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  • 365/365 Day 268: Why Stranger Is Awesome

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    Earlier this year (or possibly even December of last year), I was shooting out ideas for this 365/365 on Twitter, and I got a lot of "why would I write that" cool suggestions. One of the things I mentioned was giving a tribute to GIO (which... More
  • In Defense of 'Definitive Editions'

    It seems to me that a 'definitive' version of a game or 'remaster' is a woe that gamers have. Some complaints that are said is that developers should be working on new ips or true next gen games. While it would be nice for developers to... More
  • More Than a 1-UP: Nintendo Through my Life

    It's December 24th, 1999, and a young 4 year old boy is about to have his life changed by a single present. The boy unveils a brand new purple Gameboy Color along with a small yellow cartridge known as Pokemon Yellow. The boy played through that game... More
  • Throwback Thursday: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior review

    Street Fighter II The World Warrior review by Braulio Ortiz 1991 was the beginning of the arcade fighter boom that Capcom started with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. The first game didn't gather a fan base; however, Capcom pushed the series... More
  • On Clannad and the Theory Of Everything

    Now, some of you may never have heard of Clannad before this point. Many of you, in fact. Others may recognize it as that one strange anime you've vaguely heard about that has characters with huge grotesque moe eyes. And yet others may have seen it... More
  • Forza Horizon 2 Review


    After a shocking false start from Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2’s opulent landscapes and rally-esque racing are just what the doctor ordered. 

    ... More
  • After many hours of Peace Walker HD on 360...

    ... I think I've decided I enjoyed the experience. Back in 2001, I skipped a couple days of high school for Sons of Liberty. Nearly 13 years later, I found myself glued to a chair and once again, skipping other activities to play a Metal Gear Solid... More
  • Fun On Two Wheels...

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    Here's an odd fact about me. I love motorcycles...I'd never own one...and I think they're deathtraps, but I still love them. I'm not a big Harley fan...more of a Ducati fan. What most people would call crotch rockets. But not just crotch... More
  • 365/365 Day 267: Why Final Fantasy XV's All-Male Party Is A Perfectly Fine Decision

    The inclusion of females in video games has been growing over the years, and that's something really great and it's something that should be happening. While there is certainly still a great deal of anti-feminine tendencies in the industry, we... More
  • Super Smash Hype- Top Ten Smash Bros. Characters

    It's that time of console generation where the next entry in Super Smash Brothers is right around the corner. With the full character roster leaked from the Japanese release, a demo in some parts of the wild, and less than three weeks until the release... More
  • Top Five Game Concepts That So Crazy They Work

    This blog pays tributes to the games and series that most of us would have laughed in there face about and said you can't make a game out of that. These developers though proved the world wrong and visualized there goal making these titles some of... More
  • So Many Thank You's...

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    As is probably the case with pretty much everyone, I within the past few months I had to struggle with some dark times. Moments of self-doubt, moments of fear, moments where I began to believe that tomorrow held little promise. I stopped doing a lot of... More