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  • Halo: Reach beta has pretty high expectations

    Bungie sure has some pretty high expectations for its highly anticipated Halo: Reach, let alone the upcoming multiplayer beta. Community man, Brian Jarrard, recently told The Seattle Times a little bit on just how high these expectations really are. So... More
  • Xbox Live users could soon get an exclusive tv channel

    As if bying over Netflix, Facebook, and twitter wasn’t enouh, Microsoft is now also planning to change how you watch tv, for ever. According to unnamed sources, Microsoft is currently in the talks with News Corporation president Peter Chernin, on... More
  • Monster Hunter Tri: The Down-Low on What's New

    I thought I'd compile a list of the new features I've found in Monster Hunter Tri. I'm sure there's more, but this is what I've noticed on my first day of gameplay. Weapons: When starting a new game, the player no longer has one of... More
  • R.I.P. to Guru - 1/2 of Gangstarr - one of the greatest hiphop groups of all time...

    Yesterday, news broke that an icon of the HipHop community passed away due to complications with cancer. Keith Elam , better known as Guru of the prolific duo Gangstarr (the other being D.J. Premier - legendary producer) passed away on Monday at the age... More
  • The Virtual Canvas

    My recent blog entered the debate of whether video games can be considered art. But it occurs to me that we are going about this the wrong way, and in a manner that plays to renowned critics like Roger Ebert. In fact, if we compare our medium of video... More
  • Beautiful Poser (Skate 3 related)

    Ding! Level 5 achieved and I feel like celebrating with a little self-promotion. So I've been playing the Skate 3 demo for days and I finally decided to dive into the replay editor. I went there to simply look at an awkward fall from a different angle... More
  • The Future of Gaming...

    I tend to stray away from “I have an idea for a great game” blogs because, for one, as unfortunate as it is, I don’t have the ability to transition it from a great idea to a real tangible concrete product. The other issue is, I’ve... More
  • These People Should Not Have Had Kids

    Epic parenting fails Unless this is some sort of sick joke, WTF is this baby doing in the microwave?! Seriously, they better not be thinking of cooking that poor thing. Somebody call the cops, we've got a radioactive baby on our hands and cannibal... More
  • The Gamer as Art Collector

    A game I'm playing has wowed me like no other and inspired me to think of which video games I've played that I would consider art. While everyone debates whether games can be considered an art form, I think most of us know the answer and can think... More
  • Just Cause 2 and Bioshock 2 to get DLC next thursday

    Avanlance and 2K games have both marked next Thursday, April 29, as the day to release additional game-content for their recently released titles, Just Cause 2, and Bioshock 2. Avalanche’s open-word shoot-em up explosion fest is getting the Black... More
  • EA to release first paid Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC tomorrow

    After giving us a fair amount of free DLC, EA is ready to release the first round of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 paid downloadable content. The game’s official blog has posted that the first paid DLC will arrive on Xbox Live tomorrow. Up until now... More
  • Thoughts On A Flash Game

    To put it plainly, I just don't see how one could work. My reasons: The Flash is all about speed. His greatest power is supposed to be his ability to move near light-speed. How exactly are you supposed to portray that in a game? Moving at those speeds... More