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  • Devil May Cry

    11 1
    so after owning the game for about...4 or 5 years, i finally decided that i needed to beat the *** thing. when i first purchased the game i got all the way to the last boss and tried several times to beat him but it seemed impossible. now that i'm... More
  • The Love For A Video Game Character

    You all know that you at least once loved a video game character. From ditsy and hyper-active characters like Princess Peach from Mario Bros. or Zidane from Final Fantasy IX, to cool, calculated, cold-as-ice characters like Solid Snake from Metal Gear... More
  • Community Update 12.18.09

    Hey guys. I hate to start off with bad news, but this will be the last Community Update until after the holidays. Due to some senior thesis nonsense and a few other holiday happenings, I'll be taking a month-long break from Community Update and blogging... More
  • Movie Roundup #6

    Hey, what the heck, I wasn't planning to do anything this week but let's do another one of these. Linda Linda Linda (Nobuhiro Yamashita, 2005) A lighthearted coming of age Comedy that's as charmingly simple and emotionally resonant as a three... More
  • AC1 story

    I know this might be a lot to ask, but I'm getting AC2 for Christmas, and I don't have time to play the first one. I've heard the narrative is really good, wiht a lot of twists. Anybody wanna fill me in? Details, please. SPOILER ALERT!!!!... More
  • 12 Days of Christmas Movies: Day 6

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation : 9.5/10 It's Day 6 already of our 12 day movie marathon. I can't believe I've survived 6 nights at Brandon's house. It's not that it's a pit or anything, but it smells really bad. But... More
  • Border Transitions Vol.1

    Just finished the design for my friends recent dj mix. Tell me what you all think. To here this set click on the following link: Border Transitions Vol.1 More
  • The Top 10 Most Unintentionally Scariest Moments Of All Time

    Sometimes, the scariest stuff are the stuff that wasn't even supposed to be scary at all. Why? Because it just takes you by surprise. Sometimes, things that were supposed to be sweet and innocent end up in the wrong hands and end up being scarier... More
  • two more new characters from ff xiii unveiled

    yup you got it after cid was announced two new sanctum characters were announced in japan. these two new guys are part of the sanctum tangent and are the mian opposition of the game. not much has arisen as to what their roles will be in the game but they... More
  • My bronze blog (no, I'm not going to go on and on about how awesome I am)

    8 1
    I just hit lvl 5, so now since my blogs get on the front page, I'd like to discuss a topic and actually get some comments. The topic is the rise of pointless multiplayer modes in games. I recently saw in issue 201 that Dead Space 2 is adding a multiplayer... More
  • Rio

    "I am but another casualty of Rio." I came home for the winter break from college, and I helped my friend film for her last film project. I had a good time. Advanced screening. ;) We were rehearsing some lines in a classroom, but we also decided... More
  • The 10 worst trophies/achievements of '09

    31 3
    Alright, I know I promised the ten best and the ten worst, but due to a suggestion by a member I have a lot of respect for I scaled this down for the ten worst. I fully admit that I do not have a much knowledge as some others, but here is my take on the... More