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    I dare you to ignore this blog and it's existence! Never mention it again or I shall have won! Never post.... on it? or is it to it or is it on it? Try understanding that sentence! But anyway post here and I will have won! Talk to a friend about this... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 12 of 12

    The 12 th and final episode of Member Herding. The dirty dozen. You all should know how it's come down to me interviewing certainly wasn't my idea, so if you want someone to blame, blame EuphoricEnnui. All jokes aside, it really was... More
  • Digital Distribution Vs. Retail

    I hear a lot of people say things like: "The disk is dead", or "Digital distribution is the way of the future". But one GIO article says: "Discs Not Dead? Survey Says Physical Media Still Rules"( More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 2 of XX

    Last week I put together a blog featuring some of the collectibles I own related to gaming that people really seemed to enjoy. Well, I have some down time here going into the weekend (the first week of class is never really that busy), so I figured I'd... More
  • Wishlist and ideas for Nazi Zombies (or whatever they call it) in Black Ops

    Im a fan of the Nazi Zombies in COD 5, but i think theres a lot of ways to expand and improve. I think everyone has their own wants and desires and if so post them. Heres a list of things i would like to see for it in Black Ops. - a very open map, similiar... More
  • Modern Day Fallout and other Ramblings…

    So, the blog I had planned today was pushed to the side. It was requiring more effort then what I had left in me, especially after a long brutal day at work and the ensuing phone calls after I got home from work requiring my attention. But I don't... More
  • Why a Good Portion of the Gaming Community Angers Me

    *Author's note: This is not a happy go lucky sort of blog. There are no pictures, no filler of any sort. This is my view on gamers in general and this is about as unapologetic as it gets. Read only with an open mind.* I can't stand the majority... More
  • Alan Wake: As Confusing As Ever (Spoiler Alert)

    As I write this, my mind is still reeling from all that has happened in Remedy's sleeper hit Alan Wake. I just finished up "The Signal" about ten minutes ago, and as I think back on the events that have occured in this Twin Peaks-esque psychological... More
  • New or Used: A consumer's perspective.

    In the past week, there have been a few articles posted on this website about Online passes and used games. Namely, these: More
  • But There's a Scratch on This

    I don't know why I'm so particular about my games, when it comes to everything else I could care less, but with my games I'm a total neat freak. My DVDs are scattered across my house, my cds are laying all over the back seat of my car, but... More
  • Why cant you see your legs in FPS's?

    This has bothered me for a while, and its hard for me to understand the exclusion of legs. The only exception i can think of is Halo. It may seem nitpicky, and i understand that it would take more work and money, but still i dont think it would be that... More
  • Game Informer After Hours…

    A day or so ago I posted a satirical blog about if I were the Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer what would I was a fun piece to write because everybody was fair game and who doesn't like to imagine what you could do with unlimited power...... More