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  • Scenes from Sakura-Con 2010

    19 2
    For the past five years, I've always made sure to mark Seattle's annual Sakura-Con anime convention as a high priority event on my calendar. Seeing all the cool and unusual costumes always gives me the motivation to share the experience with the... More
  • Dark Side of the Moon Goes 8-bit

    Although the most beloved musical classics were sadly before my time, I still have a strong appreciation for them. And the rock group Pink Floyd, was definitely a favorite in my home. Adding to all the cover versions of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side... More
  • Gaming Conflation

    Gaming is a culture, right? I mean, many gamers consider it a lifestyle, and that’s what makes it appealing to many of us. However, it seems that the “higher ups” – your Activisions, THQs, and your EAs see it as more of a business... More
  • A new way to get my daily cardio...

    So I just came across a wonderful app on the Android market called Zombie Run! I'm not sure how long its been around, so I apologize if this is old news. This app runs as a game. At the start screen you select your 'difficulties' which are... More
  • Top four things japan does in games and anime that bother me.

    4. Girls with huge..........things *after being banned once dealing with this matter i dare not push my luck.....wait that was different.* But in japan video games and anime why does it seem they always have to have a large breasted hero girl or girls... More
  • The Price is Right...

    Perhaps you've seen, read or even published a blog or started a discussion in the forums that goes something like this... "My Complete List of Gaming Platform Advantages & Disadvantages" The author will provide details about each of... More
  • Renting Games for Free???

    Guess what people? The library is cool again! At my local library, my mom went in to pick up a book and I went with her. Inside they had a rack full of games for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Suprisingly, they aren't the crappy games that no one cares about... More
  • Under the Microscope - Chrono Trigger

    Here at Under the Microscope we scrutinize the finest details of some of the most well-loved games of all time to find what exactly makes them good. Along with me are a couple of my Chrono Trigger-loving friends, ShatterRed and Magistrom (not their real... More
  • Metroid Other M: Baby Samus death still haunts Samus

    Many and i mean many fans do not even know who the heck baby samus is or that samus even had a baby..............well techincally she didnt have one pushed out but was basically labled as a mom by a small baby metroid from the second metroid game taking... More
  • Interview: James Kochalka & PixelJAM on Upcoming Title “Glorkian Warrior”

    Originally I wanted to give the audience the idea that what they were basically going to be reading about were an immovable force going against improbable odds armed with an unstoppable idea. Pixeljam and James Kochalka are squarely immovable and with... More
  • Everything You Need To Know About Ganondorf

    Ganondorf First Appearance Ganon begins. When we first met Ganondorf in 1987's The Legend of Zelda, very little was known about the mysterious villain. "Gannon" appeared as a large, blue, pig-like monster. It would be nearly a decade before... More
  • Lifetime Achievement Award...

    There seems to be some discussions lately, both in the forums and in a few blogs, about achievements. While most seem to be negative and relate to farming or boosting or whatever you want to call it, this blog is not. I've blogged about achievements... More