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  • WTF Treyarch?!?

    To start off this blog, I want to say that this ISN'T just related Treyarch it's to ALL companies associated with this HORRIBLE trend. I, like many gamers, don't just have money lying around to blow on every little thing imaginable. Therefore... More
  • The Top Five Legend of Zelda Titles

    No.5 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Honestly this was a hard fought spot between Link’s Awakening and the “Oracles” titles. Why did this one win? Because after all was said and done, you only had to buy one game, instead... More
  • I Think I'm Addicted To Mass Effect

    You know that game from 2007 that everyone was talking about? No, not Bioshock, Uncharted, or Halo 3, it's Mass Effect. After four years of being late to the party, I've finally arrived, and I'm loving almost every minute of it. With its awesome... More
  • The R Word: Religion in Games

    You know, sometimes Minnesota isn't too bad. Sure, it's 37 and snowing on May 1st, but at least I'm lucky enough to live 10 minutes from the largest mall in America. Yesterday a couple of friends and I decided to make a trip there, to trade... More
  • Bronze Level Blog #1: Memes & References in Gaming (that I LOVE)

    So I woke up on this beautiful May morning and was greeted with a pleasant surprise- I am now level 5, AKA Bronze. And unlike what you might find in the Bronze Age, I have something more fun in store than leeches and bubonic plague for those of you who... More
  • Scream 4- You Need to Go See This RIGHT NOW

    Alright... I usually don't do movie reviews, but today is an exception. I hate to intrude on Enigma's territory (and you can read his thoughts here ), but I'm so buzzed about this film I have to talk about it. It's easily one of the best... More
  • PSN Pass Time

    I know, I know, trust me, I KNOW, that it's being said that the PSN maybe back up by Monday, but I heard it was gonna be back up last week, so, I'm not gonna start believing it yet, if it doesn't follow some of these things that may help get... More
  • PMC's Review Corner: Okamiden

    Following up a near perfect game with a sequel is indeed a daunting task. Okami was a masterpiece, and was made with so much soul and crafted perfectly that it left me speechless many times throughout my adventures with Amaterasu and Issun. I always felt... More
  • 31/31 Hub Blog

    This is my way of keeping organized for my edition of 31/31 which is happening in October. This is all inspired by BlackHeartedWolf, which you should definitely check out his 30/30 series here: 30/30 Intro 1- Final Fantasy X 2- Devil May Cry 3 3- Golden... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Off the Record -- 04/30/11


    FamilyGuyGuy7 brings you your weekly gaming news, but without the hindrances of facts, stories, or even actual opinions.  This week:  Sony Addresses PSN Hacking Problem & Offers Solution, Nintendo's New Console Will Change the Face of Gaming...Again, Call of Duty's Call of the Dead Backlash, Facebook Leads to Soap Opera Cancellations, and That Guy From Cleveland Won the Madden 12 Cover.

    ... More
  • Super Heroics 2011

    Being the comic book fan that I've come to be hasn't been easy. At first, comics were jumbled text bubbles, flamboyant guys and gals in tights, and confusing plots to me. From then up until now, I find the comic universe more unique in different... More
  • Surviving In A Dynamic World - Day 16

    Day 16 - May 1, 2011 Time for another summary blog. During the last 8 days, I've grown quite a lot: my army is much bigger, my ODA score (Opponents Defeates as Attacker) is pretty high for a small player like me and my village is quite large too.... More