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  • The News - 06.12.11 - The Parents' Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Getting right into it, today's article of The News will be rather short but not-very-sweet. We have information flowing in about two more hacker-attacks on prominent video game companies, Epic Games and CodeMasters... More
  • Name That Game Contest: THE CONTENDERS! *DUN DUN DUN*

    Hello and welcome to the second blog in a 3 part series- my little contest called "Name that Game!" The rules are simple. People have sent in entries for various game ideas, including a title for the game, genre, and basic exposition for what... More
  • A important update for killzone liberation fans . A grouchy old dude report.

    Hello all my PSP brothers and sisters, and how are we this fine weekend? When Sony unleashed the welcome back program, the majority of hoopla was doted onto the PS3 and all of it's choices. However we, the few, the proud, the PSP owners were also... More
  • Nostalgia Sells


    The presence of nostalgic titles in today's industry is becoming more apparent, with dozens of games being released that relate to classic titles in more ways than one.  How long before this gift to gamers turns into an epidemic?

    ... More
  • Hawk reviews: Nier (PS3)

    Nier is a strange game with a strange backstory, but manages to provide some fun experiences all the same.... More
  • Why I think the PS Vita > 3DS

    Let me start out by saying I love Nintendo. My first system was a Gameboy Color, then a Gameboy Advance, and then a DS. However I think I may buy a PS Vita instead of a 3DS, here is why. Low Quality Games I kept up with news about the 3DS and the titles... More
  • Flash Game You NEED to Play

    Have you ever wanted to destroy enemies with an arsenal of destructive weapons such as gas grenade launchers, lead pipes, mine guns, and firearms? Now you get to. Thing Thing Arena 3 is a Flash game where you try and kill as many enemies as possible,... More
  • E3: The Rundown

    I didn't watch all the coverage of E3 this year. Real world and what not interfering with my gamez!!! But for all those who aren't sure what happened and read my blogs (thank you, you kind hearted souls) I'll give you the basic fly by of what... More
  • Nintendo Frustrates me but I am still excited for the Wii U and you should be too.

    First off, I'll admit it, I am an avid Nintendo fan and have been since the NES. I have 3 vivid memories in my life. 1. My Wedding 2. First time I got laid 3. A 6 year old me in pajamas at 6 AM unwrapping a NES in 1986 and playing Super Mario until... More
  • Nintendo: The Critical 1st Step for Every Young Gamer

    For a company that has been called out of touch by several gamers I have talked to, Nintendo has always managed to stand at the top of the field in terms of innovation. With the Wii, the company managed to start a wave of “me too” motion controls... More
  • The Outsider's E3

    I am neither a video game industry professional nor a party crasher (not since high school, anyway). In E3 parlance, that makes me an outsider, both figuratively and literally. So I decided to stop by anyway, and this is what E3 is like for the rest of... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 3

    Raz and Shaun were walking through the market when Raz saw a can. Raz said, “I feel this irresistible urge to kick that can into a bakery.” “Control yourself Raz, there’s no need to kick cans around.” Raz ignored him, and... More