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  • 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Used GOTY Game

    I buy used games. Generally that isn’t a bad thing but if will find a used copy of a new game ill buy it over a new copy. But with the industry in decline and all, I guess we really should buy new games. Then again, poor and gamer go just as well... More
  • Halo's Extreme Game Makeover

    I am what some might call a seasoned gamer. No, I take that back, I'm what some might call an old gamer...I might wish they called me a seasoned gamer. It sounds, well...less old. Anyway, I've played a game or two in my day, so for me to state... More
  • To New Bloggers (Advice From The Often Controversial Me)

    I don't remember how long I've been on this site but it doesn't feel all to long. Two weeks ago I wrote a controversial blog about Catherine. When I went to bed that night I was aware that I stuck my neck out and I was aware of the potential... More
  • Perspective: 5 Dark Sides To Gaming That Aren't All That Bad


    As with all things, and as gamers specifically know, gaming isn't on the best of terms with society as a whole. From studies that claim violent games encourage and create violent tendencies, to the undesirable online crowd, gaming can be ugly.

    ... More
  • The Best Dang Music You've Never Heard: Miracle of Sound

    I'm sure all of you here love music (If not what are you, an alien from outer space?) and I'm fairly curtain 99.99% of you love video games as well (Not sure who the .01% is but I'm sure he's a robot.) So I'm going to tell you about... More
  • Silver-Tongued Devils: Secret of Mana

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    Finally, a classic! A great game that came out before 2000! A game that was made in Squaresoft's prime! That's right, Secret of Mana. Not only a great game with fantastic visuals, real time battle system, and inclusion of multiplayer with up to... More
  • Why I'm Done With Achievements

    Over my three or so years with my Xbox 360 I’ve had a recurring conflict concerning achievements. You see, I’ll bring a new game home, but not before firing up and checking to see what the achievement list is like.... More
  • Video Game Art by a Guy You Met Over the Internet! #2

    I'm back with another art post, as I said I would, which is unusual for me to keep shaky promises, sort of like the one I'm going to have to tell my kids some day about Santa! Anyway, I'm trailing off topic (as usual). This art post is a tribute... More
  • Make This Game FOR-EV-ER

    When I reflect on the Zelda franchise, I can't help but think that if Futurama's depiction of the future is accurate, Zelda fans will put Miyamoto's head in a jar so he can make Zelda games FOREVER . This thought leads me to an interesting... More
  • Gaming on a Budget: Why PC Reigns Supreme

    You don't know the power of the dark side! My first gaming experiences were with the PC. In fact, I knew how to type my name before I could write it, and my handwriting is still very sloppy, especially when compared to my relative gracefulness with... More
  • New Study Points to Why We Play

    Why do we enjoy playing videogames? Do we play games to escape from our humdrum lives? Do we play to feel like superpowered gods? According to a new psychology study set to be released in the Psychological Science academic journal, the answer is none... More
  • Game Ideas (Assassins creed)

    We are almost towards the end of Assassins creed as video game franchise and we are in for a treat with upcoming Assassins creed:Revelations and assassins creed III,but there is so much more to contribute to the gameplay.I thought up this list when I... More