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  • First Toyota, Now Sony...

    Okay...maybe that title is a cheap shot. Comparing faulty motor vehicles resulting in accidents and loss of life to a glitch in an online video game system probably isn't very fair. My apologies. Still though, people are pretty angry with both companies... More
  • My Xbox is in danger

    I am braced for the worst... Today, at 8 pm I went up to my gaming room to play xbox, and it was already on..... I have recently been letting my brother watch movies on it since our dad doesn't let us watch movies on the downstairs TV past 10pm. SO... More
  • Call of Duty 6, online anger

    After observing my brother for several months after he got COD MW2 he got online for the first time this my friends was a horrible mistake as he exerted a huge amount of rage toward inexperienced players with harsh words and quiting the sed game. Well... More
  • Great Sequences: Episode II

    "Games should be measured by the moments within them. Moments make a game memorable, they stick with you, and it burns in your mind forever." Hello, welcome back to my second episode of Great Sequences. This week I will reminisce about game... More
  • Bring These Games Back!

    Thanks to Xbox Live (dont play WiiWare or PSN) I have been able to play just about every game that I remember playing as a kid. Theres just about everything there someone could want to remind them of a simpler day in gaming where story didnt always matter... More
  • Crapola! It makes even weird people regular!

    So I recently had a breakfast adventure that began with a second hand t-shirt and ended up in new breakfast nirvana! It all started one day when I stopped at my brothers house and his girlfriend said she had a t-shirt for me. Her friend at work had won... More
  • The ApocalPS3 = Impatient Gamers

    29 5
    It is because of the CPU internal clock thinking today is 2/29/2010, which of course it isn't. In a little over 2 hours, when it will be a new day at GMT, your PS3 should work again, thinking it is 3/1/2010 which works - just a day or few hours behind... More
  • It's Time We Got Some Perspective

    Greetings and salutations, fellow GIO users. It's been a while since I wrote a proper blog, but given the apocalyptic fumes in the air, I figured it might be time to give it another go. However, I am sad to say that this is not a joyous return. Far... More
  • Rethinking Apple and Gaming

    A few months ago, the idea had been passed around the blogosphere and it started a small fire. People got excited and began the rounds of conjecture; bickering over if they will or if they won't, tossing about ideas of what they should and shouldn't... More
  • Trash Talking In Games

    Trash talk is an integral part of any competition. Whether its a championship or just a friendly get together trash talk is involved. Video games have brought trash talk to a new level. Where multiplayer used to be in person and was limited to the number... More
  • Movie Roundup #9

    So this is pretty much every movie I watched in February. There's quite a bit, so I don't think I'll get very in-depth on any of these. Star Trek (JJ Abrams, 2009) Does a really great job at balancing two things: comfortably luring newcomers... More
  • So Sony Fans has your love of sony been hurt

    By this weekends akward crash *in some ways* of the psn affecting your games *Which seems to be hurting the fat playstations more. For me the most it did was knock me off psn like 3 times but i simply logged back in and kept playing. So for me i still... More