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  • Legos make the Darnest things

    I was looking up the A team on youtube when I came across this lol @ random star wars lego GO LEGO MURDOCK! Then I came across the Lego Matrix Then I came across GTA THIS ONE HERE IS THE MOST EPIC 1 enjoy I will be posting more to my blog in the near... More
  • Top Names in the Video Game most everything Technology Area!

    Hey guys! This is a list of people who I personally think have changed the world it is today...for technology matters. I am not writing a biography for each person but I will give the info needed. NOW for some of the big people like Bill Gates I am not... More
  • You Might Want to Print this, cut it out, and put it on your fridge so you won't forget!!

    Something to Keep in Mind for the Mid term Elections in November U.S. House and Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raise ( and you thought Activson was bad ) They voted to NOT give you a Social Security Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011... More
  • Activision we should show a united front

    Well most of us have been following activisions actions, from there court cases to there new found disrespect of us the custemers. it is because of this that I think we as gamers should show a united front, that we will not buy any games under the name... More
  • Wouldn't you want to put the suit on??

    So with project Natal coming for Xbox 360 users and talks of no exciting titles but one thus far, I got (in my opinion) a GREAT idea for a game that could use this new technology to it's fullest potential. Speaking of technology being used to it's... More
  • i passed my asvab!! AARRGH

    because today snitches, I passed my Asvab. Just found out the scores, got a 64, passing was 50:) that means a genius!! Lol not really but it does signify a great moment in my life. A moment that has evaded me 4 times in the past. As Sam Cook once said... More
  • Mmmm food... holy sh.. that spicy!!!

    The people here are extremely nice and yet peculiarly closed off. On one side, they love showing off their culture and food. Yet on the other hand, it’s hard to get them to talk about anything beyond the “touristy” stuff. It’s... More
  • A reach into the past

    It should be no surprise to anyone who knows me to know that I enjoy the older games from the PSone era of time. I stared here with the intent to do classic reviews (probably going to pick that up again, look for my next post to be a review of the original... More
  • Untitled Story that I'm working on

    Ok this story is based off of a dream and well I'll let you figure it out for yourselves...looking for some constructive criticism please thank you I came to with a startle something was nudging my leg. My body was in pain all over and my mouth my... More
  • Loud and Proud...

    If you saw me at work, you probably would never guess how big of a gamer I truly am. It's not that I hide it or am embarrassed by it because I'm certainly not. But since I wear a uniform and work in an office with a few older fellas who probably... More
  • Heads Of Infinity Ward making Respawn Entertainment with EA!

    As of three days ago, it was confirmed that Jason West and Vincent Zampella are coming together to make a new game studio Respawn Entertainment with partnership with EA! YES EA the one that Activision said they were meeting up with. So does that sorta... More
  • TEASER: It Approaches...

    Someone is coming... And he is very...very... Pissed. Click to see in full view & higher quality A savior? Or a menace? One thing's for sure, though... He will kick your ass . Coming Soon. More