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  • Games I Didn't Review in 2016: Infinite Warfare

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] My history with the Call of Duty series is an interesting one: I’m one of the few people who actually plays the series for its story as well as the frenetic multiplayer mayhem. I do enjoy a good if cliched tale from... More
  • The Best Skating Games of All Time

    There have been hundreds of skating-based gaming titles released over the decades, from the early pixelated adventures on the ZX Spectrum, to the current HD rendered virtual experiences we have today. Of this vast selection though, there have been a few... More
  • Does not finishing a game make your opinion invalid?

    Look, some games are long journeys, alright? I don't drink but I bet I could actually get through Nier: Automata if I did. With so many games now thinking that gamers always need something huge otherwise it's not worth $60 (and with some gamers... More
  • The End of An Era: PlayStation 2 Backlog Finished

    It had to happen someday, right? Upon beating Devil May Cry 3 there was no other game for me to beat on the system, and to be honest, this is both a good and bad thing to say. On one hand I have beaten those 70 games that were haunting me for quite some... More
  • You're doing it wrong! Five developer habits that need to stop.

    It's 2017 and games are better than they've ever been. We've got amazing graphics, astonishing physics, online multiplayer, cross-play, the list goes on! But for all these awesome habits, there are a few that slip through the cracks. Now,... More
  • My Top Ten Favorite Video Game Heroes

    Banner Image by Joshua Summana Society is built on a foundation of tales related to Heroes. From the tales of the Gods of Olympus all the way to modern times with The Avengers, Heroes are a pinnacle of society and help us to educate future generations... More
  • Don't Die, Mr. Robot is Kinda Dope

    A couple of weeks ago, I determined that I was going to finally finish playing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel before leaving on vacation. I had been playing through it on my Vita for well over a year, and I felt the desire for something fresh... More
  • The New Gold Standard for Split-Screen Gaming

    For years, when you brought up split-screen, Halo would come to the forefront of people's minds. In the previous two generations, Bungie included local play in all of their titles, anywhere from two players in campaign to four in multiplayer. In addition... More
  • Birthday Backlog Bonanza!

    [This post originated on my personal blog site here . As I do not believe in simply posting links to promote my site, go ahead and read the full post below!] I'm a lucky guy. Steam's annual summer sale coincides with my birthday. Thanks to this... More
  • My Favorite Games: A Decade Long Retrospective Pt. 5

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] It’s been some time since the last iteration of this blog series, however here I am bringing you the next post in succession- as well as more on both my Pokemon and Borderlands 2 retrospectives in the near future.... More
  • Twelve Characters I'd Like to See in BBCTB

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has me extremely excited. Not only is it another Arc System Works fighting game, but it combines some of my favorite franchises in a two versus two battle system, allowing for excellent team ups (Yu Narukami and Ruby Rose for... More
  • Ms. Goldstein - Chapter 4

    Hi y'all! I have returned from vacation intact, having survived the last several weeks in wilds of Northern Michigan. Have you guys been there? It's pretty super. Nice beaches. I am pleased to present the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of... More
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