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  • Community Writing Challenge: Learning Through Video Games

    Over the years now, if I have noticed something while gaming is that video games can teach us players. I, for one, have learned quite a lot by following this hobby of mine. What once started as a mere self English learning-interactive course, is now a... More
  • To Adapt or Not to Adapt?

    We’ve all read a book or watched a movie and thought about how great of a game it would make. We’ve also all played a game adapted from another medium and been completely disappointed. While it’s easy to ask why we keep making bad adaptions... More
  • Everything Wrong with Destiny

    Destiny, the game that was going to make Halo the worse game on the market and the attempt for Bungie to flip Microsoft off. Eventually the game was bad after the game's short story and boring grinding, but you guys already know that. Now the game... More
  • Retro Consoles Still Retain Their Spark

    Conventions such as MAGfest Music and Gaming festival prove that retro consoles have, despite their age and outdated technology, still managed to retain their allure. Perhaps their charm lies in our society's passion for nostalgia. But perhaps it's... More
  • CWC - My Gaming Skills

    Hey guys! For this week's Writing Challenge, I'm doing something a bit different. Instead of writing a blog about my skills, I thought: why not make a whole resume! So here it is below. Feel free to make your own! Happy Gaming! More
  • Retro Review: Klonoa Door to Phantomile

    Before the holidays kicked off I decided it was time to get my things together and make some upgrades. I traded my original model PS4 for a PS4 Pro and sold my old TV for a new 4K TV. Sony rewarded me with a sweet $10 PSN credit for getting a new system... More
  • Better than last year: Top 10 games I played in 2016

    As the year ends I figured I might as well compile a list of the favorite games I have beaten this year just like everyone else here on game informer has. This year was pretty solid in terms of me beating and playing games in comparison to what I do normally... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 49 - The Best Games (of 2016) Period

    2016 was a mind-blowing year in the world of games. VR, massive Kickstarter successes and failures, games that pushed the boundaries of what games can be, 2016 had it all. Jeremy, Daniel, and Jack bring their number one game of the year along with one... More
  • Boardgame review - Worlds Fair 1893

    I'm a gamer, but I'm also a history buff. One of my new games bought in December manages to scratch both of those itches, and it is oh so pleasant a feeling! Worlds Fair 1893 is a 2016 game that combines elements of area control and set collection... More
  • Marcus' 10 Favorite Games Of 2016


    I played a lot of awesome games last year. Here are my 10 standouts. 

    ... More
  • Most Popular Games Played In 2016

    2016 was a relatively slow year for the gaming industry in the sense that nothing really memorable was launched when referring to the games you are going to buy and just play. The popularity of online video games grew a lot and this is what people seem... More
  • Faith in the Cosmos: The Strange Optimism of No Man's Sky Fandom

    For this article, I profiled Ron Carpenter, a YouTube personality and prominent member of the No Man's Sky community. As a leader in that community Carpenter's perspective on the game yields some fascinating insight on what drew people to No Man's... More