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  • Trophy Raiders Game of the Month 8/1/2011

    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is the recommended game to buy or rent for the Month of August. The following choice is an obvious one because of it's cheap price ($20) and the easy 100% that can be done in less than a week if you play constantly... More
  • Error! Report #001 Comic-Con, From Dust, and Catherine. Oh my!

    Here is the inaugural episode of Error! Report a podcast including myself and some fellow GI members who talk about far too much stuff. That link takes you to the episode. There is a little bit of load time, around 30 seconds, but after that your ears... More
  • Games To Get Excited About: Dead Island

    After that great, moody trailer we all saw a few months back, Dead Island gathered a huge amount of buzz, only to see it fade again as conflicting gameplay details began to surface. But as more info gets released, I find myself getting more and more jazzed... More
  • The EVO 2011 Impact

    In case you missed it this past weekend, the EVO 2011 Championship tourney was underway at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Thousands of gamers both young and old put their skills to the test as they battled it out over Super Street Fighter 4, Marvel vs Capcom... More
  • My Ideas on How to Make the Best Possible MLP Game

    Hi there, as you can see by my avatar I am in fact a Bronie. And by now it should seem pretty obvious that there are many other bronies not only on GIO, but the intire Internet. Somehow Lauren Faust created a show for little girls that gained a huge male... More
  • Celebrating My 50th Blog Post With An Exclusive Morrowind Video!

    Hi everybody! For me, this little event is quite like a little birthday. In other words, a milestone. And from this day, every time I reach a milestone, have a birthday or something really good happens to me, I wish to do a gift for myself and for you... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 42

    5 1
    Episode 42 is available now. This week, we talk about Game Informer's further support of its community, and we share our weeks (including topics like X Games, Bastion, The Fighter, and more.) Click here to play this audio clip Show Notes: Thank You... More
  • 6 Reasons China Won't Destroy the World


    People like to freak out about how awesome China is these days, but they're wrong. China is actually in some pretty deep sh*t, and here's why.

    ... More
  • Custom GI Avatars: 100th


    Over 100 Avatars made and there's no stopping in sight, baby!

    Also, I say goodbye to a very special/awesome member of the GI staff.

    ... More
  • The Many 1UP's of my Life

    Everyday of everyone's life is special! We spend it sharing meaningful moment with our families and friends, we spend it ensuring the future of our lives by prioritizing our professional career education. We also, simply, make it special by finding... More
  • Is Split-Screen MultiPlayer Fading Out?

    12 1
    Remember the good old days when multiplayer meant you and a buddy playing in the same room on the same TV? Or when a game said co-op, you knew it meant split-screen? It's something I've really started to miss. Don't get me wrong I love online... More
  • Gaming Motivational Posters

    Since I'm on a (questionable) creative streak (I've yet to blog about something constructive this summer), I decided to just run with it and ended up creating a small collection of personally-created motivational posters related to gaming. The... More