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  • The Tangled Web I Weave (Reposted in Honor of Valentine's Day)

    (The following is a blog I wrote back in 2012 on the Site Which Shall Not Be Named Nor Traffic Directed To. It is reposted here so that I may reference it without directing traffic to the forbidden site.) Ok, show of comments: How many people here played... More
  • The Gaming Romances that Stick With You

    Valentine's Day. For some it is a time to reflect on their relationship, others indulge on a multitude of candy shaped like hearts, and a lot more await the following day when the candy shaped like hearts will be half off. It has me thinking about... More
  • Gaming Update: Where the Chill Waits

    (This is the room where my computer lives!) For me this is Console season; that time of year that my gaming shifts completely to my PS4/PS3. The reason is purely practical: you see I do not have central heat in my house. I haven't had it for more... More
  • My Gaming Wishlist for 2016

    I’m a couple of weeks late as some of my wishes are already starting to come true but anyways this is a list of things I want from the gaming industry this year. 2015 was great and this one has the potential to be even better. PlayStation VR For... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Relating to Firewatch

    Firewatch, one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen and one of my most anticipated games this year Games have told gamers amazing stories, but the ones that gamers cling to the most are ones they can relate to. Most commonly, we empathize with... More
  • What I Want From: Life Is Strange 2

    Life Is Strange is a game that completely took me by surprise a few weeks ago. I had played episode 1 right after it released and felt very underwhelmed by the game, I had no idea what it was building up to. After episode 2, I was hooked. Characters that... More
  • Monster in the House // Resident Evil 4's Regenerator

    It's well-known that most games aren't exactly pacifistic: in some form or another many games see players fighting against or in conflict with some sort of adversarial force. As such, the quality of that adversary can sometimes make or break the... More
  • February Game Challenge: Week Two (Endless Witching...)

    I have been witching for the past week solid, sometimes for insane stretches of time. I have so many dozens of hours into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and I was disheartened to find out recently that I am only now halfway through the narrative. As much as... More
  • Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X

    (Originally posted to my blog: ) Xenoblade Chronicles X (XCX) is one of great potential for sure, but did it succeed in meeting up with the high expectations and hype flowing from Xenoblade Chronicles (XC)? Personally,... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: The Game I've Connected The Most With

    I believe I've said already that Persona 4 is my favorite game. With this CWC I decided to speak my mind by writing why leveling up social links, going to high school and having having part time jobs I something I relate a lot. When it comes to this... More
  • 2016 Gaming Update 2

    I’m going to try to be better about blogging, and writing reviews/gaming. I am having a little issue with DirectTV (ie, the hard drive on my box imploded and the new box they sent isn’t working, so watching TV is a bit of a challenge). With... More
  • Now Playing - Alien: Isolation

    I've been working my way through Alien: Isolation lately. I think work is a good word to use because it's felt like that at some points. This game has been challenging so far, but that's part of why I'm enjoying it. I got this game back... More
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