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  • Tips on how to get a job please!!!

    I should have done this blog a long time ago... anyway does anyone have tips on how I could get a job other than filling out aps and never getting a call back. please I need some advice. thank you!!! More
  • The Missing Piece: Borderlands - Story: Brick

    I am finally on the last leg of my four-part look at the idea of Borderlands having a backstory, or more specifically, if the characters had a backstory. I have already dealt with Mordecai , Lilith , and Roland , so now I have no choice but to end with... More
  • The Saboteur

    Has anybody played this game? I love it, and I'm glad to support Pandemic on their final game as a full studio (I hear that there will be a new Mercs game with the Pandemic label, but it won't be the whole studio working on it). As I said in my... More
  • Matt Plays Videogames - Episode #2

    In episode #2 I talk about the XBL Indie Game Square Off, Chrono Trigger for DS, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Mass Effect 2, and Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade. Links: Square Off Gameplay Perfect Dark Remake Mass Effect 2 Class Intros Transformers... More
  • Top 5 of 2009

    I'll keep it brief since I have to leave in a few minutes. Anyone else enjoy the top 10 staff picks, too? Well, I have my own as well. Just so you know, I tried Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 this week at my friend's house. 1. Modern Warfare 2 I'm... More
  • A Google of Trouble

    Perhaps in the past few days, if you've been paying attention to anything else in the news besides the overwhelmingly horrendous tragedy in Haiti, you heard of Google's stunning threat to extricate itself from China if it continued to run into... More
  • Community Update 1.15.10 - Game of the Year Edition

    Hey all. Hope you all had a restful break from school or work. It was nice to have some time off, but it's good to be back and bloggin' on GI. I don't have quite as much insight this week for the simple reason that I've seriously been... More
  • Risk on the 360!

    Personally, I am excited to hear that the Xbox Live Arcade will soon be featuring a video-game adaptation of the classic board game Risk. For those of you who missed it, read the announcement on GI here . After some goofing around online, I stumbled upon... More
  • Marvel or DC? Who makes better comics?

    Comic books have been made for years. Marvel, created by Stan Lee, was the first company to begin making comics mainstream with characters such as Captain America, the ultimate Boy Scout who does everything for the greater justice of America and has superhuman... More
  • Short Story: Mortuus Surrexit, Chapter 2.

    As promised, Chapter 2. And as I stated before, both these chapters are in their rough-draft form, so expect to see them edited and updated in the near future. As I also stated before, I haven't forgotten my other story, and I will be directing some... More
  • Short Story: Mortuus Surrexit, Chapter 1.

    Prologue: Anyways, here is Chapter 1. However, it still needs some serious refinement, along with chapter two that I will be adding directly... More
  • PC Whining of Explosive Proportions

    After about 3 months on this site, and especially since the CoD MW2 dedicated servers announcement, of hearing nothing but complaints from PC gamers about how they are getting shafted by Infinity Ward and no dedicated servers. I say, welcome to the world... More