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  • Goal Check: Week 10 - complete with prize rankings

    THIS IS GOAL CHECK!! Now that that’s established let’s get down to business. Last week I mentioned a point system that I wanted to start implementing into my weekly Goal Checks. With the idea that the commenters of this blog get five points... More
  • EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Rumored upcoming titles for Sony's NGP! A grouchy old dude report.

    Good morning sports fans, and how are we today? Well today while hunting around the web, I happened to come across some very juicy tidbits about Sony's new hand held wonder: The NGP. (A sight to behold) For those that have been sleeping under a rock... More
  • A Year of Game Stops (MAR)…

    The quest continues. Three months ago I decided to start a new blog series where I would visit a different GameStop - take a few pictures, jot down some notes...casually observe the atmosphere and report my findings in the form of a blog. If the opportunity... More
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - My Time on the Disabled List

    Professional athletes have to put up with a lot, not least of which is the always-present risk of injury. Not only are these painful, but they prevent the athlete from playing the game. I've never been an MLG gamer, and probably never will be, but... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: Anberlin

    You guys are in for a real treat today. Today's band is another one of my favorites (I know it seems like I say that a lot, but that is a topic for another day). This band has consistently delivered quality and maturity with each album and never fails... More
  • Getting To The Action

    I've heard a lot of games receive praise from the gaming media recently for doing a good job of getting players to the action more quickly. In particular Bulletstorm and Homefront are two recent games that both start with exciting set piece moments... More
  • The Confusion Blog

    Confusing this blog topic of mine is for you see I'm writing this one on a piece of paper (And then typing it down on Microsoft word) it came to me when I was dosing off into sleep after I had seen a picture of a shirt that made me laugh... Are you... More
  • Endgame #0 - (Introduction)

    So considering that it has been a little over a week since my last blog I've been attempting to brainstorm ideas on what to do next. Needless to say it hasn't been easy, as I'm not really playing much right now (*** you lost disc 2 of medieval... More
  • Final Fantasy XII's Gambit System, and the Impact on RPG's Today

    I recently came across this revelation the other day, but Final Fantasy XII, really set the stage for future mechanics in RPG's. I'm currently in my first play through of Dragon Age: Origins, and I noticed that the AI scripting fit like a glove... More
  • Hawk reviews: Chrono Trigger (DS)

    Chrono Trigger is a great RPG. One of many classics that Square Enix churned out during the mid-nineties that showed how much they loved their craft. A few years back, it was released on the DS marking the first time it went portable. How does it stand after fifteen years of love and adoration?... More
  • Is Jane Saying Goodbye?

    Right now, that I finally got to sit down and be on my computer, I don't have any idea of what to write about. I don't much remember that exact time of my last post and that is what's concerning me the most. Probably about a week and probably... More
  • Reviewers: prior knowledge can be a good thing!

    Should reviewers have some knowledge of the history of what they're reviewing? Even just a little? Enough to know that, for example, graphics in an FPS have moved beyond the Doom 2 stage? You would think so, but I guess that's not necessarily... More