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  • Guacamelee! & Humor in Games: An Interview with Drinkbox Studios' Jason Canam


    The title pretty much says it all. I talked to DrinkBox Studios' Jason Canam about Guacamelee! and humor in video games.

    ... More
  • 7 Great Artworks. created in March 2015 I want to share with you.

    In this blog you are seeing some of the video game fan arts that were either chosen by me to get featured on Game-Art-HQ,my deviantART Group or were submitted there, they are all pieces that were made in the last Month, March 2015. By clicking on the... More
  • Video Game Discussion - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    It has been a while since the last Video Game Discussion, but I’ve been busy and I also couldn’t decide what game to discuss next. From this point on I’ve decided it will no longer be a monthly blog, because I don’t really have... More
  • Forgotten Gem: The Magic of Scheherazade

    The first RPG that I ever did a full playthrough of (or even any play at all) was: Final Fantasy? The Adventure of Link? The Magic of Scheherazade? What was that, you say? Actually my first ever RPG was The Magic of Scheherazade. The Magic of Scheherazade... More
  • On YouTube, Internships, and Being Editor-in-Chief of a Website

    Well, it's been more than four months since I made a blog post on here. Seems right to finally give something of an update, and talk a bit about the things out there in the game journalism wilderness. Sorry for being so absent save for posting links... More
  • How Bloodborne Succeeds at Unconventional Horror

    Is it me, or have horror games become rather predictable in recent years? Not necessarily from a creative standpoint, I mean structurally; mainstream horror games and low key indie titles may have very separate design philosophies. None of which are inherently... More
  • My Tremendously Stupid Backlog Challenge

    We’ve all got them. Mine totals somewhere in the hundreds. I’m purchasing fewer games these days in a foolhardy attempt to save up money for a move. If said plans work out, it’s also not too practical to haul my entire game collection... More
  • Bloodborne: Hypogean Gaol - How to get Adella the Nun

    I put together a quick little video describing how to get to the side quest area of Yahar-Gul, or the Hypogean Gaol. You'll need to find a Snatcher. The easiest one is right outside of the Cathedral Ward, right after you kill the Bloodstarved beast... More
  • A Chance Meeting

    In keeping with my BioShock theme this week, I thought I'd share a story that, if my partner hadn't been there with me to verify, I wouldn't be entirely sure it happened at all. I have a good friend who is moderately (okay, there's nothing... More
  • Bloodborne Is Something Special: My Journey to Greatness.

    I bought Demon Souls at my local GameStop a few years back because word of mouth was that it was an incredibly difficult, yet satisfying game. For me however, it just wasn’t clicking. The combat felt clunky and slow and I honestly had no idea what... More
  • The Talk of Yharnam

    So I finally bought it. And I'm really not doing half bad! Cleric Beast sent me for a loop, since I used all my molotov cocktails on the big hammer dude behind the door. I lost 6800 points and the only way to get them back is to beat the Cleric Beast... More
  • How long can I survive Bloodborne: Ep 5

    We meet the Blood Starved Beast. I find some good stagger points on him and whittle him down pretty far. Do I end up taking him out? Probably not because he's a bit of a Dick. We push all the way down, find some more secret passages, and I get overly... More