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  • Demon Ragnarok, Your Titan Is Ready (For Frag Fest)...

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    I finally discovered something better than Titanfall - playing Titanfall with a friend! I was playing the game when out of nowhere, WHOOSH! A message from none other than...the legendary and infamous - Demon Ragnarok. Some of you may recognize the name... More
  • Opinion-annualized franchises can be a good thing

    You likely know about many big franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty. What do those have in common? They are both annualized franchises. Many times people try to use that as an argument as to why the games are bad. But I think it can... More
  • Super Smash Bros. Direct: Recap, Analysis, Impressions, and Thoughts


    A blog of epic proportions detailing the Super Smash Bros. Direct hosted by Masahiro Sakurai. In this, I'll give a recap, analysis, plus my impressions and thoughts about the Direct. This blog is super long by the way...

    ... More
  • 365/365 Day 105: Random Destruction Entry III: Out Of It

    Edit: the blog is now finished... This is I believe the first day all year where I'm not really in the mood to crank out a blog...well, actually, let me be more specific on that. I want to write; I actually want to write a lot, on a lot of diverse... More
  • Gaming for Fun

    As semester finals draw near, and that ever-so-important collegiate GPA hangs in the balance, I realize that I have even less time for video games than I once did, and that's okay. Because of this, I've become less picky about what I play, and... More
  • Metal Gear Solid – The Novel, Is Fairly Solid…

    6 1
    Besides video games, I enjoy reading. Unfortunately I never seem to make time for it like I do gaming. Let me tell you, it's challenging to actually finish a book of any substance if your reading time is the five or ten minutes you contribute to it... More
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion

    ***NO SPOILERS*** In the year 2000, humanity is devastated due to a cataclysmic event known as the Second Impact. This event (thought to be a meteor impact) radiates outwards from the epicenter of Antarctica, completely annihilating the southern continent... More
  • The One Ending I Can’t Shake.

    It happens in movies all the time. That one ending where you spend a couple of minutes thinking about what just happened. Whether it was a big twist or a teasing cliffhanger, we have all experienced them. Now, to me personally a video game has never had... More
  • 5 mobile games you should try

    If you are like me, phones, iPads, or iPods, are not your primary gaming source. Most games out on mobile are free-to-play with a bunch of annoying microtransactions. Even so, there are still some gems. What I wanted to do is guide you away from the bad... More
  • Dark Souls Metal Soundtrack

    Fitting metal songs for bosses and general areas. Tried to find the songs with lyrical content, intensity and pace appropriate for each area/boss. All of these songs probably have some sort of profanity. So don't listen to them. Asylum Demon: Fearless... More
  • My experience with the Naval Strike map pack

    Yesterday, I got a chance to play two maps from the Naval Strike map pack for Xbox One. I found these maps quite enjoyable. The one map I played was an open island, with two big mountains on both sides of the map. These mountains are so far apart that... More
  • Star Wars Episode VII Blog: Not Tatooine Again!

    By scientific estimates, the Milky Way galaxy contains as many as 300 billion stars. Around these distant suns there might orbit billions upon billions of planets, coming in as many shapes and sizes as we can imagine. One galaxy far, far way, however... More
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