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  • Windows Paint - Degrading it's self.

    This is something I did on paint. We all know it takes time and practice to be a sucessful windows painter. But the Windows 7 version of paint is worse than Vista. See all those little white dots around the outline? That's from trying to fill an area... More
  • "The Sins of the Father can only be exceeded by the Sins of the Son"

    The gaming culture has exploded into the far reaches of the media dimension, bringing forth a revolution of new ideas and creative arts. Never have I questioned the merits of how far one can go into the entertainment realms consummated by pure gaming... More
  • Obituary: Ghost Recon, Game of the Year 2001, Dies at Age 9

    Ghost Recon, 9, died of complications associated with identity crisis on June 14, 2010, surrounded by friends and fellow gamers while attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010. Ghost Recon, released November 14, 2001 was a former product of... More
  • Sins of the Fathers

    It has come to my attention that some people have decided to boycott the newest Call of Duty entry due to Activision firing West and Zampella, heads of Infinity Ward. This, in my opinion, is the dumbest course of action to take. The boycott will not only... More
  • So much win

    9 1
    I don't mean to look like an ass, but go look at ExpertGaming's profile. More
  • Why do people always rip on nintendo?

    Why do people always rip on Nintendo saying it sucks so much? It really bugs me how people say the company is terrible and how the wii sucks. I've enjoyed Nintendo's consoles and games more than Sony's or Microsoft's. Sure not all of their... More
  • The Wii: A Wasted Opportunity

    We all know the Wii. Hardcore and casual gamers alike scoff at it's pathetic graphics, lame game selection, and unreliable motion control. To most, the Wii is, at best, a laughable attempt by Nintendo to get an edge. However, I see the Wii as an incredible... More
  • GAMEs ARen'T

    A question that has plagued the gaming community for over a decade (maybe more): Are video games art? The question of whether video games are art has been answered often times in the wrong manner primarily by attempting to explain why video games are... More
  • New X BOX 360

    Is it worth the money? Or is this just a quick money scheme? You tell me. More
  • Game Companies In Bed with the Press…

    As predicted, Day 1 of E3 and we’re already hearing about Natal, er…should I say Kinect. Interesting how most of the media prior to E3 was fairly skeptical of this little gadget but now that everyone is in the same room, it’s the coolest... More
  • EA at E3 Games and new studios

    Today EA announced a ton of new games that are coming out This year and 1st quarter next year. They debuted their new Medal of Honor as well as Bulletstorm, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Dead Space 2 was also demoed and looks crazy good, and scary.... More
  • Blog of Rock #5: Tegan & Sara

    I've realized something. I'm a little bipolar in my musical tastes. This hit me this morning when I set my iPod on shuffle and it played Five Finger Death Punch right after The Fleet Foxes . Anyone familiar with those two would agree that they're... More