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  • Future Soldier Pics...

    The strangest thing happened. As some of you may know from previous blogs, I have a genuine interest in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I track all the news that comes out about it, or at least the bits and pieces I can find. It’s been pretty scarce... More
  • The Secret Annoyances of the Secret Armory of General Knoxx (DLC Spoiler Warning!)

    First, I need to provide a disclaimer: for the most part, I loved playing through the main-story quests of the latest Borderlands DLC. While there are certainly some annoyances to be found (no fast travel, Drifters are vastly overpowered, vehicles still... More
  • Nerds? ~_o

    Not these kinds of nerds. After listening to the Irrational Behaviour podcast I started thinking about "Nerd Classes". Thats something I just made up for the purpose of this blog btw. Here on GIO there was a bit of hoo-ha about gamers and what... More
  • Top 101 Games Sold "Revised"

    To those of you that read my first blog "Top 75 Games Sold" I have revised it has Wikipedia has told me wrong when I looked back at it...did not make sense....and used another site thanks to Demon Ragnorak.....It was early didn't... More
  • Top 10 Metal Gear Moments of All Time

    There have been many great Metal Gear moments spanning from MG to MGS4. Let's remember these incredible and fun moments (possible spoilers ahead). 10-Showdown with Ocelot: MGS1-MGS3 In MGS1 you'll find Armstech president Kenneth Baker strapped... More
  • I got a choice to make.

    As of this writing, I'm in a bit of a decision dump. I'm looking to join up in the military soon, and I can decide whether its gonna be Army or Navy........ ok don't give me that look, the military is a great way for me to make sumthing of... More
  • Law Abiding Citizen DVD Review

    F. Gary Gray's Law Abiding Citizen is the worst kind of offender. Okay, I'll admit that I was entertained the entire time, and there is some inventiveness to be found if you look deep enough, but I found it entertaining for all the wrong reasons... More
  • having a super powered gf.

    What would it be like to have a super powered girlfriend? Don't act like u haven't thought about it. Having a chick in ur corner that could throw fist with the likes of superman and hancock any day would be a fantasy come true for many comic buffs... More
  • Petition for Republic Commandos 2

    3 Please, become a fan if you love the original and want a sequel. Become a fan to get a sequel on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC More
  • My Top 5: Dreamcast Games

    So, I have one hour reviews, and those are okay, but I want to find something else to write about frequently that doesn't cost me as much money. :) So I'm going to start giving a few top 5 lists, and we'll see how that goes. My first list... More
  • Milking our wallets

    I have been a gamer for a long time, as my older blogs point out, and I'm not happy with the way things are going. First off is activision. First three guitar hero games...pretty cool and something new. Guitar hero world tour? Okay. Five is coming... More
  • Why KOTOR 3 Is Gonna Blow Your Frickin' Mind (...If It Is Ever Released)

    Darth Nihilus is one of the most powerful Force-wielders ever. He also sucks with a lightsaber. Disclaimer: In order to discuss why the third installment of this franchise is going to be amazing, I have to reveal some of the main plot points of the first... More