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  • Range S4: Part 6

    “Maybe we should start training with some strength.” Alphonse said. “Why strength?” “I noticed in my fight with Karin that even though she was a girl I wasn’t really any stronger than her. This new guy will probably... More
  • Sonic Generations: Zones in my Zones and Sonic Animations videos

    Thought Id make this as some old members know im probably the biggest sonic fan on the site. Also there usually behind in thier sonic postings. So I thought id step it up and show off some new things released the last few days. First off Could it be true... More
  • "He Held Her Heart"... My Short Story

    I've been trying to immerse myself in a deeper mode of writing, lately; I've garnered a passion to write a novel, and, thinking about it, I realize I need to be in a deeper mood before I begin writing. That, and I also need to develop my plot... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 45 (Nearing 1K Subscribers!)

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    Special Note: September 10 is our one year anniversary! We're currently at 953 total subscriptions. How cool would it be if Robot in the Corner had 1,000 subscribers in its first year?!? YOU CAN HELP! Spread the word about the show. Also, please subscribe... More
  • Greatest Voice Actors in Gaming - Updated

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    Making the look for a great and iconic character in gaming is one thing, but it is the voice that can truly bring characters to life. While many appreciate a good looking game with stylish gameplay, I am always impressed when a voice actor can really... More
  • Tips to Deal with Cyberbullies - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! All in all, the day has been utterly slow; much like the rest of the week has been. However, rather than just providing you with yet another article of "The Not-So-News", we decided that we might use this off... More
  • Perfecting the JRPG - Music

    As much grief as some people will give them, I love myself a good JRPG. Many of them offer various tales with wide ranging themes, battle systems and gameplay mechanics. They contain some of the best tactical and strategic games out there. Lately though... More
  • Appreciating Section 8 Prejudice

    In the past I've joked about this game for an attempt at satire by reviewing it long before it came out . Unfortunately no one seemed to get the fact that it was a joke and not a PREJUDICE opinion. But enough of that. This blog was meant to talk about... More
  • GI Community Update (Week of 8/21)

    Welcome back to the Update. This week there were a lot of great blogs to showcase, as well as a few community things that I'll be highlighting as well. This is going to be short by me though, as I just deleted my first draft and honestly didn't... More
  • The Perfect Game

    We've all thought of an idea that we think would be the perfect game for a single genre, or a great blend of your favorite, independant genres. Its one of those things that you want to see created not in some mediocre way, but in a superb piece of... More
  • I Need Your Help: LittleBigPlanet2 Level Series. PLEASE (improved repost)

    Hey guys. So here’s the thing, I have plans for a level series in LBP2 and I really need your help. The series will be called "PARADISE LOST" . I have the story completely fleshed out and everything, however, I am just no good at level... More
  • The End: Apozem's Favorite Endings That Are Epic

    Well, this is it. It's been one hell of a Favorites Week , and I have to say that everything turned out quite well. Thanks for the response to everything... Once again, you guys are the one thing that keeps me writing. But, I did say that this was... More