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  • Resturaunts you MUST go to #1

    Genghis Grill. Maybe you've heard of it? It's a great Mongolian stir fry place. When you walk in, it's likely you'll be seated immediatly (unless, of course, they're extremely busy). The waiters/waitresses are mostly respectful and... More
  • What's made you laugh on Red Dead Redemption?

    Basically, put down what made you laugh? What ridiculas thing have you witness in Red Dead so far? I'll go first. A guy added me to his posse. So when I meet him he is driving a stage coach. I try to get on but end up throwing him off instead. Another... More
  • ahh slashing enemy sand piles with a sword at last

    so after a few weeks anticipation i finaly got to play prince of persia the forgotten i figured id blog about the joy of running your sword through a walking sandpile so basically prince of persia is a return to the sands of time storyline and... More
  • A Brief Letter to Amarthiel, "Champion of Angmar"

    Dear Amarthiel, I'm not sure which Seeing-stone you got your grubby hands on, but please be informed that it cannot, in point of fact, be the Osgiliath-stone, which was far too large for one person to carry, and is in any case lost at the bottom of... More
  • Wings or No Wings -- That Is Not the Question

    God what an atrocious title. Anyway, according to The Encyclopedia of Arda , this single question receives more user input than any other of the literally hundreds of entries on their site -- to such an extent that they have devoted several pages to the... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 7: Red Dead Free Roam (Pix)

    The second day of my journey through Red Dead Redemption's Old West was spent in the game's Free Roam mode. I spent about two hours in a private map and enjoyed every minute of exploration and gameplay. (Screenshot 1: The vistas are amazing, as... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Nicky Chocolate Review of Kick Ass (Nerds Girls and Violence It's like a dream only better)

    I had promised myself that I wasn't going to see this movie based on two things. First being Nick Cage, second being that it looked like a bunch of nonsense. However, I just had to go out and read the graphic novel because I was told that it far surpasses... More
  • Call of duty: Black Ops Wallpapers

    The helicopter destroying the building and flying close to the power lines looks like it will be close quarter fighting, not just on the ground but also in the air. But it all comes down to who is the mystery man with the two guns and two assault rifle... More
  • Over Taxed

    First the Government raises and Now the video game industry. Stop making us pay more to play online. Microsoft does it already and sony has optional. This has the potential of destroying the used game store because gamer will be forced to buy new. Ubisoft... More
  • Who Didn't See This Coming...

    …we interrupt this normally scheduled blog to bring you this public service announcement. It’s true. I had a totally different blog planned for today. I don’t know that it would have been a “Blog Herding” caliber blog, but... More
  • The End of Button Mashing Guitar Games?

    So I was browsing through 360 upcoming games on for the hell of it a few of days ago. It wasn't til I hit the last page where I saw this: No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That picture above is a six-string Guitar controller. String... More
  • Fringe Season 2 finale- Updated with afterthoughts!

    This Thursday, Fringe, J.J Abrams science fiction show, has it's second season finale. I rarely ever watch TV(most of my time with TV is when I'm playing my Xbox) but this has a special place in my heart. Fringe is about of group of people who... More