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  • Is Final Fantasy really neccesary anymore?

    Ok let's get this right out in the open, I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, and also don't get me wrong I really enjoy these games, but something has been bugging me for some time....the Title. Sure when you see Final Fantasy you see a brand, you... More
  • The Golden Years of Gaming...

    While perusing a website dedicated to providing the latest and greatest in video game downloads, I had a twinge of excitement when I noticed the GoldenEye: Source Beta 3 announcement and download. The highly anticipated GoldenEye: Source BETA 3 has officially... More
  • My Experience With Risen (Xbox port)

    Well I cant be bothered doing a review for Risen so I thought id just share my experiences of playing it. I havnt read anything about Risen, only seen a few videos and heard some things so this is all from the perspective of some one who knows very little... More
  • Bioshock 2 plot idea

    *MILD SPOILERS* When playing Bioshock 2, I took the high road. I saved little sisters, and spared the lives of those who I had a great reason to kill. I knew that playing the angel would lead to some rewards down the road, and I deduced from playing the... More
  • The evolution of gaming

    What was gaming? We now know it as Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, and Metroid Prime, but once these games were the ideas of crazy dev teams who didn't have the tech to do such masterpieces. Once gaming was about slow moving stories, interesting puzzles... More
  • The Pet Peeve of Unoriginality

    It's hard to believe it when I've seen it so many times without noticing. Perhaps I am just insane and I have read one too many posts on a forum – there is no justification for getting upset at ignorance on the internet of all things. Perhaps... More
  • Gaming Expenses = Sadness

    (THIS IS COMING FROM A 15 YEAR OLD! IF YOU ARE OLDER AND HAVE A WELL PAYING JOB FEEL FREE TO READ, BUT DON'T JUDGE) Well guys, this is completely opinionated (I guess). After a day of anticipation of getting a new game for my xbox 360, I was disappointed... More
  • Climb To The Top Of The Castle

    I recently heard about this game from the Indie Game Challenge, and the hand drawn art style makes the game look really charming. Two-Brothers really shines with this title; definitely worth a look. I also read somewhere that the game might make the jump... More
  • 34 Random and Thoughtful Ways to be Annoying

    * Holler random numbers while someone is counting. * Make appointments for the 31st of September. * Invite lots of people to other people's parties. * Send fifty copies of this list to everyone you know. * Call in sick, then show up. * Do not add... More
  • Parents and Video games

    I love my parents. However, sometimes parents fail to understand or even try to understand video games or gamers as a whole. My dad for the most part does not really care. He does not play video games, but he does not see any problem with them either... More
  • What I've been playing lately

    Lately I've gotten over my Modern Warfare 2 addiction, and gone back to balancing my time between my games. I'm currenty juggling: Modern Warfare 2 Halo 3 Burnout Paradise Red Faction: Guerilla and Skate 2 (can't wait for skate 3!) I swear... More
  • The Little Portable Gaming Device that Could…

    I’m sure people buy portable gaming devices for various reasons; when you can’t take your primary gaming system with you (like on an airplane); to keep the kids entertained out in public; to have something to do when you’re using the... More