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  • My Consoles Edition 3

    Its time for yet another edition of My Consoles. This time I am Featuring my Game Boy. I acquired this fine piece of scientific art from my older brother. I was raiding his "crap drawer" when I was younger and came across it. For everyone who... More
  • Nintendo Could Potentially Drop Profit Forecast (Bloomberg Report)

    Nintendo Could Potentially Drop Profit Forecast (Bloomberg Report) The world of video game sales is a finicky business. When you’re on top, many times it feels as though nothing could go wrong. I’m sure Sony felt that way when they dominated... More
  • Koku Gamer Finds Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer Confirmation

    After doing some digging into info about Ubisoft's Uplay points system, we uncovered confirmation of Splinter Cell: Convictions multiplayer mode. I'll repost the article here for you guys! Earlier today Ubisoft announced the new Uplay system that... More

    Gaming started in 1961 when in a collage a man named Steve made space war- a simple game where 2 space ships shut each other. Steve did not know the contribution he made. the game did not catch on sadly because of the price of computers [15000$] in a... More
  • The Video Game Collection + Old GI Magazines Available Online?

    NOTE: I will be editing this blog later on with photos of some of my game collection when time allows. Yes, SOME. There is no way I can fit the entire collection together. I literally need a vault, or a room in my household dedicated solely to containing... More
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is fine the way he is

    Many fans complain about the turns sonic has went through to the stage hes at today. Many complain about the insclusion of shadow, rouge and the rest of his furry friends. Though at times they can be annoying they are great to add to the stories and if... More
  • Hiding Under Battle.Net’s Skirt

    I have an admittance to make, which won’t be much of a reveal for people who already know me. I kind of hate X-Box Live ... I’m not really against it on principle, as it does still serve a purpose of uniting console gamers through online play... More
  • Saka's Import Ratings : Episode 3 - Initial D : Street Stage (PSP)

    Hey, and welcome to another one of Saka's blog for rating imported games! This time I'll be rating one of the most famous arcade-turn-portable game, Initial D : Street Stage Initial D first started as a manga was a world-wide phenomenon, adapting... More
  • Waiting for a Masterpiece

    It seems like they have started taking longer and longer between Final Fantasy games lately, and I can only wonder, "Is this time gonna be the one that puts the series back where it belongs? Is Final Fantasy 13 going to make me love the series all... More
  • New Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song: Leona Lewis- My Hands [Music + Lyrics]

    I wake in the morning Tired of sleeping Get in the shower And make my bed alone I put on my make-up Talking to the mirror Ready for a new day Without you And I walk steady on my feet I talk my voice obeys me I go out at night Sleep without the lights... More
  • "ganindorf and gannen [zelda] vs ganendorf [lord of the rings] who copyed who"

    hi fans friends and random people. yesterday me and my friend were talking he is not a hard core gamer. he plays wizard 101 :P he was talking about melin the wizard. all i heard was bla bla bla bla GANENDORF! i started to hum zelda music. he said what... More

    :] i am revewing this game the day after it came out. well NEW SUPRE MARIO BROS WII is a nice game with a few problems. on the cover it clearly shows all the charictors rideing yoshis. in the game i am up to world 5 but i only saw 2 yoshi levles! fellow... More