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  • So its been Said that the PSN is more mature than XBL gamers.

    Now i have all systems and have played online on both. Now i must admit that on the 360 you do hear a lot more bad mouthing, racism, and just plain dumb things all around. And dont get me started on when a girl talks online. Guys freaking out galore.... More
  • Mentally Challenged

    Video Games provide a cognitive challenge unlike books, movies, or other mediums. Movies and books have grown to challenge their participants in more complex ways than is noticeable on a conscious level. Collectively, popular culture has proved to be... More
  • Scary Pop Up's That Made Me Pee My Pants....

    7 1
    WARNING: NOT RECCOMENDED FOR EVERYONE! Be sure to have your volume up to fully experience the scare! I jumped off my chair and litterally laughed at myself for being so scared for a full 5 minutes.... W hew... L OL this kid reminded me of my brother when... More
  • The things that annoy me the most in COD:MW2 Part 1

    This is a list of my most hated things in cod 6. This has stuff with a lot of hatred and my personal least favorites. 1. Double wielding weapons. This is a big one. Why would IW do this to us. WHY!?!? 2. Grenade launchers. This is a personal one. I hate... More
  • Army of Two: 40th Day 360 Review

    I went into this game wanting, and expecting, to love it. My buddy and I love co-op play, and the mindless play of this game seemed right up our alley. I don't want this review to sound overly negative, but my (apparently) too-high expectations for... More
  • 34 Random and Thoughtful Facts

    Hello guys! I have decided to create a series dubbed, “34 Random and Thoughtful . ” Things I might use in the blank might be quotes, facts, jokes, questions, etc. Reason why I have decided to make this series is because many people gave me... More
  • Blogging Wind Waker: Part 2

    Hello again, everyone! It's been about a week, and I finally got around to playing enough Wind Waker to warrant another blog entry. So, as I'm sure you remember from my last post , I had just arrived at the Forsaken Fortress when I wrote my blog... More
  • Op-Ed: Nintendo Will Be "On Par" Next Time Around With Hardware

    Here's my prediction for what Nintendo will have to do: Nintendo will not see themselves with an option but to have HD / 3D in their next venture, and depending on how motion controls go for Sony and Microsoft, they'll have little option with... More
  • Pandorum Movie Review (SPOILERS: It Sucks...Hard.)

    (Warning: The following review will contain spoilers. Not that you should care though. This movie sucks, and I advise you not to see it.) Well, I haven't been posting a lot on my blog recently, because...I'm working on a super speshul project... More
  • Inception

    25 1
    I know what your thinking, why are you blogging about a movie??? Well, basically, this is a movie I just can't wait to see! I have never been this excited for a film ever. This is a film being directed by Christoper Nolan. Most of you probably know... More
  • Inspiration and Progress: Journey a Higher Level

    What is progress? 1.) "A movement towards a goal or a higher stage." 2.) "Growth or development; continuous improvement ." The last few weeks, I have been playing more then what I usually play. Sometimes taking a break for a few days... More
  • Raise Up Off Me, 3DTV!

    2010 will (or at least should) bring about one of the biggest “WTF” moments that consumers have seen since the Television Glasses in 1963. Ironically, when Hugo Gernsback invented the T.V. glasses he wasn’t aware that such a monumentally... More