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  • Female Protagonist Wanted: No Cajones Required

    "Where are all the good female characters?" "What, did they just take a male character and put boobs on it?" "Vixen, Ice Queen or Motherly Matron. Take your pick, that's all you've got." These are just a couple of... More
  • Practice Makes Perfect

    Hi again. I'm probably annoying you, but I HAVE to write right now or else I'll get another (DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUH) brain fart. Since my first blog was a disaster, I decided to give it another try. First off, I realized a couple of things. a) I... More
  • My First Blog....ok I need some help, I'm new at this.

    Finally! I'm finally able to post blogs. I'm SO excited...but I'm also scared because I am socially awkward. I don't know, maybe the awkwardness is just because this is my first blog, but whatever the reason, I don't like doing a bad... More
  • Thoughts on the Supreme Court Decision

    I, along with many other gamer's are overjoyed with the court's decision to revoke the California law and officially bring games into the light with other media under the first amendment. There is one thing that is nagging me. The proponents of... More
  • The Landscape of Consoles and Nerdom

    What originally started out as a haven for nerds and gamers alike has drastically shifted towards all audiences. From grinding levels in Red Dead Redemption until dawn, to the soccer mom who "loves video games" because she played Deal or No... More
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon First Impressions

    The first time I played Earth Defense Force 2017 I had no idea what I was getting into. All the info I had of the game came from the seemingly nonsensical references to it from Andrew Reiner and Joe Juba. Without any preconceptions I put the disk into... More
  • Why I Support Boobs of all Sizes-In Gaming, No Less!

    What two things do all of these women have in common? I'll let you take a good, long look..... Boobs, titties, ta-tas, mammaries. These body parts are one of the most railed-against parts as being "overly sexual" in video games. Be it fighting... More
  • Is the Xbox 360 reaching end of days?

    It saddens me to think of the 360 being a last-gen console someday. It is the only console I have owned for over a year (I used to have a habit of trading in a console about every year, coincidentally) and I plan on keeping it until it dies....hopefully... More
  • Raising Awareness About Heroes of Ruin

    Does "Diablo-like loot lust action/RPG with four-player local and online co-op on the 3DS" sound vaguely interesting to you? Then read on and let me tell you all about the latest focus of my hype. Developer n-Space has a tendency to shoot for... More
  • Spyro and Sparx

    So my sister and i recently went in half on a drawing tablet, (bamboo) and i discovered that my real world art skillz transferred well into the digital age. so i drew spyro and sparx looking all dramatic. it took about two hours. let me know what you... More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 9 of XX

    After tackling a little bit of my ever growing backlog, I figured I'd get back to blogging and kick things off with another quick and simple installment of "The Swag Blog." Usually when I prepare for these I wind up taking way more pictures... More
  • Top 5 games of this generation.

    You may be aware of IGN's "Top 100 modern games" List. I, as I'm sure you all do, have some different favorites than the guy's at IGN. But, since 100 is a little steep for me, I lowered it to 5. #5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl This is... More