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  • Yea Im certified.... TO OWN!!!

    So yea I just got my zombie recertifications the other day yea its expired but they know I'm good for it and I figured I'm gonna need it because where I stay, dead heads r on the rise again. Looks like I'm fittin to get me sum overtime in... More
  • How Real Do You Want It...

    I am a huge fan of Team Fortress 2. From it's solid game play to its cartoon quality graphics that give some Pixar movies a run for their money. The game is a classic. Clearly the question of realism won't apply to every game we have available... More
  • Nerds and Geeks... ~_o

    In my quest to discover what a nerd truly is, I hit a wall. But then I got moving again. Its come to my attention that there are three groups of interest. Nerds, Geeks and noobs, But we allknow what noobs are so lets move on. The terms Nerd and Geek are... More
  • First Time Monster Hunter

    I'm not really sure where I was when the Monster Hunter phenomenon happened... probably at a bar, but I have spent a few hours with the Monster Hunter Tri demo. Despite the fact that Capcom has only given a tease with two missions, it was enough to... More
  • In all that is squeaky and made of rubber...WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SENSE OF HUMOR?!

    I know humor is subjective. I also know that our society as a whole seems to have rather weak funny bones... OH OH before I go any further, I'll make a video game application so people will stop whining about whether this belongs on GI or not. Um... More
  • Xbox live vs PSN *the roundabout battle of fate*

    Hmm not sure why i used that title anywho time for another blog Todays issue shall be on a recent disscussion over which is better. Xbox live or the playstation network. While i have both systems heres on reason i pick the playstation network over xbox... More
  • battle scar!!!

    Remember back sum time ago when I wrote a blog called 2010 in perspective: the kratos edition, I spoke of an injury that I suffered and that I was gonna upload pics of it at sum point, well here they r. The first pic is the day it happened, the last pic... More
  • Good Readings

    Believe it or not, I luv good reading material, every now and then ill stumble upon sumthing that makes me reminise of my childhood and how I used to imagine I was in sum awesome fantasy world. Go ahead and laugh, its ok. Anyway I just so happen to stumble... More
  • Batman Deadend, coming to an imaginary theater nigh ye.

    Batman Deadend...... WAIT, WHAT!! so apparently, if u put Batman, the predator and the aliens in a movie together, that movie would own so hard and make even Avatar kneel before it in anguish. Or at least that's what this teaser one shot gives the... More
  • my music

    Now that I got my HTC hero, the days of me going out to buy cd music has become obsolete. I can download to my hearts content, as long as my memory holds up. But now that I hold a fancy piece of equipment I can't forget the good old days of compact... More
  • Predictions for the Summer of 2010

    O where to start! From what I have seen so far I have to say the wii is getting the best games of the summer!! Here's what we have: It all starts with: Super Mario Galaxy 2 sd 5/23: I have known this game was going to be epic when Nintendo premiered... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Clash of The Titans (I'm going to to do it as a man I swear)

    So here it is another movie, another review. This time I had to drag my friend Liz kicking and screaming to see this movie, and well it didn't change her mind in anyway as to why she didn't want to see it. I mean I really don't even know where... More