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  • Why Video Games Suck

    Is it just me or has video games lost there flare? Wait, they HAD no flare! In the past couple of years what have we accomplished. Nothing. We just play video games, and video games bring nothing for us in greatness. Let me start with the beginning. Super... More
  • What Really Grinds My Gears -- Angry Birds

    You know what really grinds my gears? Angry Birds. I downloaded this beast of a game this last December and it's had me mesmerized ever since. The game has great control, especially for a touch-based game, interesting concept, and is easily accessible... More
  • Mr. Developer, When Can I Play My Way?

    Have you played an FPS in these recent days? Chances are you have, the FPS genre is only the most frequently discussed genre on most sites. A while back, I said that choice and consequence is what this generation needs to focus on to cement its place... More
  • Characters That Need Mustaches, Isaac Clarke

    Okay community, let's face it. Mustaches are dead sexy. Anything that has ever existed can be improved with a fine mustache. Why do you think Mario is such a power house in the video game industry? I'll tell you it's not because of his fantastic... More
  • Closing the Loopholes

    This blog is a direct response to Matt Miller's opinion article on page 44 of the April 2011 Gameinformer magazine. Let me start off by saying that this was probably one of the best opinion articles I have read in the magazine to date. I absolutely... More
  • 5 reasons why you should own a Nintendo Wii

    Now, the wii may not be as technically advanced as the ps3 or xbox 360, but it attempts(and succeeds)in giving you a gimmicky,fairly cheap home entertainment console. the wii is aimed at the family audience and was most probably not aimed at the 'hardcore... More
  • Jane Celebrates 6 Months of Blogging...

    14 1
    Not officially six months but close enough. In all honesty, I didn't have anything planned and didn't even think of it as that big of a deal but I came up with an idea and really liked it. In this blog, since I am struggling with a block, I will... More
  • Saint’s Latest Project: A Podcast…

    Saint's Latest Project: A Podcast... During the last edition of Member Herding, GIO Member Delancey made a comment that caused a brow to raise and the light bulb to flicker in and out. He asked... Interesting. A podcast by yours truly? Not something... More
  • The War Is Over - a response to a GI letter

    This one proved to be a real eye opener for me. A few days ago, I received my Game informer magazine. Outside of Game infarcer and a couple of reviews, there wasn't really much that caught my eye in this months issue.So today, I decided to read some... More
  • Show Some Creativity

    Let's talk BulletStorm. I already posted my rather positive impressions of Epic's latest gory frag fest, and I stand by those words. BulletStorm is a blast because it's easily one of the most creative shooters I've seen in years. Maybe... More
  • Exploring The 3rd Dimension Of Handheld Gaming: The Nintendo 3DS

    As many of you already know, this past Sunday marked the launch of Nintendo's highly-anticipated 3DS. Going in to 2011, this was one of the main releases I was really looking forward to and I can't believe it is already here. After taking some... More
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

    I think we can now say that the fighting game genre has finally returned to its fullest. Through the past few years, starting with Street Fighter VI, we have seen a huge surplus of great fighting games that feels like we are back before the turn of the... More