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  • My Love of Open World Games

    An open world, such an appealing aspect of design that it has been implemented into numerous genres ranging from FPS's to racers. Allowing the player to complete quests at their own pace, dive into any multitude of side activities that they please... More
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: The Flag That Bears The Name

    The fact that we're talking about Final Fantasy Type-0 in 2015 is surreal to me; I like I'm sure many diehard Final Fantasy fans, first learned about this game back in 2009, anxiously waited for a western release that never came, then gave up... More
  • Persona Made Me Enjoy Boss Battles Again

    Boss battles can be some of the most iconic and memorable moments in gaming. The epic battles where we defeat the most powerful enemies we've faced yet are the ones we look back on fondly with a sense of accomplishment. But for some reason, in recent... More
  • 52/52 Week 12- Valiant Hearts Review- Valiant Heroes, Brutal War

    Ever since Ubisoft first revealed footage of Valiant Hearts at E3 2014, I was incredibly intrigued. Not only was it using one of my favorite game engines (UbiArt), but it was covering a topic video games seem to keep away from: World War One. In fact... More
  • The Overblood Community Video Thingy 10

    Now with more Drake and Golden Girls than ever before, it's the 10th episode of The Overblood Community Video Thingy. Don't forget to join the Game Informer facebook page and thanks for watching the show. I appreciate any feed back, wether positive... More
  • Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae

    It was nice to finally be able to get our hands on the demo for Final Fantasy XV. We've all waited so long for this game as it has gone through ups and downs, as well as development hell, to even almost being canceled. One thing is for sure the wait... More
  • Evolve Review (PS4).

    Four hunters. One monster. Hunt it. Kill it. Those words pretty much sum up the whole plot of the game. However, once you dive deep into this game you’ll soon discover there is much more to be discovered than the simple hunt and kill scenario. The... More
  • More Handsome Collection Weirdness

    As I will tell you all day long, I love Borderlands. My allegiance is to the first (it's always been my favorite in the series, and one of my favorite games in general), but I'd be remiss if I didn't explain that I played hundreds of hours... More
  • It's Time for Call of Duty to Revisit World War II

    Since its debut in 2003, the Call of Duty series was primarily a World War II shooter that put players in the boots of soldiers during that time of history. That changed in 2007 though, when Infinity Ward decided to modernize the series and bring it to... More
  • Final Fantasy Complete Series Review; The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful I-3: Episode Duscae Edition

    Wow what a demo! I’ve made a video of me exploring a gas station and a few other bits and pieces, but here are some of my adventures that I didn’t capture. I’m avoiding the main quest so I ran off towards the Petrol Station that you... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 34


    Topics this week include making it rain (seriously), Square Enix's future, the huge news from Nintendo and the best character archs ever.

    ... More
  • Divergence;Cast Episode 18

    Welcome to another installment of Divergence;Cast! Yes, we fell back to our lazy ways and let another few weeks pass between episodes, but I say the winter anime season can be blamed for that! Besides one or two good shows, this season kind of inspires... More