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  • An Apprenticeship In Internet Marketing

    Earning your online living is tough in the beginning. The benefits of taking an apprenticeship in Internet Marketing are almost limitless. The ability to work your own hours at home, to earn more than an average wage and to successfully be your own boss... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 20

    UPDATE: Just a reminder for our listener submitted questions. :) What New Year's Resolution would you like to see from the Video Game Industry? What's the story behind your online name? Also, checkout my review for Donkey Kong Country Returns... More
  • Atlantica Online Player Guide - Leveling Guide

    You will need to farm the Kagemusha type for the Black Keep Key. Without it you cannot face the boss of this dungeon. Nobunaga Oda is a very tough boss. He attacks all targets in a column and his attacks are powerful. His area skill is also one of the... More
  • My newfound love for the SRPG

    So it's been a while (like a really long while) since I last posted a blog, and since then a lot has changed. I've subscribed to PS+, bought a lot of games and have sold a lot of games, also have tried out a genre that is very new to me. If you... More
  • Are Online Casinos Becoming More Popular Than Land Traditional Casinos

    Ten years ago, most gambling enthusiasts would never have considered using a computer to gamble online instead of hitting the Vegas strip in person. Times have changed, and the preferences of players are changing with it. Online gambling has become so... More
  • QUITTING SMOKING !!!! OH The frustration.

    21 1
    Ok Im in my thirties and have been smoking since I was about 14. I have tried to quit before but failed, and the longest I went was about six months. That was in my teens, actually in high school. Why I started back up I will never know. It was purely... More
  • From the DMZ - GIO Member on the Front Line…

    75 Days. Do you know where you were 75 days ago? Do you know what you were doing? Maybe you were gearing up for the holidays. Perhaps you were counting down the days until Christmas. Chances are you don't even know. Just another day. Roughly 75 days... More
  • Hawk reviews: Assassin's Creed (PS3)

    Before I ever got a PS3, I knew I had to play Assassin's Creed one way or another. It's been called a classic of this generation, a definition of what the current gen of gaming has to offer. But I've also heard a lot of negative things about it. So, is the game overrated, or a true classic? Read to find out.... More
  • 'Marksman Rifle' Class: 1 of The Best Black Ops Classes

    This class provides, silenced, medium and short range efficiency, accuracy, and stealth. No, this isn't a sniper class. This is something different. This is a PERFECT class for some S & D. About the other game modes, its been untested. But here's... More
  • My List of Top 10 Games

    I've been thinking about making a list of my fvorite top 10 games, so I did... here it is, feel free to disagree. 1. Kingdom Hearts, Very awesome storyline to it, I love this game. 2. LittleBigPlanet, This is an unending game for anyone! Anyone could... More
  • The Modern FPS and a change I can believe in.

    I know this might be a little dated, however playing through CoD: Black OPS got me thinking. The modern day FPS is growing stale. While a few military shooters involve some squad control, the majority of these games do not. The Blackbird mission in Black... More
  • Why we Play Games: An Afterthought...

    You ever think about why it is you play games. I of course assume that it is something you do, at least a little, considering the web domain name of the website you are currently on... why do we play games... thats a good question. For me, I play games... More