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  • Community Writing Challenge: Those Games To Play During Fall

    When is not summer, fall is also a good time for us gamers. Putting aside the fact that most new games are released during this time of the year, the season also serves as a reminder that the year is not yet over, thus gaming (in all of its aspects) backlog... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Best Thanksgiving Tradition Ever

    Fall is the best season. The weather is always perfect, the trees are gorgeous, and it’s always a time for beginnings. School starts, almost every sports season starts, and new games come out. It’s also a time for bringing families together... More
  • 4 Games That Need a Sequel

    The inevitable cycle rages on: every time a great game is released, we just can’t wait to get to the end and get all anxious so as to when a sequel will be released. Unfortunately, some of the greatest videogames in history either do not get the... More
  • Retrospective Saga - Episode 2 (Video Series)

    I continue my journey through not only Metal Gear, but though making videos, and that is why it took so long to come out with this video. I have learned my lesson and will stay away from MP3 audio files and MKV video files. At times it is kinda tough... More
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Review: Reunited and it Feels so Good

    Earlier this year when I played the first The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, I went into the game with very little expectations, I had heard good things about it but I still wasn't expecting much from the game. After the 70+ hours of playing... More
  • Amnesia: Code Jericho

    There was trouble along the galaxy, but the federation didn't know what it was. Jaelen and her team were put on a mission to investigate this. Sadly, it took the federation three Earth days to find out the problem before they could save the residents... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 41 - Flower

    While the first attempt at recording Episode 41 might have failed due to technical difficulties, we've returned this week with a brand new and totally original discussion of Flower, the PlayStation 3's 2009 indie darling. While playing as the... More
  • When Bad Games Do Good

    A lot of games, especially on PC, are blatantly obvious the companies behind them don't give a *** post-launch. They have your money, and the only time they'll start acting nice again is to convince you to buy their DLC...which, if you already... More
  • Clone

    Robotic cloning is hard. It's not an easy work as the schools make it in the federation sector of space. We worked on these things, planting harddrives of what we wanted on them. A handyman's robotic sequences. Maid bots for those disabled to... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Autumn Game List

    Games, just as any other entertainment medium, have the tendency to remind the user of a particular time or memory. Every time I play Sim City, I am reminded of playing it on the SNES at my friend’s house attempting to build the best city to destroy... More
  • Missing Xbox

    When I was about 5 or 8, I was given a hacked Xbox. It played and could read copied games. We knew it was illegal (Even I knew at the time), but when your poor, living in a house that is basically falling apart as you speak and with two begging kids,... More
  • Resting On My Shoulder

    As night comes I sit with her in front of the TV A desire to play gets to my thumbs And she just remains there silently. No matter the hours No matter the game Her presence is enough For that victory to claim. Sometimes like Navi Others like Cortana She... More
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