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  • How To Better Appreciate Your Video Game...

    Going through life with a big "F YOU!" sign in your hand won't get you far. Nothing is perfect, and some things are really bad. Video games are no exception to this rule. So how do you go about appreciating a game, even if it sucks? Well... More
  • Advice for Blogging

    Considering the amount of time I spend lurking in the User Blogs page, it speaks well of GIO that I rarely see a genuinely bad blog post. Nearly all of them are well thought out and bring an interesting opinion to the discussion table. However, there... More
  • Mediocre games that I like...

    So, as you might have surmised from the title, there are certain games considered "bad" by the gaming populace. while most of those games are not well polished, gripping, triple A production value games some of them still end up in a special... More
  • The Adjustment Bureau review ( no spoilers ) [ update ]

    "You can't outrun your fate, David." "I disagree with you about what my fate is. I know what I feel for her and it's not going to change. All I have are the choices that I make- and I choose her." - Hello and welcome to my... More
  • Opinions: IGN's Top 100 Modern Games: 60-41

    (As the picture says today we hit the halfway point in the countdown) IGN got to the halfway point today and I can finally comment on more games. Coming up today we have several PC exclusives, some more Nintendo, early Xbox games, and pretty much what... More
  • Controversy in war games: hypocrites

    Recently my old original PS3 broke down. I managed to fix it but unfortunately all memory got erased. One of the first games I decided to play was COD: World at War. I turned on new game, finished the campaign and all that. Then I saw the part where they... More
  • The World of the NPC

    Pretty much every game involves Non-Player Characters, known as NPCs. These are the characters you buy stuff from, often help move the story along, and often fight by your side on a temporary or permanent basis. Most of the time, NPC's don't have... More
  • Something that I hate a lot: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

    I really like Dead Space. In fact, I made a blog about the markers because I like it so much. However there is one thing that I really hate about it: it's *** multiplayer. I am not far at all into the multiplayer. I am about level 13 or so and it... More
  • Wii owners: We want hardcore games! Nintendo: LOL no, friends!

    After five days of Rainfall, Nintendo finally gives gamers wanting hardcore experiences on their Wii an answer: No.... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 9

    Raz swung his bankai behind him, “Getsuga tensho!” He swung forward and a burst of energy came out and rushed towards Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra held his hand out to stop the blast, “What?” He brought up his other hand and managed to... More
  • Crunch Time: The Necessary Evil

    With the past overtime policies of EA and the recent turmoil at Team Bondi, there has been a lot of uproarious discussion regarding overtime in the game industry. If you are familiar with the industry you know that overtime has even been given its own... More
  • Ocaraina of time secrets part 2.

    Ok, i just got to the forest temple, and on my way, found some petty cool things, and took some pictures for you guys. X MARKS THE NO MASK Here is my inventory screen. What is that x, you ask, when you have no mask, but still look in your inventory after... More