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  • Top Ten Industry Changing Games

    Top Ten Industry Changing Games In the beginning, there was Pong. Well, there were others, but Pong gets my vote as the oldest relevant video game. Since then, however, games have gotten slightly more complex. We're telling deeply nuanced stories... More
  • Will the "Real" Gamers Please Stand Up? (Whaddya mean by that? We're ALL *REAL*!)

    Tonight's blog is brought to you by the letter "R"-for "Real" Gamer....or Maybe just "Really Stupid Pose".... When I get down on myself, I often start to think that I'm not a "real" gamer. I mean, sure,... More
  • The First Annual Brotrip. Where you too can have a good time. Oh, and win cool gifts

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    As I'm sure no one has seen the two big threads I made, I figured I should write a blog to get more people in on this sweet, sweet action the brocast is going to be hosting. I've talked about the brocast before, but for those that don't know... More
  • We Made A Podcast! The Indie And Mojo Show Episode 1

    For weeks Mojomonkey12 and I have been trying to record the first episode of our podcast. We didn't realize just how much work it takes to produce one. Yet after two failed attempts, the third time was a charm for us. We wanted to do a show where... More
  • The Leaderboard: Being better than anyone else

    (The leaderboard might not be current, forget about it) So I was playing on Playstation Home, and I found this very addicting game. It's called Sodium 2: Project Velocity. It's a racing game, but so addicting and easy. I tried it out, and started... More
  • Portable Gaming, what to pick?

    The Problem Now.. I have run into a bit of a conundrum the last couple of months. I have spent most of it working or gone where I had little to no access to my PS3 or reliable internet for PC gaming. I see this as a continuing trend for me (As I will... More
  • EDITORIAL: Spongebob Squarepants Is About Drugs

    Or at least one episode, anyways. The episode I'm referring to is Hooky , the final episode of season one of Spongebob Squarepants, and it tells an intriguing story of an undersea sponge dealing with a crippling addiction. To hooks. The episode starts... More
  • Do You Finish All Your Games and What's Your Backlog?

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    There was a very interesting article I read today one this site. Only 10% of gamers finish games from a study done by CNN.(link here and awesome video here ) Now, at first I thought this study was just wrong. Then I started looking at my own collection... More
  • Hawk reviews: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

    Yes, I've returned! I hope you guys are happy about it, because I definitely am! Time to get cracking again with one of my favorite games in recent memory, and work from there!... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Now Hiring

    UPDATE: We have our new staff members! The ones that will be helping us with the show are toxicmischief , Vurtax , and Another Matthew . Toxicmischief ( Daniel ) will be our substitute/new editor. He will be the one sprucing up the recordings, along with... More
  • BOSS Battle!

    Since gaming began... or since I discovered it, one phenomena has fascinated me more than any else- Fighting a boss. From King Koopa and that dragon thing in that first temple of Zelda I always felt sorry for because I really loved dragons as a kid and... More
  • Dual Blog with Born4This: Borderlands 2 Class Ideas

    As many of you know, Gameinformer Has Kicked off it's month long coverage of borderlands 2 and that today's (or yesterday's) article is about one of the new classes (And I hope not the only one): The Gunzerker. The class it's self didn't... More