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  • A Mostly Unbiased Premature Review of a Pretty Good Game: Two Worlds II

    I'm five hours into Two Worlds II but felt it necessary to lay out its faults and advantages given the misperceptions I've read based on the previous title, reviews or others' limited playtime. Bottom line, this game is of two worlds, at once... More
  • The Fox News/Bulletstorm Debacle or How Videos Games are (now) responsible for Rape.

    So I'm sure we've all heard by now the ruckus that Fox News stirred up with a post about the upcoming game, Bulletstorm. If you haven't heard, here's a link: In this... More
  • 3 Tips for New Players to Make Wow Gold Fast

    I've lost count of how many times I've started a new character on a new realm. I'm familiar with literally every starting zone. Since these tips are for new players, I'll start there like so many new players do. One of the first things... More
  • Gears of War Kinect:Is it a Good Idea

    As many of visitors of the site may have read, there may be a possible Gears of War Rails Shooter releasing on the Kinect possibly in the future. Is this really a good idea though? I am all for experimentation on a new piece of hardware, practice does... More
  • Motion gaming

    Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! This is my first time writing one so it might not be vary good, but here go’s. Motion gaming I’m a pretty new gamer, I haven’t been game for that long, but I seem to have started just when something... More
  • Redefining the First Person Shooter (FPS) Hardcore Mode…

    This is one of those blogs that might not be all that popular with some of the might have a view that some don't agree with. I'm okay with that. Let me rephrase that - I'm okay with that as long as you don't tell me why I'm... More
  • Feeling Small

    So I've been holding out on trying to write a blog. I've seen others be told that this is the perfect place to start and that there really aren't people who will say that you suck, at least directly. But I still feel like I'll mess is... More
  • GIO Blogging Rules & Guidelines. We need your opinion!

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    A week ago I posted a blog sharing my take on the community. In the blog I got a comment from Supersnake about starting up a Rules & Guidelines for the blogging section. I thought it was a fantastic idea and we discussed it a little bit over the weekend... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 5

    Welcome to the long awaited Chapter 5. This was written by Koob24, Brandon Whiting is back, and InfectedCrypt666. Catch up on the story at We need people for Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Bad Guys Will Die "We busted through... More
  • App Attack: Grimm- Ride of the Perambulator

    The iPhone has no lack of crappy, derivative games. Making button mashers or autorunning games is easy because those are nice, established formulas. Coloring inside the lines is commonplace because it works. Wading through the crap is definitely the sucky... More
  • My Feelings on GIO Blogging

    Though it may be a fact that I try very hard to shirk, after almost a year and 100 plus blog posts- I'm a blogger. Maybe not a seasoned blogger, definitely not a infallible blogger- but a blogger nonetheless... and a good one at that. This may sound... More
  • My Rants: Why I Hate The Nintendo Wii

    The Wii, I have a special place in my heart for this console. The Wii was one of the first consoles I had ever bought with my own hard earned money. I eagerly followed this console since the first mention of motion controls and when the system was called... More