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  • Cosplay Blog: Roxas_Twilight_Town_Remix_Kingom Hearts 2

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    This is my first of many cosplay blogs that I hope to do. This one features my cosplay of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. I'll post more for each gaming related cosplay I complete in the future. As a little background this is my first cosplay. I wore it... More
  • Look at my home page.

    can anyone get this joke on my home page? i'll make this as real as possible, so make sure to check. More
  • From Flight Sims to Real Life…

    Busy day tomorrow. I should be in bed or getting ready for bed, yet here I sit hammering out my 200 th blog. A milestone achievement indeed. This is going to be short and sweet as I either go play some Mass Effect, or I fall asleep with this computer... More
  • Why Skyward will Suck: My first reaction to the E3 preview

    The following journal was created after watching the E3 preview of Zelda Skyward Sword. This is my first reaction to the preview. Keep in mind this is only one person's honest, first opinion and perspective. It does not mean it is correct and there... More
  • Video Game U

    So I see that the University of Florida has launched a resource management course using Starcraft , making students play the game to learn about, I guess, resource management (or something). And, of course, there was Portal being required at Wabash College... More
  • Eternal Narrative - A Short Story Within A Story Within A Story Within A Story

    [the eternal narrative. written by enigma.] Once upon a time, a man named Robert was born. Height: Average. Weight: Unassuming. Shoe size: Nothing special. Everything about him was plain as plain could be...except it wasn't. His adult life was somewhat... More
  • Video games favorite numbers.

    In every video game, there is always a favorite number. There are 2 numbers video games always favor. Can you guess what they are? More
  • A long Overdue blog...

    It’s been a tough week. School started for people, and I have LOTS of homework already. SO I’m going to address a few things. First: I have a long overdue achievement blog. I'll just say: A winner is you. I'm too lazy to go back over... More
  • visible v8 and the gaming industry.

    When I was growing up model kits were cool. Every kid had at least glued one plastic car together,but with me lived for it saving my money just so I could make sure my 63 impala had the newest metallic purple coat made by Revelle. I would sometimes cobble... More

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    I dare you to ignore this blog and it's existence! Never mention it again or I shall have won! Never post.... on it? or is it to it or is it on it? Try understanding that sentence! But anyway post here and I will have won! Talk to a friend about this... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 12 of 12

    The 12 th and final episode of Member Herding. The dirty dozen. You all should know how it's come down to me interviewing certainly wasn't my idea, so if you want someone to blame, blame EuphoricEnnui. All jokes aside, it really was... More
  • Digital Distribution Vs. Retail

    I hear a lot of people say things like: "The disk is dead", or "Digital distribution is the way of the future". But one GIO article says: "Discs Not Dead? Survey Says Physical Media Still Rules"( More