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  • The News - 08.25.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! It would seem that the Gods of Gaming have sought to strike us down for the last week of relative quietness with two major news-points. First, we will be taking a look at an issue between the retailer GameStop, the game... More
  • Fallout 3 is Ruining RPG's for me

    14 2
    When I first joined this generation of video games, I knew from the get go that Fallout 3 would be a game on my buy list. It's been nearly 3/4 of a year, and I've just recently dug my feet into to give the game it's due attention. Truth be... More
  • Critical Gaming: Educating with Video Games

    The education system has been slowly coming to terms with technology more and more over the past decade. Chances are most people have experienced a class over some kind of literature in their high school or college. However, classes that incorporate or... More
  • Ahoy Mateys, Land Ho!

    14 2
    Okay, well here is the blog I meant for yesterday but I had an uncanny feeling I needed to post my "Video Game Names OR Let's Name born4this's Baby" instead and as it turns out that feeling wasn't just gas because I got word Mr.... More
  • Sanctity

    Dark Beginnings- Chapter One The Brothers stole through the dark corridors of Der Sieg. They made hardly a sound, save for the sound of metal rubbing against cloth. They moved without a word, blending in with the shadows thrown by the pipes and shafts... More
  • Resistance 3 Online Beta Impressions

    Today, I downloaded the beta for Resistance 3. I'm not some total fanatic about Resistance, but it's a decent series. The multiplayer isn't totally addicting, but it is indeed entertaining. The guns are horrible, but the perks are rewarding... More
  • Top Ten SNES Games

    Top Ten SNES Games There have been some pretty great consoles over the years, but, as much as I cherished my PS2 and love my Xbox 360, the SNES stands as my favorite console. The library of games was so huge, and it came at a time in my life when my biggest... More
  • Borderlands Accomplishments

    Borderlands was a true advancement into the co-op video game world. I loved the split-screen co-op as i always do, I don't understand why it is a dying gaming feature when it allows you and your friends to play side by side on the same screen. That... More
  • The 5 Greatest Games of the Last Generation

    17 1
    I think about the last generation a lot. Too much, in fact I'm lost... but it's a good place. I've spent a lot of time filling out my experiences with every title that was critically acclaimed at the time, and a lot of stuff in between as... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 2: Straight Up Or On The Rocks?

    7 2
    Last week we posted the first episode of The Indie & Mojo Show and we received a boatload of support from the GIO community. You guys are freakin' awesome. So to reward you we decided we'd do another episode believe it or not. This is a weekly... More
  • do you think uncharted 2 is *gasp* overrated?

    this is my first blog so bear with me here. so lately i went on youtube to watch a video on gears 3. what i noticed was a constant mention of uncharted 2 and that it won goty. like 5 times to be exact. i played this game and it was okay for the money... More
  • Survivor's Judgment: Another Short Story by myself(gtrcrgy)

    Here's another short story that I wrote. If it seems choppy, I apologize, I'm writing to bring myself in a focused mood for my possible upcoming novel, and I thought I would share a series of short stories I'm writing with the GIO community... More