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  • *UPDATE* Casting the Games: An Interview with Chris Puckett

    This is the third article in the Casting the Games series and it will spotlight none other than Chris Puckett (seen left casting at the recent MLG Dallas 2011 Pro Circuit event). If you are unversed in the world of competitive gaming, also known as e... More
  • Casting Call, Singular characters edition

    Casting Call, Singular Character Edition Does anyone remember GIO's old casting call series? Where they attempted to find the best actors to represent a series' characters? I for one found it enjoyable, but I also came to notice that that system... More
  • Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - More of the same, with some great additions as well

    A good assassin's job never ends, does it? That's what poor old Ezio Auditore, hero of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed 2 , must be thinking as the latest game in the franchise begins. Dubbed Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood , the game continues... More
  • The Problem with Hype

    There have been games that take years to come out, in the case of Duke Nukem 14 years. Sometimes a new game is preceded by a recent game in the franchise, where hype has been built to the point of an absolute explosion of sales. Other times hype is built... More
  • News Flash! Playstation Network is having a outage. A grouchy old dude news report.

    Hello to ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea. According to Play Station U.S. Blog and here is their statement. April 20, 2011. Update on PSN Service Outages + Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media... More
  • Mortal Kombat Is Back, And It's Better Than Ever

    Seventeen years ago I saw a Fatality for the first time. I played Mortal Kombat at my brother's friend's house, and a year later I was borrowing Mortal Kombat II from a neighbor. Until Tuesday, that trip to Outworld was the quintessential fighting... More
  • Tribal Wars Gameplay Video (31 minutes) + COMMENTARY

    This is the instructive gameplay video of Tribal Wars, a browser-based MMORTS game. Video is produced, uploaded and edited by me AND I even made a 31 minute long commentary. In this video I will try to explain, how most of the things work in the game... More
  • The Unsung Heroes in the Fight for Video Game Rights

    Lately I have been paying very close attention to the fight in California to create a government regulated rating system for video games. From the intense court testaments to the countless articles on the subject many views are presented. Through every... More
  • The Future of Storytelling

    Storytelling has been around since before the beginning of civilization, and it satisfies the need of one of the most basic needs: self expression. It has evolved from simple word-of-mouth to writing, and branched off to art from there. Writing was the... More
  • Hawk reviews: Indigo Prophecy (PS2)

    Published by Atari, Indigo Prophecy has certain flaws that need to be overlooked to be enjoyed fully...kinda like today's blockbuster movies!... More
  • Those Unintentional Awesome Moments

    Have you ever done something in a game that was completely unintentional, but so incredibly enjoyable to pull off that you knew you had to do it again? I imagine your attempt wasn't very successful to recreate that awesome moment. These moments are... More
  • I'm Making My Own Game!: Concept


    Guess what? I'm designing and programming my very own video game. It's a new blog series that is informative and lemony-fresh.

    ... More