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  • First Experiences with Dead space 2

    Armed with Gatorade and a triton headset i dove head first into dead space 2's single player story. I have to say this is only the second game to have me fearing for my life non stop. The first game being Alan Wake. I'm a few hours in and have... More

    So I recently got into inFAMOUS. The game is stellar, and I plan on trying for the Platinum trophy. I believe I can get it. With one hitch. I usually play games through on easy the first time, but inFAMOUS upgraded me to hard after the first mission.... More
  • When Video Games Are Art

    The purpose of this blog is not to give a detailed essay on how I think all games are a form of art (because they aren't all art..) Rather, this blog is about games that have recently struck me as art... Bioshock The true artistic quality of this... More
  • Online Zombie Shooting Games

    Are you aware that zombie shooting games have grown to be extremely popular as a game program? The key reason why zombie shooting games are getting to be so amazingly popular originates mainly from the reality that there have been a great deal of Hollywood... More
  • A Year of Game Stops (JAN)…

    Every now and then I'll have an idea for a blog that I don't know how popular it will be, but it's one I want to write anyway so I just do it. This is one of those blogs. Unless you're an older gamer like myself, you probably don't... More
  • In Regards to Dead Space 2's Multiplayer

    I haven't gone hands on with it yet but I'm sure most people haven't either. I've been brushing up on my Left 4 Dead multiplayer skills. I am anticipating the multiplayer despite mixed reviews, I'm aiming to get into the fray early... More
  • My "Friend" Brandon is a Big, Fat Liar and I Hope He Slips on Ice and Breaks a Tooth

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    So I got home from work early the other day and I was totally about to rock out and dive into some Haagen-Dazs (sp?) icre cream (Rocky Road, anyone?!?!?!?!?!) when I get a text from Brandon RANDOMLY. He says "Hey I'm in town, so lets hang out... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews - Game 4: Beyond Good and Evil

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Intro: Hi there, folks. The first paragraph of my intro mainly applies to the past readers of my blog. If you aren't one, feel free to skip ahead to the second paragraph. Or... More
  • TOGNick Presents: Gamers and Games about their life.

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    This is a special moment for me, blog number 100. It's been a long and tumultuous year, filled with ups, downs, and controversies. As I was gaining ground on number 100 I wanted to do something involving fellow community members, and this is the blog... More
  • My first Blog!

    All right so i guess by my title you can tell this is my very first blog. To be honest I'm not really sure what a blog is. From others i have read i assume it's a look into life, thoughts, and fears of myself. However this being a gaming site... More
  • Who's the biggest bad-ass?


    Am I allowed to say bad-ass? Hmm...

    ... More
  • About My PSN Name...

    A long @$$ effin time ago I wanted to download Patapon 2 on my PSP, and I by that time I didn't know that much of the PSN, so I went and created a PSN account with a very simple username that right now I totally regret doing. So now I'm thinking... More