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  • Don’t Hate The Game, Hate The Change To The Game…

    8 1
    Think about your favorite game and what makes it your favorite game? Is it the story or the characters? Maybe it's the setting or could even be the developers who made it. Hey, I love Valve and play everything they publish, so I definitely could relate... More
  • 365/365 Day 295: Comparing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax And Mortal Kombat X's Box Art

    For today, I thought I'd share a paper I wrote for my college English class. It's a comparison of the box arts for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Mortal Kombat X. Yes, I did that, and I got an A. Yay. It's much more formulaic and formal than... More
  • Multiplayer Malaise

    8 1
    As I've touched on in other pieces I've written, I've gotten my first real taste of anonymous online multiplayer with Destiny. The more I play, the more people I come into contact with. And while a large portion of folks are kind and respectful... More
  • One Hit Wonders - The Art Of The Melee Kill…

    6 1
    The other night I was playing an online shooter with my son. It was his turn at the controller and he had a pretty good streak going right up until he took a boot to the face. He moaned and groaned about how a boot to the face shouldn't be a one hit... More
  • 365/365 Day 294: My Favorite Video Game Vocalists

    Most of my friends are aware of the fact that essentially everything I listen to comes from the world of video games. It was made for a game, it was used in a game, or it was made by someone who did songs for a video game. This has caused me to get some... More
  • Do Video Games Nurture Insensitivity?

    4 1
    Years ago, I had something happen to me that triggered a troubling question that has lingered ever since. It was a question that I've never been able to comfortably answer for myself. And yet, it seems oh so relevant today. It was a crispy holiday... More
  • Assassin's Feed: Episode 24; Assassin's Creed Rouge Season Pass?

    5 1
    While there hasn't been an announcement for a season pass for Assassin's Creed Rouge, what would be some ideas. With Unity already having a season pass that includes a stand alone game, it is most likely there won't be a season pass for Rouge... More
  • Hipster Tuesday: Hellishly Horrendous Hootenanny

    4 1
    We're almost ready to wrap up October, and we still have a few Halloweeny gems to share. The macabre and the kooky have no doubt caused you to lose some sleep in the last few weeks, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Making sure you never... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football League Scoreboard- Week 7

    5 2
    Brought to you by: "Disbelief. Can't believe we're already at the midpoint of the GIOFFL regular season." My sentiments exactly, Heavy. Talking to fictional characters out of the way, welcome back to the weekly recap of Game Informer... More
  • GamerGate Should Unify Us, Not Divide Us

    4 1

    The gamer: one term with many meanings, but still one term.

    ... More
  • E.T Go Home Already! ~ Alien: Isolation Parody Review

    10 1
    The following isn't meant to be taken seriously. This article is an attempt- a poor attempt at that- at being funny. If you take this as legit, well good for you! From the publisher that brought you the worst game of all time bring you another stinking... More
  • An American Gamer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    4 1
    First off, let me say that writing an introduction to this blog post is proving difficult. What do I say, should go with an AA style introduction? Hello, my name is Richard and I am an avid gamer. Doing it that way makes gaming sound like a bad thing... More