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  • A Round of Applause for Pokémon

    You know, I’ve been wanting to write this for months but the Pokémon Company just kept doing more and more great things this year. Not only have they released an app that is an international phenomenon and hyped up their newest game, but... More
  • A Gamer Games: 2011 & 2012

    Finishing High School back in 2011 meant that I would be playing a lot, but going into college was near so, my gaming momentum was met with a pause due to higher obligations in 2012. Even though I was still getting the best out of what the PS2 has to... More
  • So, I Got Hacked

    Today has been a strange day - I show up for work, and everyone has beaten me by a couple hours, leaving me to get paid for doing very little. A cute co-worker started flirting with me, I got some free food, PSN account got hacked. I get an e... More
  • Attack On Titan (PS4/Vita) Review

    I cant be the only one surprised it's taken so long for this game to happen; Attack On Titan exploded in popularity so fast, that now, almost three years later, with season two right around the corner, is feels like we're still trying to figure... More
  • MoblinsForMatt - An Afterword With Corey Austen

    Video games have come very far from their humble origins. They're no longer merely a means of mindlessly spending a few minutes pursuing a high score and gobbling up quarter after quarter from players (though with the advent of microtransactions,... More
  • PS4's Upcoming Hypetrain Ranked by the Person Proven to Have the Most Right Opinions

    On the last week’s PS I Love You XOXO Colin and Greg rank the upcoming PS4 AAA exclusives. They have their own rules and qualifications for AAA which I too will follow. Something such as Gravity Rush 2 doesn’t make the cut, which I agree with... More
  • Luke Cage has a Villain Problem

    Heroes are only as good as their villains, and Marvel’s most recent Netflix product, Luke Cage , manages to both succeed and fail on this front. To talk about why, I must spoil the show for you – sorry. Such is the nature of Luke Cage . You... More
  • Why I Love Falcom's Trails Series

    Falcom's Trails series is my favorite modern RPG series and I love it deeply. Here's why.

    ... More
  • When Gaming Is All That Matters

    After successfully ending this past term at college, my time at home has been all about playing video games. But what exactly gives me the energy to keep on playing? My game challenge. Since I started doing it back in January, this challenge of mine of... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Pitching My Dream Stories

    Nothing makes you think about your future like having the registrar office continually email you how many days you have left till you graduate college. It’s made me think a lot about my future and I want video games to be a part of it in some way... More
  • My Virtual Hero

    I've always saw heroes in games. They were always a guy that saved people. There was nothing wrong with them and did no mistakes. After years of playing, the typical hero bored me. They never interested me. Cloud Strife is great guy, but never really... More
  • Bioshock: Collection - Review Part One: Too Many Glitches!

    I will be talking about Infinite in this review and this is a concerned review. I got this game on my birthday and I thought it would be nice to replay a recent memory, Bioshock Infinite. There is hardly any changes in the game, just a minor graphics... More