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  • Will GI Talk About the Bully Hunter Situation?

    Probably not. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go google it and watch a couple of the videos about it, if you can't find the video itself. Essentially what happened is a hardware firm wanted to do a bit of viral marketing with a bunch... More
  • What Got Me Writing in The First Place

    I was filtering through some old posts(like 2014 old), and soon found myself delving into absolute horror: my first creative works. But while I was sitting there, cringing at my own stories from all the way back in 2008, I couldn't help but think... More
  • Classic PUBG Gillie + AWM match

    I've put over 500 hours into PUBG, something that I can honestly say I've devoted a lot of time into over the past year. I've recently taken up an interesting in recording my gameplay footage and making an audience out of it.. Heck I for as... More
  • Golden Sun Needs to Rise Again

    Thanks to the success of the Switch, Nintendo has done a great job of dispelling much of the negativity and uncertainty surrounding the company during the disastrous Wii U era. Between crafting some of their greatest first party titles to date and making... More
  • Detective Pikachu (Review)

    Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS As someone who hasn’t played a Pokemon game since the release of Diamond in 2006, my knowledge of these little creatures has waned over the years. As they’ve added more and more Pokemon (over 800!) into the mix, I’ve... More
  • Opinion: Ghost Recon Wildland's persistent performance problems present barrier to entry

    Okay Ubisoft, I get it. You want me to buy Wildlands.. Really bad. And honestly, I get that. You are a large company that needs to sell millions of copies of your game to stay in business. Wildlands is a game I have kept a w ary eye on all the way throughout... More
  • The Strike In Syria

    It took some digging this morning, but it finally makes sense. One thing I still don't quite understand is why the necessity for the chemical weapons ruse, but it doesn't really matter. The point of the strikes is denying Russia the ability to... More
  • On Poking The Bear

    Dang it. I had this whole thing about Russia, and then I accidentally closed the damn tab. I should put these in text files first. Oh well. The point was I am not in favor of messing with Russia right now. Putin and Assad just about had the war wrapped... More
  • Bravely Default Review - The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

    Developer: Square-Enix, Silicon Studio Publisher: Nintendo A 3DS Exclusive Remember that one time in the last console generation when everybody declared JRPGs were dead? Many seemed to be under the impression that JRPGs simply up and vanished in the transition... More
  • A Match Made in Childhood Heaven

    Gamestop is in trouble! If the corporate executives want to know what's in store for the future of the company, they need look no further than Toys R Us. That's the future in a nutshell- liquidation. Gamestop's stock is in free fall. The rise... More
  • The Underground: Pokemon Sinnoh Region (Pearl, Diamond, Platinum)

    Growing up from the ages of 12-16 the majority of the games I played were FPS. Before though, when I was just a wee lad my favorite game of all time was that of Pokemon. Pokemon Pearl version for the Nintendo DS Lite to be exact is one of the games that... More
  • The 50 Best Games: 48 - Rock Band 2

    Music games had their time in the spotlight that was unlike almost anything else on the market. That time was ultimately fleeting as the limp, aging return in 2015 of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero serves to prove. But after years of Harmonix cutting... More
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