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  • The Essentials: To The Test - Shadow of the Colossus

    This week, we’re looking at Shadow of the Colossus , played on the HD remake for the PS3. Take alook at our thoughts on art, environmental storytelling, and hating horses. Personal History Haley: Tom and I actually started playing through Shadow... More
  • July Game Challenge: Week One (And June Wrap-Up)

    June turned out to be a co-op bonanza, and I completed one more game than I thought I would. I paired up with a friend and beat Borderlands 2 (again!) in addition to the Master Chief Collection. All told, I beat seven games this June: Halo: Combat Evolved... More
  • 2015 My Year of the RPG

    In recent years I have started to shy away from the RPG genre due to how long it takes to complete them and how you can lose track of time fairly easily. I would say that RPGs are my favorite genre in gaming but as a college student I don't have the... More
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Videogames - An essay turned into an Analysis

    As the grabber says, this was supposed to be just an essay for my english course but the thing is I didn't know it had to be short and simple. My teacher is a gamer as well and replaced the name of my essay to an analysis. Here it is: Videogames Videogames... More
  • My Top Ten Favorite Game Designers

    HI! my name is Ali Eivazy, and I'm a semi-self trained game designer/Art student that has decided to start a blog right here on GI. Because some important stuff needs to be said, and no user base is better, than the one here on GI. But before that... More
  • Community Writing Challenge - That Time I Traded In A Copy of Mega Man X2

    The community writing challenge for the week of June 25, 2015 goes as follows: "What's your biggest gaming mistake? Have you ever saved over a friend's 40-hours-long Final Fantasy VIII save file? Ever pass up the chance to buy Suikoden brand... More
  • 52/52 Week 26- Plans for the Rest of the Year (Updated Blog)

    (UPDATE: made generally better, added more stuff to blog. Being gone for a week did a number on my gaming brain. Didn't remember stuff I should have put in the blog.) Yesterday marked a triumphant return from camp for me yesterday, and I seem to have... More
  • What If Gamer's Ruled The World???

    Those of you who've ever listened to Hip Hop music at some point or other, may be familiar with a song called "If I Ruled The World" by NAS. I was never overly fond of the song, but the lyrics often spurred thoughts in my mind about the... More
  • Summer of Heroics

    Why Batman Arkham Knight and Elder Scrolls Online are the best games for the summer. The summer months are not a big gaming season. I am always glad when E3 comes around and shows off the games I will be playing in six months. As for now there is not... More
  • Review: Star Fox Command - Fox and Friends

    Once in a while, there's a game I would like to review on here, but cannot review it the normal way because the game's not readily searchable on Game Informer. Therefore, treat this blog post as a game review. Lately, it's been a great time... More
  • Nintendo Screen Shot Scrap Book #5

    It's been a few weeks but here is the 5th iteration of my scrap book. Sorry for the lack of updates as I've actually been working on something quite cool. I actually manged to make a website and gathered a group of passionate gamers to write news... More
  • Calling all drawers, writers, and creators! I need your help!

    So this is an idea I have been throwing around for some time now. I have come up with elaborate characters and amazing scenarios... In my head. All of this leads up to my current goal, and ambition. To make a comic book. Now I am by far not the best writer... More
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