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  • Super Console Club Podcast #1

    The very first episode of Super Console Club is available now. This month, we talked about our challenge to beat a game for every console we own this year and some of the games we've beat so far. We also discussed the soundtrack for Halo 2 , which... More
  • Now Playing - Alien: Isolation

    I've been working my way through Alien: Isolation lately. I think work is a good word to use because it's felt like that at some points. This game has been challenging so far, but that's part of why I'm enjoying it. I got this game back... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 11 - Resistance 3

    Despite losing Jack to a case of crippling mouth pain, Jeremy and Daniel soldier on through episode eleven to talk about Insomniac Games' finale to the Resistance trilogy. Though it released to mixed reviews and some heated opinions regarding its... More
  • Five Shows of 2015 that Weren't Dumpster Fires

    5.Mr. Robot- Hey, it’s Rami Malek, that dude who did Until Dawn . I like those things. And hey, it’s Christian Slater. The guy who only avoided serious prison time because he was a mildly successful actor. I guess that’s cool. Imagine... More
  • Stupid Teens Do Stupid Things: An Oxenfree Critique

    Life is Strange , We Know the Devil , and now Oxenfree . I seem to be running into more of these coming-of-age tales. Frankly, teens are often insufferable in real life, but through the lens of video games they’ve been faces within some of my favorite... More
  • What I Want From: Life Is Strange 2

    Life Is Strange is a game that completely took me by surprise a few weeks ago. I had played episode 1 right after it released and felt very underwhelmed by the game, I had no idea what it was building up to. After episode 2, I was hooked. Characters that... More
  • Deadpool Movie Review

    ***This is a spoiler free review, I will avoid talking about any of the plot details in Deadpool The story of how Deadpool finally got his own movie is almost as interesting as the story that the movie tells. Ryan Reynolds who plays the merc with a mouth... More
  • One-Hit Wonders: Evolve

    Evolve is one of those games that blew its load too quickly, then shot blanks when it was time to keep the momentum going. It was a great game...for a while. For a game that was insanely hyped up to be THE next hot online shooter, it sure fizzled out... More
  • One-Hit Wonders: Eternal Darkness

    Silicon Knights is a texbook showcase of a one-hit wonder in the vein of a music artist - you got that one hit everyone still remembers fondly, the re-imagining of a masterpiece created by another artist, the mediocre follow-up, then the fall from grace... More