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  • Some Things You May Not Know About Fallout 4

    I love the Fallout series. Even though I have really only been playing since Fallout 3, I love the experiences I have had during the short time I have been playing the series. With the release of Fallout 4, I have seen some of the Game Informer people... More
  • Fallout 4 Super Mutant Behemoth - Greentop Nursery

    I accidentally stumbled upon how to essentiallly summon a super mutant. So I show you how to get absolutely demolished and deal with these monsters. Poorly. It's at the Greentop Nursery, a little south of the settlement. Be prepared. Just be very... More
  • Games that Mean Something to me: Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption may be one of my favorite games of all time. I started gaming in 1997, with the Playstation being my first video game system. I have play a ton of great video games along the way, but to this day, I still think about Red Dead. Now... More
  • Fallout 4 Review - Almost Worth The Wait

    I can't believe that it's been 7 years since Fallout 3 released and for the most part it blew all of us away. It was addicting, tactical and humorously gory. Fallout 4, for better or worse, is almost exactly the same experience, but is that a... More
  • Two Things I'd Like To See From Current Gen Gaming

    4 1
    We are now a couple of years into the current generation of gaming consoles, and there are two things I'd like to see from them that we currently aren't quite seeing...yet. Star Wars: Battlefront released this week, and while the game itself is... More
  • When Video Games Beat A Player. The Games I Had To Put Aside

    Achieving my 40 video games record plus my love towards games were the push to keep playing, but now that I accomplished that I ask myself: What Now? With 118 games on my backlog and a new record to achieve of 60 games this year I can say I've got... More
  • Final Thoughts 52: Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

    Final Thoughts 52 Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Note: This is not a review, but merely my musings after having recently completed a game as part of my Rogue's Adventures playthrough of my backlog. Follow @RoguesAdventure to keep up with my playthroughs... More
  • Why AFI Is My Favorite Band

    I never thought I'd have the chance to write about this on this website for what should be obvious reasons, but Ben Hanson did just wrap up a podcast series going through their discography, so now's the best chance I'll have. Yes, AFI is my... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard, 2015 Season- Week 10

    Brought to you by: "Nerves. Pictured here: Me during the Patriots-Giants game." Welcome back to yet another edition of the GIOFFL scoreboard! we're entering the final few weeks of the fantasy season (at least the way this league is set up... More
  • Inflammatory Opinion: My Wasteland is Better than Yours

    Mmmm, smell that? Nothing like putting another sacred cow on the barbie! So let's talk about wastelands. It seems like they're everywhere nowadays. I have no less than six games sitting at home right now that feature post-apocalyptic wastelands... More
  • November Game Challenge: Week Three (Camera Woes)

    I can't believe November is over halfway through as I write this. I mean I can, but I can't. So here we are. I am making good on my Rise of the Tomb raider progress; I'm currently at about 50% completion. Hooray for progress! I've been... More
  • New Video Game Series Experience: Metroid. My Thoughts

    A few days ago I finished Metroid Fusion being it my forth game on the series and my 45 game I've beaten this year. I had to skip the original Metroid because it lacks a map, not due to its difficulty, playing without a map is pretty troublesome for... More
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