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  • Death By Focus Group: Lack of Creativity Kills...Well...Just About Everything

    Focus groups are like zombies-the only way to stop the spread of stupidity is a bullet to the brain. I'm here today to talk about the "f" word. No, this is not an allusion to swearing-what I am talking about is the scourge of all things... More
  • Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

    *Possibly some spoilers* So, In case any of you care about my blogs (every Sunday) , I'll tell you why I didn't post one last Sunday (August 7th) . This game came out on August 4th, and I had to wait until the next day (Friday) so I have money... More
  • Portal 2 Reminds Me – There’s No I in Team but there is in Win…

    I never like to assume that anybody has read my blogs, so I'll preface this blog with - in yesterday's blog I talked about Portal 2 and the unique dynamic associated with the multiplayer component that is really unlike most other games currently... More
  • 2D metroid wishlist

    I have wanted one of these for years. And after listeining to the new gameinformer show, i decided to write this wishlist up! RETURN TO CLASSIC SAMUS I want samus to be well... samus. The radical departure for her in other M was one of the worst parts... More
  • Records Are Made to be Broken

    And if I could have my way I know exactly what record I would break and how I would break it. You see during the stream of the Guinness 6 Pack I asked a very simple question. All I wanted to know is if the record for longest time playing a strategy game... More
  • Bungie's new trademark hints at next title

    Bungie is one of those very rare companies that needs little introduction. After creating the very successful Halo franchise, the company parted ways with Microsoft, leaving the fate of their masterpiece in the hands of the company's "343 industries... More
  • Top Ten Worst Party Members

    Top Ten Worst Party Members Ever 10. Gau (FFVI): Back in the day, you knew what to expect from your RPG characters. Attack, Magic, Item are staples of the genre. Then someone like Gau comes along and wrecks everything. It’s cool that everybody in... More
  • I Play the Crap, So You Don't Have to: Reviews Infinity Blade

    I have decided to start a blog series where I review popular iPhone apps. Today, I review the award winning action/RPG game Infinity Blade. Let's see how it is. The game starts with in a throne room were you, a nameless warrior, come to kill the immortal... More
  • Top Ten Frustrating Game Mechanics

    10. Backtracking Puzzles: OK, you start up a game. You kill some monsters, note a locked door with a square hole in, and continue playing your game. Five hours later, you stumble upon a square lever in a dead end. There’s only one thing going through... More
  • Building Better Games Part 1

    Here is the thing if you might not have picked it up from the fact that I blog on a videogame website: I love playing videogames. I think that they offer us unique experiences, sensations, and opportunities that we just can’t get anywhere else.... More
  • The Best Game Informer Covers As Chosen By Indiejones

    Believe it or not folks, our favorite gaming publication is going to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall. Game Informer has gone from a bi-monthly rinky dink gaming magazine in 1991 to the leading publication in an industry which has grown into... More
  • In the Absence of Color

    More emphasis today in triple-A titles is put towards pushing polygon counts than, arguably, even gameplay. The proof? Games that look great but still don't deliver the gameplay punches required to make them win in the profit-oriented game industry... More