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  • Paranormal Activity Movie Review (Worth The Hype? Or not?)

    So much hype went into this movie. At first nobody heard of it at all. Then after a certain trailer was released, they asked us to demand it to be shown in theaters, and it happened. Soon, more and more people were interested on something hyped up as... More
  • You Have To Wake Up Sometime

    Today, I bit the bullet and saw Avatar. You know, the movie that's made Fox and James Cameron a bazillion dollars. Yeah, that one. Anyway, I paid my $10, received a pair of 3D glasses, bought some popcorn, than got seated. I can honestly say, after... More
  • MY Top 5 of 2009

    Any list of top 5's you can think of, post on here. Everybody loves lists! Games: (360 only) 1. Batman:Arkham Asylum 2. Modern Warfare 2 3. Borderlands 4. Assassin's Creed 2 5. Red Faction:Guerilla Honorable Mention-Left 4 Dead 2 Movies: (from... More
  • One Hour Review: Torchlight

    So, I've been hearing lots of people on this site talking about Torchlight, so I decided I have some time to kill, why not give it a try? I downloaded the demo, and started playing it this morning. For those of you that don't know (like I didn't... More
  • Sheep Shearing

  • My Favorite Bands

    UPDATE (Again): I decided to change my list, and move the limit to 15, as I had a few more bands I had to add. ||| UPDATE: I decided to also put my favorite songs from each band. Enjoy! ||| I like metal. A lot, actually. I am what you would call, a metalhead... More
  • The Dirtiest Commercial Ever Released on Television?

    Okay, so I was looking over this article called the 10 most offensive TV ads of all time, and one of them was just...uh.................I will never look at a loofah the same way again. Who knew chemical residue bubbles are such pervs? More
  • What makes an memorable gaming character...

    What makes memorable character in the world of gaming? These three examples of characters are perfect for this blog. And I'm sure we can all agree! Why? Well, lets start with Nathan Drake, from the famed game Uncharted. We all know him: His rouge... More
  • Really?

    In a recent Kotaku article, they speak of a GameStop employee who was shot during a robbery. You know what, let me quote this so you get the full effect. From Kotaku: An employee at the GameStop store in Orange County, Florida, was shot earlier today... More
  • My favorite movies...

    I did a list like this before but I Kanyed and pushed delete instead of edit, so here I go again. 10. Children of Men- An amazing thriller, with a great plot about infertility, and mankinds fight for survivial. 9. Toy Story- Pixar's best animation... More
  • Christmas Dinner

    My friends have had this annual Christmas dinner for at least 3 years, but this is the first time I have been able to go. This year it was about 13 of us, and about five people took care of preparing something. My friend, Louie, took care of the yogurt... More
  • Seeing Avatar twice made it suddenly come clear....

    As this title points out, I watched Avatar again just earlier. Why? Well for some reason I had a sudden urge to feel the magic of James' epic adventure movie again, so I brought along one of my friends who haven't seen it yet to the theatre. If... More