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  • Second Chances: Alice Madness Returns

    Alice: Madness Returns is actually one of my favorite games of the last generation. It actually received a 6.75 review score on Game Informer, and 70 on Metacritic. Ouch! Fortunately, the poor review scores and generally mediocre reception did not dissuade... More
  • How Many Times Must I Pay?

    Over the years, there have been no small number of consoles and games that I have missed because, well... money, and... yeah, money. For much of my early life as a gamer, my gaming experiences consisted of playing at friends houses or in arcades. The... More
  • 52/52 Week 16- Mewtwo Impressions

    This week, Smash fans were rewarded with something that we've been waiting for for a while: the Mewtwo character DLC. Being one who received him for free from Club Nintendo, I've had the opportunity to play as him for the past few days. How good... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - Bulletstorm Deserves A Second Chance

    I've just recently discovered there's a new feature amongst the Blog Herding, known as Community Writing Challenges. Now that I'm aware of them, I'll do my best to contribute when I can. This week's challenge is as follows: "Sometimes... More
  • Divergence;Cast Season 2, Episode 2

    Welcome back to Divergence;Cast, the podcast where our tastes are made up, and our opinions don't really matter! You know like a depressing version of Whose Line Is It Anyway! Okay, okay, you're going to have to excuse that rather random intro... More
  • I just got the opportunity to take part in the FF15 Demo Survey!

    It was 24 pages long and had a "Is there anything else you want to say" section. I wrote: The main character and Prompto's voices fitted. The dialogue fitted well enough but Ignis and Gladiolus' voices didn't match their characters... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Gears' Second Chance

    1 1
    This week's challenge is to play God of Videogames and give a game, trilogy, or entire franchise a second chance. Some games hold promise but end up a poorly-executed mess, while others are good, but are simply overshadowed by more hyped up releases... More
  • A Dire Lack Of Hygiene In Video Games

    I have short hair. I like short hair. When you have short hair, it can get out of control fast, and going to get a haircut every six weeks can be tedious. Sometimes the haircuts are few and too far between. I had been putting off getting a haircut, and... More
  • Replaying a Legend - Ocarina of Time

    Much like Adult Link emerging from the Temple of Time, I find myself revisiting a familiar land I explored as a young child... That was the cheesiest intro I could think of, but it is hard to shake the parallels as I replay a game I have not played in... More
  • The Best Podcast on the Citadel, Ep. 37

    It is truly a great time to be a gamer, or a movie watcher….or just a guy who likes to sit on his couch and watch Netflix. Digital media is stronger than ever, and whether you are filling your hours performing fatalaties, waiting for Age of Ultron... More
  • Matt-Libs (Farewell Helgeson Edition)

    You know how these work. Begin by filling in each of the word types in the list below, then match them with the numbered segments in the story that follows. Thanks for the great times, Matt! 1. Name 2. Emotion 3. Exclamation 4. Name 5. 90s video game... More
  • Bloodborne - Where to find the Suspicious Beggar (and how to kill him!)

    There's a creepy bloody dude on the top of a building with dead people around him, and he's covered in blood. Should you let him in? Probably not. In this video we check out to see if letting the Suspicious Beggar into the Chapel is a good idea... More