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  • Top 10 Best Fighters...

    There are so many fighters to count and most of them can be unknown to most of the players out there! Well, we are going to name all the best out there and make sure we have all of them rounded up to be praised for their great skill. Hello Wandering Traveler... More
  • Developing a game in gamemaker studios (video blog).

    The Gameinformer website is one I have visited over 100,000 times by now (I open the site 12 to 15 times a day)? This classifies me as a GI fanatic. I've paid attention to the Gameinformer community for over four years. I love GI, and I want the online... More
  • State of the industry address:

    Video gaming is a global pastime that had it's humble beginnings in the early to mid 1900s... It has thus transformed electronic entertainment from obscurity, to a billion dollar, world wide, critical successful medium. It hasn't been all "sweets... More
  • You Can't Kill God, Mr. McLeod - A Commentary on Valve and the CS: GO Skin Lawsuit

    Michael John McLeod is standing up to one of gaming’s Gods: Valve. He’s just filed a lawsuit alleging that Valve has “knowingly allowed… and has been complicit in creating, sustaining, and facilitating [a] market” where... More
  • Wintendo! A Not So Nintendoomed IV...?

    Wintendo! Not so Nintendoomed IV? Quick! Is Nintendo a hardware company or a software company? If you answered with anything but “hey, that’s a trick question,” you’re wrong, because Nintendo is neither. They are an entertainment... More
  • July: The Annual Gaming Drought

    Ah July. The worst gaming month of the year. This month basically exists so gamers can attempt to go through their backlog, try games they normally wouldn't, or maybe binge a TV show they have been trying to watch (I suggest Mr. Robot, just saying... More
  • XCOM 2 Ironman War Update: A Hero Rises

    These are dark times for the rebellion… which ironically dresses like Imperial Stormtroopers. Although my Ironman game is being played on Easy I have to say: XCOM 2 is ball-crushingly harder than the first game. Earlier I had my first mission abort... More
  • The Best Games I've Played(So Far) in 2016

    Last year, I decided to do my own game challenge. Such challenge consists of playing 10-5 games per month, give the games a score and upload my progress to my Instagram account. Despite I began doing this at a slow pace, this year my gaming progression... More
  • 6 Games I Wish You Would Play

    8 1
    I'm listening to the Game Informer Show and the topic this week is "underrated games". This is a very subjective topic as there are several reasons one might consider a game to be "underrated", whether there are very few people... More
  • There is Nothing to Say About Ghostbusters: A Review of Ghostbusters (2016)

    In an attempt to emulate the new Ghostbusters movie, I’m going to stitch this this together using uninspired thoughts and ideas. These thoughts and ideas will be quotes pulled from other Ghostbusters reviews. Like the movie, they are devoid of personality... More
  • Is Call of Duty's Narrow Skill-Gap Ruining Multiplayer Gaming?

    I've heard it said that games like Call of Duty just don't require enough skill to be considered ''hardcore,'' mostly due to their very narrow skill gap, and that developers need to stop pandering to ''casual''... More
  • Top 10 Games with Awful Difficulty...

    Games have gotten easy over the years and most don't really require our full attention, but these games will mark your life as a hardcore gamer and look at life with new eyes. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to this top ten games that have awful... More