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  • Perfectionist Gamers

    18 1
    What is it that drives some gamers to try to attain perfection? Is it the thrill of accomplishment? Is for the sake of masochism? Or is it just to say that it can be and was done? Whatever the reason, the fact remains that many gamers seek to earn all... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 12

    “Alright so now that I have my five year old vest.” (Other people remember that line, right?) “What am I supposed to do now?” Just wait for the river to freeze. Then you can cross it. “What river?” The one I just made... More
  • Being A Better Battlefield Player

    There's been a lot of heat lately in the discussions surrounding Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Especially among the world of YouTube game video directors. Now I would love to throw my hat into that ring, but I simply don't... More
  • Redundancy: The Movie (A true story about a redundant genre, that is repetitious.)

    I've posted this in a couple of places chief among them being the Error! Not Found blog over in this general area . I thought I'd post it on the GI Blogs because a lot of what I say can be transcribed over to the video game medium as well. The... More
  • Half Minute Hero and XBLA cures boredom

    Xbox Live Arcade is probably the best thing about Xbox Live. I find so many great games to occupy myself with, whether they are old school arcade titles with a new coat of paint (Pac Man Championship Edition DX), fun light hearted shooters (Snoopy Flying... More
  • Top 5 Moments in Online Gaming For a Guy Who Got to the Party Late

    Alright, truth time. My first experience with online gaming was two years ago. And since then, I've never really gotten full blown into yet. The main reason is my online connection is... unpredictable. I could invest in another router, but I'm... More
  • Journey Impressions - Simple, Hard to Explain, And So Much Fun

    Wow. This is the only word I managed to get out after I finished what the Journey beta had to offer. To figure out what I just played, I went through it again. And again. And again. I managed to get 4 whole playthroughs in a day's time, and I still... More
  • GIO Comedy: Video Game Characters Go On Strike!

    The NBA and NFL have recently experienced labor issues between players and owners but now video game characters are getting in on the act. Talks between the newly formed Video Game Character Guild and the Entertainment Merchants Association have fallen... More
  • A Month of Tiring Programming

    4 2
    Hey everybody, For those of you who haven't noticed, I have been working on my very first Flash game for about a month now. As you could imagine, all the development was a big pain in the @$-I mean back. But never-the-less, it was also fun and worth... More
  • Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3: Compare and Contrast

    So I've been thinking about these two games, and since I knew more about the COD series than Battlefield I took a look at what it looked like on Youtube and Here is my conclusions on both games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 This game... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 14: The Fortnight

    GIO Residents, Welcome to another episode of The 4th Floor. This week week marks the beginning of a new month, and as such our Charity of the Month is different. This month we are focusing on The Red Devils a local Maryland charity that funds services... More
  • Video Game Music: Part 1

    So today I thought about some of my favorite game music while listening to GIOR. (Let it be known that I am plugging the amazing GIOR) I decided that as I remember really cool music I'll put it up in a blog, at least 4 or 5 each post, so that I don't... More