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  • Gerardo's Q1 2017 Backlog Update: Classics Strike Again

    After the insanely, extensive and at times mandatory backlog cleaning I had in 2016, one might think that no so many games were left for me to beat, but thing is, there are still some games waiting to be played. Taking into consideration that most of... More
  • The Value of Hype

    Hype is often defined as the excitement one feels for something. It is often used as a synonym for excitement. However, in gaming hype has many definitions. Hype can be the intense desire to play a new game after seeing its reveal trailer, it can be felt... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: A Lesser Known History Lesson

    The Community Writing Challenge for this week is centered around history in video games. For my contribution, I want to discuss Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a game that goes above and beyond the competition. Where most war games focus on tense shootouts... More
  • Writing Challenge: Talk about history in games

    history that is used and implemented in video games is the theme here. Can developers use history as a reference, to create a stylized word? Or to help shape an idea or concept for a game? History is also present in some games that we love, even if its... More
  • Top 10 Dark Souls/Bloodborne Boss Battles

    Perhaps my favorite aspect of the Souls series (I include Bloodborne as a Souls game) is the tense and demanding boss fights. They're the highlights of the game for me and I look forward to seeing what lies behind every fog gate, usually it is some... More
  • The Story of Jeramy: Part Five

    The night is fading as the darkness is covered by soft sunlight. The sun is rising, light is covering every inch of the land as everything wakes. The birds sing, the insects crying, the woods are a peaceful place of this time. A cabin is in the middle... More
  • Heropon's Top 30 Video Game Songs

    Heropon's Top 30 Video Game Songs I will disclaimer now that there are spoilers in this blog. If you see me mentioning a game you don't want spoilers for, just skip over that section of the blog. Music is powerful. And its one of many tools that... More
  • Can Virtual Reality Headsets Make You Fall Sick?

    Virtual reality is said to be the next big thing. Everyone’s jumping the bandwagon as the concept has revolutionized not just how we play games, but also how we live our lives. It is predicted that we’d soon be dating in the virtual world... More
  • A Strange Feeling of Timeliness

    [As Written on SNo2 .] The time has come for the story of armageddon to continue. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly realized it, but I’ve been really putting stock into a Darksiders sequel for some time now. I thoroughly loved the first... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: Insane Buffoon - Undertale

    Slowly but surely, we're making our way down the list, dear readers and participants! This time, we have the completion of a more controversial entry on the list; Undertale. The indie sensation that captured the hearts of (most) who played, Undertale... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Gaming Travels Memories

    To travel has been stated to make people even happier than getting married and having a family. I can't accept nor deny such statement but I can say that traveling is something else, indeed. For us gamers who enjoy spending most of our free time in... More
  • I Beat Ganon and then I Didn’t Pick up Breath of the Wild for 10 Days

    When Breath of the Wild came out I couldn’t have been more excited. I was on Spring Break so I sunk in at least 6 hours of game play a day for two weeks straight. But then, I “beat” the story and I lost the motivation to play. I’ve... More