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  • 31/31 Day 10: Walking Through My Relationship with Walkthroughs

    When I was younger I remember how cool I felt when my dad let me print off a Majora’s Mask walkthough so I could do the Anju and Kafei quest. I was terrified that if I didn’t use a walkthrough, I wouldn’t succeed. I saw walkthroughs... More
  • Overwatch Hero Releases: Ana and Sombra > Orisa and Doomfist

    Overwatch Hero Releases: Ana and Sombra > Orisa and Doomfist Overwatch is a game that has defined itself with a cast of lovable characters from all across the world. And its probably why I am still paying this game over a year later. As August 8th... More
  • Customizing an Experience

    [As Originally Written on SNo2 .] Today’s blog post has to do with character customization or the creative ways in which you can customize your playable experience in recent gaming. I’ve seen numerous games cater to character customization... More
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (Review)

    It’s easy to look at a game like Wolfenstein: The New Order and assume it’s a standard first-person shooter, what with its large arsenal of weapons, massive explosions, and countless waves of Nazis to obliterate. However, what’s not... More
  • Abstract Review - Splatoon 2

    I don't have a Switch, but I am that lucky guy that has a best friend with tons of money to spend. He got the console a while back and he finally got Splatoon 2. I heard great things about the game and so much more, having a Boss Rush mode in the... More
  • Are PC Games Getting Too Big?

    The thing about the hardcore PC gamers is that they are playing on super-expensive PCs and not affordable consoles because they want better audio-visual experiences than anyone else, among other things. However, what does all that mean for the average... More
  • 31/31 Day 9: The Best and Worst Ways to Find a Korok

    I’ve completely lost count of how many Koroks I’ve found today. Honestly, I’m not even sure how many I have left to find because I am all about walking around Hyrule with my Korok mask. I’m guessing I have somewhere in the upper... More
  • Farpoint Brings VR to the Fore in Thrilling Fashion

    Virtual reality gaming has more than its share of skeptics, and the nascent library of tech demos masquerading as video games doesn't help, no matter how impressive the experience (i.e., Batman: Arkham VR). Impulse Gear's relatively new PlayStation... More
  • Caught Between Two Great Loves

    [As seen on my personal blog site .] Faced with what seems a fork in the road of life, two paths that beckon yet seldom meet one another, how does one choose? How should one turn their back on an invaluable element of their being to embrace another, unknowing... More
  • Gather Round for a LEGENDARY Tale

    Today. It has been a good day. I was off work, slept in until noon, went to run some errands, and got all my homework done. Oh, and while I was out I CAUGHT A FREAKING ZAPDOS! Maybe a slight exaggeration, but it could happen. I have to tell you, when... More
  • 31/31 Day 8: Telltale’s Game of Thrones Review

    A tried and true gaming formula and a wildly successful tv franchise? It sounds like the makings of a perfect game – not one with distractingly buggy graphics and subpar dialogue choices. Still, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy... More
  • What's With All These Remakes?

    Recently, one of the most popular games to hit the market wasn't a first person shooter or million hour RPG epic. Topping the charts last month was none other than Crash Bandicoot, coming back from a long hiatus with a bang. The Crash Bandicoot N... More