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  • Hawk reviews: Indigo Prophecy (PS2)

    Published by Atari, Indigo Prophecy has certain flaws that need to be overlooked to be enjoyed fully...kinda like today's blockbuster movies!... More
  • Those Unintentional Awesome Moments

    Have you ever done something in a game that was completely unintentional, but so incredibly enjoyable to pull off that you knew you had to do it again? I imagine your attempt wasn't very successful to recreate that awesome moment. These moments are... More
  • I'm Making My Own Game!: Concept


    Guess what? I'm designing and programming my very own video game. It's a new blog series that is informative and lemony-fresh.

    ... More
  • Portal 2 impressions.

    Last night as I lay in my bed, sweet dreams of Portal 2 rushed through my head. I couldn't think of doing anything wronger, than laying there without playing a few minutes longer. This was my first impression of the game. One word pretty much sums... More
  • This post will blow your mind!!!!

    How's that for a sensationalism! For some reason it's difficult to find "Mind Blowing" motivational poster. Anyways, I'm sure a lot of you have read o_JMan240_o latest blog. If you haven't, you really should . First of all, o_JMan240_o... More
  • Sean and Mray's Excellent Adventure (in Portal 2)


    Sean Lowery and I played Portal 2's co-op for four straight hours last night. It was awesome. Click "Read More" to hear about our adventures in Aperture Science labs.

    ... More
  • *UPDATE* AllAboutJane Has A New Series.... And Talks About It In Her First Video

    I always wanted my readers to hear my voice and now they can. But in all seriousness, I wanted to talk about my new series, called "30 Day Blogging." I also wanted to talk about The Blogger Clan, but mostly I found out my old PC could come in... More
  • Goal Check: Week 13 - Multiplayer Edition

    Welcome everyone! To this, the 13 th edition, of Goal Check. I almost thought about skipping this one, because of the unlucky factor, but then I realized I don’t believe in that stuff. Plus I have too much to go over this week, including the results... More
  • A piece of my past has been ripped away - Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen has died.

    The Doctor Who world, as well as British television, were rocked yesterday by the news that Elisabeth Sladen had passed away. Sladen played Sarah Jane Smith, one of the most popular Doctor Who companions ever. She was loved by millions of Who fans around... More
  • Hump day thoughts. A grouchy old dude report.

    Howdy and how is your hump day going? Me, I'm making it, Been watching Giant Bomb on my Roku the Tuesday shrink wrap focused on SOCOM 4, Portal 2, and Mortal Kombat. I like the Giant Bomb guys, they aren't fake. Those guys are fan boys from heck... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Memorable Quotes in Video Games


    The Top Ten Memorable Quotes in Video Gaming are counted down by everyone's favorite FamilyGuyGuy7.  Read on to see if you're favorite makes the cut...(spoiler alert:  it's number 7...)


    ... More
  • The Quest for Trophies....Created by You

    Recently I've noticed bloggers begin to post goal/achievement quests created by the gamer for people to view. I've recently found these blogs BORING and the challenges WEAK, so I decided to have you the viewer choose my goals to obtain the following... More