic may have once reigned supreme, but it was also one of the last adventure titles from the now defunct LucasArts. With the relatively... More
  • E3 Gradebook: EA & Bethesda

    While E3 doesn’t officially begin until June 14th, the first day of media briefings are in the book. There were no “huge announcements” that really grabbed me, but the showings of several different games raised my interest levels to... More
  • The Importance of Character Arcs for World Building

    A narrative needs characters, and characters need arcs. This is not a bold statement; rather, it’s an establishment of fact. Our brains like it when characters change and grow and progress. It’s like leveling up in a video game – there’s... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Toren

    For a game I picked up just because it had a girl on the cover, I’m pleasantly surprised with how deep of a game Toren is – especially since I beat it in two hours. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all that impressed with Toren when I first... More
  • Video Games and Violence: Is that what we should be talking about?

    There is a lot of violence in the world and it’s not uncommon to blame that violence on the media. When people see violence in movies, television, and video games they can become numb to it. This numbness can serve a lot of purposes, the biggest... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Vendetta's Bane

    Hello! As you may see, this is a Writing Challenge! This is a story I've been working on since I was 12, and it's been the best work I've done, in my opinion. A Futuristic Wild West set in the year 2005, and America is much larger than its... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Game Script - Experiment Ber -

    Taking place in a not so distant future, a rookie police man named Ber is given the task to investigate strange events involving strange people appearance. But this is not an ordinary case. Armed with fear, confusion and desperation, this newbey has to... More