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  • The Quest: Part 6

    So they walked into the miniboss chamber, and looked around. And Raz said, “It’s a pool full of jello, with a gumball inside. How the heck am I supposed to fight it.” Shaun looked at it, “Well I know who it is, but maybe I’ll... More
  • How to talk about things you have no idea about but think you do.

    Okay, here's something ironic. I'm about to talk about something I, frankly, have no idea to do. No, I don't know how to talk like I'm a bloody genius on a topic I'm not familiar with. Why? Because I don't do it. If I don't... More
  • UPDATE:LBP 2 Level Building Blog

    Hi, I'm love2read2 and recently like hopefully many others bought LittleBigPlanet 2. It's level builder is completely insane when it comes to the possiblities. After a few days of cycling through it, I've started on my as some might call "magnum... More
  • 2011 games

    can't wait for the new year of games dead space 2, bulletstorm, mortal kombat, skyrim, mass effect3, More
  • Bobby Kotick Says, "Give Me All Your Money!"

    Bobby Kotick is well known to many gamers, he has garnered a following. That following seems to be one of distaste and hatred but many can’t deny that he’s taken Activision Blizzard and turned it into a powerhouse, how he did that is definitely... More
  • My PS3 History Part 1 of 2

    Just to warn this does exempt a couple of games, Fracture, Assassin's Creed I and II and Force Unleashed. I sold these games after playing them. And Littlebigplanet 2 because I'm playing it which means it's not on my shelf. But the pictures... More
  • Games Consoles and Technology

    Video gaming is currently in its 7th Generation with the inclusion of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles heading the industry. It started with the first ever games console, the Magnavox Odyssey. Which was not initially successful so... More
  • Exciting Slot Machine Games

    If you want to visit Las Vegas, you should never miss its various casinos. In casinos, you can play different games like Blackjack, slot machine games and Roulette. Every game is interesting and exciting. And you may even win lots of money if you have... More
  • Learn how to Focus on Online Casino Games and also How you can Win Quickly

    Casinos certainly are a place where by in you are able to function the best good quality betting routines and its emergence has created online casinos an exceptionally realistic term. Now you can feature excellent casino games by simply only resting in... More
  • My Fear of New IP

    I like to imagine myself as being adventurous in my entertainment choices, whether it is TV shows, movies, music, and of course... video games. I also like to believe that I give new IP's the benefit of the doubt and I try to buy or at least rent... More
  • Gaming: Rated E for Everyone

    I'm a senior in high school, but I am in a college English class. Our final paper of the semester had to be a research paper involving ethics. I decided I would write my paper on the current court case about selling violent games to minors. My teacher... More
  • Am I a Danger to Society? Are you?

    I normally avoid the serious blog topics. Not because I can't write about them but because I don't like to write about them. I'd much rather produce something that makes people laugh or think...or both. When you blog about serious topics,... More