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  • New 250GB PS3 slim coming November

    Ever since first introduced, Sony' new PS3 Slim has sold over one million units worldwide. But wait until you hear about what they have planned for this holiday season. Headed for a November 3rd release, a new version of the PS3 Slim, which will come... More
  • IW dropped Modern Warfare 2 Campaign co-op as it “ruined the experience”

    VG247: Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling's revealed to VG247 that Modern Warfare 2 was initially supposed to have full co-op in the its main Campaign, but was dropped as it "ruined the experience" the developer was aiming for. The final game... More
  • Gearbox unveils first piece of Borderlands DLC, "Zombie Island of Dr. Ned"

    Well, if you weren't excited enough about Borderlands hitting shelves next week, Gearbox has just let the word out on their first piece of DLC for the game. The content is titled "Zombie Island of Dr. Ned" and has players assisting Dr. Ned... More
  • Geek Culture Terrorism | Video Game Artwork

    [*Author's Note* This is a cloning of my latest post over at my blog . It's edited down for profanity and whatnot, but still might be a tad infringing towards GI's terms. I just wanted to get these d/l'd (and seen) in order to make my... More
  • Extra Life '09

    I wanted to share with you guys first why I feel so strongly about extra life, and secondly of something really cool that happened to me today. Extra Life is a charitable organization of gamers put together by the guys over at First... More
  • Info leaked on Infamous sequel

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    Today, voice actor David Sullivan, mentioned auditioning for the yet-to-be-announced Infamous sequel on his Twitter account . While Sony and Sucker Punch have yet to officially confirm their inevitable return to Empire City, Sullivan, on the other hand... More
  • Nintendo to release new handheld next year?

    After selling over 110 million units of their handheld system, Nintendo unveiled their DSi, an upgrade to the DS Lite, which was in turn an upgrade to the original DS. So, whats next? Well, it appears that Nintendo is ready to make their next move, by... More
  • Divinity II: Ego Draconis

    Hey I just wanted to give my impressions... on the impressions of other people on Divinity II. This game looks to play a lot like Fable except for one small detail: you can turn into a dragon. Yes you heard me right. A large freaking dragon at that. The... More
  • Bioware has Dragon Age: Origins DLC planned for the next two years

    BioWare has plans to support its, soon to be out, Dragon Age: Origins with nice dose of post-release downloadable content. But exactly how much hard drive space should you set aside for its upcoming fantasy RPG? Well, for those 360 user, lets just say... More
  • Assassins Creed 3 confirmed!!! Could have female lead.

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    Assassin’s Creed II hasn't even been released yet, but already the creative minds at Ubisoft have shifted focus to the next entry in the series. And some of the ideas being thrown around include having a female protagonist and a World War II... More
  • Zombie Attack Plan Club (ZAPC)

    Today, whilst talking over with some friends the various components of our Zombie attack plans, we came to the desicion that far to people actually have a plan for most of the human race to survive. So, we thrust upon ourselves the duties of educating... More
  • CAD a great on-line comic

    I have been reading this on-line comic for a few years now, this is a great comic for gamers. They have funny characters and tie in video games into the comic very well. If you like comics and video games, this comic is for you. Sometimes it is not all... More