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  • EVE online and DUST 514 players will be able to communicate in real-time soon

    Players of EVE Online and DUST 514, along with its recently announced MMOFPS, will be able to communicate with each other in ways never before seen in the history of video games. The two games are set in the same universe and at the same exact time, allowing... More
  • Painkiller Resurrection Demo released

    Today, JoWood and DreamCatcher have released a demo for Painkiller Resurrection, allowing us to get a small glimpse at what the new Painkiller holds in store for us once it finally hits store shelves early next month. The new big thing about Resurrection... More
  • IW defends Modern Warfare's 2 campaign mode

    Many fans of the first Modern Warfare complained that the single-player campaign was way too short. Clocking in at around six hours, even I have to admit that after the credits rolled up, I was left craving more, something which I see as very likely to... More
  • Borderlands: The Games That Time Forgot [UPDATED]

    BORDERLANDS: THE GAMES THAT TIME FORGOT [UPDATED] D on’t let title fool you, I immensely enjoy the game and am not outright panning it – I am however going to start off by making a point that the game concepts are extremely unoriginal. On... More
  • My epic Halo 3 "team" match

    The year was 2009. The day was pretty much your average crappy weather day. And I had just finished the best match of Halo 3 ever . I lost by a large margin, and I never scored any points, but I was too high on victory to care. This is proof that winning... More
  • 5 Stupid Characters That I Support Anyway

    In the world of gaming, one comes across tons of stupid characters. While most will always be stupid in every subsequent iteration, I have compiled a list of characters that I believe that we should support or try to love despite their downfalls. 1. Tingle... More
  • Shattered Horizon gameplay trailer released, looks amazingly detailed!

    Dark Void isn’t going to be the only jetpack-powered game headed our way over the next several months. Shattered Horizon, the first game from dev. Futuremark, wants a piece of the pie too. And so far, the game looks freaking amazing!!! A first-person... More
  • Hideo Kojima promises Zone of the Enders sequel

    Metal Gear Solid’s Hideo Kojima announced on his blog (only Japanese) that Zone of the Enders 3, will happen, though as to when exactly remains a mystery. “I cannot make a promise about time. However, I can promise a sequel.” Some of... More
  • Killzone 3 announced, coming next year?

    A huge rumor has just surfaced, and this time it didn't come from "unnamed sources”, the Official PlayStation Magazine was to one to spill the beans this time around. The magazine’s December 09 issue supposedly lists Killzone 3 as... More
  • Assassins Creed Lineage film coming to Youtube later this month

    The first Assassin’s Creed was just down- right amazing (at least for me anyways), and its was pretty obvious from the beginning that Ubisoft had big plans to expand the soon-to-be franchise. Fast-forward almost two years after its November 2007... More
  • Microsoft will forbid the use of unauthorized storage devices with next XBL update

    Microsoft's next 360 update is sure to include a couple of new features that will more than likely excite some gamers, however, those of you using unauthorized storage devices will be less than happy (to say the least) about it. According to '... More
  • My Time with Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

    Last week was known for some pretty big game releases, with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Brutal Legend. So on October 13 I picked up Uncharted 2 and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I kept myself occupied with Uncharted 2, which deserves... More