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  • Game of the Year 2009 Nominees - What Should and Shouldn't Be There

    Recently, Spike announced the nominees for the 2009 VGA's. These titles were: - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Left 4 Dead 2 - Assassin's Creed 2 - Batman: Arkham Asylum I'm a bit frustrated at some of these... More
  • Rumor: Infamous 2 to have multiplayer

    Im just passing on the story. Click the link to go to PSX for the story. PSX More
  • Hardcore Gaming: More Than Elitism

    "Hardcore games? What, just because a game's not super hard and rated M it's not hardcore? You're just saying you're a hardcore gamer because you're elitist! Casual and hardcore gamers don't exist! There are just gamers."... More
  • The Hilarity of the Clueless

    So earlier today, I was sitting on the couch with my brother and my mom, watching my brother play the demo for Pokemon Rumble. My mom usually doesn't show any interest in watching any of us play games, but this time she stuck around. Then she started... More
  • Is It Just Me...? - #2

    Alright, time for another one of these. This post was inspired by an experience I had yesterday. As many of you know, Star Trek was released Tuesday on DVD and Blu-Ray. Having adored the movie in theaters (I saw it about eight times), I immediately went... More
  • The Gap between anime and manga

    Many fans might not care for the differences between the lines of a anime and the manga counterpart of the said show. But sometimes these gaps can led to skipped story arcs or less violence. From bleach halibel and nels shirts being complete to the anime... More
  • Modern Warfare : The Nuclear Bomb

    SPOILER WARNING: For any of you who haven't played the original Modern Warfare and have the intention, then read no further as I am going to be discussing and giving my impression of a major revelation in the game. Yeah yeah, the second Modern Warfare... More
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers-Hype!

    I know that this game is being overshadowed by all the hype over Final Fantasy XIII. I do have to give Final Fantasy XIII kudos though because it is looking like a really cool game. But, I also want to give FFCC: The Crystal Chronicles some love too!... More
  • Black Friday Video Game Deals

    Black Friday is coming up. And I'm looking forward to this one. Because, every other year, games have always been immune to the crazy sales going on. But not this year. This year there are some prettty crazy deals going on. Perhaps retailers are looking... More
  • A Month of Classic Gaming? Sign Me Up!

    I'm a bit of a 360 fanboy. What can I say? I've been spoiled by the fantastic gameplay and multiplayer of Microsoft games for quite some time, thanks to the amazing Xbox LIVE service provided, even though I have to pay (argh). I am a big techie... More
  • Why isnt- Split-screen making a comeback?

    I know in this day and age its all about online play and co-op its self is on the rise. But what I don't understand is why they offer less split-screen online and in most cases split-screen at all. My wife and I both enjoy a lot of the same games... More
  • My Consoles Edition 3

    Its time for yet another edition of My Consoles. This time I am Featuring my Game Boy. I acquired this fine piece of scientific art from my older brother. I was raiding his "crap drawer" when I was younger and came across it. For everyone who... More