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  • Music Glance | Sonic The Hedgehog

    I was only five years old, but I remember most of this stuff...I think. Game Profile Title: Sonic The Hedgehog Release: 1991 Composers: Masato Nakamura Platform: Sega Genesis Type: Platformer Pop/Jingles Track #1 – “Title” – 0... More
  • What is a Gamer?

    What is a gamer? Many people would say those who own a gaming system and TV count. Others say those who spend hundreds on gaming paraphernalia and importing quirky Japanese games. I, respectively, say you are both wrong. And here's why. Now, before... More
  • Have you felt Like you were Gaming to much at a Time!!!

    Hey everyone my name is jonathan and Im a Gamer. I have owned every system that came out and play as much as possible sometimes too much. I sometimes find myself playing for hours at a time until my day is over. I think there are alot of people who may... More
  • Left 4 Dead 2 or Brutal Legend...

    Well, I'm caught between a rock and a hard place here. I am currently trying to decide between these two games which are both most likely going to be excellent: Left 4 Dead 2 or Brutal Legend. Not an easy choice here... On one hand, I've got the... More
  • An Introduction to Me.

    Hi there. I'm Levi. Yes, I just used my real first name. But if you're going to try to cyber-stalk me now, know that its impossible due to the jean company of the same name. You will get about 10 million results for buying denim for every result... More
  • What people don't realize about gamers...

    In today's society people tend to think of gamers as fat, no-life people who sit on their butts all day, which in a lot of cases is true but there is more to being a gamer than just that. People don't realize what gamers TRULY think about gaming;... More
  • Brutal Legend Demo: Metal or Blue Grass?

    First off, I apologize to all of you blue grass fans. Just because you like crappy music is no reason for me to patronize you. Now, on the important stuff. Today, I played the demo for Brutal Legend... The demo starts off in a cutscene filled with obnoxious... More
  • Community Update - 10.7.09

    11 2
    In past week or so, I've done a lot of wandering from blog post to blog post here on GI and have seen tons of interesting things. I was inspired by Joe's "Editor Blog Herding" and thought I would make a point to mashup a few noteworthy... More
  • Press Start To Continue

    38 1
    L ately I have been questioning my life as a gamer. Is there a peak or a pinnacle which determines the end of your life as a gamer? Should being an adult gamer be strictly for those in the game business? Is it time to "settle down" and hang... More

    OK so I wanted to explain the concept of the Rupert Grint Cultural and Societal Terrorism Warning Color Scale a little bit further before I do any more updates. From the first post: "The Rupert Grint Cultural and Societal Terrorism Warning Color... More
  • The Sounds are So Pretty Looking

    21 4
    I played Splinter Cell a lot when I was younger, so the original game still resonates with me. One of the things, for me, that made that game so great was the sound during tense moments. Quiet, calculated, only just a trickle to feed your emotions. But... More
  • Shopping for Blu-rays with Quasi: Week of October 6th - vol. 1

    14 3
    Hello, all! As another regular feature to my blogosphere, I plan to keep people informed about great deals, which blu-rays are releasing and what I plan to purchase, on a weekly basis. If other deals surface or I buy a bunch of titles on a whim, I'll... More