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  • Some Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles X...

    The last time I talked about Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U, I gave it a review and you can read it right here . It wasn’t as great as I was hoping for it to be, but maybe that is partly due to having high expectations since I really enjoyed... More
  • Game Club: The Many Foil Characters of Uncharted 4

    In recent years, Naughty Dog, the developer once famous for creating colorful 3D platfomers starring furries, bipedal animal protagonists, has become famous for another strength - crafting layered, nuanced, and believable characters and character... More
  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor Review

    Far Harbor is Fallout's first expansion, unlike Automatron it delivers more fallout fun albeit at an expensive price. The story starts with you investigating a missing person case from Nick Valentine, after some pretty straightforward clues, you'll... More
  • May Game Challenge: Week Four (Overwatch Me Already!)

    As I sit here to write this, I am checking my phone (far more often than necessary) to see if my copy of Overwatch has been delivered. It wouldn't be erroneous to say I'm overexcited for Overwatch. Oh fine, I've been watching all these videos... More
  • You Blew it! - Everything Wrong with Family Couch Gaming...

    The painful feeling when someone's watching you is just so unenduring. A lot of gamers have to deal with their games alone and handle their defeat alone. Notice how I said alone. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another thought blog! You know... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 26 - Passage

    The 2007 indie game Passage could be considered one of the standard bearers for the art game genre. Created by Jason Rohrer, for a game jam event, Passage went on to receive a significant amount of attention in the mainstream press with some critics outside... More
  • Review: Bravely Default

    The game that once seemed invisible to me is now one I feel glad to have played. What may look like a Final Fantasy spin off in various ways turns out to be an unexpected throwback for the RPG genre, both in its ups and downs. 80 + hours was the time... More
  • Don't Like It? Make Your Own Game

    It's a defense that all but kills any credibility a developer and its cult lose when they drop this low. In my eyes, to "make your own game" just to prove something just has you going down to their level - a crappy developer with a crappier... More
  • My Favorite Current Gen Soundtracks

    Music and games go along very well, without epic soundtracks, boss fights and action sequences wouldn't be the same. So, today I'm bringing you my favorite current gen soundtracks, from title music to boss fights. Feel free to leave your favorite... More
  • A Case For Subtitles

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    On April 5, 2016 I was unabashedly excited for the launch of Quantum Break. After all, Remedy Entertainment developed one of my all-time favorite games from the Xbox 360's generation, Alan Wake. However, Quantum Break released with bugs including... More
  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Team Tournament Round One Results + Round Two Schedule

    Despite the release of DOOM and Uncharted 4, the dedicated GIO Smash community found time to lay the smack down on each other in fine fashion. During the course of the bouts, it's become apparent that this tournament will not be dominated by any one... More
  • Video Game Easter Eggs. What's Your Favorite?

    With the rate at which new games are produced it can be difficult to play the games of the past and to appreciate where some of our favorite genres got their start. As I began to play the new Uncharted I was pleasantly surprised with one of the coolest... More