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  • Generational Bias: Extremely Late But Still Relevant Thoughts on the New Pokémon

    New Pokémon are hard to get used to. In fact, they're supposed to be: "Even if people say they don't look like Pokémon at first, they're designed so that they grow on you. As you look at it, it begins to look more like a... More
  • What Gaming Means To Me...

    Have you ever heard the song "Time Won't Let Me Go" by The Bravery? If you haven't listen to it now. I know it's a bit emo. It got me thinking about all the different events in my life. Surprisingly, a lot of my fondest memories... More
  • Medal of Honor - Review

    If Metacritic is to be believed Medal of Honor is a game that received overall positive reviews with a fair share of mixed reviews. Personally, I think that’s calling it a bit generous simply because I don’t exactly find a 60 to be a mixed... More
  • What Playstation 1 game(s) should I get?

    Okay, so I've been considering getting some old games for my Playstation 1. Tell me what you think of the game, especially considering the price point, and the condition, as well as playability and difficulty. I do like all of the sequels of these... More
  • Thunderstorms continue to light up Southern California

    3 Latest trend across Los Angeles is the storm system moving through the area. Southern California is reporting a lot of lightning and heavy rainfall... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 5

    UPDATE: GIO member, Hist has shared the link to Robot in the Corner several times on his Twitter page. That got me thinking - Robot in the Corner should have a Twitter page! Follow us on Twitter: I also purchased a domain for... More
  • My online experience......Call of Duty 4..figures.

    I have never been an online gamer.No matter how many times some of my friends tried to get me into it,I never tried it.My main reason cuz I knew most games were full of cheaters and stuff.But then my friend(squadpork PS network and a professional player... More
  • Storage shed wonders (original game boy edition)

    Several weeks ago I had promised my Dad that I would meet him for breakfast and then help him clean out the storage shed. Last Saturday we put this plan into action, and the outcome was the biggest rush of nostalgia I've had since a weekend of downloading... More
  • Top 5 Horror Heroines

    So Halloween is my favorite time of year. It's the only time other than ComicCon where i can where my Samus costume without looking strange, plus it is the best time for horror movies. I got the idea for this from the most recent issue of Revolver... More
  • The NPD Console sales

    I was wondering where the NPD sales were Hiding. Halo saves the day and the battle between hard copy and digital sales Dan Gallagher , MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Video game sales fell during the month of September, disappointing analysts... More
  • Video game stock profile EA

    Meet the EA stock activity for the last 6 months Looks very shakey doesn't it? Is it worth investing in the short term? long term? Or at all? on the bright side the stock is recovering it's losses. Here is EA's profile After Hours: 15.75 0... More
  • Interesting login problems

    After years of using the laggy Internet Explorer, I finally decided that enough was enough; I had to find a new web browser. First, I tried FireFox. After a week of constant computer problems and lock ups, I uninstalled it, afraid that if I downloaded... More