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  • When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Whip Out a Crossbow...

    I dropped the ball. I realized a day or so ago that I never publicized a way to pick someone for this week's Member Herding blog. Not only that, I had a brilliant idea that would result in a "first" for this blog series, but I didn't... More
  • Preparing For Hibernation.

    It's that time of year again. The days are growing shorter. The temperature is getting colder. The outdoor tasks are coming to a point where they just can't be done. Yes ladies and gents its nearly winter time. This is my favorite time of year... More
  • A gamer's nostalgia (Super 'what were they thinking !?' Super Show!)

    Martinez, Ga... Martinez Elementary School... 1989... after the last bell. Here comes the rush! As soon as I get outside of school , my mom will be waiting there to pick me up and take me back to the house. Back to a safe haven where I could ignore homework... More
  • TOGNick Presents: Bloggers

    Blogging is one of those rare phenomenons that have occurred thanks to the worlds greatest invention: The Internet. It allows those from all across the world to share their ideas with the masses. I had dabble myself with blogging when I learned that Myspace... More
  • PC Games as Art -- Communal Creation in The Dark Mod

    I sometimes like to go on about how PC gaming is superior to consoles. Okay, fine, the mere mention of a comparison between them will probably send me off on a rant. I think consoles are obnoxiously expensive given their extremely specialized functionality... More
  • Custom GI Avatars

    38 4
    remember this guy, the old default avatar for Well one day I got bored and messes with this image to sort of make it my own and I came out with this . Then, I became bored again and decided to make some more of these based off of video... More
  • OnLive will be "Dead in the Water"

    -(person is not dead) Video game company OnLive announced the "cloud-based" instant-to-play console is available for pre-order with delivery beginning on Dec. 2.The console is going to be $99. Games may then be tested for free (only for a short... More
  • Nostalgic gaming.....Part 1

    Hey guys whats up?Anyway as the title says I'm gonna go back to some of the games of yesteryear.The reason?Well my inner retro geek started talking and he won't shut up.Unlike my other blog which just said what retro games mean to me, I'm... More
  • Developers, check your games!

    Hey everybody! Did anyone here pick up Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood this week? Me too! Too bad I can't play it anymore... I've encountered an extremely weird glitch in which I can't continue my single player story. This is extremely outrageous... More
  • Games That Take Skill: Halo Reach

    As many of you have said, games of the past and present are two different animals. Some will argue that the games of yesterday were superior while others will claim that progress is progression for the better. Whatever your position on the issue we can... More
  • Black Ops Map Nuketown is the bomb...

    From time to time within the gaming industry, the professional journalists, the independent freelancers and the wannabe writers like me will post articles about the best maps from the popular shooter topping the charts that particular day. It's not... More
  • It's Good to be a Bioware Junkie!! (you get bunches of games)

    Bioware has released a teaser, claiming that they are going to reveal a new game at the upcoming awards. Teaser can be viewed here . Now, there has been much hoopla, speculation, and wonder about this game. Is it an FPS? Is it a new, cutting edge RPG... More