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  • CWC – Are You Not Entertained?


    There are many aspects of a video game that could make it a satisfying experience. I simply want to have fun.

    ... More
  • A Gamer Renewed

    With every new release, console or new announcements like those at E3, we gamers can easily be powered up towards this hobby of ours. In my case however, is to have free time and just play video games. This incredible sensation of being somewhat overflowed... More
  • The Invaders: End Game, Final Part

    Your Enjoyment Feeds U s. A sword placed against Xavier's face, a painful wound crippling Xavier and a madman wanting to kill him is at his feet. Jell is watching in the her chair, lost in her mind, all say is Xavier's name. Her sanity was broken... More
  • My Upcoming E3 2016 Coverage

    It's hard to believe that June is almost upon is. But it is, and we all know what that means: E3! Also known as: video game announcement heaven. As I did last year, I will be "covering" E3 for my website , beginning with the EA press conference... More
  • Bloody Hell: The Catharsis of Rage in DOOM

    A demon makes the mistake of coming within arm’s reach. I grab. I rip. I tear. Blood geysers over my virtual face, and I lavish in it. I revel in this flash of violence. Arteries and viscera spew catharsis, and I turn as the release ends. Another... More
  • The Invaders: End Game, Part 1

    The End we Spoke of... It is Almost Here... Your Enjoyment Feeds us. A pistol pointed at Xavier's face, holding his friend's body as he tries to think of a way to prevent his own demise. "You have to be such an idiot to be still alive."... More
  • Underrated and Underapreciated.

    After all my time in airports over the past week and after missing the launches for both Uncharted 4 and Doom, I am happy to say I did not go without gaming. Before my trip I charged up my PS Vita and downloaded Castlevania SotN. I also made a couple... More
  • Top 6 Best Boss Battles...

    Remember those days we had to progress the game to defeat a boss we were waiting for? I loved those days. We went through many mini-bosses and we always feel that terror and pleasure when finally fight that final boss. From bosses that made us do a victory... More
  • The Invaders, Chapter Five: Part 7

    The End is Nearing to a close... A Crater in His Soul... Will Only go Deeper... A ship wanders outside, hovering a little above the Benco ship owned by the infamous Psycho. It Circle as if it was a voltaire waiting for it's prey's demise. Psycho... More
  • Retro Review: DOOM 3

    While the latest game in the DOOM series got released for current gen, I was given the chance to play the third one. DOOM 3 is a reboot of the first one with lots of blood, demons to kill and that unique creppy atmosphere that is to be found in DOOM games... More
  • The Beginning of the End: A Photo Mode Recap of Uncharted 4's First Hours

    That Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a solid game should come as no surprise a week after it's release. What surprised me, however, was how I spent nearly as much time tinkering with its photo mode as I did immersed in its gameplay. Of course, I... More
  • The Instant Regret Of Certain Pre-Orders

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    I get excited about a lot of upcoming games. With Amazon's new discounts on most pre-order titles, it has caused me to be a bit cavalier on pre-orders (just when I had finally been getting better about not pre-ordering so many games!). Most games... More
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