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  • GMC: Using colors to overcome our inner selves.

    I may have missed the deadline, but I'm going with a better late than never approach on this one because the Game Making Challenge posted by StartPack and Haley Shipley sounded really fun. Saturation. When it comes to video game saturation my mind... More
  • Review: Celeste

    Celeste Time Investment: 15+ Hours Verdict: Play I want to make no bones about this: Celeste is a triumph of both game design, and video game storytelling. It is first and foremost a brutally challenging platformer, whose tight controls are reminiscent... More
  • Celeste Offers a Lesson in Accepting One's Faults

    (Originally posted on Derin Loe Gaming ) At first impression, Celeste is just another 2D platformer that takes inspiration from classic 16-bit era games of the same genre. Beyond the visuals and the jumping between platforms though, is a layer that is... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - Shenmue is Better Compared to Telltale Than GTA

    Shenmue is old, but it’s not the boogeyman. Though the franchise can only be accessed on Dreamcast (and Xbox, in North America), it’s an extremely important franchise, and definitely worth going back to play today. But not for the reason you... More
  • GMC – A Night to Remember

    When you’re chasing through a saturated world, everything feels possible. You feel overwhelmed and exhilarated and you’re not sure where to look. Saturated means that everything is bursting at the seams, so how do you capture that in a game... More
  • Carving Gaming Rushmores Episode 5 - The Top Dogs In Video Games

    Since 2018 is the year of the dog, I can't think of a better time to bark about the top four canines in video games. 

    ... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 89 - Threes

    Asher Vollmer programmed Threes in a shockingly short amount of time in 2013, but then assembled a team that would come to be known as Sirvo to refine the idea over the next year. Threes humbly released in 2014 for $2 on iOS and Android. Since then, people... More
  • Why Self-Driving Cars Aren't Coming in the Early 2020s, and Maybe Not Ever

    Well a second person has died thanks to the incredible hubris and rank amateurish nature of the "engineering" behind autonomous vehicles. I put engineering in quotation marks because it's not the actual engineering that's at fault -... More
  • The Other Shoe - The Problem with Limited Saves

    This topic may have been done to death already. If it has, I sincerely apologize because I have not been around much, and I did want to share my opinion on this. Plus, you probably have not heard my particular perspective as yet anyway. By now, just about... More
  • Review: The Legend of Dragoon

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE The Legend of Dragoon Time Investment: 40+ Hours Verdict: Pass There is a lot to dislike in The Legend of Dragoon , but what stands out as the single worst thing about this game is just how close it was to being... More
  • A Gaming Life: Pt. 2 - A 3DS Localization Wishlist

    In light of the fact that we’ll be seeing the 3DS around into 2019 , there’s plenty of time to hope for a localization or two. However, since what we know of the future of the system is pretty clear , now is a good time to check back in the... More
  • As Good of a Time As Any: My Top Ten Favorite Games of All Time - Part 1

    One of the old standby blog archetypes on the blog section is “top x” lists. From Top Ten Wii U games to Top Five Radios , myself and hundreds of other users have used this framework to compile a digestible record of our favorite... More