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  • Dead Island Infinite Money, Item Duplication & XP Glitch Found!!!

    Now, I know this will not one of the longest posts I have ever done, but I just found some really a really helpful way to make an insane amount of money in Dead Island. This trick can be done pretty early on in the main game, so it can come in handy if... More
  • Remembering My Time On GIO Thus Far

    I am just going to talk a little about my time with the Game Informer Online Community. I started way back in 2009 with a post about Fable 2 and some odd notion about being a phantom gamer.... I'm not really sure what that was supposed to mean, but... More
  • Website Community Achievements and Trophies? No, Thanks. [A meta-blog]

    Spurred by Saint’s blog about incorporating achievements into the GIO website, I felt the need to create a separate meta-blog on the same topic. I don’t want badges. I think in the end, it is a very bad idea. I don’t say this to devalue... More
  • embracing the always online to play.

    Reading blogs tonight from various people, ( really just Saint....) I was inspired to start my own great adventure into the world of blogging so let the adventure begin! Always requiring you to be online to play a game is something that most gamer's... More
  • Battlefield 3 Developers Need To Get Their Hands Dirty…

    17 1
    Civilians. Innocent bystanders. Non-combatants. Collateral damage. Casualties of war. Call them what you want, but the result is the same - they're the ones who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid the price. Whether you have blood on... More
  • Advice from a Former Fan to Call of Duty


    Call of Duty is one of the most successful franchises of this generation.  But much like Activision's other successful franchise, Tony Hawk, the game is circling the drain in my opinion.  I offer Activision four ways in which they can make any future games better.

    ... More
  • Why IGN is Losing Credibility

    IGN has always served as my secondary source of gaming news and opinion pieces. Meaning after i check game informer, if I want another review or take on a story i go there. They have also seemed to be harsher in their review scale, very rarely giving... More
  • Post-human

    On the way home from classes I was having random daydreams as I tend to do, I came up with a general Idea for a story that is applicable to a video game, and it made me want to cry (will explain why later). And I feel like sharing for some reason. *Deleted... More
  • The Zombie Survival MMO: Overview/Story

    Game design is great. I don't think anyone on this site will tell you that it's not. It's something anyone can come up with, and anyone can do, even if their ideas can't be moved upon in the current moment. Things like UDK and Source are... More
  • 30/30 Day #6 - Devil May Cry 3

    Hello and welcome once again people to my ever growing 30/30 series. So far we are through five days and now we are onto day 6! As I mentioned last blog I have created a Hub for all of the 30/30 blogs that I have posted/will post Including the intro post... More
  • The Low Budget Guide to Buying Video Games. (With a PSA at the End)

    Some of us don't have disposable income that we can easily spend on the latest and greatest games. I'm one of those people. I'll admit I get a little jealous when my friends are all playing the latest games, and I'm still scratching the... More
  • Top 5 most annoying moves in mk history.

    After playing Mortal Kombat 9 online and reminiscing about old Sega Genesis, I realized that the exact same attacks that gave me trouble before!Usually the attacks that gave me trouble in other long lasting fighting games don't really give trouble... More