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  • A Closer look at May's Cover

    I've already read this issue through nearly twice. It's bathroom reading and new stuff gets pretty scarce toward the delivery of the next issue, so today I decided to really take a close look at the cover at to really get a sense of appreciation... More
  • Word to Your Mother...

    As you know, or hopefully know…today is Mother’s Day…so as I set out to write a blog, I wanted to keep that in mind and possibly make it the theme…but I quickly realized of all the character types we have witnessed in our video... More
  • 1337 recruiting

    Well me and some friends have made a call of XBL MW2 clan 1337 and we are mostly intrested in team tactical members include Sgt Buzzob, ninjagamer86, Dead Perenials (Probational), BBeastB and Sportstar1196. If your intrested send a message to Sgt Buzzob... More
  • Game Soundtracks

    Am I the only person who would rather have a good soundtrack in my game then have good graphics? I feel like the music in games is an integral part to the whole experiance. It just seems that nowadays developers focus more on the graphics than the sound... More
  • Everybody Loves Surprises...

    A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how I didn’t like scary games…surprisingly, I wasn’t alone as a number of the replies indicated a similar attitude. Today I’m going to blog about surprises. I love surprises. And by surprises... More
  • The Trouble with........Difficulty

    You think your up to the challenge, you think you can defeat even the smartest elite, so you put Halo on Legendary, what do you find, the A.I. may be just a little smarter but what else happens? You allies apparently have recently recieved a lobotomy... More
  • SergeantLuke's Top 10 Game Consoles

    I think it’s pretty obvious to say that if not for video game consoles, there’d be no video games. But consoles are more than just hunks of plastic and metal that can play games; check any gaming forum or YouTube video, and you’ll find... More
  • Irrational Behavior Podcast

    Well the season of Irrational Behavior is up, concluding after the reveal of Bioshock: Infinite. It was an awesome podcast and definitely one of my favorites. I have the links below to a couple episodes so check them all out. -- New Irrational Behavior... More
  • Rogue Warrior Review (Xbox 360)

    Rogue Warrior Rebellion is not a newcomer to video games. They have made several successful games, most notably the Aliens versus Predator games. However, in recent years, they have been doing poorly. Rogue Warrior takes that statement to the extreme... More
  • Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Review (Xbox 360)

    Sacred 2 Fallen Angel The first Sacred was not the best RPG on the market. It never was and it never will be. Sacred 2 puts that thought right back in your mind, but not without giving you a (somewhat) enjoyable experience along the way. Sacred, like... More
  • When Bad Really Means Bad...

    I was at Best Buy tonight…not really looking for anything in particular but scanning the racks of PC games to see if something might have snuck under the RADAR. You can usually tell which games are good (or not) by the price. A sub $20 game is... More
  • The War on Piracy

    Today in the article posted about Iwata not releasing any information on the piracy protection I kept thinking why aren't more developers like this? If you do not release information about the security of the system then there are no problems right... More