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  • Retro Game Reviews #1:Donkey Kong Country

    For Awhile I've been thinking about dusting off some old classics and playing through them again for a blog series on how they have held up over time. So anyway with Donkey Kong Country Returns coming out I figured this would be the perfect time to... More
  • A Moment of Wistfulness: Part 1 of 3

    Hello, all, I have been reminiscing of late....a lot. I sure do love current generation gaming, but sometimes I need to go back and remember the games that set me on this path. There are some really weird ones've been warned. First up... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 9

    UPDATE: Reminder - We are recording episode 10 tomorrow (Sunday, November 21.) Last chance to submit your ideas for the future of the Call of Duty series if you want us to share them on the show. Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite dodgeball... More
  • Bad Cover Art

    Never judge a book by it's cover. Even if it looks like that. Yes, Ico has terrible game art, but it was awesome, right? While DVD cover art tends to be terrible as well, since this is a video game website we'll just talk about bad game art. Remember... More
  • Fallout New Vegas and the Extended Fallout 3 DLC Experience

    First an foremost, I want to say that I love everything Fallout. I have played all of the games since being turned on to it by a friend in High School nearly a decade ago. Fallout 3 is the epitome of my perfect game and I put in well over 300 hours into... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 21 of XX...

    Since I handpicked this week's GIO Community Member to be herded, I feel I'm obligated to justify why. This blog has always been about the community and I never want to be the one single handedly in control of deciding who's picked and who's... More
  • The Grand Club

    Well folks, it is starting to come down to the wire. Earlier this year I started a blog series in which I gave updates on my personal goal to hit 75,000 gamerscore by the end of the year from my initial point of 53,300 from January 19th. As of the time... More
  • I bought a Wii and know not what to play...

    So I finally broke down and purchased a Wii. I figured since I'm trying to review as many games as I can then I should finally have all three main systems so I can better review most games. The more games I review, the better chance I have at getting... More
  • Yet another CoD: Black Ops Controversy

    I know you've heard of the gore controversy, you've read thanks to Saint about the JFK controversy. You've heard the complaints about glitches and PC system requirements. Well apparently there's an even bigger controversy brewing. (Probably... More
  • 100 Hours Smashing: A Retrospective on Super Smash Bros: Brawl

    Despite it's lack of characters named Mewtwo, Super Smash Bros: Brawl is probably my favorite Fighting game of all time. I like Fighting games a lot, but I love Platformers, and what is Smash but a combination of the two? Throw in a few Pokémon... More
  • Assassin's Creed II: Most Irritating and Internally Inconsistent Game of the Year

    Let me narrate for you a little experience I just had. It peeved me a bit. So I was wandering around in these catacombs underneath Florence, Italy looking for some Templar d-bag who had my father killed or some such rot when the thought occurred to me... More
  • Learning to Type One-Handed (Plus Cute Baby Pics)

    Hey all! It has been a LONG time since I got a blog up. It is about time I finish this one. I have literally started and then had to quit this blog over a dozen times due to screaming baby, nagging mommy, or because Big Bang Theory was on. Right now it... More