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  • How Stubbs Swagged All Over Spyglass Board Games.

    7 1
    The mind and determination are the tools needed to conquer the games that come in this package. Chess, Checkers, Mancala, and Switcheruzzi. Keen intellect and wits will lead to many moments of glorious victory in the Spyglass XBL world. Between the two... More
  • The Calm Before the Storm. Or why I really hate the Kindle.

    13 2
    I remember the first time I became unhealthily obsessed with something that my parents would allow. Gaming and tv had their restrictions way into adolescence and if it wasn't for my good grades I probably never would have had the chance to experience... More
  • Voiceless Heroes

    With the release of Dead Space 2, there was something about it that made me think. Now that Isaac has been given a voice, I realized that the old trend of creating what I call "voiceless heroes" is quickly disappearing. In most cases this makes... More
  • Member Herding Missing in Action…

    I'm a little behind with the Member Herding blog. The questions are created and the bonus questions have been provided by last week's member, but I'm a little late on the delivery to the person I selected this week. So, hopefully soon. In... More
  • The Half-Price Oyster Night at Buster's Book of World Records Top 10 Video Game Characters and Other Stuff I Thought Up 2011

    So, apparently Guinness recently came up with their stupid and asinine list of top 50 world record video game characters or whatever after a night of binge drinking kerosene and then accidentally sent it to press. Boy, if I had a nickel... Anyway, after... More
  • My Birthday Blog


    This blog contains everything you want. Me, my birthday and a CONTEST WITH A PRIZE!

    ... More
  • AllAboutJane's Guide to Black Ops Zombies Ascension

    This is a guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC, zombie level: Ascension. This guide might be for more experienced zombie players, so before reading this or considering my rules (or guidelines), I would recommend getting a feel for what zombies... More
  • POP QUIZ : A quick quiz for future game designers, and computer guys. A grouchy old report.QUIZ SOLVED!

    Hello people, I would like to state that this is not a normal blog but a quiz. A short quiz concerning something every future game designer should know. Now remember use only number 2 pencils, and clearly fill in the circles or the machine will not pick... More
  • That Lead Based Paint We Call: Nostalgia!

    I never thought i would be hit by it, but Yesterday(That is to say Wednesday) i got hit by an unspeakable(Which i am speaking of it right now so it's speakable...Again) urge to break out my old PlayStation and well play...On a station. Now normally... More
  • The Best Video Game Soundtracks - 5 of XX

    Well, I've hit the number 5 milestone. Let's keep it going! As you know I'm horrible at opening blogs, so... Gears of War Alright, so this is pushing it a bit. Gary Jules's Mad World being played in a Gears of War trailer doesn't exactly... More
  • GI Digital and an ode to Andy

    7 3
    Some of you may remember that I'm actually a transplanted American. I'm originally from Iowa but I now live up here in rainy Vancouver. I've been a subscriber to GI for a few years now, when I stopped in at a Gamestop one time while I was... More
  • A Bientot

    This isn't quite a good bye, but I can't say I'm really going to be around much anymore. It's different that last time though. I can't say that I'm too busy to comment and blog and whatnot, but I've found that the interest... More