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  • In-game advertising: hate it? Or REALLY HATE it?

    Activision's Bobby Kotick has been taken to task (Ok, that's putting it mildly) for a lot of the things he's said. It's funny how nobody ever broadcasts the things he says that most gamers actually agree with. One of those statements is... More
  • The Piper's Tavern 10/9: Blog Project, and Happyginger Sponsership Program

    The Piper’s Tavern is Back! Yep that’s right, it been a long time, but its back! I’m going to be making a few announcements with this blog, and announce the Happyginger Sponsorship program! The first announcement is a few community blog... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Rampage by Uwe Boll (I just hope it has nothing to do with the game)

    Great, apparently no video game is franchise is safe from the grip of this vile, and evil man. Oh, what, you mean this movie has nothing to do with a video game franchise? Sorry folks I'll be right back while I actually go watch this movie now. OK... More
  • Gaming with the famous Zophar321 and JoustPong…

    So, my family and I made the 9 hour trek from Virginia to Ohio late last night / early this morning. For my wife and me it's more of a road trip and mini-vacation...but for my son and's an opportunity to hook up with fellow gamers... More
  • TEAMHEADKICK: The REAL deal for video game Rock/Rap music

    (WARNING: explicit language and possible light adult themes, depends on which video you watch.) In the past the internet has seen many raps and other songs from fans of a video game putting time and effort into making a catchy tune and lyrics about said... More
  • Game Developers - In It Just For The Money?

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    I think it's a valid question. With the current trends surrounding video games these days, it seems that all the game developers want is that extra buck. You have all seen the signs. Let's take a look at a couple of them. RELEASE DATES - My thoughts... More
  • What Happened to Music (A short departure from gaming.)

    I like older music, I really do. I would take Jimi Hendrix over Jimmy Eats World, and Rhiannon over Rhianna (haha, a Fleetwood Mac joke,) and here's why. First of all, I just think the musicians today in large lack quality compared to the musicians... More
  • Superhero games and my disappointment.

    Superheroes and games based off of them are nothing new in the world of video games. For as long as I can remember, there has been a new game based off today's superheroes. While they haven't always been received well by gamers and critics alike... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 18 of XX

    Since I started asking trivia questions as the method to get selected for the Member Herding blog, I don't know that I've ever had anyone answer as fast as this week's candidate. I thought it was kind of a harder question since it was based... More
  • UPDATED--Medal of Honor & Controversy in Video Games

    MEDAL OF HONOR, a title that all of us have heard of. A title that was even featured on FOX News for the 'controversial' issue of it naming the enemy forces Taliban. Of course the last we heard of this issue was about a week ago, when EA decided... More
  • [Update] 5-hrs after. Not a real blog, need good advice concerning PS3 in the next few hrs.

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    Updated: Ended up getting the 160gb Slim in a bundle from Best Buy that included the HDMI cable, an extra Dual Shock and a 2 year extended warranty. Set me back $414. In addition, and you'll have to excuse the lo-fi, I can't find my charger for... More
  • Two Types of Gamers, A Response.

    Last night, Saint, who I respect, posted a blog about gamers who seemingly can't decide between favorite games, and those who know their favorite, you can read it here . I responded there, but I felt that I left things unsaid. I'm not going to... More