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  • Game Reviews, Only For The Responsible.

    I’m not much of a review writer, which is a bit odd because I used to write for the teen journalism section of my city’s newspaper over a decade ago. New rock albums? Reviewed them. New venues opening up in the city for teenagers to congregate... More
  • Witcher 2 Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review Kid Safe: Very Low (1.0 / 10) Game Quality: High (8.5 / 10) Genre: Action/Adventure Role-Playing Game - As an Action/Adventure title, players will adventure and fight their way through the world while also finding... More
  • Mortal Kombat Legacy, Episode 8: Scorpion and Sub Zero, Part 2

    So here it is, the conclusion to the Scorpion and Sub Zero story in Mortal Kombat Legacy . I liked the set up in part one, but that's all it was: a set up. So now, we get to see the pay off and it is... OK. Scorpion has always been my favorite and... More
  • a simple procedure, a grouchy old dude report.

    Today at 11:30 a.m. I will be on a table getting prepped for a disc-o-gram. or those who have never had this pleasant procedure let me explain it. They insert a needle into your disk between your vertebra and "inflate" so they press against... More
  • Is Anyone Else Pre-Ordering "Catherine"?

    Argh, I had this entire blog post and it was erased by my evil computer *smacks computer* Or maybe that was just another realistic nightmare. Well at least I'm not being chased by giants with claw hands and knives (like you do in the nightmare sequences... More
  • Changes that could help the next BioShock

    In my third blog on what needs changed I talk about a great game called bio shock. I have just recently gotten Bioshock 1 and 2 at the same time. I have now beaten both on normal and I have to say the story really is top notch and the games are really... More
  • One of Them Good Days...

    (If you haven't listened to the song, listen. Be warned, it has some cursing.) Part of living on earth is that you have ups and downs daily, even hour. Some days are great, followed by perpetual crapiness, followed by greatness... you get the cycle... More
  • An Oldie, Not A Goodie

    There is an old, old (biblical old) saying that there is nothing new under the sun. Unfortunately, Wizard’s Run provides a case in point. Wizard’s Run is a rehash of an old, familiar arcade mechanic similar to Space Invaders . Although the... More
  • Fun With Flash HUB POST

    This is the HUB to all those great articles about Flash games I have written in the "Fun With Flash" blog series! More
  • The Times Are Changing

    Video games have always been considered a kind of niche hobby, something for nerds and people with acne who don’t leave their parents. This stereotype pisses me off. Sure, video games used to be composed of all nerds. These days? Not so much just... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 34

    8 1
    Episode 34 is available now. This week, Dean kinda talks about Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (but doesn't say too much because Titus and Wes haven't seen it), and Wes gives his impressions of Dirt 3. Break audio taken from music by The Lonely Island... More
  • Legend of Zelda Timeline for Dummies

    ALRIGHT! THIS IS IT! I'm not making any more Zelda blogs after this! My inbox is flooded with Majora's Mask perspectives or questions about the list or something. We'll I'm not going to answer any of those. Instead I'm going to do... More