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  • Media in Today's Society.

    As a senior nearing the end of my High School career, I’ve been exposed to many differing opinions about the state of the job market and various industries. Guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and even strangers seem ready to give their advice... More
  • The Origin Story

    I've said GIO is a home away from home, and while my family knows me all two well, I thought it's time my GIO family learns the awful truth ... A boy’s life: Tape recorded fart contests, snail wars with trash can shields, firecrackers in... More
  • Becoming A Master Castle Crasher

    (I should note, this blog has small spoilers.) Like a lot of people I bought Castle Crashers when it finally hit PSN (this was before I had a 360). I couldn't have been more thrilled with the game. It easily had three times the content I'd come... More
  • So What Counts As A Game, Anyway?

    I've been playing on Gaiaonline since sometime around 2003. A free site to join, Gaia mostly has a forum area, a manga, and a somewhat simplistic "world" you can traverse by clicking. They also introduced a flash-style MMO fighting element... More
  • Video Game Script-Day 1-The Prologue

    Hi there. My name is Jack, and I’m a self-admitted nerd. One of the nerdy things that I like to do is write game scripts. I hardly ever finish them so I decided to post new parts every day on Gameinformer to A) kind of give myself a reason to do... More
  • A Blog for Windows Phone 7 Owners.

    Hey Windows Phone 7 owners! I have one thing to say to you. WHAT IS YOUR KOOBING PROBLEM?!?! Yeah, I said the same thing to myself. The WP7 isn't that bad. But like every new product, it has problems. One of the problems is the lack of games. But... More
  • Range: S3 Part 5

    Alphonse and his friends began playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Although everyone expected Alphonse to win, he was doing much better than was normal, even for him. “Man Alph.” Chad said, after Alphonse won his 7th game straight, “Have... More
  • Diary of A Game Writer.... *Entry Two*

    Yes, if you haven't been hiding under a rock for the last however long, you know that Jake Auditore and I am working on a text-based? adventure game, which he calls: Rising Radiation. Now, when I say 'working together' I really mean I'm... More
  • The News - 05.15.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today's issue of The News will be a big one as we have two long awaited pieces of information that many gamers have been itching to hear. So, we will be starting off with great news for PlayStation 3 owners everywhere... More
  • Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall....

    Today, we went on a big walk. I live in Santa Cruz, which means that whats-his-face from American Idol (which I don't watch, but there were huge cardboard cutouts of his big singing face all over town yesterday and today, so it's not like I could... More
  • New Hardware: 3DS

    Friday was my Birthday, so for my birthday I got a 3DS. I'm super pumped to check out some actual software, but I'm waiting a little while to get some actual software for 3DS (I still have to finish Phantom Hourglass). I'm super excited for... More
  • Rising Radiation (the reveal!)

    I couldn't wait til next week to reveal this, and since I'm finished with all the preparations, It's time. Rising Radiation. A text-based post-nuclear apocalyptic RPG! For all the info, head on over to Rising Radiation's dev-blog. More