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  • Looking For A Comeback — The Rise and Fall of Sports Gaming

    7 2
    There once was a golden age of sports gaming, one filled with yearly upgrades, vastly improved presentation and, most importantly, the ability to determine the price of hot dogs at your stadium. This was a world where you could take the profits from those... More
  • Mass effect 3 possabilites

    When Mass effect 3 is to be announced i think the options they should make after a amazing ending to the thrilling sequel mass effect 2. I suggest that when they start mass effect 3 Shepard gathers all of his squad mates that where from the first and... More
  • Blog of Rock # 6: Hollywood Undead

    I've realized something. Some bands like The Fray and The Gaslight Anthem create clear, open music that appeals to a lot of people. Hollywood Undead isn't one of those bands. With that said, these guys are f***ing awesome. Similar to Zebrahead... More
  • Singularity - an innovative FPS with some issues

    (Yes, I know there is a reviews section on this site, but nobody ever seems to look at reviews, so I'm posting it here) I bought Singularity because I had heard some good things about it and I wanted to support a new IP that seemed promising. I'm... More
  • This man could very well be Nintendo's Jesus

    While Stumbleing the other night, I found out about a man by the name of Johnny Lee, a man with a genius brain and a Wii. He started out posting videos explaining how to use a automatic calibration device he invented. Later, he posted a video that showed... More
  • Game Informer Magazine Ranked 11th...

    10 1
    I received my latest edition of Game Informer in the mail yesterday. Before I dive into the blog, let me provide a brief historical synopsis of my magazine reading credentials. As a gamer with 25+ years of gaming, I've read my fair share of game related... More
  • Inception Movie Review (Spoiler Free!)

    6 1
    I guess I'm kind of a hypocrite when it comes to my opinions on hype. I keep saying that it's probably best to not hype *** up because if you do, it will make high expectations, which in turn, leads to disappointment. Low expectations on the other... More
  • Remebering The Old Days

    I have been a "gamer", I hate that term, for a very long time. Ever since my father bought a Super Nintendo I have been an avid game player. I have seen from the inside everything change for better and for worse. In general video games have... More
  • CinemaBlog #3: Inception

    Inception My mind has just been blown. Let's go under, shall we? You and I are going to take a trip to the unreal. Imagine, for a moment, that there was this film. Now, this particular film was a very special one. It had the action and special effects... More
  • The Rise of the Casual Gamer (or Why This is a Double Edged Sword for the Industry) (Part 2: Motion Controls)

    So, it has been a little while since my last blog. Sorry to those of you who were eagerly awaiting my next installment in this series (if people like that even exist :D). Since it was such a long time ago, I actually had to go back and re-read what I... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Inception (I'm going to need a good kick to get me out of this one)

    I have a little explaining to do, as always. I love dreams, especially since I realize that I am capable of having lucid dreams, dreams you control. These tend to be the best, the ability to manipulate a world around you, to fly, to create life, whatever... More
  • My HEAVY RAIN ending (spoiler)

    I loved this game and it is now one of my favorites. I love it because of the variety of endings and the drastic effects choices can make. I also really like the game because it is different in that it does not have game overs, whatever happens sticks... More