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  • Braid confirmed for PS3, coming next week

    Confirming the recent internet rumors that Braid would soon see new life on the Playstation Network, Hothead Games announced today that Braid will be making its over to the PS3 next week. Taking advantage of the expired Xbox exclusivity deal, the developers... More
  • Spector says there are more Deus Ex stories to be told

    It appears that prior to signing the contract to reinvent Disney‘s dying icon, Warren Spector was working on a “spiritual successor” to his long-running Deus Ex franchise, which he had near completion, but just lacked a publisher at... More
  • Nintencats to follow-up on Nintendogs’ success

    They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but puppies have proven to be a much more valuable ally for Nintendo. Selling more than an amazing 20 million copies world-wide, and achieving an (almost impossible to get) prefect score from the famous Japanese... More
  • Next Zelda game to require MotionPlus, says Miyamoto

    According to Nintendo’s mastermind, Shigeru Miyamoto, the next entry in the ever loved Zelda franchise will definitely require the use of the new Wii MotionPlus , stating that the new peripheral will “make you feel much more like you’re... More
  • Game Chicks that can come and kick my butt anytime they want :3

    here we go again with another list, i promise this will be the last one for awhile but this one is meant to be purely ridculous so bear with me on my weird fantasies lol. this is a blog about the types of female game characters that rock for the 09 and... More
  • The life of your death

    Death and taxes are the only things in real life that are certain, right? However, I'm here to talk about the 'death' part in the virtual world. I've noticed that in a lot of games, there are special sequences you can watch merely by dying... More
  • What kind of headset do u use?

    im recently becoming fascinated with gaming headsets. ive had my favs for awhile now so i figure why not blog about them and see who else agrees. now the headset should, in my opinion, reflect the gamer or user. it should be an extention of urself in... More
  • Vintage GI Part 1- A Tribute To Paul

    28 13
    Wow, this one is a real lunker! The Game Informer community knew him as Teh PuAL or more affectionately, "P." His Game Informer handles were "The Pro Player" and "The Game Professor". He started as a fresh writer from 1992... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 4: The walruses have been captured! :O

    Lance peas awoke from his unconsciousness. He was in a dark room. He looked around. Darkness. Suddenly, a light came on. He was in a room. With walruses (and narwhals) in it. "I'm scared" said one of them. Lance peas was scared deep down... More
  • DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    12 1
    Psylocke, Carnage, Black Panther, Cable, and Magneto. I wonder why they didn't put them in earlier. $9.99? Really? So $70 is what I will spent for this game? For what? 5 new characters, some new simulator campaigns, and probably some new Trophies... More
  • You Are Not Yourself

    I have been reading King Lear. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it revolves around the life of King Lear after he splits the kingdom of Albion among two of his three daughters. From that point, many heavy themes are presented, and among... More
  • Puzzle Quest

    9 1
    This is every bit of an RPG in every way. The main character's journey from training to the finale battle is well done. Lots of drama, and some humor as well. You will travel the land in search of your missing people while taking on side quests and... More