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  • Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Playing Video Games

    One of my favorite things to do while playing video games is to listen to music. As long as the mic isn't needed or there is a story line. Game like Littlebigplanet 2 how ever have some of the greatest music I have heard in a game and therefore don't... More
  • The Best And Worst Of The Assassin's Creed Series

    It's hard to believe the Assassin's Creed series began a little over four years ago now. Since the first game's release back in 2007 ( a great year for video games), a lot has changed, been removed, and added. And now we're approaching... More
  • SPOILERS: The Top 10 BEST Twist Endings OF ALL TIME!

    Previously on LOST Enigma's Top 10 Lists. Last time, we looked at the top 10 WORST twist of all time. With so much crap in one blog post, it was overwhelming to write. In the blog, some guy named Kev posted a comment which reads: "I would like... More
  • Kingdom Hearts Timeline

    So, I've been trying to get a friend into playing Kingdom Hearts , and they wanted to know the timeline of the series so they knew what order to play it. From what I have played and read, this is the timeline of the series (click to enlarge): Does... More
  • Seeing Is Believing: Video Game Symbolism And Logos…

    Visual recognition is a critical element in our daily lives yet how many of us ever give pause to consider what we're actually looking at it. Very few I would wager. We are trained at an early age to recognize shapes and symbols and this process is... More
  • Dead Island Infinite Money, Item Duplication & XP Glitch Found!!!

    Now, I know this will not one of the longest posts I have ever done, but I just found some really a really helpful way to make an insane amount of money in Dead Island. This trick can be done pretty early on in the main game, so it can come in handy if... More
  • The Top 15 Most Confusing Movies Of All Time

    There's no denying that movies have a certain formula. You can normally expect your film to begin with set-up, then get into the big action in the middle, and then climax and resolve at the end. But what happens when a movie defies that formula? And... More
  • The Top 15 Best Movie Trailers Of All Time

    Marketing a movie is hard. Especially when it comes to making a trailer. The art of the movie trailer is one that is rarely appreciated. Someone must edit an entire movie's general themes, imagery, and mood into 2 minutes or less. Sometimes, it's... More
  • Shepard Guilty Of Conduct Unbecoming An Officer (A Parody)…

    Following up on my last parody blog about Mass Effect and life aboard the Normandy, I am submitting perhaps my final blog on the Mass Effect series (and's another parody). I considered doing some co-op blogs with various members of the community... More
  • FFXIV - How to Download the Beta Fast

    If you've played any MMO then you know it takes forever to download. FFXIV is no exception. FFXIV is so slow in fact it could literally take you days to download the Beta (as I've said in earlier posts). This is a guide intending to show you a... More
  • Top 6 TV Shows of All Time

    We all watch it, at some point in our lives. Television was one of the original sources of entertainment, and with it now getting drowned out by film and videogames(score!) there isn't much good to watch nowadays. That being said, you can still find... More
  • TNC HQ

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    Ninja Lord - Night Warlord - MBP Shogun - xD 7ravis ANBU - Reck Legendary Weapon Smith - PMC Ranger - TBBucs20 Propaganda Artist - The Illest Villan Gate Keeper - Skullmanic Ramen Shop Owner/Operator - Makin_A_Rukus General of the Roflcopter airforce... More
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