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  • What's In Your Wallet...

    I caught some interesting tweets on Twitter this morning from various Microsoft employees discussing the matter of Major Nelson's Xbox Live account being hacked. While the initial buzz seems to have died down and only a handful of the video game news... More
  • Review: Mega Man: 10

    One of the most common themes in discussions and arguments among gaming critics is the idea of endless industry progression. Games are supposed to become more and more beautiful as time goes on. Accompanying soundtracks are supposed to become increasingly... More
  • Reasons why Burnout:Paradise is the best game ever

    1. The open-world setting. I love this ok, If i don't want to do an event i could just drive around the city causing muti-car crashes and i could go on a hunt for the best jumps and there is just so much I could do in the city 2. The events are awesome... More
  • Glitchers-need I say more?

    As many(OK all of you) may know, glitching is rampant in Modern Warfare 2, but its getting simply ridiculous now. Ive played with glitchers before, and usually they stick with you one match, maybe two, and move on. Not anymore. Last night I played a social... More
  • Yet another top ten Games list

    Well, I've been putting off writing a blog . But I'm kinda board and I want to try this out, so please bear with me. Here are my top ten games- 10.Dark Savior[Saturn]-Never Heard of this one? I'm not surprised. This was pretty much my first... More
  • The "Lost" Island Pictorial (Just Cause 2 SPOILERS)

    I was so excited to find this quirky island while playing Just Cause 2 that I had to document it (before I found out that this was a known feature and even had at least one YouTube video released). The YouTube video doesn't show much detail, and what... More
  • DSi XL: Sarai Sounds Off!!

    Ok... so anyone who read my last blog knows that I was fairly Nintendo happy last week. I read about the new 3DS and I was... very smitten. I had promise. However, Sunday... Nintendo released it's newest handle iteration of the DS and it has me feeling... More
  • PAX East 2010

    8 2
    So this past weekend was PAX East. The first time PAX came to the east coast. Sadly I only had a Friday pass, but I was able to see and try most of what was there. So here is what was on display and going down in Boston this past weekend. First things... More
  • We Spartans Stand Tall

    10 1
    Before you read this, I want you to know that this will have many spoilers about God of War III. I will summarize the story of God of War III, as well as theorize what the next step of the God of War franchise Sony Santa Monica could take. Before I get... More
  • Healthcare Reform: a translation for gamers.

    If there's one issue that has been gripping our nation more than any lately for the past few months, it's healthcare reform. Unfortunately, this has proven to be a highly divisive issue for some, and a moderately-to-severely confusing one for... More

    So I just got done watching the 26th anniversery of Wrestlemania, headlined by Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals, and with it fresh in my mind I'm going to do a recap just for all you wrestling fans out there. I know there are some of you who may be thinking... More
  • Top Ten Most Creative Bands part 1

    I've always listened to lots and lots of different genres in my life, and most of them have inspired me to go out and create my own blend of unique and strange jams. I feel like music can be considered in its own class of entertainment, because songs... More