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  • Netflex coming Wii!

    Hey guys. Today Netlex accouned that it is coming to the wii. Do you think it will rock or be a fail. Comment what you think More
  • Game Discussion and Game Radicalism: The Difference

    After a myriad of recent online discussions (on my part, at least), I decided to go ahead and formulate a blog, dealing with the difference between stating your opinion's online through discussion, or forcing them down the throats of others with radical... More
  • NinjaScript: If/Then Structure

    Hey everyone, here we go - round one of NinjaScript (short for "JavaScript Ninja") training! Today, I'm going to keep this relatively brief, hopefully this weekend I'll be able to put together a more solid structure for this series ... More
  • Just a tip to new users

    Not every game needs a official thread. seriously i dont know how many threads ive seen pop up recently of this game official threads. unless you know the games going to have a long running series dont make a offical thread. theres just no point. And... More
  • MW2 Controversy? Was there really one?

    Did the so called MW2 controversy actually exist outside of industry press? I heard no mention of this anywhere in the regular media channels; particularly the ones I'd suspect would flip out over the terrorist mission (ie FOX and MSNBC primarily... More
  • What to epxect from new zelda

    Here are some of the ideas I have for new Zelda Make fishing opitional!: That was the one thing I hated about twilight princess. Get the fish and feed to the cat just let me go into battle like Ocarina of Time. Bring back the Ocarina!: That's the... More
  • Dark Void DEMO impressions...

    Dark Void First off, I honestly think this demo was a great and clever way to make Dark Void more known or popular. This game was one of those games that few people were excited or cared much about. Since the idea and presentation looked fairly cool and... More

    Have you ever wondered what the future of gaming will be? In this blog we will take a trip to the future- the distant and... not so distant and within it all I will guide you and tell you why it will happen! This is just a prediction. A few years later... More
  • Fairchild VI Episode II for Your Listening Pleasure

    10 2
    FEATURING: BLOG : The Twist That Changed My World - Batmanprime THREAD: The Phantom and Why it was Discontinued ALSO: For the Ages: User Generated Content in Video Games Mobile Gaming: Windows Mobile 7, Intel 32nm chips Sony Plans: Porn and possible price... More
  • A JavaScript Ninja

    4 1
    How does one become a JavaScript Ninja (someone who is great at JS coding)? Well, let's take that journey together! I have decided to use my GI blog for the force of good ... coding. It's time to walk the path of a rogue JS Ninja. Why? Because... More
  • Professional Freerunning...on AC2

    It's been slow. That's all I can say about the web battle service featured in AC2. Supposedly, on the PS3 version, it works like a charm, but for Xbox-tards like me, we're stuck in this very unusually slow setup. It's cool when you get... More
  • LEGO Games

    For the longest time I did not care for the LEGO versions of games. I thought they were stupid and a waste of resources. Recently though I had a revelation about these games and see them in a different light. While I still don't play them and nor... More