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  • Range: S1 Part 7

    I'm posting this a little late(if any of you noticed) because wednesdays are youth nights at my church and I forgot to post before I left, but anyway theme song and then story Since he had a while before the nights training with Kate, Alphonse sat... More
  • A Gamer For Life And I Couldn't Be Happier

    Just last week I turned twenty three and I think it's fair to say on anybody's birthday they take some time to look back and reflect. It was a good day, spent time with friends and family but there were lots of times I was looking back on decisions... More
  • Goal Check: Week 7

    Hello everyone, welcome to a brand new edition of Goal Check. Join me this week as I take you through my progress in Killzone 2 and Bulletstorm, then tell you which goals I succeeded in completing and which ones I failed at. I'm apologize for being... More
  • Every Room in the House – Where Do You Game…

    While I enjoy blogging every day real life events have certainly put a strain on my ability to accomplish this feat. Most of you know what I do or at least have a general idea. Read the news and you can probably figure out what I mean. On top of that... More
  • Gaming Memories in my Life

    Now as most of you, hopefully, have noticed I have been out of commission for a while. Well this is only due to one simple reason, change. So much change has been occurring it seems like nothing is the same anymore.So, I apologize for being out for so... More
  • Band of Bloggers #3

    Saint's Question: Will video games ever be able to immerse the player in a real/near real life experience? How soon can we expect this technology? Consider how our physical senses and emotions will play into this. I've been thinking about this... More
  • Halo Reach Xbox 360

    buy halo reach xbox- There is really no shortage of video games that a person can choose from when it comes to the Xbox, however if you are looking for single player shooter games, few games can match up with the popularity of the Halo series. In this... More
  • Mario Arcade - Joy In Playing Games

    Can you just think about the situation behind the initial usage of computer by every person in the world? It is absolutely nothing but people wanted to try out the joy behind the computer games. Thus computer games have turned down to become a huge hit... More
  • The Death of a Console: Remembering a Friend

    30 1
    Hello GIO. It is with a heavy heart, that I must announce the death of my XBox 360, Rinoa. Some of you may remember Rinoa's struggles as of late, I wrote a fairly well viewed blog about it. For those of you that do not know about my troubles, or those... More
  • Overcast #2: You Don't Have to Crouch to Listen to This

    Overcast: Ep 2 (podomatic) Charli Kanupp is out this week so Clint Prentice and Nicholas Clement had two power house guests on by the names of Kyle Lock and Tim Weaver. In this episode of Overcast we discuss the 3DS, Facebook Games, Battlefied 3, emotional... More
  • Freedom by Design

    The Adjustment Bureau is not the kind of film that would clearly inspire thoughts of video games. But its romantic foundation and impressive chemistry between lead actors mask its take on fate versus free will that is at the heart of video game design... More
  • Gears 2 The Worm

    Never before have I been more grossed out, or more horrified while playing a game, but yet loved every minute of it. From the moment the giant worm crawls into the tunnel I had a feeling of dread that I will, in fact, end up inside of it one way or another... More