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  • Zboard 2 Pearl Impressions: Worth the money?

    Take a ride with me as I talk about the Zboard 2 Pearl edition. If you like this type of content, please let me know in the comments so I can make more! Review is on the way. Thanks! Video is here: watch?v=viTTrz18ZaM More
  • Protests Break Out in Bluntsville, NY

    The small town of Bluntsville, located in southern New York, has been rocked by a massive protesting event. School has been called off and public services have been disrupted due to the scale of the protests. Hundreds of people from all backgrounds took... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 94 - Pokémon Go (ft. Kevin Slackie)

    Pokémon Go released in 2016 as part of a collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic Labs, a game developer that grew out of a Google initiative designed to explore the potential uses of the technology used to create Google Maps. The mobile phone... More
  • Bravely Default Review - The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

    Developer: Square-Enix, Silicon Studio Publisher: Nintendo A 3DS Exclusive Remember that one time in the last console generation when everybody declared JRPGs were dead? Many seemed to be under the impression that JRPGs simply up and vanished in the transition... More
  • Dead Rising 4 Review - Deck The Halls With Guts And Gory

    Developer: Capcom Vancouver Publisher: Capcom Played on Xbox One The Dead Rising series for me stands as one of the most unique sandbox games out there. You are given a strict time limit to go out and do as much stuff as you can before time runs out.... More
  • On Poking The Bear

    Dang it. I had this whole thing about Russia, and then I accidentally closed the damn tab. I should put these in text files first. Oh well. The point was I am not in favor of messing with Russia right now. Putin and Assad just about had the war wrapped... More