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  • Gaming In My Sickness

    I hadn't caught a cold in a long time. Whenever this happens, I have but only one thing to do: follow my doctor's orders and wait, as colds tend to stay with me for a week or so. However, now that I have a handheld, being in this condition is... More
  • A Gamer Blogger Schedule

    If you have been reading my blogs until now, this may sound more of the same. However, sometimes getting things out of my chest, by writing them, is the best way for me to ease stressful situations. At the beginning of this month, I had to put my backlog... More
  • Do You Remember That Part Where a Human Man Spent 7 Days in a Crate Playing Lord of the Rings: Online?

    Because I do. Yes. It’s really true. His name is Jordan Wayne Long . It will not surprise you to learn that he’s a performance artist . Of course he is! He spent 7 days in a crate playing Lord of the Rings: Online ! The crate was in a van... More
  • My Game Script: Experiment Ber - Chapter One: Act 1

    Two months ago thanks to a writing challenge, I posted the prologue to my game script: Experiment Ber. At first, I had my doubts on how and when to do it, but as I began to write it here I did not only had a good time but also returned to my writing roots... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

    The point of this series is to highlight games with prominent female protagonists so that girls can have games that they see themselves in. Chronicles of Teddy is an absolutely amazing, wonderful, fun game – but how much of own opinion is affected... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 32 - God of War

    2005's God of War set a new standard for the action-adventure genre for the following several years. The PS2 classic rolled in game of the year accolades and catapulted Sony's Santa Monica Studio into the limelight as one of their most important... More
  • Top 10 Best Fighters...

    There are so many fighters to count and most of them can be unknown to most of the players out there! Well, we are going to name all the best out there and make sure we have all of them rounded up to be praised for their great skill. Hello Wandering Traveler... More
  • The Story of Jeramy, Part Two

    Author's Note: it's been awhile since I wrote this, but I managed to put it together. It took me a while and I'm sorry for the long delay and lack of activity, but hope you enjoy this story that me and a few friends worked on. The father was... More
  • The Legends of Team Fortress 2

    Back in in the early 2000's, multiplayer was large and widely recommended to those who love to compete. Gaming was strange back then: we mostly got games of strange stories, bloody, mindless shooters with a small plot and games that took history into... More