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  • Wanted: Clans

    Hey guys. I want to join a few clans and start a ton. Hopefully you will join me in this great adventure. Clans Modern Warfare 2 Name: wepwnyou System:PS3 How to join: Go to and join Black Ops Name: wepwnyourops System... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 9

    This is a grey-grey choice. In games where you can choose between third- and first-person, which do you normally play in? Wow, that's short. If I keep it that short, then everyone'll rag on me for creating such a teeny-weeny blog. How should I... More
  • Austin's 2010 Christmas List

    Black Friday is less than a month away. So I'd like to present to 2010 Christmas list. Here it is, and my over-estimated price sum of it all is $570. 1. Brand-New Wireless N Adapter for Xbox 360 from GameStop- $90 2.12-month Xbox LIVE Gold... More
  • I'm afraid to inform you master that the odds of TOR failing are precisely 3,780 to one!

    "The Old Republic will fail! It has no chance of succeeding!", cries rival game-developer Bigpoint. Oh, really? I beg to differ. This is something that I have pondered for a while now. Will TOR be good? Will it be great? Will it succeed with... More
  • is dysfunctional, anyone else having trouble?

    Update : Problem solved, Google Chrome rules. Also I apologize for posting this in a blog rather than the forums as it was so "kindly" brought to my attention. This isn't meant to be some sort of epic blog. Just a short question to find... More
  • I had a weird dream...

    about there being an obscure series of mystery comedy films staring Michael C. Hall, Steve Martin, and someone who was either Cedric the entertainer, Sinbad, or Berny Mac, or maybe it was all three, I just know it was weird, and was like a "flashback"... More
  • A League of Extraordinary Gamers…

    Let me preface this blog with a brief explanation how I came up with these ten categories of gamers.'s just an arbitrary number that I decided on. No, it's true. I picked it right out of the ethereal expanse (fancy word for - air...I picked... More
  • A look into gaming piracy/ console modification and the effects it has on the industry.

    WARNING: This is the most longest blog I've written.But its deals with a constent thorn in the game industrys side.Its called game piracy.Piracy has been around for a long time and in this poor economy it seems most people are pirating games in order... More
  • What Makes a Good Sidekick?

    The sidekick the second banana, the Luigi,Clank, Daxter,Murray, Alyx Vance, and all the other major sidekicks, but what makes them good? After pondering I though I would take a shot at what I think makes a sidekick good in a game. I don't think that... More
  • GIO Member Herding - The Reunion Part 1

    It's finally here! The first ever Member Herding Reunion blog. Yes, it's true. The Member Herding blog Part 20 is a tribute to former GIO Forum Members that have been previously spotlighted, all selected by various members of the GIO community... More
  • My Kinect Impressions: A Brief Review


    After spending hours in the rain and having my windshield wipers break I have gotten Kinect.

    How does it hold up? Well I give my brief impressions and take a look at the basics of Kinect; talking about the some of the neat things you can do like navigating through menus exciting!

    I well as talking about Kinectimals the most disgustingly cute game ever . Kinect Adventures the only game that you need to sign a waver in order to play.

    Does it hold up? Is Kimect the next big think? Find out In this brief blog about my time with kinect.

    ... More
  • Girl gamers......Why some guys need to shut the hell up and let them game in peace!!!!

    22 2
    Hey guys back from another day in the online lobbys of Modern Warfare. And as the title suggest I had(or heard) a infuriating experience in the game lobbys. It all started when I logged in and when for some good ol team deathmatch. After waiting some... More