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  • Is Cloud a Good Fit for Super Smash Bros.?

    Earlier this evening, Nintendo hosted the first Nintendo Direct since E3. It was the first one to be held in roughly five months , and it was an event that was eagerly anticipated. Many feared they would become a relic of the past after the passing of... More
  • This Fallout Wasteland Is Teeming With Opportunity

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    Nothing goes to waste in the wasteland of Fallout 4, and that is especially true of the time you'll spend in its open world. Bethesda's long-awaited return to the post-apocalyptic nuclear landscape feels both fresh and familiar, at least for the... More
  • I’m Just Not That Into You

    To be perfectly honest, getting old sucks. You don’t realize until you are well into your late 30’s or early 40’s that life is but a series of obstacles that only get taller with age. It is the anti-video game, or the story after the... More
  • Early Impressions: Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    When the Tomb Raider reboot released in 2013 I had zero expectations for it. I went in with an open mind and a cleansed palate and I enjoyed it so much that I nearly 100 percented it in two days. I skimped on sleep and food because I was so engaged. I... More
  • Show Me Yo Dwellers (GCVT34)

    This week on episode 34 of the unofficial Game Informer Community Video Thingy I'm talking about Fallout 4 and Extra Life. PS stay to the very end if you want to watch the GI crew eat ghost peppers. Facebook group: More
  • Press Start - Fallout 4 + Giveaway!

    It's that time everyone. I dive face first into arguably the biggest release of the year. I can't begin to express how excited I am. So watch the first bits of the game past the initial tutorials and I'll try to keep it spoiler free, but honestly... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Antagonist Point Of View I Agree With

    Antagonists only purpose involves world domination most of the time, but what if one of them just pleased humanity and the outcome ended up in several killings? This challenge is about antagonists points of view and how we whether agree with them or not... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard, 2015 Season- Week 9

    Brought to you by: "Good fantasy football. You'll see why in a moment" It's now week 9 in the GIOFFL, which means things will start to ramp up and who will win the divisions and advance to the playoffs will become more clear. We had... More
  • All my Thoughts on the Vita.

    If there's one thing that truly disheartens me about the Vita, it's that it wont be able to leave the legacy it deserves. Rather than being known as one of the best handheld gaming devices ever made, it'll be know as one that could never live... More
  • Is It Wrong To Download Copyrighted Software?

    After thinking about this subject for the last year or so, and hearing Notch - the creator of the ugely successful blockbuster game Minecraft - make the case that piracy isn't wrong, not to mention reading this interesting article written by a lawyer... More
  • Cat vs PS4: a battle lost from the beginning

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    This was my plan in theory...The cat inside her Xbox-bed and the PS4 alone and cool. More
  • November Game Challenge: Week Two (Tombs And Vaults OHBOY!)

    Well friends, the biggest day in gaming of 2015 is upon us, and I for one am so excited I can hardly contain myself. I've planned when I will arrive at GameStop to pick up my number so I can then come back and pick up my games (and game guide), so... More