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  • How I got addicted to gaming

    Above: Addiction in Apple II form Based on the highly scientific method of totally guessing, I've determined I play roughly 15-20 hours of video games per week, in between feeding myself and holding down a job. I thought I'd take this opportunity... More
  • StumbleUpon is the Cure to Boredom

    Have you ever been bored of your boring old internet? Have you ever been bored in general? If you've answered yes to either of these two rhetorical questions silently in your head, then read on! is a website devoted to giving you access... More
  • Giving Credit Where Its Deserved

    In the last few years some of the sports franchises that have been adored for so long have come under fire for what would best be described as lackluster performance. Madden has been criticized for its weak entires as well as other franchises. However... More
  • Suicide = Epic Fail!? (aka DICE mocks the virtually depressed)

    I love it when developers put in some sort of snarky humor directly in their menus. From Halo 3's definition of friendly fire ("Remember kids: friendly fire isn't!"), to Tekken 6's disapproving picture greeting those who 'dashboard... More
  • The Five Moments that Define Me as a Gamer

    5. "It's Time to Wake up Chrono"- Chrono Trigger These six words. That's all it took to cement my interest as a gamer. They might not be as amazing (or amazing at all) as other people's top moments, but these words were followed... More
  • Guide for first day GIO members

    First off I'm going to say to not do first! posts. It is considered Spam and will be deleted when the Mods have the ability to do so. A lot of people lose respect for you when you do this so don't do it. Secondly be nice and always start off by... More
  • Underachievers Forced into a Life of Farming…

    I want to play Modern Warfare 2. Really I do. And I suppose I could. In fact, in reality I could play it on either the Xbox 360 or PC. But the truth is, the game frustrates me and I don’t want to play it. It’s a shame because it really is... More
  • Aliens V.s. Predator Demo on Xbox Live! w/ impressions on the demo.

    So as some of you may very well know by now, the Aliens V.s. Predator Demo is up on Xbox Live right now. It is a demo which has an eight player free for all deathmatch on one map, with some players as aliens, some as predators, and some as humans. I played... More
  • Fanboys, the console "war," and a healthy dose of STFU

    50 1
    Every single person at one point or another has involved themselves in this console war. No matter how often one says that it is stupid, pointless, childish or any number of other things that this flame war is people continue to get involved. With their... More
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 4!!!!! Episode 1 *And im spazzing out*

    Yes finally after long years sega has finally done what they should have done long ago *though sonic adventure 2 was great* but the infos been flying out today XD. New pics, videos, everything. and with a july release, i cant wait. Below is some concept... More
  • The idolm@ster live concert on playstation home japan

    Many of you may not know what the heck idolmaster is so am going to tell you. Its probably one of the top games selling in japan at the moment. Its a truely great game but unless your into j-pop and such you may not like it. But oh heres a vid i took... More
  • Whats Going On, AllisFighter? #1

    Here is a quick write up of all the events and articles that is on! Soul Calibur Content Team Revealed! AiF mod, KirbyoftheStars is leading a very strong Soul Calibur content team, to bring you the very latest in SC community news from... More