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  • Video Games: What keeps you coming back?

    I love playing video games. I have played many different kinds over the years, but it is incredibly rare for me to go back and play a game I have finished. Video game stories to me are a lot like movies and TV shows. When I finish one that focuses mostly... More
  • I'm A Former GI Intern, And My Game Is On Kickstarter!


    When Goats Join Cults is an absurd, story-focused platformer about a goat trying to join a goat-eating cult. 

    ... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 42 - The Nintendo Switch

    Since new consoles aren't announced every day from a major manufacturer, this week's episode focuses squarely on Nintendo's recent reveal of the Switch, their upcoming next-gen device that can be a console or handheld gaming device. Jeremy... More
  • Gagging on Beauty-- Ladykiller in a Bind Review

    Behind a curtain in a Boston expo hall filled with thousands of people. That’s where I first played Ladykiller in a Bind . Because Ladykiller in a Bind is as lewd as games get this side of the Pacific. And hey, it totally deserves the NSFW treatment... More
  • Retrospective Saga - Episode 4 (Video Series)

    In today's episode I face great frustration with the next boss, and he is a tough one. I have noticed a recent trend that not too many people are actually watching the videos, but I am okay with that. I'm having a great time making them, and an... More
  • My GIO Manifesto

    No of course this isn't my manifesto because I'm completely joking about that. Well, maybe for now anyway. Come hit me up for that when I establish the Great Republic of John in order to escape the political spectacle ongoing. No, this is something... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Trip Down Memory Lane

    There is a lot of games out there that I love to bring to a friends house or to a special event. I love to play a game with a person next to me sometimes, since it gives me a feeling that I know my opponent or partner. Games like Gears of War, Halo, Call... More
  • Dragon Quest Builders (PS Vita) Review

    I've never played Minecraft, I always assumed it would fall into one of two categories; one; it would be too broad and open for me to get a handle on, or two; it would sink it's claws into me and I'd never stop playing. So I wasn't sure... More
  • Trying to care about Nintendo again.

    During the advent of the last console generation I was all aboard for the Wii. It was cheaper, games were going to remain at $50, it had motion controls, and did I mention it was cheaper? The 360 had a year head start, but I was content to play my PS2... More
  • Recording Gaming Through Pictures

    One of the best things that Instagram have taught me, is that taking photos of your games is, more than a funny thing to do as a gamer, a way to record one's gaming progress through time. As a retro gamer myself, most of the pics I've uploaded... More
  • The F Word

    I'd like to say if the prices of video games were raised, maybe we'd get less DLC and microtransactions, but who am I bullshitting? It's every corporation's wet dream. I can see them getting even more nuts with add-ons complementing an... More
  • Two fun demos this week! Get your free DLC!

    Did you hear? The NX...I mean Switch was announced!!! Just kidding. I'm here to talk about the two demos we got this week instead. Whether you've got a 3DS or a PS4 there are two demos you can check out this week that are oddly very like one another... More
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