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  • At What Point Do New Consoles Become Worth It?

    Hello all, Windmill here! In a few short months the PS4 and Xbox One will have officially been on the market for a full year. Both consoles have sold several million units, and developers are finally beginning to devote their full attention to developing... More
  • Anime Expo 2014: Cosplay, Artist Alley & Exhibitors

    Anime Expo is billed as the largest anime and manga convention in North America, and the second longest running anime convention. Attending the 2014 event this weekend, there was no doubt of its popularity. Opening day this past Thursday attracted scores... More
  • 31/31: Day 30- A Link Between Worlds Review

    Why I haven't been putting this particular title in my lists for the past months is because the game came out after I made this 31/31, therefore making it inconsistent if I started doing so. As I result, I'm now going to give A Link Between Worlds... More
  • Game Informer Online Community Council: Let Us Form Voltron

    If there is one thing I've noticed as a writer it is that this community is home to others who are no slouches when it comes to wrangling up wayword words. While Game Informer Online serves as a nexus for those who write about games or report on games... More
  • Get Your Co-op Out Of My Single Player

    The single player experience is no longer sacred. There has been a trend going on for years now in that primarily single player games began to feature online competitive multiplayer, as a way to try and convince people to keep playing the game far after... More
  • Top Ten Star Wars Games (Part 2)

    7. Republic Commando It’s not often that Star Wars games get a gritty, visceral feel. With Republic Commando, they were able to give you that experience in spades. A first-person shooter that gamers would call a “ Corridor Shooter ,”... More
  • My Favorite Sports Game Is From 1978


    I've never been one for sports games, so when I discovered one I actually enjoyed I couldn't have been more surprised. Even more surprising was that it's more than three decades old.

    ... More
  • An opinion to give to gamers and devs: Have games ever been/Are they broken?

    Many people I have talked to in the past years about game development have told me that we learn from our beginnings, mistakes and feedback. All of them are true. Some gamers say that we should learn from the voices, where the money is at (Huh…... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #4: Basilisk

    The majority of anime on this list are things I stumbled upon by accident; I watched Gilgamesh because I liked the title, I watched Oh! Edo rocket out of boredom, and at least half of the list came from a Netflix recommendation. And the main reason I... More
  • 365/365 Day 186: Tomodachi Life Review: Fun For You And Mii(s)

    Tomodachi Life was announced for a Western release earlier this year, but the game received a certain amount of hype after Nintendo showed the title off in its own Nintendo Direct a couple of months ago. We got to see the craziness that could ensue on... More
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force (Chapter 3: We Are Pulling Out)

    3 1
    I was really looking forward to tonight because it's Saturday, which means it's time to play some more Half-Life: Opposing Force. I just started my play through of the game last week, and tonight I continued the adventures of Adrian Shepard, a... More
  • My Top 25: Protagonists


    The series that set this Sasquatch off into blogging makes a return

    ... More