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  • DRM and that other BS

    So theres been an uprising of DRM crap, and now EA goes and puts their funny little registration code in the mix. I wonder what the guys in charge are thinking, because gamers are not stupid. Ok there are some, and most of the more casual gamers arnt... More
  • An ode to Little Big Planet

    I just saw that Little Big Planet 2 had been announced and I could not be more excited. Little Big Planet is a one of a kind game that gave gamers a chance to expand on their creativity. I dont want to know how many hours ive used up making my own levels... More
  • Things That Should Not Have Sequels 3: Jaws

    16 3

    My thoughts on why Jaws should have only been the one classic film, and not a ridiculed franchise.

    ... More
  • Movie Roundup #12

    This is inadvertently the Movies You All Know And Love edition. Getting a Blu-Ray player makes you revisit movies you haven't seen in 10 years, I suppose. Black Dynamite (Scott Sanders, 2009) I'd like to think of this as a spot-on homage to Blaxploitation... More
  • Ninja Theory’s Enslaved finally gets debut-trailer

    Man, news is just pouring in from everywhere today. First we get some new LittleBigPlanet 2 screens , then, about an hour later, we get word that a new trailer for the game was released, and now this: a nice little debut trailer to Ninja Theory’s... More
  • The Final Boss Approaches...

    The high point of any game, the culmination of all your hard work, the final test in your abilities....the final boss battle. The ultimate fate of every game will typically include this entity, one last battle to decide the fate of the world. We all have... More
  • Drunk on MMA!!! Kimbo gets sliced, cheap shots, and loser gets title shot.

    Kimbo's run with the UFC is done. After suffering a one sided defeat to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 Dana White says at the post fight conference that was his last fight. The Kimbo fans (on MMA message boards) are kind of upset about this, they feel he... More
  • Little Big Planet 2 Offically Announced

    All i can say is wow. This version is going to blow the first game to pieces. From mind boggiling new options and graphics bump. From what ive learned youll be able to make better looking vechiles such as a hover bike, new game modes from racing games... More
  • What Rock Band 3 Needs To Do

    The recent announcement of the, well, Rock Band 3 announcement coming sometime next week has spurred me to write some about what it is going to take for that game to be successful and about what makes it successful already. The fact that this semester... More
  • A Closer look at May's Cover

    I've already read this issue through nearly twice. It's bathroom reading and new stuff gets pretty scarce toward the delivery of the next issue, so today I decided to really take a close look at the cover at to really get a sense of appreciation... More
  • Word to Your Mother...

    As you know, or hopefully know…today is Mother’s Day…so as I set out to write a blog, I wanted to keep that in mind and possibly make it the theme…but I quickly realized of all the character types we have witnessed in our video... More
  • 1337 recruiting

    Well me and some friends have made a call of XBL MW2 clan 1337 and we are mostly intrested in team tactical members include Sgt Buzzob, ninjagamer86, Dead Perenials (Probational), BBeastB and Sportstar1196. If your intrested send a message to Sgt Buzzob... More