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  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard, 2015 Season- Week 10

    Brought to you by: "Nerves. Pictured here: Me during the Patriots-Giants game." Welcome back to yet another edition of the GIOFFL scoreboard! we're entering the final few weeks of the fantasy season (at least the way this league is set up... More
  • Inflammatory Opinion: My Wasteland is Better than Yours

    Mmmm, smell that? Nothing like putting another sacred cow on the barbie! So let's talk about wastelands. It seems like they're everywhere nowadays. I have no less than six games sitting at home right now that feature post-apocalyptic wastelands... More
  • November Game Challenge: Week Three (Camera Woes)

    I can't believe November is over halfway through as I write this. I mean I can, but I can't. So here we are. I am making good on my Rise of the Tomb raider progress; I'm currently at about 50% completion. Hooray for progress! I've been... More
  • New Video Game Series Experience: Metroid. My Thoughts

    A few days ago I finished Metroid Fusion being it my forth game on the series and my 45 game I've beaten this year. I had to skip the original Metroid because it lacks a map, not due to its difficulty, playing without a map is pretty troublesome for... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Super Mario Bros+Uncharted Crossover

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The crossover I would like to see is really a pretty basic idea but is still pretty awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw something like it released within a few years, in fact, I think I even... More
  • Could Fallout 4 be too Easy?

    I had someone tell me they thought Fallout 4 was way too easy. Because the game gives Power Armor so early and it is a superb boost in defense. I had disagreed with this person, though it turned out to be a surprisingly civil discussion. See, in my experience... More
  • 52/52 Week 46- Being Undeniable

    I just came back from one of the greatest weekends I've had in a long time. I was in Indianapolis for three days watching the Grand National competition for marching band, and I have to say, it was a whole lot of fun. I was watching the finals of... More
  • Do Cheaters Ever Win?

    In virtually any aspect of life, cheating is almost always a big societal taboo. Whether it's counting cards, filing taxes, your marriage (heaven forbid), or a heated game of Scrabble, cheaters are usually subject to some measure of disdain. Depending... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Super Starts Tournament. The Multi Universe Fighting Game

    After seeing how Super Smash Bros. adds more and more characters from another series like Cloud, this challenge came just in the right time. My ideal video game following this wishful criteria has a huge diversity of characters to choose from a 60 roster... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The "Feels" In Some Games

    [This was originally posted on my blog: You can find it here .] GameInformer quickly came up with another set of questions in one of their latest Blog Herding articles. So, again I’ll give you my responses to this... More
  • System Shock 2 Review: Best of 3

    My first experience with the shock series was the titular Bioshock, a game that captured my imagination and whose aesthetic I still love. It had some eerie moments, an almost unmatched opening sequence, and fun/horrific gameplay elements. Maybe I will... More
  • Friday The 13th And A Sense Of Occasion

    I love people who have a sense of occasion. I know three people who excel at this (two of them created my partner, and one I whimsically refer to as "fish"), and it's something I strive to achieve. I love when people find various ways to... More
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