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  • Why Subjectivity Is Sometimes Needed In Reviews

    While I myself am interested in more objective reviews, I also must admit that personal experiences often figure into even the most minute of estimations. I don't think we should discard opinionated responses entirely from reviews, because experiences... More
  • Black Ops's Playercard Editor - When Good Ideas Go Bad...

    A number of my blogs have ridden on the coattails of Blacks Ops success and popularity and just when I thought I milked the source dry, finished the game or got all the achievements, along comes another blog idea inspired by Black Ops. Should be the last... More
  • How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (A Short Guide To Survive An Undead Uprising)

    Okay, we all know its coming. Whether it's from genetic engineering, a random plague, or whatever the crap made the zombies in Uncharted Drakes Fortune, that's a given. But the real question is, how are you going to survive the impending attack... More
  • Reading 100 Bullets


    I talk about my impressions of the very impressively impressing comic series 100 Bullets. Violence has never been so entertaining.

    ... More
  • Americans are so tolerant... Right?

    Warning, this blog contains the ideal and morals of a whiny little teenager. Okay, as many of you may know, there was recently a planned terrorist attack in Portland. The attack was actually a sting operation to arrest a Somalian teenager who was planning... More
  • The Thievius Raccoonus Returns!

    Sly Cooper. The thief of many ancestors from the book of the Thievius Raccoonus. Crafty, Quick, Debonair, and most importantly, he is Sly. A fun character created by Sucker Punch Productions, Sly takes back what was wrongfully taken; but he doesn't... More
  • The Walking Dead...

    I'm back at home after a wonderful couple o' days at my son's house for Thanksgiving. I'm a little tired and worn out after the drive and needing a quick blog topic tonight. So, I have one in mind and while it isn't necessarily directly... More
  • 2010 Christmas wish list.......for Mario.

    Looks like Christmas is around the corner again. I wanted to know what other people wanted for Christmas so I went and asked what everyone video game land. (Yeah, that place exists). Mario (The mario Bros.) Mario asked for portable mushrooms... More
  • Happy Thanksgiving...

    So, right after work last night the wife and I hopped in the car and made the trek down to Ft. Bragg, NC where my son is stationed and lives with his wife. We have the wonderful opportunity of spending Thanksgiving with them this year, made even more... More
  • The Best Characters of the Decade

    Game Informer recently made a list of the top 30 characters from the past 11 years. Of course, they are not the first ones to do so. Games Radar made a list of 25 characters that they liked from the past 10 years (the list was created in 2009). I don't... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 10

    UPDATE: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the perfect time to remind all of you to submit your 3 things your thankful for in the video game industry (see below for more details.) We'll be recording this weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) so get... More
  • Morality in Games (My Ambivalence's Response to a Previous Post of Mine)

    No, not that Darkness. I'm referring to that major inconvenience that befalls most of us humans, choice. Should we help an old lady cross the road, or should we get 1st in line for the new Call of Duty? Should we join the Army. or go to college? Many... More