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  • Project RUN


    I'm improving my life. I hope that you do too. If you want to be a part of something big, read on to learn


    ... More
  • Sony: How to Relieve Customer Concerns

    I realize that this needs to be said first and foremost, I know I stated that I would be leaving. This blog however deals extensively with video games, and I figure why not share with the members here, especially considering this is a video game site... More
  • Friday Frivolity: Guns, Zombies and Major Malarkey Edition

    So it's Friday and do you know what that means? FREE ICE CREAM! ....No, wait....sorry, I'm getting an incoming message from the management (AKA, my rather insistently mewing cat), and it appears that it is instead time for Friday Frivolity, with... More
  • Gaming and Escape from New York

    Those of you who are unfamiliar with the 1981 film Escape from New York, directed by experienced B-movie director John Carpenter, should probably go out and see it right now. To give a brief summary of the film: the year is 1997 and in 1988 crime in the... More
  • Review of the Rcade Freek Analog Stick Extensions

    Kontrol Freek is a company dedicated to bringing accessories that either give gamers a competitive edge or alter the gaming experience in some way. Their new product, Rcade Freek , does just this. As apposed to other products like their overwhelmingly... More
  • First! It makes you look stupid.

    Why must people feel the urge to post "First!" in the comment section of news articles? Does it make you as awesome as a duck? Before the GIO reboot the news section was passable, but not as awesome as it is today. You want to discuss an article... More
  • Indiejones And The Podcast of Doom

    A man I greatly admire once told me that if you can't offer the community something unique, then why are you offering it? This is the mentality I had going into my latest venture into the realm of podcasts. I realize there is a deluge of podcasts... More
  • My Own Vlog Episode 0: The Introduction

    So, a while back I mentioned that I considered doing a Vlog since I'm a bit short on time to get around to writing out full blogs. To my surprise, there was quite a few that were interested in seeing me do so. So, I have decided to start doing a vlog... More
  • Top five video game Monkeys

    Monkeys. Poo flinging creatures. Beside pigs I think monkeys dominate the gaming scene. I want to list my top favorite 5 monkeys. 5: Broly Look at him. He's huge. His head touched the health bar at the top. I picked him because Broly is bad ass. Yes... More
  • Be Anything You Want To Be

    You’re a coconut, but your biggest dream in life is to be an acorn? Really? Well, OK, then. Anything is possible. The “Magnoliophyta Master” badge is perhaps the easiest 15 points you’ll ever earn on Kongregate, folks. Within colored... More
  • Will the Future be Bright or An App

    2011 seems like a very good year in video games. Even with the PSN down the upcoming games still look very good. While I eagerly anticipate the next addition in the inFAMOUS franchise I cannot help but wonder what the future of video games is. In 1983... More
  • Top 5 creepy video game songs

    I have gained this fascination for really creepy video game songs, so I decided to compile 5 of my favorites. First up is the song of healing reversed, so the song of disease of injury or something. It's made even creepier because every time I hear... More