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  • The Invaders,Chapter 5: Part 4

    Author's Notes: It took me a long time to write this. Some error pages kept popping up and I can't take this anymore! This happens to the best one I wrote out of the 7 I had to rewrite. If this gives me the error page again, expect this to on... More
  • Ace Attorney Anime Episodes 1 - 4 Review


    Here is my review of the first four episodes of the long awaited Ace Attorney anime and also three of my recommendations for the Spring 2016 anime season.

    ... More
  • When Fandom Fades: A Nintendoomed Blog

    I've been mulling over this for a while, so if it goes off on an unfocused tangent, please bear with me. For those of you who are fellow Nintendo fans, please accept my apology as I explain and state how I think I may no longer be on the company's... More
  • Why Playing Game Series In Order Is Important

    If I remember correctly, in 2014 I decided to play game series in order, but to what end? At first that was the only way to play Final Fantasy games for me, but then that linear rule made its way to the other game series on my backlog. I know that playing... More
  • For StarterPack: The Latest Episode of "The Invaders"... And, A Surprise Collaboration

    Author's Notes: Sorry for the long delay, I had to think of how the next battle would go and how it should turn out. Also, remember when I said I was getting another writer to write an alternate ending? Well, I'm having Blogger, Marco Polo, write... More
  • Game Guides: My Preferred Gaming Peripheral

    I love video games. I love books. I love playing games. I love reading books. It seems only natural that I would love game guides. They allow me to port around a ton of lore, and they smell good, to boot. Could I take Borderlands 2 to jury duty summons... More
  • Greatest Gaming Foods I Wish I Could Have...

    Good food is good eats! And we all wish those foods and drinks that we see in either movies or games, but you can't. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another Community Writing Challenge entry! I love to eat. I adore my cooking. Only if I could... More
  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament Invitational: TEAM TOURNAMENT

    9 1
    As it turns out, folks, one Smash Tournament a year is not nearly enough to quench our thirst for Nintendo character blood. Though we’ve completed another wildly successful GIO Smash Tournament , the people are demanding MORE. As a generous King... More
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Vs. Xenoblade Chronicles X

    While Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X share the name of Xenoblade Chronicles, the two games could not be more different. Xenoblade Chronicles is a story based game with almost everything in the game related to the core struggle between... More
  • Where Does Nintendo Fit in Today's Gaming World?

    With the "delay" of Zelda Wii U and NX until 2017, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the Big N, Nintendo, the last few days. After hearing the news about the "delay" and the lack of really anything substantial coming out... More
  • My thoughts on Doom (very long. Represents opinion, not fact)

    Along with Halo, Mario, Mass Effect, and Zelda, Doom is one of the franchises that has defined my gaming experiences. id games have been partof my life ever since I borrowed the PC CD of Quake from a friend back in 1999. And after loving every minute... More
  • Ah Nintendo! Ah Humanity!

    I may not have a full grasp of the situation yet, but everyone seems to be up in arms over Nintendo, the NX, Zelda, and a whole lot of unanswered questions. From a video game enthusiast stand point, I am intrigued by all anger and frustration of the Nintendo... More
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