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  • Amazing Video Games and Their Music

    I just recently completed Dead Space 2, and enjoyed it immensely (see my review). However, after I recovered from my mind being blown I came to realise just how important the music in that game was. It added to the already intense atmosphere, and simply... More
  • D.I.C.E. - Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain…

    Depending on your level of video game situational awareness, you might know that right now there is a gathering of key people in the video game industry meeting to discuss the fate and future of our beloved video games. Sure, these individuals, from the... More
  • Weekly Blurb 2/9

    ALERT! SHORT BLOG!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Weekly Blurb. This is my new Wednesday blog series! It will be about the week and stuff. Let's get started! Activision Kills DJ Hero! This totally sucks. I really liked DJ Hero. It was a really fun game... More
  • Top Ten Biggest D-Bags in Gaming

    Let's face it: you're not going to like every video game character out there. I'm not talking about the scores of bad guys we've shot & forgot about all these years. I'm talking the people who, on a consistent basis, annoy the... More
  • The Coolest Gun in the World in Games

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    Though it is a gun I have almost no experience with in real life- I feel almost too familar with the Colt .44 Magnum revolver (and revolvers in general) through video games. And I've got to say- something about the gun just seems so manly and gritty... More
  • Are my storming the beaches of Normandy days over?

    Let's flashback to ten or so years ago. Go into your near by Best Buy, Target, Funcoland, and checkout the video game section. You would be hard pressed not to find at least four to five WWII video games to purchase. Before the modern and space shooters... More
  • The Quest: Part 13

    And as they were moving into the boss chamber they heard a familiar sound, the sound of, ‘pipo’ ‘pipo’ And Raz said, “Is that, could it really be, it is. It’s Pipo, everyones favorite little robot.” Pipo ran up... More
  • A Mostly Unbiased Premature Review of a Pretty Good Game: Two Worlds II

    I'm five hours into Two Worlds II but felt it necessary to lay out its faults and advantages given the misperceptions I've read based on the previous title, reviews or others' limited playtime. Bottom line, this game is of two worlds, at once... More
  • The Fox News/Bulletstorm Debacle or How Videos Games are (now) responsible for Rape.

    So I'm sure we've all heard by now the ruckus that Fox News stirred up with a post about the upcoming game, Bulletstorm. If you haven't heard, here's a link: In this... More
  • 3 Tips for New Players to Make Wow Gold Fast

    I've lost count of how many times I've started a new character on a new realm. I'm familiar with literally every starting zone. Since these tips are for new players, I'll start there like so many new players do. One of the first things... More
  • Gears of War Kinect:Is it a Good Idea

    As many of visitors of the site may have read, there may be a possible Gears of War Rails Shooter releasing on the Kinect possibly in the future. Is this really a good idea though? I am all for experimentation on a new piece of hardware, practice does... More
  • Motion gaming

    Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! This is my first time writing one so it might not be vary good, but here go’s. Motion gaming I’m a pretty new gamer, I haven’t been game for that long, but I seem to have started just when something... More