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  • Top 10 Pokémon from Black & White


    A top ten list of my favorite Pokemon created in the fifth generation!

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  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Episode 27

    Happy holidays everybody! The Best Podcast on the Citadel is here to break down all the goings-on in the world of video games, and as the year winds down to a close, it’s time to have the age old discussion that always seems to come around about... More
  • Top 10 2014 games (plus more)

    Top games of 2014 by Braulio Ortiz 2014 felt like it lacked that unanimous game of the year when compared to 2013's gaming line up (The Last of Us); however, the games that did release were usually outstanding after a certain point within the game... More
  • F2P Friday - Lost Saga

    This week I decided to take a look at Lost Saga, a brawler MMO of sorts.The game features a ton of classes to choose from, each with their own specialty move set. You compete in games like Deathmatch, PVE against bosses, and of While... More
  • Just What I (Didn’t) Need…

    6 2
    How many of you noticed the Steam Holiday Sale started today? I did. Sigh. I did. The last thing I need is more games, especially more Steam games. But I can already tell I won't make it until January 02 nd unscathed. And the irony of the matter is... More
  • 365/365 Day 352: My Favorite Characters Of 2014

    Spread the love of the Danganronpa characters! Don't worry, there's some Persona too.

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  • Ubisoft: Shooting themeselves in the foot with a rocket launcher (inspired by Ozz0912)

    There's no doubt that the whole Assassin Creed: Unity debacle is a blemish on Ubisoft's record that's not going to simply be bleached away anytime soon. However, their recent decision to give away the free game to season pass owner came with... More
  • The New IP Curse

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    The year is winding down and looking back on 2014, we received many new IP releases. Developers sought to create the next Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed, two franchise that definitely didn't nail the initial game but both series went on to define... More
  • Pwn's Game of the Year Awards (2014)

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    Well, here we are again. Were closing in on the new year and with it, Christmas! So what better way to rain in the new year then look back on this ones many gaming achievements? Now my pick for game of the year probably won't surprise to many people... More
  • Imagining A Titanfall 2…

    5 1
    While it isn't my pick for the Game of the Year...Titanfall is easily my most played game of the year. As much as I love it, I'm pretty sure I've experienced the last of the major updates and DLC guaranteed to Season Pass holders. I've... More
  • 365/365 Day 351: Reminiscing About Danganronpa

    A few thoughts on the Danganronpa series.

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  • Game of the Year Awards

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Game of the Year: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Runner Up: Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Game of the year was a hard decision, I’d decided that Persona Q could not become Game of the year... More