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  • My first lost video

    Sadly, part 16 of my Rage playthrough no longer exists, thanks to a faulty hard drive. If you want to see all that you missed, search YouTube for the Rage missions Hagar Caves and Scorcher Refinery. Parts 17 and 18 will be uploaded soon. More
  • Going Rogue

    Like many gamers out there now, I am a regular fan of Ubisoft’s juggernaut Assassin’s Creed series. I buy and play each major console installment; from the bug-ridden, disjointed III to the series highpoints Brotherhood and Black Flag. The... More
  • Final Fantasy XIII: The Good and Bad

    I have a love/hate relationship with Final Fantasy XIII. Being a big Final Fantasy fan there is a lot that this game did to anger me but it also did a lot of the opposite too. I think that I'm not alone in feeling this way and I'm here to discuss... More
  • Fibbage – Lying Has Never Been So Much Fun…

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    I hate opening blogs with a disclaimer but I'd rather do it upfront than towards the end and just be as transparent as I can so you can decide whether you want to read the blog or not. I am going to focus on an Xbox One game in this blog. I'm... More
  • 365/365 Day 234: Are Video Games More Materialistic Than We Treat Them?

    Video games are fun. The're rewarding. They're stress-relieving. They're something we play to escape from real life, or to enjoy a grand tale...or maybe a short tale. Regardless of what we play them for, video games are first and foremost... More
  • "A Gamers View" 8/22/14 - Preparations for school, Playing new games , and Prototype™

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    **** This weeks AGV is focused on the final round of my schooling, new games and the hype surrounding them and an early predecessor to infamous during the PS3's infancy. Welcome to AGV **** Last days So as I writing this blog and coming up with the... More
  • P4A is the best thing to happen to fighting game newcomers

    Let me preface this quickly: I am a huge Persona fan. I like the first two games in the series, and I absolutely adore Persona 3 and 4 and all of their updates. So you could take this blog with a grain of salt. I love Persona, and this likely equips me... More
  • Untapped Potential: Child Link

    *THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT Hardcore Casual Gamer * For the first entry in this series, I decided to start with the topic I’m most interested in. All this talk of Majora’s Mask recently has turned my thoughts toward private inquiries... More
  • The Console Wars: Arrogance verses Opinion

    Console wars have been going on for pretty much since games were first invented, weather its the PC gamers or the console gamers, Sega or Nintendo, Mircosoft or Sony. This generation we have both Sony and Microsoft competing to take the crown, both the... More
  • Are First Person Shooters A Game Or Propaganda (Or Both)…

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    I've always sort of viewed the happenings in the video game industry a bit different than others. While most tend to look at upcoming releases and all they have to offer, I often notice the little things nobody else is really talking about. And maybe... More
  • 365/365 Day 233: Seven Fighting Games I Want

    I've never been great with fighting games. The time I spent with Mortal Kombat was a frustrating encounter, and the only two fighting games I've truly enjoyed are Super Smash Bros. and Persona 4 Arena. The latter is the most true fighting game... More
  • Divergence;Cast Episode 3

    Yo, yo, yo, welcome to another edition of Divergence;Cast. Did you miss three guys talking for an over an hour about anime? *crickets* SURE YOU DID! And as you've guessed, we're back with the third installment. After briefly discussing our weeks... More
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