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  • My Top 4 Games of the Year

    Let me start of by saying that this was one of the best year's for next-gen gaming. Not the entire industry, but the actual games themselves. With outstanding titles such as Uncharted 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Modern Warfare 2, all of these titles,... More
  • The Missing Piece: Borderlands - Story: Lilith

    15 1
    When I did my post on what Borderlands needs to improve upon a couple weeks back, a lot of people commented on the fact that it needed a story. While I couldn't have agreed more, I felt the lack of a story was acceptable in light of the fantastic... More
  • dbull's Corner Special Edition

    10 2
    I didn't intend for another dbull's Corner to go up today, but in light of recent events on the forums I feel there's some things that need to be addressed. As many of you are probably aware, a squabble arose between myself and Big Money,... More
  • Avatar, Its Plot, and a Final Visit Courtesy of The Times

    Lately, James Cameron's new film, "Avatar," has really stirred up a lot of discussion on these boards. Quite a bit of the commentary has focused on the stunning computer generated visuals, but surprisingly enough, it seems that the plot... More
  • Cheating, Exploiting, Namecalling, Oh My!

    Hello everyone! I'm BioFall, ProfoundProdigy, or just Avery. I've been playing video games my whole life, and I'm a pretty avid reader of GI. So this blog is basically about things that make people mad while playing. Everyone gets angry every... More
  • Introductions - Part 3: Deal

    So I'm going to walk over here with my boys now. We're going to drink till that guy, the one with the straight red hair, throws up in the bathroom. I suggest that you leave now and retain the glorious image I have presented myself as so far. Girl... More
  • "ZOMG! GI is covering Halo: Reach!" (Let the hate begin)

    The Reach cover is here. Let the hate begin. Perhaps Bungie should consider themselves lucky; after all, they do have one of those rare franchises that can inspire such admiration and such loathing at the same time. While both unbridled passion for and... More
  • And the winners for Game of the Year 2009 are....

    Many have already cast their vote or had staff meetings to determine what they found worthy of Game of the Year for 2009. Saving you the surfing time, I've compiled a quick list to see the various titles chosen with a link to the respective nominees... More
  • One Hour Review: Pure

    So, after a big, exciting, blockbuster game like Modern Warfare 2 last week, I'm going to tone it down a bit with a game that is now a pack-in: Pure (Xbox 360). Now, I'm not really a racing game fan (aside from the Mario Kart series... but who... More
  • Smash Bros. Players Will Appreciate This

    So, some of you who play Smash may play it enough/in-depth enough to know that people will often compile videos of themselves using their main character called combo videos. They're basically videos where the player takes the highlights of 100+ matches... More
  • J-Pow's Reviews (Part 1)

    I don't know about you, but I find the "User Reviews" section of this website to be a barren and empty place that no one visits. That's why that I've decided to post reviews on my blog, not only so people can actually see it, but... More
  • "Wishful Drinking" - How Carrie Fisher remembers Star Wars

    "Hi, I'm Mrs. Han Solo and I'm and alcoholic." "I'm an alcoholic... because George Lucas ruined my life. Now I mean that in the nicest possible way. Fifty-seven years ago, I did his little Star Wars film, a cult film, that went... More