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  • The News - 08.31.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! First things first: allow us to apologize for yesterday's absence. As any of you who follow us on Twitter already know, we suffered a major and annoyingly unexplained loss of internet for somewhere in the range of... More
  • Frightening Myself to Distraction: Haunted Gaming Experiences

    The creepy moon is watching youuuuuuu.... So I must confess, I've been off my blogging game so-to-speak, due to my recent loss in the family. But at the same time, I need something better to keep me occupied. Recently, I've been not only sick... More
  • Madden is selling football, not football games.

    I bought Madden 12 for the PS3 yesterday and I must say that I was highly disappointed when I played it. I was indecisive about buying it at first because of the mediocre ratings it received, but the football season is about to start and it would feel... More
  • Time Travel

    Here's a question, how many of you have never, ever, thought about time travel? I'd be legitimately shocked to see a response in the comments that someone has never dreamed of being able to warp through time. I mean, C'mon. We all said something... More
  • Jeepers Creepers – The Meme Of Minecraft…

    12 3
    If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; I am fascinated by the mind of a video gamer. We often think illogically, act irrationally and respond emotionally. Give us a few ingredients or components and we can solve practically any puzzle... More
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - My Thoughts So Far

    A few days ago I got the latest Deus Ex game, and I'd like to share some thoughts on what I think makes this game successful. First: No, I haven't finished. Not even close. But this game has still managed to make a huge impression, which is why... More
  • Popularity

    Yo Yo Yo, my gansta flow. I haven't made a blog in 50 flippin years so it's about time I delighted you uneducated fools with my superior gaming knowledge. Here lately it is has come to my attention that everyone likes something. To be popular... More
  • Savages For Salvation: A teaser for a book I'm making

    Well, this is a short story that I have had in my head for awhile. It was started a few years ago, originally to take place in South Africa or Congo, I forget which, but due to the ever changing political climate in the continent of Africa I will be moving... More
  • Time with Demos! Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    If I could paint you a picture of this game I would need only one color: red. Seriously, this game has so much blood coming out of enemies you might start to think that they had been pumped full of grape juice. The combat is bloody, fast, and frantic... More
  • Death Valley Impressions (TV Series)

    Around sometime at night on Saturday I found myself watching MTV (I was bored and Mr. Deeds was on give me a break!) Upon watching it I came across a commercial for a new TV show called Death Valley. Of course it got my attention and so I watched it and... More
  • Bump! Jumping to the Past.

    Hello again everyone! And welcome to another episode of Ninja Warrior Wait... sorry, scratch that. Welcome to another episode of Bump! The monthly series that I run to show off some of the best blogs that you newer people, probably missed out on. For... More
  • Video Game Novel Review - Bioshock: Rapture

    Non-video game adaptations of video games are rarely good, and almost never great. Of course, it's hard to blame writers for this; video game stories naturally have a very interactive nature, and translating the story into a novel or movie format... More