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  • The tale of nothingness

    One day, a man named Dobo was busy counting the weeds in his lawn, when he discovered something. A big fat ball with a walrus on it. Dobo took the ball and wen't bowling with it. Just then, a group of walrus's came. They were discussing who would... More
  • Name change.

    This is more of a generaliized post. I haven't gone anywhere's, i just changed my name. I know i don't have to say this to the old user's, but i thought i'd be polite, and let the new guy's know. If someone's on your friendlist... More
  • It's Not a Console War, Let Me Explain:

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    I know at face value, many of you probably disagree with the title of this post. So, I'm going to try and explain this as clearly as possible with lots of metaphors and pictures. You following so far? First off, this generation is not a console war... More
  • Man blames Silent Hill for blacking out hospital, says he was looking for a toothbrush

    Silent Hill isn't a game we see at the center of a "games made me do it" controversy very often, but appereantly a thirty-five-year-old man claims that Konami's psychological horror game inspired him to not only break into a hospital... More
  • Relic's console-exclusive Warhammer 40k: Space Marine may still see a PC release

    Relics announcement of its action RPG Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine being a console-exclusive game has undoubtedly made many dedicated PC gamers very upset. But who can really blame them for wanting what appears to be an intriguing new direction in a... More
  • Fans aren't the only ones excited over ZOE sequel, staffers going crazy too!!!

    A ton of fans got excited when Hideo Kojima released a statement saying that making a sequel to Zone of the Enders was on the top of his priorities list. But it seems that members of general public weren't the only ones who got anxiously over-excited... More
  • Are Video Games Art? The Long Running Debate From A Gamers Perspective

    Art, who decides what is and what isn't art. Many people look at a movie, comic book, paintings, sculptures, music, and even nature for the matter and call it "artistic" or it has an "artistic style". But when someone try's... More
  • I have to pay for avatar accessories?

    Now this might be ancient news for most of you, but I have not turned my Xbox on for at least 3 months, maybe more since I was playing through several RPGs on the PS2. So when I logged in for the first time in several months I noticed some subtle updates... More
  • special thanks

    i just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to my friends on here, thanks for following me and u can look forward to many more blogs and reviews of craziness to come. More
  • Proper Game Fuel. volume 1.

    now let us tak a moment to look at the eating habits of a gamer who is in it for the long hauled weekend ahead. one must be worried with formality or paper napkins but the old wornout shirt that has all the names of his friends signatures on it from high... More
  • Violent games and their effects

    Well I'm doing a research paper and I decided to do, do violent games effect children? I mean personally, I would rather have my kid killing things on a game instead of on the street killing things. Do I personally believe they do? Hell no, I used... More
  • the zone 40.... what is this non sense!!!??

    what the heck is this!!! i mean ive seen sum ridiculous crap in my time and ive seen sum obsurd knock offs before, but this, the "ZONE 40"? they couldnt do better than that? seems kinda desperate dont u think, i mean dont get me wrong i understand... More