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  • The Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame PSA…

    Well here it is...finally! This is the first official "Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame" public service announcement. This announcement will provide some background information and a general overview of my vision for this new series that... More
  • Minecraft: What Texture Packs do you use?

    February 15 I am currently using the painterly pack for Minecraft, but I'm still looking at new ones trying to find texture packs I like the best. I'm curious to know what texture packs (if any) the Game Informer community uses! Leave your comments... More
  • How to Use Kinect

    I recently received a brand new Kinect, and decided to post my... impressions. Here's how you really use Kinect. Just the Facts: Kinect may be the coolest thing ever created. Without exception, the Kinect launch lineup has all the depth and complexity... More
  • An Annual Assassin's Creed is a Curious Gamble

    I totally believe that games need a two year gestation cycle, partly for quality control and partly for preventing over-exposure to the audience. We have seen many AAA titles crushed from this behavior and the annual title leaves a bad taste in our mouths... More
  • The Book Retort Ep 3 Of XX/Video Awareness of Zero Punctuations!: Mogworld

    So this week I'm going to do something different: I'm going to retort the book and at the same time I'm going to get you hooked on the author's video game reviews. Basically i'm combining my three addiction, books... More
  • the deep dark secret of valentines day

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    valentines day suck its a day when people are suppose to be happy and be in love but the deep dark truth is that its a lie love is a lie everything people tell you is a lie they say they love you when they really mean i hate you valentines day is a *... More
  • The Re-Review Episode 1: NFS Hot Pursuit 2

    This is the kick off of my new series, The Re-Review. A little bit of Replay, a little bit of Classic GI (bring that back by the way) and a whole lot of awesome. This week (note: this is not weekly, but semi-weekly, meaning whenever I feel like it) I'll... More
  • Refined Tastes

    I recently bought Golden Sun DS and I played through some of it. I really thought I would like it because I loved the first two for the GBA, I even wrote a full blog on the series! However, I was disappointed, not in the graphics (they were great), not... More
  • All About Just Dance Kids Video Game

    just dance kids best game for kids: Kids love sound and they love to dance. Music is a wonderful tool for brain-stimulation and dancing is fantastic exercise as well as a tool for teaching kids a beat. Just Dance is rate E for everyone and is for kids... More
  • Two Worlds Apart: The Proof Is in the Pictorial

    It is a rare game that is beloved despite of, or even because of, its technical glitches. Reality Pump's Two Worlds II is at once impressive and embarrassing whether you consider its gameplay or its presentation. However, I'm enjoying the game... More
  • Champions Online- My 1st True MMO Experience

    So here's the thing: I am not a big multiplayer person. That's not to say I'm not a social person. Truly, I am. But I've often found that when I tried playing multiplayer experiences, I tended to grow bored within a month or so. It happened... More
  • My (Late) Valentine To The Video Game Industry

    So, practically Valentine's Day is going to be here and past by the time that this blog hits the blogosphere since I have a strict one-blog-a-day rule and I have no time to blog in the day- so all my blogs are prewritten. Still, I thought this was... More