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  • PC Games as Art -- "I'll have the Mafia II with a side of guilt."

    There are basically two broad plot arcs in the organized crime genre that tend to do well, given a little inspiration and talent on the writer’s part. We’ll nickname them the Scarface and the Godfather for the convenience’s sake, though... More
  • Game reviews are useless to me.I'm gonna explain why.

    As the titles says above.This next blog concerns the subject of video game reviews.Basically a practice thats like a rating system which tells you if a game is good or not.And these can break a game if given a lower score.But I find these to be completly... More
  • Beware of the Noob

    15 2
    Game Informer has proven itself to be my favorite site and magazine for all my gaming info, news, reviews, videos etc. time and time again. I love this site, and the community it provides, for the most part. I have made many good friends here and have... More
  • Is Ghost Recon Future Soldier Bankrupt?

    This is not the blog I had planned tonight. But it is a topic I had on my mind ever since the news broke that Ghost Recon Future Soldier was delayed again and that Ubisoft is posting some huge losses in their latest financial report. Well, the blog I... More
  • Does Black Ops Take Things Too Far?

    A recent discussion-prompting article on the GIO website asked the question "Does Call of Duty: Black Ops take violence and gore too far?" Rather than answer that question in one meaningless sentence and watch the ravenous hordes of members... More
  • Modern Warfare 2 - R.I.P. (When to Pull the Plug on Old Video Games)...

    So now that Black Ops is whirling around in the drives of millions of gamers around the world, I have to wonder about the fate of Modern Warfare 2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big supporter of the game and I realize it's probably holding... More
  • The Pokemon Dilemma: Sweet or Geek?

    When I was 11 I bought Pokemon Diamond. I enjoyed the game very much, being as it was a solid RPG game. My brother, however, also bought a Pokemon game: Pokemon Platinum. While I enjoyed my game, he fell head over heels for his. It was at this point when... More
  • A Body of Investigators... give us True Reviews

    Where does one start? I've been gone from the community eye for a very long time. I lost my interest, I must say... and I moved on to things that I have a great deal of passion for (I've been unfairly spending 90% of my free time on writing websites... More
  • My renewed love for Star fox and my memories with him.

    Hey everyone whats up?*waves* Anyway I just got back into a series I haven't played in a VERY long time.Yup...its Star fox.After a long time out of my gaming time the fox pilot has finally gotten back into my game life.Anyway I want to look back to... More
  • Gaming's Top Five Pipe Dream Titles: Because I Can['t]

    The definition of a 'pipe dream' is a fantastic hope that's nearly impossible to achieve, a term originating back in the 19 th century to describe what opium smokers would experience. But even without opium, we all have are little pipe dreams... More
  • Black Ops – Yet Another Controversy?

    Black Ops has literally inspired a handful of blog ideas for me. This is just one of them... It seems like ages ago since everyone was up in arms over the whole Medal of Honor - Taliban debate, an issue that escalated to the point it made the national... More
  • 1 Year in GIO

    It has been about one year since I joined GIO Online. To celebrate, I composed my favorite blogs from the past. Enjoy This is my first... More