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  • What does the Next Console Generation bring?

    With all signs pointing to the next iteration of X-Box in it's infancy, I am curious as to what other gamers expect to see from the future. The first thing that springs to most gamers minds, is a jump in graphics. Many can argue endlessly about whether... More
  • In Medias Res; Games That Get Right To The Punch

    After reading Game Informer's ' Slow Burns ' article, about games which provide a slow start to their expansive tales, I decided to move this blog idea to the top of my writing list. I recommend you click the link to read Game Informer's... More
  • GIO Short Stories Part One


    The entries are in, and they are excellent. Check out the first three short stories in the contest and vote for your favorites.

    ... More
  • Range: S3 Part 3

    “Don‘t sneak up on me like that.” Alphonse said. “I don‘t sneak, I move behind quietly. But anyway, you’re here so I assume you won. But where’s the guy you were fighting.” “Funny story that, my arm... More
  • The Top Five Movies that should of been made into a Game.(fixed)

    I would like you to tell me what movies you would play as a game from this list and what movies you would want turned into games. 5. Ok I picture this movie as a exploration-type game with a good story. In the hands of a good writer who could expand the... More
  • Ramblings Pt.1

    So yeah, this is just a blog that is divided up into multiple little segments. So just try and keep up. PART I - MUSIC Recently I got my hands on Pink Floyd's Animals , along with Wish You Were Here and The Wall . I loved Wish You Were Here and Animal's... More
  • Scream 4 Mini Review

    EDIT: Enigma13 got to this movie before I did, posted a review day after it came's the link: The... More
  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic REVIEW

    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) is an open-ended Third Person RPG, which was developed by Bioware and published by Lucasarts. The game was released in 2003 for Windows and XBOX. In KOTOR you play as a former Sith Lord, who was captured... More
  • Surviving In A Dynamic World - THE END! (Day 24)

    Well, this is it. This morning I got conquered. If you remember the list of attacks from the last summary post, Day 22, then the first 6 attacks have arrived and OH MY @ the forces those attacks were composed of... I dodged the first strike, which resulted... More
  • Lbp logic talk

    Kinda a tutorial / what i am currently doing with littlebigplanet. One of my favorite things to do in LBP is to make veicles with odd meathods of propulsion, for example by using one of newtons laws of motion, which states that "for every action... More
  • Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions

    Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 Developer : Epic Games Publisher : Microsoft Release Date : September 20th, 2011 The trilogy is coming to a close this September, but Epic Games has been kind enough to offer a beta to tide us over...and work out those pesky glitches... More
  • The end of Gears of War.

    Well, it looks like Sept. 20th 2011 is the end of Gears of war. This was a fun series. I remember first hearing about it years ago when it first released. I bought me a copy not knowing what to expect. Was I in for a suprise. I Don't think I ever... More