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  • The tale of nothingness chapter 6: this is bad.

    The walrus king was messing with the walrus ball. Suddenly, Bruce Willis jumped through a window! "Yippie kie yay m-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !. He exploded. The walrus king looked back, and saw that the walrus ball had blown up! Oh noes! That means, the walruses... More
  • Thawing.

    Thawing The ice is cold where night has lain, and frozen field's torment the plain. But in a hope of comfort lost. The girl who weep's must count the cost. To throw her self to fate's wild hand's. To risk her self without a plan. To go... More
  • Video Games and Violence

    Last night I was writing an essay for my college English class about violence, and I come the conclusion that video games embrace violence. Ever since the late 80's and the early 90's, video games started to embrace the image of violence. Now... More
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story = The Legendary Fawful

    Say what you want to about video game villains these days, while some are deviously malevolent and others are absurdly sinister while others wouldn't bat an eyelash at killing an elderly woman crossing the street at five MPH, Fawful adds an entirely... More
  • Socom for PSP Pre Orders Anounced

    Here is the link to pre-order More
  • My Consoles Edition 1

    Welcome to my first edition of My Console. This is where I will be talking about my consoles and the great memories I have had with them. Todays pick of the crop is the Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as NES. Don't ask me how I managed... More
  • The verdict is in...

    Well the review is in for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and I'm not surprised. The fans (and pretty much every gamer in the world) wanted this game to get a perfect review, and their hype shows in the 9.75 GI has given it. You've all transformed... More

    hi once more it is i briam aka meta. now who whats to know how to draw VIDOW GAME CHARICTORS!!!!!!!! EVERYONE: ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k i am a advace drawer and what i have to say is go to my good friends [dawn's] site www.dragonart .com... More
  • Check out Freeman's Mind

    If you haven't already(and I know it's been around for a little while now) watch Freeman's Mind. If you consider yourself a Half Life fan or someone who doesn't suck, you will. Or just watch it again. I saw it yesterday for the first time... More
  • Salty Reviews: Dragon Age: Origins

    The Good Dragon Age: Origins is your standard Bioware RPG filled to the brim with sex, blood, and violence. Gameplay is a mixture of top-down combat and third-person dialogue seamlessly blended together. Character customization is unsurpassed. The number... More
  • Dreamrift studios reveal their latest project

    Recently, IGN sat down with developer DreamRift, a company composed of various previous development teams that combine talent from all over the industry, to talk a little about their most recent project, Monster (working title). The new IP from the developers... More
  • Two Worlds II trailer is… umm… well… You be the judge of it.

    Now I’ve really seen it all. The sequel to what could very well be labeled as the worst RPG that this generation of consoles has seen, Two Worlds 2, has now released a teaser site , as well as a brand new in-game trailer to go along with it…... More