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  • A Final Look Into Survival Horror

    20 1
    My last few survival-horror related blog posts have been about specific games. Not this time. THIS time, we're taking a look at the thing that makes survival horror so great- the greatest survival-horror monsters of all time. The Brute, as seen in... More
  • Mandatory Play by All Gamers Pt.1

    28 1
    People have their favorite games that they love to tout at every person that doesn't run away from their maniacal hilarity. But there are some games that are just so great, every gamer must experience in their lifetime. It would be impossible to list... More
  • The Missing Piece: Borderlands - Story: Lilith

    15 1
    When I did my post on what Borderlands needs to improve upon a couple weeks back, a lot of people commented on the fact that it needed a story. While I couldn't have agreed more, I felt the lack of a story was acceptable in light of the fantastic... More
  • Dragon Age: Origins - Dark Ritual Not Disappointing In Context To Potential Sequel Plotline, An Opinion & Reality Check

    This is a lengthy post full of spoilers about one of several endings, it requires time to read and absorb, so if pressed for time or with lack of desire to read about an ending - move on now. The point here isn’t to necessarily spoil the game however... More
  • I think Zoids would make a good CG movie

    now i may be the only one but i think that the zoid series would make a good movie with cg zoids *the seasons of choatic century or the one with bit cloud......i forget its name* but i dont know zoids is a great show but i doubt enough people would know... More
  • The Skyrim Challenge.

    11 1
    "Skyrim's old, get a new game!" "That game wasn't that good" "You're such a nerd" Truth be told, I still play Skyrim. It IS honestly one of my favorite games, ever. Ever since launch day, I've owned it, and... More
  • Video Game Heroes

    Video games have really evolved over the years. What started out as mindless brain numbing fun, turned into a billion dollar industry. At what point did it transition? At what point did people stop looking at the industry just as mild fun? Perhaps it... More
  • Black Ops: Call of the Dead Walkthrough

    I spent the better part the Call of the Dead release week with a few friends getting the Ensemble Cast achievement. We figured out some of the steps ourselves, but then had to Frankenstein together a proper guide after trial and error proved that most... More
  • Seeing Is Believing: Video Game Symbolism And Logos…

    Visual recognition is a critical element in our daily lives yet how many of us ever give pause to consider what we're actually looking at it. Very few I would wager. We are trained at an early age to recognize shapes and symbols and this process is... More
  • The Best Mods for Knights of the Old Republic

    When it comes down to naming the best Star Wars video game ever made, one game regularly reigns over all other contenders. That game is Knights of the Old Republic, the creation of the legendary western RPG developer, Bioware. Knights of the Old Republic... More
  • History of the Eidolon: Shiva

    Warning: This blog will contain spoilers about Shiva from the Final Fantasy Series. Info is on Final Fantasy III through Final Fantasy XIII I tried my best and will most likely try to update it as I go along. If you find pictures and videos I could use... More
  • New article on Xbox Culture website

    2 1
    This is a new article I just wrote on Xbox Culture: More
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