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  • Could gamers save the world?

    Could gamers save the world? You are a soldier facing a critical role, your supposed to cover your Captain as he goes into a enemy tunnel to scope out if its safe to move forward. You notice that there is enemy soldier creepin behind your captain so you... More
  • Hollywood BAMF of the Day -- Michael Biehn

    8 1
    This guy has been a total badass in every film I've ever seen him in. Even when he's a bad guy. So here's to this veteran of James Cameron sci-fi, this quick-drawing mean-spirited sonofa***, that one guy who was in that Command & Conquer... More
  • South Korean Ship Sunk

    Although i do know that the nature of this news is not game related i thought, it was important to note this day, in history, as the day (possibly) that the war began, with south and north korea, once again. the fate of democracy in asia is unknow but... More
  • Deathmatch -- Aliens vs. The Terminator

    Deathmatch #2 here at Sure as Shiretalk has come around, and this time we're featuring a pair of sci-fi favorites in contrast to last time's fantasy characters. This one came up between my roommates and I after I purchased the first three Alien... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 4: The Joy of Discovery (Just Cause 2)

    There's little in video games that I find more appealing than discovering something. Since finding the first ruin in Tomb Raider to tracking down various hidden objects in today's games or even unlocking an unexpected trophy or achievement, such... More
  • A Retrospective: The Rock

    Following the news that a Spy Hunter movie is still on the road, without Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the driver's seat, I am taking a look back at the career of a thespian chocked full of Oscar-worthy performances. Some of you will say... More
  • Future Soldier - Live Action Video Analysis...

    UNCLASSIFIED FROM: Scott Mitchell, TO: Undisclosed Recipients SUBJ: Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Live Action Promotional Video 1. On or about March 19th, 2010, Ubisoft agent code named Ubi Kimi hinted that the next Future... More
  • Everything You Need to Know about GLaDOS

    GLaDO S First Appearance If the Half-Life games have taught me anything, it's that research corporations and their insane science-fiction experiments can't be trusted. After introducing such failed ventures as the Counter-Heimlich Maneuver and... More
  • Top Five Most Reprehensible Corporations in Science Fiction

    From an early age, we science fiction nerds have been taught that all corporate entities, regardless of size or field of interest, are inherently evil and seek only to make the lives of the little people more and more miserable. Here are the five that... More
  • why did ghost have to die in MW2

    out of all my favorite characters that are in modern warfare 2 ghost is at a all time high he beast with a gun and his skills in combat are outstanding.....any way he dies and tht jsut made me sooo upset. Why cant Price die instead of Ghost price is so... More
  • I finally conquered Dead Space! (Some spoilers)

    I never thought I would get it done, but I finally got all 48 acheivements for Dead Space! Getting that last acheivement (Epic Tier 3 Engineer) was one of the most brutal, yet very satisfying, challanges I've accomplished in a video game. Mowing down... More
  • Science Fiction -- A Discussion of Definition

    It has frequently been brought to my attention in the past few months or so that our society at large is disturbingly unclear on what constitutes the genre of science fiction. For serious, people, this has got to stop. There is no single way of saying... More