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  • Movie Roundup #7

    ...The Heavily Truncated Edition! It's been a month since I've done one of these. I've been holding off on movies for the last month, but still caught a few good ones along the way! Friday Night (Claire Denis, 2003) Helloooo, Claire Denis... More
  • The Big Fella's Gonna Be OK...

    I just read somewhere, that Brock Lesnar is apparently ok now... they said that Brock will hopefully be recovered and back in time to fight some more UFC bouts in the summer... maybe he'll fight the winner of the Mir and Carwin fight. Who knows? All... More
  • the tale of nothingness chapter 8: walrus king makes new friends!

    The walrus king had made 2 friends. Uncle ben and Dr. Philrus. He had no idea fridge raiding would make you friends, but who cares? Unfortunately he was left 2 friends no normal person would want. The philrus was still raiding his fridge, while uncle... More
  • Why is it so hard to sleep?

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    Why? I went to bed at like 1 am, and its 5:44 am now. More
  • A Perfect Mix

    You know, for a long time I've searched for the ideal video game community. Being in the remote region I am of New Hampshire, I find few who are like-minded when it comes to gaming. I find the occasional Halo player or whatever, but nothing special... More
  • Some of My AMV Work

    Alright, so while responding to a post in the Anime section of the forums, I started thinking that perhaps I should throw some of the AMV's I used to make up on here. For awhile, I was heavily into editing and syncing music to video, and had a nice... More
  • Where did Star Fox go?

    The Star Fox franchise is a rather successful, but underutilized franchise owned by Nintendo. The series has since seen many innovations, most prominently the implementation of a Super FXchip in the first game. The series is known as Star Wing (Star Fox... More
  • The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

    This is the story of a teller of stories, Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer) who makes a bet with an enigmatic figure known as Mr. Nick (Tom Waits), or the devil. The initial bet is based on Dr. Parnassus' belief that stories of the imagination are... More
  • The Quest For 75K Gamerscore, The Beginning

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    I have been gaming since the age of 3. I started out with the arcade games at the bowling alley that my mother worked at, and progressed to playing the Nintendo Entertainment System. I have always enjoyed gaming and have tried to push myself to perform... More
  • I think MTV AND VH1 should change their names. *yea random i know*

    But i remember growing up and watching mtv and vh1 for the music and videos. And actually help tie in to my love of techno and anime which i now like a lot. But now all they air are reality tv dont get me wrong. some of them have their... More
  • My New LittleBigPlanet Level

    The level is called Intense Racers: Water Land Sky. Please put that as a search term and play it. Tell me what your think I should improve in the level. More
  • Brutal Legend: Grand Theft Auto + WarCraft + Heavy Metal = For the Win

    When I first heard of Brutal Legend, I wasn't entirely certain what to think. Heavy Metal Legend of Zelda? Not quite (but close, actually). A medieval Grand Theft Auto? Again, not quite (but close). Then when the game released I read an article discussing... More