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  • BRAINS!!! Dr. Ned's Zombie Island twas quite fun.

    I finally picked up the Borderlands DLC; Zombie Island and I got to say, it made for quite the satisfying night. This DLC is rather short in content, as the main quest line could probably be played through in about an hour or two if you ignore side quests... More
  • Movie Roundup #5

    Coming Attractions! I'm currently compiling two lists: my top 100 songs of the decade (all done, will post a link soon) and my top 100 movie moments of the decade (way tougher than i thought). Excellent bunch of moviefilms ahead. Inglourious Basterds... More
  • My Top 10 fav Villains in Sonic the Hedgehog

    10. E-101 Beta He was a great villian but in truth was not all that bad. He simply wanted to best his brother gamma. Yet was defeated time and time again. He gets put on the list for the suicide attack that killed both him and his brother gamma at the... More
  • Silver....

    This is all I'm going to say... YES! Also, I like to thank all of my friends on GI. Mooglelover1 - Really fun debating with you about Street Fighter, Thanks Meta77 - Thanks for the awesome discussions about anime/manga SolarPlex - Thanks for letting... More
  • Left 4 DONE!! With the games PAIN IN THE A$$ AI...

    I like Coach, he looks and sounds vaugely like my uncle(s), random fact! I finallyplayed through all 5 campaigns in left 4 dead 2, it is, indeed, a totally refined experience that makes L4D horrifically dull in comparison. The campaigns are varied, the... More
  • I'm unhappy

    I'm just got my final G.I. and since I dont have 15 dollars I cant resubscribe to the magazine, I have'nt gamed in 12 months just check my gamer tag if you dont believe me, I will never have a 360, ps3,wii, ds, or psp of my own, I'm missing... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 7: OMGITSPHIL.

    The walrus king didn't know what to do. He had the walrus ball, but he had no real use for it. What was he going to do with a bunch of walruses?! He decided he was done. He covered the ball with a sheet, and left the room. Done deal. Say bye to the... More
  • The Joys Of Steam

    Steam. To most people it means "Pressurized water vapor used for heating, cooking, or to provide mechanical power". To anyone who plays PC games it means digital download service from Valve. Quite possibly my favorite piece of non-game software... More
  • You aint no friends o' mine

    14 1
    'Cause you don't dance. More
  • Pride...

    Ako Mismo = Filipino for "Just Me" As more news is going on in the world, I think it is safe to say that I'm am proud to be 100% Filipino. I am Pinoy and I always will be. I am also glad to be part of a wonderful community, a wonderful culture... More
  • Becoming Sick of Modern Warfare 2

    Modern Warfare 2, this years juggernaut is becoming more ridiculous by the minute. A lot of people say, "Oh, it's so realistic. But, it's not. The more and more I keep playing this game it seems the more and more I get pissed at it. It seems... More
  • iphone/itouch Game Buyers Guide

    iphone/itouch Game Buyers Guide The iphone is seriously overlooked on this site, so I’ve compiled a little list of the best games on the itouch (in my opinion mind you). My friends and I play on our itouchs all the time. I love it. I don’t... More