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  • My Weekend Visit To The Bottomless Pit Of Immaturity

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    As I'm writing this, I'm in the midst of a weekend trip to Minneapolis to visit my son Dan. It's the first time I've been here since he moved north last August to work for Game Informer. While he was home over winter break, he posted a... More
  • Future of Gaming: 3-D

    Ever wanted to play your favorite game in 3-D? Surprisingly, this cool feature that had been introduced to movies hasn't migrated over to the video game audience, but why? For whatever reason, it is possible. Recently, Nintendo's president, Satoru... More
  • Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2.

    In Game Informer's March Issue, they gave Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a 9.5. That's a pretty great score, right? WRONG. In comparison to Modern Warfare 2, which recieved a 9.75, it's a terrible, demeaning score. I don't know about the campaign... More
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Campaign Trailer/Question

    I was watching a trailer for Battlefield BC2 and I heard this song that I thought was pretty cool. So I get on their site to e-mail them of course it won't work worth ____ so I am going to ask for your help the trailer is below if you know the song... More
  • The Greatest Theme Song Ever

    I read this guy's post about the best boss theme songs and thought I would be doing the community a disservice by not reminding everyone about the best theme song ever made. Keep in mind that the game itself did not survive the fight against time... More
  • Hai

  • Hands-On the Heavy Rain Demo

    You don't know how cool it is to see a fully-rendered face like this animated on your TV screen until you've actually played Heavy Rain . Just today, I've got to experience the demo to this game, and I have to say that Quantic Dream has really... More
  • The Modern Sniper

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    Online Multiplayer has jumped massively into the mainstream since the early 2000s. Games have been catered down to peoples levels so almost anyone can play. Game developers have made games a cinch to just jump into a game and play for the first time.... More
  • TE Arcade Stick Art

    Over the past month I have been working on PhotoShop CS3 for artwork for my MatCatz Tournament Edition Arcade Stick for the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV and EVO 2010. Here they are, please comment on any of them if you like: First of my Street Fighter... More
  • "I'll Tell You When You're Older"

    Back when I was a wee lad, I would watch all kinds of cartoons and movies with my parents. In many of the cartoons we watched, there were often jokes or ideas that my young, innocent mind didn't quite grasp. Now, not all of these jokes were dirty... More
  • My Top 5 Boss Battle Themes

    5. DARK SAMUS *Metroid Prime 3* I mean whats not to like, it has a sweet beat to it. Though i like to get images in my head when i hear music and i can samus walking at her normal pace animation to the beat of this song. And fighting DS was a blast. 4... More
  • Care Package Sprinting

    In case you didn't hear, Infinity Ward is going to release a patch that will fix the unlimited care package glitch and the really fast sprinting while holding one. The unlimited care package glitch definitely needs to be fixed. It's annoying.... More