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  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it...

    I normally stray away from trending topics in the news because most people that see a blog with a popular theme may choose to just skip over it. But today I am going to talk about the news that seems to have captured the attention of a number of media... More
  • My Beef With Microsoft

    Where do I start? Recently there have been many articles about motion controllers (ie the move and natal) and 3d tv. I can understand why to follow the "trend" for money duh! Sony can pull off the 3d TV and The Move because their system has... More
  • PS3... soon to be the PSiii

    OK... so I'm all for people making money. I'm all for creativity. I'm not very supportive of mimicry. Yes, it is the highest form of flattery, but in the end it just makes you look like either an idiot or a fanboy. Sony has NEVER been one... More
  • The Void Left By Rare

    Back in the days when Nintendo consoles had third party support that actually released respectable games, one company in particular helped them to shine more than any other: Rare. I, like many others, fondly recall the glory days of the Nintendo/Rare... More
  • Oscars Fail

    I didn't watch the Oscars because I frankly don't care about them. However I did check the winners the day after. I then found myself becoming enraged by the fact that District 9 didn't win a single award. In my opinion it was one of the best... More
  • The Magic Eight Ball Says...

    As a submariner, I used to think military games didn’t have enough submarines in them. So, like any wannabe modder would do, I set out to create a mod that had a submarine in it. I quickly learned it wasn’t nearly as easy as I thought and... More
  • Brandon on Being Late

    It was a Wednesday morning back in '03, and I was running a little late for school. I bolted to the school in a hurried mess well after the bell rang. I was a little embarassed to be so late, since this was the day we were all going to have a PIZZA... More
  • Top 6 TV Shows of All Time

    We all watch it, at some point in our lives. Television was one of the original sources of entertainment, and with it now getting drowned out by film and videogames(score!) there isn't much good to watch nowadays. That being said, you can still find... More

    37 2
    Screenshot of Kratos killing a centaur that roamed the depths of hell as Phlegyas watches. So yesterday I submitted my extremely detailed, heart felt review of the game God of War III that I have not played and do not anticipate with drool clenched teeth... More
  • Codemaster's New Shooter. (What I want)

    So I just read the article about Codemaster's new shooter "Bodycount" and I have to say, I am really going to give this one some high hopes. The idea of the environment (and enemies) being fully destructable has been promised in a lot of... More
  • Break. This is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over...

    Flash traffic coming down the wire regarding Future Soldier... On February 09, 2010, Ubisoft surprised the gaming world with news that the next chapter in the Ghost Recon saga was starting to see the light of day. Some of us interested in the title have... More
  • Check Out My New Nazi Zombie Map for COD WAW (PC ONLY)

    Nazi Zombie HIGH ZCT MOD2 with Modern Weapons Large City, USA A large explosion was heard a mere blocks away. Scrambling to your feet, head still ringing from the blast you notice a strange mist slowly filling the air. Like some sort of domino effect... More