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  • Toys R Us - Nice Finds

    6 may be wondering what a guy in his 30's is doing at a Toys R Us, and let me explain - they actually do have some really good stuff catered to adults. A small shelf next to the video game section lies a goldmine of Aliens, Walking Dead, Halo... More
  • Rec Room – Análisis Oculus Rift

    Multijugador como ningún otro ¡Hola nuevamente! Como es costumbre venimos con nuestra opinión y review de un juego de Realidad Virtual de desarrolladores Indie, ésta vez apuntamos a un juego gratuito y que ya está disponible... More
  • Adventures in SNES Classic Buying

    This morning I set out with my almost five-year-old son to get two extra SNES Classics, in addition to the one I had pre-ordered from GameStop. I wanted these two to give away as gifts. One of my college friends wants one, and another one has his 40th... More
  • Gaming Jealousy

    Jealousy. It's not something I feel too often when it comes to gaming. I have plenty of games at my disposal and my love of PlayStation usually keeps me plenty busy with games and franchises that I enjoy. Once in awhile, however, a game comes along... More
  • I Almost Rage Quit Metroid

    Is it just me or is the 3DS remake of Samus Returns pretty difficult? Enemies hit a lot harder than I remember, and my weapon feels like quite a pea shooter. In fact, with so much pain in the ass enemies that require Aeon abilities to defeat, I didn't... More
  • I'm Not Sure What Orville Is Supposed to Be

    So my wife and I were pretty excited about Orville, mainly because we like Star Trek-type stuff and she loves Galaxy Quest. And I like the early years of Family Guy, when the show was actually edgy and wasn't just recycling its jokes. For those who... More
  • Game Making Challenge: Final Fantasy XV x Dragon's Dogma

    Challenge accepted! When it came to the idea of combining ideas from two games to create an ideal mix, I assumed I would throw a bit of Dark Souls into... something else. The thing is, many of Dark Souls' strongest individual ingredients support one... More
  • Minecraft: The Island - A Review

    Not every game lends itself well to crafting narrative. Games like The Last of Us and Quantum Break are arguably all about narrative, while games like No Man's Sky or LittleBigPlanet offer some narrative, but are more about creativity and exploration... More
  • Take a Spin! The Wonderful World of Online Slots

    You don’t need to travel to Las Vegas for big thrills and even bigger jackpots. With online slots, you can play anytime, anywhere. The boom in mobile gaming has seen slot games come a long way from their stuffy casino origins. Nowadays, thanks to... More
  • Kneel Before Zod?

    So I have a lot of thoughts on this whole kneeling protest mess, but I don't feel like sharing them. Instead, I need to make fun of people who think they're going to kneel before President Trump in "solidarity" and protest with those... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 77 - Journey

    Thatgamecompany had a deal with Sony in the late 2000s. The studio, founded by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, would make three games for the PlayStation 3's fledgling PSN service. The deal began with a remake of Chen's Flash title Flow which... More
  • Skate 3… Who Knew?

    There’s a big difference between showing up fashionably late and completely missing the party. When it comes to Skate 3, I not only missed the party, but I forgot that it was at my house. In other words: I played Skate 3 for the first time yesterday... More