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  • The Top 5 PIXAR Films Ever Made

    Like pretty much every single person here in the entire world that has ever seen a movie in their entire life: I Effin' Love PIXAR. I love them for making family films that don't insult the audience's intelligence. I love them for making me... More
  • Beyond A Masterpiece

    In case you have been living under a rock in a cave in the Himalayas, then you know that today was the day that Pixar released their newest uber-hit, Toy Story 3. I am lucky to report that it is indeed all we have been hoping for, and then some. I went... More
  • Where is that last *#%(#*@ thermos?

    I was listening to the Talk Radar podcast from June 11, and they had a wickedly funny riff on the collection of thermoses in Alan Wake . I admit that I haven't played that game, but one of the strengths of the game many reviews have mentioned is the... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 02 of XX

    Last week I reluctantly introduced the idea of a periodic blog series titled “GIO Member Herding” which would spotlight a member of the GIO community with a few off the wall questions. I’m happy to report that the feedback was overwhelmingly... More
  • Checking Out? chapter one

    I've decided to write this because I had to stay in a hotel last night, and I have some strange fear of hotels. I always feel like I'm gonna be murdered in my sleep. What didn't help is that there was a blood stain on my sheets. This wasn't... More
  • Xbox Live: more cash cows than Farmville?

    I saw this article linked on Facebook (how many people are saying that nowadays? A lot!) and found it really interesting. While everybody talks about Zynga Games and Farmville and stuff like that, you know who's raking in the money from virtual goods... More
  • Legend of Zelda: Hero for Hire video

    This is a video i made in 2008 in my Video Production class in high school. The class was assigned to do a silent film but, I wanted to do something different than everyone else. So i decided to make a cartoon instead. This was my first full animation... More
  • Restauraunts you MUST go to #5 The Mecca

    Can't find any pictures of it >.< But anyways, its a small time resturaunt in Dallas built around 1938. The Mecca is home to a four pound cinnamin roll. Holy cow! That thing covers the whole table! Unluckily, I was supposed to have this cinnamin... More
  • The Console Conundrum

    Something's been bugging me lately: there are a ton of great games out there, but a lot of them are console-exclusive. I have a Wii and a PC, and I'm thinking about an Xbox 360 Slim. However, even with three game machines, I can't play Alan... More
  • Kyle's Mass Effect 2 "Overlord" DLC Review

    Although the Mass Effect trilogy is now one of the most beloved game franchises of all time, downloadable content for the series hasn't exactly lived up to legacy of quality entertainment created by the full retail games. Today however, I'm glad... More
  • E3 The Big Companies and who won in my book

    E3 this year was the bomb. So many great titles, it was much, much better than last years. So anyway lets get this blog started. To start things off this blog will mostly be on the company with the games of third party companies in another. First off... More
  • My thoughts on E3 2010

    Another E3 has passed us by. This is my fourth E3 (weird, being a gamer for the last fifteen to twenty years) and I have to say every E3 is like a holiday. Lots of suprises wrapped in a four day, lasting party. A gamer's holiday. First off, I had... More