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  • A League of Extraordinary Gamers…

    Let me preface this blog with a brief explanation how I came up with these ten categories of gamers.'s just an arbitrary number that I decided on. No, it's true. I picked it right out of the ethereal expanse (fancy word for - air...I picked... More
  • The Top 10 Best Movie Intros OF ALL TIME

    **Warning: The Following YouTube Clips May Contain Some Content Inappropriate For Kiddies. You've Been Warned.** Imagine yourself watching a movie. In a theater. You just sat through all the trailers and advertisements, and the film is ready to begin... More
  • A look into gaming piracy/ console modification and the effects it has on the industry.

    WARNING: This is the most longest blog I've written.But its deals with a constent thorn in the game industrys side.Its called game piracy.Piracy has been around for a long time and in this poor economy it seems most people are pirating games in order... More
  • What Makes a Good Sidekick?

    The sidekick the second banana, the Luigi,Clank, Daxter,Murray, Alyx Vance, and all the other major sidekicks, but what makes them good? After pondering I though I would take a shot at what I think makes a sidekick good in a game. I don't think that... More
  • GIO Member Herding - The Reunion Part 1

    It's finally here! The first ever Member Herding Reunion blog. Yes, it's true. The Member Herding blog Part 20 is a tribute to former GIO Forum Members that have been previously spotlighted, all selected by various members of the GIO community... More
  • My Kinect Impressions: A Brief Review


    After spending hours in the rain and having my windshield wipers break I have gotten Kinect.

    How does it hold up? Well I give my brief impressions and take a look at the basics of Kinect; talking about the some of the neat things you can do like navigating through menus exciting!

    I well as talking about Kinectimals the most disgustingly cute game ever . Kinect Adventures the only game that you need to sign a waver in order to play.

    Does it hold up? Is Kimect the next big think? Find out In this brief blog about my time with kinect.

    ... More
  • Girl gamers......Why some guys need to shut the hell up and let them game in peace!!!!

    22 2
    Hey guys back from another day in the online lobbys of Modern Warfare. And as the title suggest I had(or heard) a infuriating experience in the game lobbys. It all started when I logged in and when for some good ol team deathmatch. After waiting some... More
  • A Virtual Tour of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    So few games diverge very far from formula that when one does you can be rewarded with a special experience so long as you leave any preconceptions at the title screen. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one such game. I'll provide some basic impressions... More
  • World of Minecraft: Exploring the Might and Magic of the next big thing.

    Gamers. Just when you think you have us figured out...WHAM! Something happens and everything you thought you knew is debunked...turned upside down and inside out. Certainly this is true with this somewhat obscure title that has captivated the video game... More
  • Calling Out Tim Turi

    37 1
    Don't get me wrong, I respect Tim very much. He shares my love for game music, and his passion for gaming, especially 2D classics, can be felt in his writing. However, his review of the Goldeneye 007 re-imagining was highly disappointing, and fails... More
  • Takin' a Punch - Facing Challenges in Video Games

    Have you ever felt like a game was repeatedly punching you in the face with a particularly difficult challenge? After a little over 3 hours, I just beat "The Guy! Warp Zone" in Super Meat Boy, where you unlock The Kid from, "I Wanna be... More
  • PC Games as "Art" -- Seeking Relevance in Rapture

    I’d like to divulge a long-kept secret: majoring in English gives you superpowers. Specifically, while studying English in the capacity of literary criticism and theory, you develop a heightened sense of perception regarding media of all sorts.... More