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  • New Years....

    Im excited that New Years is almost here,(which also means new games and other sh!t)but lets see if anything Bad@ss happens, Wish u a Happy New Years.... More
  • Sacred 2 is not that bad

    For those people who do not mind a little grind for XP and Gold this is actually a good game to pick up. If you like RPG's that are opened ended and allow you to totally explore a huge world then this is your game. I have always loved the elder scrolls... More
  • 2010 Resolutions

    With New Years, just hours away I came up with a list of resolutions for 2010... 1. Get all the Achievements in Batman: Arkham Asylum, gonna be rough... 2. Try to get no one killed at the end of Mass Effect 2, and end up a Paragon. 3. Hopefully see Colt... More
  • KId Goes Absolutely Crazy Over Xbox 360!

    No one can possibly tell me that this is anything other than sheer, untrammeled joy at the thought of being able to block out the world and enter into the Kingdom of Video Games from which so many children rarely emerge. This child knows that all ancient... More
  • My Games of 2009

    This was a really ironic year for me in gaming. This is by far the least number of games I have ever bought in a year, however nearly every game has been a blast to play. Here is a list of the games I bought in 2009: Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence - I... More
  • My New Year's Resolution Towards Video Games

    Okay...... New Year's resolution...........for video games..... 1. Finally get XBOX 360 2. Buy Final Fantasy XIII 3. Get more Points for my Wii 4. Look for GameStop Sales 5. Buy PSP Go 6. Get more game acssesories 7. Buy Tony Hawk Ride 8. Get Pokemon... More
  • Something you wont see in cartoons these days

    Most old cartoons of the late 80s going into early 90s were great but there were just some things in them that you will find in them that you wont see in cartoons. today. watch this vid and see if you can tell whats some things in it that you wont see... More
  • The F.B.I. Blog part 2

    Welcome to part 2 of the F.B.I. blog for those who haven't read the 1st one F.B.I. stands for Fun Being Interrupted. Another one of my F.B.I. moments happen at my cousin's house (again) but this happen when we were kids we were playing space jam... More
  • Surprise Christmas favorite almost impossible to find!

    Dancing Grandma's Make Game a Dark Horse Success! Want to find this game for your Wii after the holidays are over? Even if you aren't a Dance Dance Revolution fanatic, it would appear that this game has caught on by a storm... currently unavailable... More
  • Sonic the Hedgehogs *His songs have deep meanings if you listen* As also my top 10 fav songs from the new games

    Really most down sonic in these trying times but as most know am still a devote fan. But one thing has always turned my gears when i hear his music. Most of his newer games all have some pretty creepy or deep meanings if you listen. Im going to post ten... More
  • Snow......

    This is less about gaming than the other things I wrote, so be forewarned now. Yesterday, Oregon had it's largest snow storm of the year, and if you're in Oregon, you know that people don't know how to handle the snow when it happens. It started... More
  • God of War Collection

    so who's excited about GOW 3? i know i am! and to help get more pumped i went ahead and played through 1 and 2 again, but this time remastered in HD! oh baby, taking down a cyclops never looked so good. for those of you who don't know anything... More