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  • 52/52 Week 39- Super Mario Maker Review- All the Right Customization in All the Wrong Places

    Super Mario Maker has consumed the internet over the past few weeks. Everywhere I go, I see people posting codes for the levels that they've made with this new level creator. Before the launch of the game, I was mildly excited for the game. One of... More
  • The Fear Of Sausage-Fests

    Let's get this out of the way - I'm not opposed to female heroes in video games, nor am I against gays. Contrary, women have been some of my favorite video game protagonists for over a decade - with legends such as Samus, Lara Croft, Jill Valentine... More
  • My Feelings On Persona 5 (So Far)

    * Warning : As per everything I write, its possible to be full of spoilers for games. I don't wanna ruin your fun, you don't want your fun ruined. It may be best to part ways here.* When Persona 5 was initially shown off with its teaser trailer... More
  • Developers Deserve Compensation Too, But They Need To Fight For It

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    "If Wil Wheaton gets royalties on a game before myself or any of the others who spent years (not weeks) working on it, the system is broken." When Alex Hutchinson wrote this on Twitter , he meant it as a rebuke of the recent threat by voice... More
  • Even More Glee With The PS4 Screenshot Function (Destiny Edition!)

    I've made no secret of my love for the PS4 screenshot function (and my further love for it ), and today I was thinking about some of the more recent screenshots I've taken, namely of Destiny. I know, you must be shocked. I think Destiny is one... More
  • "A Gamers View" 9/25/15 - What makes a reboot successful?

    **** What causes a success in a failed creation? The intricate adjustments, that transform a looked down upon object into a stunning reworked masterpiece? What does it take for a creator to destroy their entire product, obliterating every piece, then... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: For Love Of All Things Mundane...

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    Details, details, details. Part of what has always made video games so fun is the details, the little stuff that in most cases, you might easily overlook. What would the 8-bit glory days of Nintendo have been without hidden areas, coin heaven, the tunnel... More
  • Dead or Alive 5 Final Round

    I just played Dead or Alive 5 Final Round, and it was a good game. I liked playing through the story mode. Kasumi has great speed and powerful kicks. Ayane has a variety of high kicks that cause lots of damage. Kokoro has a good mixture of low and high... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: RTS Base Building

    You're playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The world is in peril as Russian troops invade the U.S., and the President asks YOU to defend your country and lead it's forces. The enemy awaits across the river, your tanks and soldiers are... More
  • Weekly Update #1: Why this is the new Golden Age of Gaming

    Greetings, GIO. I'm sorry I don't post a lot but I'll do it when I can. This my Weekly Update so to speak. This week I'm going to talk about why I believe this is the new Golden Age of gaming. I believe we have one man to thank for this... More
  • Shadow of Mordor: Greasy Popcorn

    I recently finally got around to playing Shadow Of Mordor on a friends computer after hearing about how well liked it was. I found it compelling, and I proceeded to burn through it pretty quickly from meh start to disappointing end. How is it? Read on... More
  • Backlog Blog #15: Runbow – There’s 9 colors in this rainbow

    Runbow has been out about a month now, but it’s been tragically overlooked. Maybe it’s because it’s exclusive to Wii U, or maybe it’s because it’s from a relatively unknown developer, or maybe people just don’t follow... More