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  • Syco Clan Flyer

    What do you think of them? More
  • Mass Effect: KotoR Clone?

    To start off, I'll say that I know that BioWare made both games, but is Mass Effect as original as we all think? For one thing, the combat is basically Gears of War, but that's not what I'm talking about. The stories are basically the same... More
  • Dimensional Destruction: 3Don't.

    Avatar, the brainchild of the visionary James Cameron. A movie that exploded into theatres eight years late. It made a whole bundle in the box office, and Jamie Cammy got EVEN MORE cash for a movie that will really be remembered for 1 thing, (not Leonardo... More
  • Back in my day...

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    I recently posted a blog entitled "How I knew that gaming was for me." in which I discussed my first experiences with the thrill of video gaming. It didn't get many responses, but the responses it did get were from people stating that their... More
  • Alpha protocol what!

    As most you may know Alpha protocol got an average or below average score on gameinformer and metacritic. I was not going to buy the game anyway even if it did get a review of 10 or 9, the only thing i am interested in this game is the fanbase. The people... More
  • June Issue Response

    Absolutely loved the article by Chris Stead from GI Australia (not to mention the revelation that GI is different around the world). As far as articles taking an analytical and critical approach: Keep them coming! This easily contrasts myself with the... More
  • Star Fox Shadows of Lylat: Exclusive Interview: Benjamin Suhr

    Star Fox, one of the most loved franchises on any Nintendo console with some of the most loyal fans, may not need to wait much longer for another installment of this heralded title. This time around however, neither Nintendo nor any of the other previous... More
  • Syco Clan Video Intro

    6 Tell me what you think and go to the site, join and tell us any video ideas you may have. Thank you! More
  • The value of life. (Maybe the shortest short story I've ever writen, but I think it gets its point across)

    The value of life By J.K.Ramswick Two men sit at a round wood table with several old bloodstains on it, and a couple of fresh ones as well. The wooden table was worn smooth around the edge of it from all its previous guests. No one knows exactly where... More
  • A Weekend at the FanimeCon Anime Convention - Part 3

    I completed my third day at the 2010 FanimeCon anime convention during the afternoon. While the show floor wasn't as bustling as Saturday, there were still many costumes and characters worth photographing. Now, Game Informer, I present to you today's... More
  • Del Toro quits the Hobbit

    So I just found out that Guillermo Del Toro, (the director of The Hobbit) has thrown in the towel and quit his job directing the movie. From what I read on the One Ring Website it seems like he just got tired of working on the project from ongoing delays... More
  • Lest We Forget...

    It’s Sunday night…so I guess it’s technically not Memorial Day just yet…but honestly, by the time I get this posted…it will be close enough. Memorial Day Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the... More