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  • Multi Playthroughs. Insomnia Edition.

    As I watched Hot Fuzz tonight, for what I can only assume is the hundredth time, I came to realize just how much I may be missing out on with games. As scene after hilarious scene played themselves out I found myself still laughing of course, but I also... More
  • UPDATE: The End is Near...

    Okay, this isn't saying that I'm going to go on hiatus like a doofus in the rain, I'm just saying that I'm going to halt some of the blogs. I will post the Community Writing Challenge as soon as I can, but the rest of them, the Top 10's... More
  • Gamers are the Most Social...

    Oh, I love gaming! It marked my life as a whole. It taught me how to talk to people at school!. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another Community Writing Challenge! As I said, I love playing video games. It's something I've had to comfort... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: Is Princess Zelda Good Female Representation?

    As this series comes to a close I finally feel like I’m ready to tackle the big question: Is Princess Zelda an example of good female representation? In an even bigger question, what even is an example of good female representation? If you’ve... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 23 - Team Fortress 2 (ft. Jack Packard)

    This week we tackle our first multiplayer-only and first free-to-play title, Valve's Team Fortress 2. The online FPS has been around for almost a decade and still sees an incredibly active community, due in no small part to the decision to make it... More
  • The Question of Modular Consoles: Was Steve Jobs Right?

    Not even three years from the date of the release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4, both Microsoft and Sony are prepping upgraded versions of their existing hardware. Depending on who you are, and how much money you've spent to date, this will either... More
  • The Games I Played This Week: 4/24 - 4/30

    This week I had a hard time prying myself away from the Nioh alpha demo. As fun as Team Ninja's take on Dark Souls is, I pulled away long enough to save the galaxy in Ratchet & Clank. 

    ... More
  • Greenlight Guilty Pleasures

    I think I understand Steam's Greenlight now - it's more stress relief than it is an actual community system. Here, no holds are barred. The uploader has free reign to showcase the most god-awful of ideas, and the community has no restriction in... More
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Review

    For a majority of the PS3/Wii/360 generation, JRPGs were becoming less popular. Genre staples like Final Fantasy were becoming reviled with Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. Fewer JRPGs were releasing due to the massive budget required to make a successful... More
  • Is CoolMiniorNot Becoming the EA of Tabletop?

    I recently came into the tabletop scene earlier this year and have bought and experienced many games from various companies. From one company in particular while I have not bought any of their games just yet have experienced nothing but negativity and... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Video Game Food I Would Like To Try

    In the many games we have played so far we have seen food on them, haven't we? Most of the times food serves as the health or magic replenisher for our characters, and that's not so different from real life. Be them drinks, meals or something... More