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  • What the future holds for Sony's PSP: Some conspiracy theories by the grouchy old dude.

    Sony has got a ace up their sleeve. They have let photos of the Play station phone "slip" out to the press. We have this photo of the new "phone station portable". It has arrow buttons, the normal action buttons, and some touch sensitive... More
  • The Key to Motion Controller Success – Emulate Arcade Shooters…

    I wouldn't say I'm an expert authority on wait...yes I would. I am an expert in the field of arcades, at least inasmuch as I was there when they sprouted up everywhere; I was there when they closed up shop and went out of business;... More
  • The Quest: Part 2

    Raz looked over at Shaun, “what was that.” “It was probably just a rabbit. Shoot an arrow at the bush and we can have it for breakfast tomorrow.” Then a girl jumped out from the bush “Ahh! Don’t shoot.” Raz jumped... More
  • January 18th, My 2nd Birthday

    So if you own a PS3 you must agree with me. January 18th has the two great games coming out and they're not hiding it. Mass Effect 2 and Littlebigplanet 2. I've already preordered LBP2 Special Edition and that day I'm making my way to gamestop... More
  • (UPDATED 02/16) Minecraft Beta Get-Together!

    Minecraft GI-Dedicated Server! (*insert number of participants*) (IP Coming Soon!) Senior Admins Ultrasound180 (EzioTheFeared) BlockMania (BlockMania) -------- Moderators Giga-Gamil (GigaGamil) -------- Members ttam01 (ttam01) xXViking11Xx (?) LazerNarwhal... More
  • Are Gamers Too Spoiled?

    Do we live our lives through constant complaints and negativity, rather than enjoying the wonders that modern gaming has brought us? Jim Sterling is a rather controversial figure in Games Media. In fact, the couple of times I've heard him, I've... More
  • A list of the games I've beat in 2010

    Phil Kollars blog was very interesting, he made a list of all the games he completed and made mini reviews for all of them. I thought I'd copy his idea and make my own little list. I couldn't hope to remember every game I beat but I'll try... More
  • Games That Take Skill: Mega Man (overview)

    The second game I ever played in my life. I toyed with these games all my life and a few of them I have yet to beat (Wiley's Revenge). Some would argue that this franchise is the king of side scrollers, perhaps second only to Mario. These games are... More
  • Cheaters

    After reading the comments on my blog My First Rage Quit (ha,shameless plug) I decided to take God Of Irony 's idea and actually do it. To turn it into a poster. Besides what's below there isn't much else to this blog.. Sorry.(yeah, it's... More
  • HD Remakes and My Opinions on Them

    Well it has been about a month since I made a blog and after overcoming writer' block through a combination of black magic, horseradish, and a 24 pack of Coke, I came up with a topic. I wanted to express my thoughts on the ever growing trend of old... More
  • You mean I have to pay real money for fake storage space? (Lord of the Rings Online and the Micro transaction Model)

    Some thoughts on micro-transactions: having to pay for some things is annoying. Take bag space; I do not want to have to pay real money so I can store more "torn hides." It's aggravating, but I'm resisting to the death paying for more... More
  • Confessions of A Cheap Gamer Part Two: The Trophy Collection

    I have a confession: I have never gotten 100 percent of trophies or acheivements on any game... ever. There... I said it. I am not an trophy hunter. In fact, I haven't even gotten close to getting 100 percent on a game. Just by default playing a game... More