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  • My Top Ten Favorite Albums

    I recently got to thinking about some of my favorite music ever, and actually compiled a list of my top ten favorite albums that I've heard thus far. Yes, I know my musical taste will differ from many of you, but we all lead different lives, and different... More
  • Guild Wars 2: Excited?

    A couple of months ago I saw that this game was coming out so I figured I’d hop on the site. Oh. My. God, this game looks amazing. After watching The Guild over XBL Zune/Video Marketplace, I had been looking for an MMO to get back to being immersed... More

    this game is a cheap copy of assassin's creed 2. The game has only 2 things i liked. 1. voice acting: the voice acting was very good it sounded perfect. 2. there was a lot of replay value there are collectibles items and stuff. now for the 2 reasons... More
  • Late Review: Flower

    I just got this game last week at the PS store in the special offers area. The regular price was 9.99 but I got it for 4.99, which is a really good deal. In fact, you get more then you pay. Anyways, so here I am, pondering about the pros and cons about... More
  • Halo 3: ODST---- A review

    Yes, the game came out a while back, but I just want feedback on the review, ect. Halo 3 had an lackluster campaign but ODST completely nullifies anything that Halo 3 did wrong. The story set up is awesome. You are a nameless ODST who is hot dropped into... More
  • The Nook- Not Exactly Ready For Primetime

    This blog was supposed to be about how giving up physical media (which I have done in portable gaming and now reading) is awesome and that if you have a decent internet connection, you should try it out. Well, I was wrong. I received a Nook for Christmas... More

    Ok here's the deal. I am playin the Saboteur, and I'm stuck. There's a mission in the very beginning of Act 2 that has you breaking a guy outta jail. You talk to Margot (old lady), and she basically says that she will only trust you if you... More
  • Band titles that should show up on The Rockband Network

    I was playing my Rockband 2 earlier and I got a little bored so I stopped playing. Then I went to listen to my Itunes when this awsome Van Halen song came on and I thought to myself WTF!! there is absolutely no Van Halen on Rockband. So here is a list... More
  • From Starfox To Battlefield?

    I just want to start off with Happy Holidays to everyone! But, this is just a short idea/blog that I had a while ago when working on my sequels blog. And, just so it's out there, I plan to become a video game designer/developer, so that's why... More
  • What is with the world and destruction movies?

    Ok, so here i am, really bored, surfing the internet. I was reading movie reviews on the internet when suddenly the question struck me: What the hell is with all these destruction/acopolypse movies? Ever since, I don't know, I am Legend, the movie... More
  • Impressions on Assassin's Creed II and LittleBigPlanet...

    As I have posted in my blog, I had an idea I was going to get a PS3 Slim, and I did. I was going to borrow LittleBigPlanet from my sister, but she bought me my own copy, and I love it. I've put about 3-4 hours into the game and now realize what all... More
  • What'd You Get For Christmas?

    I shouldn't have to explain this one, guys. This was the earliest Christmas for me, and my family decided that money upfront might work better than giving me games they think I want. I didn't get any games, but I got $100 as well as about $100... More