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  • Stop the Ignorance. Now.

    If you haven't already, read Sean Lowery's post in the editor blogs about the recent "video games causing rape" story and that daft-headed PSYCHOlogist. Read it because he makes better points than I ever could. I posted a comment to... More
  • The Many Faces of Sackboy. (And some info on my community blog.)

    Sackboy is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable creatures in video games. Though he is made out of thread and stuffing- he is so much more than that. He is an epic hero (or lady-hero), a brave adventurer, or just someone that keeps such a large... More
  • Car Web Games

    Parking Games is an amazing place to have fun with free of charge games. They're my preferred location to see all of the latest games. I get an opportunity to expand my selection of games anytime day or night. There's an array of different sorts... More
  • Online Cooking Games for Boys and Girls

    Free cooking games are so addictive. If you have a special love for cooking, baking, frying and being a restaurant owner, then you would enjoy playing these online cooking games. Do you have a fantasy of becoming the next celebrity chef? Or, do you want... More

    Hey folks, long time no see! The reason for my incredibly extended absence is that I've been busy making movies and the like. Recently, a couple of friends and I put together a funny little short that I think all of you would like, and I would be... More
  • Band of Bloggers #1

    "Compare and Contrast the traditional pen and paper role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons to the modern video game equivalents like World of WarCraft." This was the topic that Saint has challenged me with for the initial entry for the... More
  • Integrity vs. Popularity: The Decay of the Blogging Community…

    Before I dive into this blog more than I already have with that title, let me make a few statements. If you're interested in this blog and want to respond, please read the entire blog before doing so. Nobody loves blogging at Game Informer more than... More
  • It's Been Awhile

    Boy, do I apologize. I haven't posted in a blog in near forever. Played two games since then too! Isn't that awesome? Well not really. I finished the 'campaign' of Littlebigplanet 2 and I just got into Mexico for Red Dead Redemption. Both... More
  • the unsolved case

    planet echo was founded in 2069 by kindra sims kindra's daughter ket was one of the first to walk on echo. kindra sadly died in 2073 from an animal attack. no one knows what attacked her but some say it was the legendary creature called crafit. the... More
  • Dishonoring the Victims: An Expert Study on How Video Games Aren't Evil

    This is going to be a very personal and very likely long blog for me, so please be aware of that. Also, I'm sorry, but it will also be full of unedited, pure rants from the back of my brain. I apologize in advance for loving my soap box so much. I... More
  • Catfish Movie Review (Almost Spoiler Free)

    **WARNING: Although the following review does not contain any explicit spoilers, there may be what some call "indirect spoilers" in which I possibly hint at the big reveal of the film, without full-on giving it away.** I personally feel like... More
  • The MPAA's Bulls***

    Time for me to get on my soap box! Prepare yourself, this is gonna be embarrassing... Do you remember your first R rated film? There's nothing quite like it...that is unless your first rated R film was The Expendables , in which case, I feel so sorry... More