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  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 23

    Episode 23 is available now. This week, we talk about Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Firefly & Nathan Fillion, The Cape's villain contest, and downloadable games. We also share our impressions of four player co-op in Little Big Planet 2. Break... More
  • Duke Nukem: Savior of Shooters

    Some time ago, I read an article on Gamesradar where the writer was insisting that Duke Nukem Forever's twelve year delay was beneficial for the game. I read the article and continued on with life. However, once I thought about the arguments put forth... More
  • From Player to Professional – My Quest to Work in the Video Game Industry Vol. 2…

    I'm back with the next part in my series that chronicles my quest to work in the video game industry. If you recall in part 1, I referred to a book titled Level Up: The Guide to Great Video Game Design written by Scott Rogers and discussed the concept... More
  • Overcoming the odds - when gamers do the impossible.

    We've all had moments like these. Like a small kitten being ambushed by a stray dog in a dark alley, we're backed into a corner. But just as the situation seems hopeless. When a loss seems inevitable. When a checkpoint might have to be reloaded... More
  • Stuck In The Past

    Greetings to everybody here in GameInformer Online Community! First of all, I would like to begin by telling you how it all started for me, how I became a gamer. Back in 1994, our family first got a Dingo. This console, that was using yellow cartridges... More
  • Range: S1 Part 6

    Alphonse awoke in the morning to an alarm that sounded more unpleasant then ever. He was covered in bruises and his whole body ached. He was starting to wonder if this whole thing was even worth it. Even stranger, he wasn’t even sure if he knew... More
  • Why Bulletstorm Shatters the FPS Mold

    "Big Ole' Middle Finger" Epic and People Can Fly's newest title has hit the gaming world in the nuts and kicked us in the face with crude humor, violence beyond words and just plain effing fun. I myself have fallen in love with this... More
  • {Update}Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 2


    The second episode of GIOR! We've got Cody Bauman and Hist, but we also have a few issues.That brings up the question: Which is better? Only one way to find out! Also, contest winners and a new contest!

    ... More
  • How to Guide: the xbox 360 e74 fix

    Many dedicated gamers out there have experienced the xbox 360 e74 error. You may wonder if there is an e74 fix that you can do yourself to reclaim your system. Perhaps you would rather not send it in to Microsoft for two weeks. Maybe it is a simple problem... More
  • Buying Air Hockey Tables For Kids

    In an age where girls and boys get the majority of their amusement through a television set, ipad tablet, iPhone, portable DVD player or another screened gizmo, people all over the world are seeking in-home entertainment intended to promote superior family... More
  • Installing Wii Homebrew Channel Is It Safe?

    For many people, the Wii Homebrew Channel can be an interesting feature that can enhance the amount of enjoyment and pleasure that a person can get from their gaming channel. What they might not realize, is that there are different means for accessing... More
  • 7Th Guest Windows Now On Windows XP Vista And 7!

    The Seventh Guest Game will be performed by roaming by way of a mansion, solving reasoning vague ideas as well as viewing video tutorials that further the tale. The primary villain, Mom Stauf, is definitely an ever-present nuisance, laughing at the player... More