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  • The Essentials Challenge

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    As gamers, we hear a lot of about "essentials." The classics, the greatest of all time, the trailblazers. The Game Informer staff posted their own list of essential gaming experiences, as many publications have done over the years. There comes... More
  • yuiyuiyuy

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  • Hello.

    I am bunneh. More
  • Thoughts: Breath of the Wild is Zelda's much needed game changer

    Speaking as a longtime Zelda fan, I can honestly say that I'm excited about Breath of the Wild. Not simply because it's a new Zelda game, but it is the first one to boldly defy its long standing conventions by making it more of an open world adventure... More
  • Heropon's Top 10 VG Characters... Whom he Simply Doesn't Know

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    Heropon's Top 10 Video Game Characters... Whom he Simply Doesn't Know That title couldn't be more confusing. I've already done a Top 100 Character List, so this seems kinda irrelevant unless there was a giant gimmick... Lucky for you there... More
  • To Replay, or Not to Replay

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    To replay, or not to replay; this is a question that most gamers are faced with sometime during their gaming lives, and everyone has their own personal stance on what makes a game worth replaying. Some people will do it only for the achievements/trophies... More
  • Life is a Backlog

    [As Read on SNo2 .] It’s been a while since my last actual blog post to go beyond mere update status or beyond predictions for some sport or another. I will not say I am necessarily back in the swing of things, as I am still acclimating to being... More
  • Ranking Every Legend of Zelda Title

    As I anxiously wait for March 3rd, I’ve been thinking a lot of Zelda games in general. So, I figured why not rank all of the previous title from worst to best – or more aptly, from my least favorite to my favorite. This list is completely... More
  • [Análisis] Phoning Home – Una aventura para volver a casa

    Phoning Home (PC) Phoning Home es una aventura de exploración y supervivencia de mundo abierto (tal vez ni tan abierto). En el juego controlamos a dos robots: ION y ANI , ambos quedaron varados en un planeta desconocido y nuestra meta es sobrevivir... More
  • Ubisoft: Immersion and Inconsistency

    I have a somewhat troubled relationship with the veteran publisher Ubisoft. While they have made some of the most enjoyable experiences in my gaming history, they also make frustrating business decisions, poorly optimized games and perhaps worst of all... More
  • My First Favorite Game of the Year is Mobile?

    In nearly a decade of owning a smartphone, I’ve not once included a mobile game on my yearly top 10. I’m by no means against the platform, there are plenty of games I’ve enjoyed on my iPhones and Galaxys. On the cusp was last year was... More
  • Everything Wrong with Battlefield 1

    Once upon a time, there was once a groups of video games that was WWII. They were all loved and like to make more. So much was given to us about WWII that we all got sick of it. almost a decade later after the last WWII game like CoD, we got Battlefield... More