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  • Super mario Galaxy 2

    Winning the spotlight as the #1 game for the Wii system in 2008, Nintendo Power surprisingly praised Super Mario Galaxy over all other grand Wii titles out there! But to be honest, I started to clap! I enjoyed the game so much, and as frightfully long... More
  • My Top N64 Games of all time

    I was just sitting here when I was looking through some blogs I realized what the F*** there is barely any N64 anything so I figured I would show you guys my view of the Top 10 N64 games of all time. Ratings go from 10 being least favorite on the list... More
  • Debating on the GI site.

    One of my favorite things to do in forums is debate. I love to debate. I frequent another site to debate religion which can be really fun and gets quite heated. I've been coming to the GI forums for 5 years now. That's right, 5 years (I think... More
  • Windows 7 "GodMode"

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    There is a new trick that is making waves that is extraordinarily useful and begs the question: Why wasn't this available normally? Still, this is Microsoft we're talking about, and they've made some pretty peculiar decisions (not overhauling... More

    This game is truly magnificent and a must have game for the PSP. The story of the game is epic it has loads of twists and turns along the way. In a nutshell the story is the emperor was killed and a evil guy took his place known as the “false emperor”... More
  • The Missing Piece: Borderlands - Story: Roland

    Let me start this off with one quick note: this is all hypothetical. Other than what is already known about the game's backstory (what little there is of it), all of this is fake, created by me as a way to imagine what Borderlands would've been... More
  • Game You Need to Know About #1: Contra

    Alright, so, we've all played Contra, yes? Sure. Everybody and their mothers have. It was, and still is, known as the "really hard game for NES with the 30 lives cheat". Well, I think this is a disgrace for such a legendary series to not... More
  • My New Year Hopes!

    There are many things that hope and don’t hope happen in this New Year. I am only going to name a few though because I would probably go on and on. Things that I want to happen! 1. A New Console Release. It’s been a couple of years now and... More
  • The Basics for Team Based Shooters

    Once again as with all of my blog posts, this is strictly my opinion and take on a subject. Note again that I do not hate the game Call of Duty, but I am very critical of both the game and the people that see it as the second coming of christ. What I... More
  • Great... a new Modern Warfare 2 Glitch...

    As everyone familiar with Modern Warfare 2 is aware of, the multiplayer has been quite riddled with game crippling bugs and glitches. I logged on to play ground war this morning, to find that on a match on Highrise, everyone ran really fast. It was horrible... More
  • Games You Need to Know More About: A Series

    I'm pretty certain everyone here has played at least one game in their lifetimes that they loved and found interesting. Interesting enough to research the game and find out more about it. Well, with me, this is the case with hundreds upon hundreds... More
  • Really now be glad the mods already on here are so nice

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    This is just in response to the recent dbull threads. Dbull is a cool guy and actually nice. im sick of users whining on this site about threads and other topics being locked. I for one am happy, im sick of forums these days turning into mini 4chans and... More