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  • Gaming Is Not A Crime…

    I watched an interesting documentary by Frontline on Netflix today. It was called “Growing Up Online” and basically asked “just how radically is the Internet transforming the experience of childhood?” While the documentary seemed... More
  • My favorite video games ever made!

    These are not made in any order. 10. Battlefield BAd Company 2. Good guns, funny characters, and good graphics! 9. Timesplitters Future Perfect. Bots, local multiplayer, funny characters and mapmaker! 8. SSX3. Good characters, nice graphics and fun snowboarding... More
  • Pics of my Champion bloodline Blue Pitbull Sire

    My buddy holding Sire Sires puppy pics Him playin tug of war, he still hasnt locked on his toys yet. More
  • Great Sequences: Episode V

    "Games should be measured by the moments within them. Moments make a game memorable, they stick with you, and it burns in your mind forever.” Welcome back to another edition of Great Sequences. This week I will talk about a game, that I spent... More
  • Flip or Flop #2 Zombie land review

    Zombies are the menacing, flesh eating, *** filled, malformed, etc. pop culture punching bag of the decade. At first I had little hope for this flick as many movies that flop are centered around zombies or other generic creepy creatures that stalk the... More
  • Why can't Timesplitters come out again!

    Timesplitters was a game series that many people have never heard of. This is really unfortunate, because Timesplitters was one of the best game series ever created. It had Bots, local multiplayer, lots of cool guns, AND mapmaker. Plus, it had funny characters... More
  • Why I may be buying a Xbox 360 Slim.

    As its already been leaked in a Chinesse forum, the 360 Slim has already bought me! As you can see, the fan is made by Cool Master which is a really nice case/fan company imo, so RROD I don't think is an option for 360 Slim. PLUS it has a built in... More
  • About Personal "Classics" and Nostalgia

    Excuse me if I become hard to follow. Sometimes I tend to ramble. I enjoy writing and I have at least a somewhat decent skill with putting together letters and symbols to flow in a way that people find appealing or informative. Or that's what they... More
  • Converting Trophies to Achievements

    After reading this post on the forums here, I got to thinking what my gamerscore would be if I took all my trophies and coverted them into points. This is just something for fun, and not really serious, but as a sort of bonus for this I'll detail... More
  • Mass Effect 2: Ah, yes.... "Reapers".

    Sovereign had the worst job ever... no lying. In fact I think that all of the reapers we've seen thus far have been either outcasts or janitors in the Reaper hierarchy and here's my reasoning for this: why would you be stuck in a galaxy monitoring... More
  • The Inevitable List - My Top 10* Favorite Games

    I don't have anything to say about these games (that hasn't been said a thousand times already.) I just want to share my favorites with everyone (who doesn't?) With that said, here's my list: 10. Shadow of the Colossus Epic. 9. Street... More
  • Reminiscence: Four Years After Afghanistan

    27 2
    As many of you know, I served in the Army for 5 years. During this time I deployed to Afghanistan once and missed out on a deployment to Iraq due to a back injury (that later led to my discharge from the military). For me, this time of my life was a huge... More