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  • Do You Have the Time...

    I don’t know what the first game I played that started keeping track of how much time I’ve invested (or wasted, depending on your point of view) in the game, but it seems like it’s becoming a more common feature for a game to keep a... More
  • Should the PS2 and Xbox Really Die?

    For years, Microsoft and Sony have been competing in the console gaming market. We all know that. This generation, the battle's been a tug-of-war. There's is NO clear winner. For last generation, Sony won by almost a friggin' landslide. The... More
  • Bioshocked! Feeling Irrational.

    I'll tell you the truth, I only got half way through Bioshock on my ps3, but that half way was incredible! After so many years of generally conventional games, (Super mario, FF) there came a game that could finally take Half-Life's place as a... More
  • More Epic/Funny pics *Part 2*

    ill add more later. its my parents anniversary and i have to go for a bit. More
  • Too Many *** Pokemon

    I make it a habit of collecting games. Perhaps I've already amassed a collection whereas the backlog is technically impossible to catch up with in the lifespan of one working human being. This is where I would inject my aggressive personality into... More
  • A true american rock band, No matter what you say

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  • Can You See Me Now…

    Stick with me for just a moment as I make a somewhat bumpy transition from what inspired this blog until I actually get to the topic of the blog. Here goes. You can thank the GIO website for the inspiration behind this blog. I noticed the review titled... More
  • FPS Online Glitches. Is There Any Hope?? Boosting, Is There Any Hope??

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    I, like many MW2 online players, am plagued by glitches. Glitches (that players abuse) have the ability to ruin that "Best Killstreak I've Ever Had" moment. Those moments where you are 1 kill away from a tactical nuke and then someone who... More
  • Terrible Game

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    For a good 95 percintile, I would say, movie games don't fare well. Even with the occassional success, (X men origins Wolverine, which was much better than the movie,) there are horror stories,( Wall-E.) So the question is-what kills franchises like... More
  • New HellYeah video rocks hard.

  • Resturaunts you MUST go to #3

    Joe's Crab Shack. 'Nuff said. A steaming pot of crabs/lobster will melt you down and make you evaporate. The atmosphere is bar-like. A lot of cheerful, talkative people are around you. Seeing as how busy Joe's ALWAYS is, you may have to wait... More
  • Games Into Film And Why It Doesn't Work

    Well, the new Prince of Persia movie is hitting theaters soon, and all the hype surrounding it is just about it actually being good..."for a movie based off a video game". But one thing I've begun to realize is that what works for gaming... More