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  • It could always be much worse...Pushing the envelope of game violence.

    Gaming has come a long way.from the early days of Pong, to the demon levels of Doom. It seems games have become more grown up as time went on. We've gone from the colorful levels of Super Mario Bros. to slaughtering the Covenant in Halo. Yes people... More
  • All I Want For Christmas Is......uhhhhhh

    Have we as gamers become a little too spoiled? We are now but a week away from Christmas and when asked what I would like I'm still left scratching my head in confusion. I mean, I've already bought every game I wanted this holiday season. Sure... More
  • Gaming for the Future? - Holographic Gaming

    Recently, I've been watching some videos on YouTube about a concert that was shot all in holograms. This concert was hosted in Japan and the the singers : Vocaloids. Vocaloid Background : If you don't know what Vocaloids, they are a singing synthesizer... More
  • What Happened to the In-Depth, Non-Biased Review?

    The first thing I do, before buying a game, is read reviews. I try to read as many as I can, just to get an idea how the game is. I look for three main traits of a game in a review. I'll cover these traits after the hop. (a) Graphical quality -- I... More
  • I'm convinced Tiburon doesn't do anything at work.

    6 1
    Call this a rant and maybe I'm beating a dead horse but between the last few Madden games I fail to see any actual improvement. I always get the game because I'll be honest, I want the new roster. I'm not gonna beat around it, I'm probably... More
  • A TOGNick Update...

    I've been in kind of a slump on here as of late. I haven't really been commenting on too much or reading too much, this is primarily due to some interpersonal issues, which have been resolved, to an extent. I'm going to write this to try and... More
  • Ouibox: A site with potential

    TOBUSCUS!!!!!!!!!!! sorry, just had to give props to the guy his due. tobuscus is the guy on youtube who is hilarious and ironically kinda sucks at games (least he admits it) so when he released the info on the ouibox site and offered an ipad.......I... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 24 of XX

    Perhaps you've noticed the influx of some new faces around the blogging community. We are continuing to grow and expand. I know I have received a few inquiries about the Member Herding blog, what it is and how to join it. I realized it has been awhile... More
  • Can Gaming Help "It Get Better"?

    First things first, my name is Zane. As a full disclosure, I am currently in the process of preparing and applying to seminary and discerning a call to ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I currently work in youth ministry... More
  • Derreck's 2010 Extravaganza: Part 1 of 3 (Guilty Pleasure Games)

    We are very close to wrapping up one of the most monumental year's in gaming history. With every major title now out on the market, the only thing left to do is say what you did/didn't like. With that said, I'd like to make a few notes before... More
  • Homosexuality: LGBT Discussion

    21 1
    Hello, all, First off, I do realize that this could be in the forums. But, seeing as how many of the forums are plagued with the kind of people that I want to avoid with this post, I wanted to post it as a blog. So, here we go.... Within a recent news... More
  • Tron: Legacy Review

    I'll try and keep this short and sweet. I'll fail at it miserably too. :) It's hard to really explain this sort of thing, as the nostalgia and affection for the original really kind of keep me from being impartial. On one hand, seeing Jeff... More