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  • My Top 5 most "disappointing" Games.

    Oh well this is kind of a rant blog and these never really get many hits, but I will just do one of these anyway : )! When I mean by disappointing I mean in MY opinion, or basicly the game was not what how I thought it was or just not for me. 5. Fable... More
  • Calm Before the Storm...

    First and foremost, let me just say Happy Friday. I realize not everyone has the weekend off, but if you're like me and I know some of you are, Friday marks the start of a few days off; a time when you probably should be doing something productive... More
  • Brain Games = Epic Fail?

    According the journal Nature, Scientists track more than 11,000 people over six weeks, find regular training produces no improvement on benchmark intelligence tests. The study, led by Adrian M. Owen and Adam Hampshire of the UK Medical Research Council's... More
  • Ultimate Game Chair

    If you have not looked at my profile, I have mentioned that I was in some videos for Ultimate Game Chair Here they are (Keep in mind that I only has a few minutes to get used to the chair and improvised everything. Plus these are the only 360 games I... More
  • My thoughts on The Passing DLC for L4D2.

    As a Left 4 Dead fanatic I have received every bit of news dealing with the game(s) with anticipation filled phantom embraces, eagerly awaiting the arrival of said updates (patch, sequel, DLC). Let’s just say I’m glad there was no one around... More
  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 5-8

    Missed part 1-4? Click here or visit my youtube channel . Part 5: Cyber Space Part 6: Air Force Part 7: Snow Base Known issue: Small glitch in Snow Base Area 2 causes audio and video to get slightly out of sync. Sorry, these things happen... Part 8: Marine... More
  • What's the Big Deal with Apple?

    Is it me or does it just seem everyone is jumping on the Apple bandwagon lately? The company's most recent addition to its product line-up received more media hype than any other toy sold to us by Steve Jobs and his super human ego. GI forum surfers... More
  • Game Informer's Super Street Fighter IV tournament <Starts May 15th!>

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    Holding a tournament for the new and upcoming Super Street Fighter IV from : MAY 15TH TO 18TH <Date subject to change> (PLEASE POST HERE FOR THE SET OF DATES THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!) This is for the Xbox 360. Standard, Double-Elimination, 3 rounds... More
  • Lost in Time

    Today I took a trip to a smaller island and visited a little fishing village. Once again, an extremely beautiful place. I got to talking to some of the people and they were telling me an odd little story about WW2 soldiers, who were lost on some island... More
  • A Tribute To The Greatest Man To Ever Live

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    You will be missed you crazy old *** More
  • Music You Should Be Listening To - Part 2

    Welcome back! This is my second installation to my potentially infinite series "Music You Should Be Listening To." This time around I am going to be talking about an instrumental keyboard artist that I recently stumbled upon and have been loving... More
  • What If...

    I like comic books (but this blog isn't entirely about them - read on). That shouldn’t be a huge surprise since lots of gamers like comic books. It’s just part of our geeky nature. My favorite comic book is Amazing Spiderman #129. I like... More