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  • How to Not Survive in Fallout 4

    Bethesda wants you to survive Fallout 4's Wasteland. They've given you plenty of weapons to loot and craft, and attributes to boost when you level up. You want to survive. You use all these and V.A.T.S. to vanquish every enemy. But ever wonder... More
  • 2015- A Year of Backpedaling

    Wow. December is just around the corner, and well folks... what a year. What an absolutely incredible year it's been. It's been a year of fantastic advances in technology (VR technology), and deep disappointments (Hideo Kojima, Konami, Nintendo... More
  • Resident Evil: commercialized

    So there's a conveniently timed movie package deal currently on Xbox Live. It's all of the Resident Evil movies (the Alice movies) for $25.00. I enjoy them enough for that price, and like I said, they hit the market at a time when I just happen... More
  • Retro Review: Chrono Trigger and Living Up to Its Name

    Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of RPGs, more specifically JRPGs. However, and many seem to agree with me on this, modern JRPGs seem to be missing something. As someone who is completely in love with the old games, I decided to play a game... More
  • Star Wars Battlefront: Review

    My New Review Scale Before my review scale was a mix of the well known Gameinformer’s 40 point scale (8, 8.25, 8.5, 8.75, etc.) and the old school IGN’s system of scoring the elements that make up a game: graphics, sound, gameplay, story,... More
  • WWE 2K16

    I played some of the 2K Showcase in WWE 2K16, and it was very fun and authentic; I loved playing the classic match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love where Stone Cold hit Vince McMahon with a chair. It's really hard to complete the objectives... More
  • Would a nuclear war be nearly as cool as it seems in fallout 4 ?

    Fallout 4 is all any one seems to want to talk about these days. I notice many of my gamer friends tend to get into hypothetical , what would you do ? or what would it be like if a nuclear war actually happened? conversations. So how bad would it really... More
  • My Top 10 Video Game Series

    Ever since video games were created developers brought different ways to experience them, and as sequels got released genres were form establishing a wide diversity of video games. We gamers can now choose a specific genre to follow and here are the ones... More
  • "Hey Look!" Seeking company during certain moments in video games

    I just beat Metroid Prime with my girlfriend's help, who was more stressed than I was, but in the end she helped a lot by encouraging me not to give up. Then I thought "Isn't that cool? Being accompanied in those moments have been a very... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 1 - Donkey Kong Country

    Over the last few months, I've been working on a special project with some podcasting veterans from this very community and today we're finally ready to reveal what we've been keeping under wraps for so long: The Best Games Period. Join myself... More
  • Ranking (most of) the Call of Duty campaigns

    While there is ongoing debate about whether the series should even have campaigns anymore, the fact remains that every game in the franchise has had a single-player component. However, the quality of these have fluctuated wildly over the years. So, without... More
  • Getting to the Core Appeal of Gaming

    I'm sure this has been said by a lot of people this year, but it's worth repeating that 2015 has been an incredible year for the video game industry. I'm so eager to read and listen to Game of the Year discussions as I can see the case for... More