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  • The Miraculous Path to the Super Bowl for my Player in Madden 17

    I've been dropping back in and out on the Madden franchise for a few years now. Every couple of years I decide to pick up the game and see how much it has changed. For much of my childhood I would pick up Madden every year and play it for hundreds... More
  • Dorks Discuss- The Nintendo Switch Event (Part One)


    Dorks This World Begins and myself spent a long time discussing Thursday's Nintendo Switch event. This is part one of that discussion, during which we discuss the console and the games shown during the conference.

    ... More
  • I'm Going to Wait on the Switch

    A lot of people have been crazy about the new console that Nintendo has been wanting to do since the Wii. They have been trying to get some ideas out there and most of them didn't get successful. I know you guys that have lived with the company's... More
  • Lessons To Learn From Gravity Rush's Open World

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to play through Gravity Rush (the remastered version, of course, as there wasn't any money in my pocket screaming to be wasted on a Playstation Vita). I hated Gravity Rush at first. I thought its story was garbage... More
  • One Shot, One Kill: How Titan Souls Masters "Just One More Try" Gameplay

    Discovering the method to take down a boss in Titan Souls is one of the most rewarding victories I’ve ever encountered in a video game. Learning the correct way to roll around their attacks, unveil their weak point, and line up the perfect shot... More
  • Zelda

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    This is a question that I need answered. I have never played a zelda game. Even though I received a NES in 1988 for Christmas, never played zelda. I did watch the cartoon, so I have some idea what the first one was about. I haven't bought a Nintendo... More
  • Tackling the Backlog: Valkyria Chonicles

    Roughly four years ago I wrote this piece on why Valkyria Chronicles is an underappreciated gem. Four years, a PC purchase, a PS4 remaster purchase, and a third playthrough later, I have finally finished. Valkyria Chronicles has long held a weirdly beloved... More
  • Everything Wrong with Skyrim: Special Edition

    Skyrim, oh we loved that game when it came out on the 11th of November in 2011. It came out on both consoles and PC and people just loved it. Almost more than the previous game, Oblivion. With the game still being played on PC, console gamers, however... More
  • One Man’s Thoughts: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

    No genre manages to hook me with its gameplay quite the way that tactical role-playing games can. So, it would seem like a no-brainer that I have played Valkyria Chronicles, right? Well, I missed Valkyria Chronicles when it originally released in 2008... More
  • The Best Games Period - Let's Talk About Nintendo's Switch

    With new details of the Switch released, we recorded a special episode this week to discuss what we know about Nintendo's next console, its launch line-up, and the potential future of the device. It's not every day that a company launches a new... More
  • MAGFest 2017: Where Even Reindeer Can Enjoy Good Music And Gaming

    I chronicle my adventures at the Music and Gaming Festival. 

    ... More
  • CWC: The Awful Choices I Made in Games

    Games like to give you a moral choice and it sometimes is either a heartbreaking one or it's a decision you can never make in real life. Games have done that for years now, since the Fable games to the newest Tale Telltale they throw at us. Hell and... More
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