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  • Double Cheeseburger Battle - McDonald's v. Burger King

    I was out today with my cousin when he decided to get a double cheeseburger from Burger King. He usually never eats from Burger King, but he reminded me of their TV ad which claimed that their burgers were bigger (and of course, better) than McDonalds'... More
  • Glitching the System

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    Some of my most vivid memories of gaming in my childhood came from the first generation of Pokemon games. I was a kid that got hit by the first wave of the Pokemon tsunami that has successively hit children since 1996. My memories are fond, Pokemon consumed... More
  • Will 3DTV's Be Successful... Or Fail Miserably?

    Just reading the news on GI Online recently, I heard that we will be able to watch TV in 3D as soon as this year. Now this is just my prediction, but I think it's going to fall into the same path as motion controls for video games: it will be considered... More
  • A Great Game To Come!! Spoiler alert

    I just got done playing the recently released demo for the upcoming game Dante's Inferno and I have to say the game demo is great and the game is probably going to be amazing. You start out fighting a couple of soldiers in a castle like structure... More
  • Slay the Dragon: Episode 2(FF VIII + FFVII spoilers included)

    This post will be more about character relationships.... If you've played FF VIII before, you know that Squall and Laguna are related some how, but it's kind of unclear. Some people have stated that Laguna is Squall's Father. While this is... More
  • Salty's Top 10 'OMG' Video Game Moments

    10. Assassin's Creed The Apple It's hard to go into detail about the ending of Assassin's Creed without major plot spoilers. Obviously you get your hands on the artifact in question, but what it does, and how it ties into the ending story... More
  • The best and worst characters in gaming...

    Usually its that one sweet character, good or bad, that makes you remember the game or that loser that keeps you laughing. Here is my top list of heros, villans and the, well, losers in gaming. The Losers- 4. Mid Boss/Vyers (Disgaea series)- First of... More
  • Blue's Decade in Music: 2002

    A Little Introduction: Contrary to the belief of many ignorant people who do not have much justification in their claims that this decade had nothing to offer musically, people overlook fairly quickly the fact that this decade has so much quality to offer... More
  • Where The Hell Did TPD Go?

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  • The Creative Assembly Does it Again

    This is a review for the game Rome:Total War, which oddly enough doesn't show up in GI's game library. I know this is an older game, but it is a milestone in battle strategy history that should not be forgotten as time goes on. Platform PC Concept... More
  • Game Review - Trine

    This review is long overdue as I completed the game quite some time ago. Overall This game is not that well known, but its popularity is growing and for good reason. The game has three characters who essentially act as one. You can switch between any... More
  • 300,000 pounds worth of Stupidity!

    "As a result of a horrific Schmelting accident..." A GOLDEN Wii Check this, ladies and gentlemen: England craftsman Stuart Hughes has finished making a gold, and we are talking 22carat with diamond buttons, solid gold Wii. It's take price... More