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  • The Untouchables

    Gaming is slowly becoming a deeper and deeper addiction for me. I'm actually on vacation right now, and I faked being sick so I can stay in and play UT2004 against bots. That's another story, but these great games got me thinking about great-er... More
  • UPDATE: Multiplayer Confirmed For ME 3

    UPDATE 10/11/11: A Multi-player component was confirmed by multiple sources as of Oct 11, 2011. According to the current news, it won't have a competitive feature, nor be a part of the campaign, but instead will be a separate cooperative experience... More
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - The Little Game That Could…

    12 1
    I don't really play a lot of Xbox Live Arcade games. I tell myself the main reason why is I don't get a lot of time to play video games and when I do finally get the time, I want to play something with a little more substance. I also try and steer... More
  • My Top 20 favorite games part 6-10

    Hey all time for part 2! I also wanted to thank you for your kindness GIO community, many other websites would end up attacking my personal opinions but this site has always been creative and supportive. As with the last list there is no particular order... More
  • Captivating Art styles in movies/games/tv

    This blog is all about the eye candy in visual entertainment. What things had a visually striking art style to you? I would like everyone to post what games and other things are most visually appealing to them in art style, and I shall list mine. ________________________________________________________________________... More
  • Buying Games on Day of Release?

    13 1
    We all know the controversy: Now that consoles are increasingly tied to the Internet, thus allowing games to be patched, are we all just glorified beta testers? Are companies able to put out buggy games and rake in the dough from them because they can... More
  • Di5a5terp13ce's art blog: part 3

    Greetings GIO and fellow gamers, it’s been a long time but a new entry in my drawing blog series has finally come to light. During my lengthy absence from the blogging section, I’ve been working on a lot of different sketches, ranging from... More
  • I Is New To Blogging

    I'm gonna start blogging. Yes, blogging. I'll try to post one every day, but sorry folks if I can't. My format will be a little something like this: I'll rant and/or talk about something with video games, comic books, movies, and anything... More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 10 of XX (Post SDCC 2011 Edition)

    While I wait on a few things yet to continue The Reader Recap for August 2011's issue, I bring you another edition of The Swag Blog, this time filled with a few San Diego Comic Con goodies. I wish I could say I actually make my way out to California... More
  • How Games Define You

    You may recall my post a few days ago regarding the purchasing of Pokémon HeartGold for my DS. Well, I wanted to linger on that little event and tell you all a bit of a story. So here goes: Once upon a time, there was a young, strapping lad named... More
  • The Death of Creativity?

    I have a problem with the video game market. When I walk into my local Gamestop, eyes geaming at the thought of a new adventure, a new style, a new story, or something all-together unheard of, I'm all to often disappointed. The market today is being... More
  • Exploring Other Times

    Every since I can remember I've always had an interest in other time periods. From the prehistoric dinosaur age, to the wild west and everything in between, at some point or another they've all fascinated me. And one thing I've noticed lately... More