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  • Duke Nukem’s Biggest Battle Yet – Facing His Looming Release Date…

    When I post a blog, I try and reflect my position, one way or the other; left or right; right or wrong, popular or not...but I at least try and take a firm position on the matter. Nobody wants to read a lukewarm, middle of the road, wishy washy perspective... More
  • Video Games and Parents: A Current Problem

    I see it all the time, especially around the holidays. Innocent parents, walking into a Gamestop, and looking like a lost child. Whatever they're looking for, you know they're not gonna find it without help. Fortunately, the sales associate offers... More
  • Hawk reviews: Mirror's Edge (PS3)

    This may not seem like a huge deal to anyone familiar with the fighting or beat 'em up genre, but when the most comparable example would be Call of Duty's automatic knifing, it sure looks impressive. Just make sure not to take on more than one enemy at a time.... More
  • Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Playing Video Games

    One of my favorite things to do while playing video games is to listen to music. As long as the mic isn't needed or there is a story line. Game like Littlebigplanet 2 how ever have some of the greatest music I have heard in a game and therefore don't... More
  • No Left Handed FPS's?

    This is my first blog, so please don't roast me if it's not that good/ well executed. I just wanted to address something I've noticed and get some opinions. But anyway, here it goes: From the day I bought my Xbox, I've been playing first... More
  • Is It Really That Time?

    Last night I just pre-ordered my 3DS on Amazon . It was crazy to think that this highly advanced devise was only $250, and no glasses for the 3D effect. As you could probably imagine, I bought it in a flash and was planing on getting one more Aqua Blue... More
  • Playing Devil's Advocate *UPDATE*

    This has been a busy week for me.There have been a lot of topics I've read about that have sparked a desire for me to blog about, but I've been struggling to find the time. So, while sitting by myself at work, I have made several notes regarding... More
  • The Business Perspective

    What companies don't realize these days is that they are a service to the community. They exist to make the community better for the greater good of living. If a business is in it just for the money, they aren't for the common good of the community... More
  • Why Black Ops isn't fun.

    When Black Ops first came out, everyone was talking about it and everybody had it, except for me. I didn't have the money for it at the time, and figured I could wait a bit. Almost less than a month later a lot of my friends were complaining how boring... More
  • Pyschology in video games: Let's keep it subtle

    I have a slight issue when it comes to psychology in video games. The problem lies in the extremes, this doesn't always happen, but it happens enough to be an issue. At a certain point though, you can call any stereotyping an issue, as most stereotypes... More
  • Free browser based games MMORPG

    Many individuals and players that take active half in enjoying browser primarily based MMORPG video games take these video games for granted. Most of those browser based games even after being performed on an array of cross browsers, still lack correct... More
  • Blogger of The Week Part One: Koob24

    On my Wednesday edition of my blog I gave out a fairly easy video game trivia question, and promised whomever sent me the answer would get an interview with me and a full-length plug on my blog. I believe it was along the lines of: What was the frog's... More