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  • Dust 514: A strange mix of pessimism and anticipation

    I wouldn't say it is being cautiously optimistic because those feelings haven't combined... its more like one second I think about it and think its going to be awesome, and the next I think its going to disappoint me. What am I talking about?... More
  • 13 rules that will keep you alive.

    Nope, no new epic art... (at least for now, i got something awesome brewing though) but i do got this for you, lists! everybody loves lists. so heres a survival guide to staying alive in Horror games, in it, I'll be detailing what you should, and... More
  • What I'm hoping for Battlefield 3

    As we all know, the Call of Duty franchise has been ruling the multiplayer world on the consoles since the rise of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Battlefield has been completely overlooked and looked down upon by many gamers out there in the community... More
  • Things I Learned At 7100 feet (and Above).

    Hello all! I just got back a couple hours ago from camping in the Eastern Sierras for a week. After putting away all my camping gear, taking a nice hot shower and getting some tasty food in my belly, I figured that I would post a little blog post about... More
  • I've Been Plagarized... (IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER, OR A MOD PLEASE READ THIS!)

    28 3
    I'm writing this blog without a cute image, without a tone of happiness. I'm sad to tell you guys, everyone on GI has been getting stolen from. Plagarized, in fact. Possibly for a profit. I honestly don't know if the administrators and editors... More
  • Does this count as a guilty pleasure?

    14 1
    I'm a big fan of the CSI television show (the Las Vegas one, I stopped watching Miami after it became boring to make fun of it, and never got into New York). So you'd think that the CSI video games would be totally up my alley, right? Ding ding... More
  • How the Xbox Could Crash Just Like the PS3

    The recent PSN debacle was one of the biggest embarrassments that has ever been inflicted on a console manufacturer. Sony completely got their asses handed to them by a group of hackers who shut the PlayStation Network down for over a month and stole... More
  • Economy Poll

    So I am not entirely sure how to create polls, but I definitely think that Game Informer should post this to the main page: Has the economic downturn caused you to change either the way you purchase games or the amount of games that you actually buy?... More
  • Rage quit is funny

    13 1
    Ever get really mad at a game your playing(great examples: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Killzone, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball, Tekken, Marvel vs Capcom), and just throw a short tantrum, throwing your controller/keyboard/yourself(<-kinect) on the ground... More
  • Games piss me off (and an anti-KZ3 rant)

    Especially shooters. Either because they aren't what I want, or because they are so close to what I want but some horrible details ruin it for me. Sometimes because of how unoriginal they are. I'M WAY TOO PICKY... Killzone 3 for example, I always... More
  • Uncharted 3's MP Beta: An Unsurprising Success

    The Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 has ended, and the numbers are in. The numbers are incredibly impressive for a beta, but they are far from surprising in my eyes. When you take into consideration Sony's Welcome Back program after the near month... More
  • Which Side Are You - Dark Side OR Light Side???

    I've been playing a lot of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and it's sequel, The Sith Lords, recently. And I don't know why, but whenever I play it, I always want to go to the dark side. But sometimes playing this way leaves a scar in... More