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  • 12 Days of Christmas Movies: Day 4

    Home Alone : 9.7/10 People, we've got another Christmas classic on our hands. This is a holiday must. John Hughes is one of my all time favorite filmmakers, and I was thinking about doing some sort of tribute to him and his films, but that'll... More
  • My Top games of all time ""MAJOR UPDATE""

    These are my top games of all time. Feel free to comment on anything. 35. Battlfefield: Bad Company- As is a trend in all of my favorite games, this one was funny and destructive. Add awesome multiplayer for a classic. I can't wait for the sequel... More
  • This is not an ad, this is your key to survival.

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    I'm a gaming nerd. That much is certain. And as a video game nerd, I have the unfortunate obligation of preparing for the (inevitable) zombie apocalypse. And with this duty comes the responsibility of warning everyone else of this danger. Usually... More

    k guys I will take the lyrics of the song 12 days of christmas and change them to be "gamer friendly"! OH ON THE FIRST DAY OF GAME-MUS GAMEINFORCER.COM GAVE TO ME A GAME UNDER A GAME-MUS TREE OH ON THE 2ND DAY OF GAME-MUS GAMEINFORCER.COM GAVE... More
  • I am going to smash something....badly.

    I just wrote what was possibly my best work yet and was at least 1500 words or more strong when I clicked onto the Advanced Editor link to insert media when the entire thing just disappeared. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHHH!!!!!!! More
  • GameInformer Issue 201- Collision236 Talks! Part One

    Issue 201 January 2010 Cover : Dead Space 2 The cover is very well done and can easily get people excited for Dead Space 2. I mean who doesn't love kicking the enemies face in. I love how the front and back of the magazine is shown as a landscape... More
  • UPDATE: One glitch dies. Another begins.

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    I did have a blog post about glitches on Modern Warfare 2, specifically after the javelin glitch started. I ranted about the glitches and annoying shotguns. Well they finally fixed the javelin glitch, but even something worse has came out of it. The unlimited... More
  • Best/Worst Achievements/Trophies of 2009

    So I was trying to come up with some ideas for what to do my next blog on. I wanted something to recap the end of the year, follow suit with many of the best/worst blogs that are starting to appear. Looking through some articles I got thinking on the... More
  • Will Sony lose free online play hmm

    i for one hope they dont as it seems dumb why they would but when you see that at the moment there losing a little money with each system sold it does seem reasonable that they try something. But i see free online as one of the big selling factors for... More
  • 12 Days of Christmas Movies: Day 3

    Day 3, and we hit the best Christmas movie ever: Die Hard : 12/10 John McClane had plans to be with his wife on Christmas. WELL *** JUST GOT STARTED! Kinda hard to spend quality family time when your wife just got kidnapped by terrorists. Now it's... More
  • My Top Ten Games of the 2000's

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    As I am on the verge of entering my third decade, I look fondly back at some great ten years. I have played a ton of video games in that time, and here are the my favorite ten. 10. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption This game is incredible. It came out at the... More
  • A Look Back at Gaming 09 - Part 2

    A Look Back at Gaming 09 - Part 1 The year held many great titles, but the most highly awaited ones were saved for the year's end. Fall of 09 boasted huge sequels and a few sleeper hits that were sure to max out any Holiday list. September September... More