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  • A Plea For A Realistic Shooter (new additions)

    I've blogged about this before, but Black Ops has driven me to do it again. Admittedly, I have had fun with this game, but there are so many moments the combat doesn't make sense. For example, I get shot in the toe with a sniper and die but a... More
  • Calling All Scifi/Fantasy Readers

    Allright so all start this blog of by saying hi im a bookoholic. if i have a good book in my hand well i will be up tell 2am so i have decide to post my three favorite Scifi/Fantasy books of all time. 3.The Clone republic series by Steven L. Kent (no... More
  • Super Story:Chapter 3

    Im sorry for the delay but my computer had problems so I have to post this now. We need people for Chapter 4. This Chapter was written by Kyl3 and TOGNick Chapter 1: More
  • Five Crappy Game Ideas: Thanksgiving Edition

    If you don't read my blog, and you have just decided to come on by, you should know that is a satirical blog post, and that none of this is serious. 5. Assasins Creed Thanksgiving Story Tired of the standard, Mayflowery-Thanksgiving story? Well, with... More
  • Time to get get to know you

    I came on to this site sometime before the beta. I made new friends, blogged, and had a very good time. Then one day, it all ended. Everyone I knew was gone. Banned or left on their own accord, they were no longer here. I started seeing less people on... More
  • Setting Goals

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    Times are changing for me, I'm not the rabid gamer that I once was and while my intake of games has dramatically decreased over the last few months, my thrist for them has not. It feels like every time I turn around there is a new game popping up... More
  • Call of Duty: Black Easter Egg Ops

    Rather than write a review for Call of Duty: Black Ops, I decided to write a blog about my favorite thing from the game... the Easter Eggs! (and my thoughts on Easter Eggs in general.) I'm feeling a bit lazy today, and I couldn't find a good definition... More
  • Cold blows the wind (part 1 of 4)

    This story is inspired by the song ‘Cold blows’ the wind by WEEN. Cold blows the wind By J.K.Ramswick A young woman sits on the sandy beach of her father’s kingdom of Glavenfeld with her ten bodyguards standing near by, watching over... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews blog #3 - Cheap Ps3 Games Chart

    I had plans to expand this list, but this is as far as I ever got. All prices are as of November 24, 2010 and are priced according to's listings. I feel my list adequatly proved its point; gaming CAN be cheap and enjoyable still. Check... More
  • Bioware and the Gamer's Gauntlet: Can Mass Effect 3 live up to its expectations?

    SPOILER WARNING: PLOT ISSUES INVOLVING THIS SERIES WILL MOST LIKELY BE DISCUSSED. Don't pay attention to the melodramatic title: the Gamer's Gauntlet is not some nerd's nefarious recreation of D&D . It instead refers to a theoretical amalgam... More
  • News Posts and Blogs...

    There's been a lot of blogging about blogging lately. How to blog and how to get your blog recognized in the Blog Herd blog. Tips for posting your blogs and blogs about why people blog. Then of course there are blogs about other topics besides blogging... More
  • Givingthanks: A thank you to all who serve and have served

    So its Thanksgiving week and i have decided its time i thank you guys and gals who voluntarily put there lives on the line to protect are freedoms and lives. To me thats true bravery . With out you all i doubt America would be the land of the free. You... More