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  • Game Over: When Death Interrupts Your Regularly Scheduled Life

    21 1
    My grandmother (whom I call "Nonnie"), passed away this evening at 97 years of age. She was the most important person I've ever met and a force to be reckoned with for her whole life. I'm going to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog... More
  • The Killing Joke *Spoilers*

    What you are about to read is the first thing I wrote a year ago in the Comic section of the Forum section here in GI. I updated this and I added a "Review" of the comic at the end. As you can see I want to discuss about the great comic book... More
  • Range S4: Part 8

    Now back at home, Alphonse quickly got back into his normal routine and was at school before he knew it. Literally, he was too busy thinking about his fight that night to notice getting on the bus. He remained in a somewhat trance-like state until James... More
  • Saying goodbye to old school Dante.

    After playing the crap out of DMC 3 and 4 recently I suddenly realized how much I'll miss this white haired trash talking Devil,so I figured I should write a blog expressing that.Like many others I grew interest in Devil May Cry when I saw Dante posing... More
  • Can We Blame the Decline of Madden on The Exclusivity Deal?

    4 1
    Back in 2004 EA signed a deal with the NFL that would guarantee its Madden NFL series a step above many others in the market for years after the deal was through. This being their exclusive right to publish and develop games using the NFL License. While... More
  • How Videogames Made My College Trips Awesome

    A couple weeks ago, I embarked on college trips. I'm sure that others who've done these know that they involve a lot of long, boring car rides, as well as many nights spent in shady hotels. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to see the places... More
  • Choice, and how it's better without morality

    7 1
    While playing the original Deus Ex last summer and then while playing Human Revolution I had a thought. How is it that a game that was originally released in 2000 manages to get “choice” absolutely perfect, while games released in the past... More
  • Light in the Darkest Tunnel

    NOTE: Non-gaming blog. As Cody Gilley recently stated, I have Teen Angst. I have recently been suffering from mild depression, questioning my life and wondering if anything really matters. That all changed yesterday. It was 11 PM. My ears were ringing... More
  • Weekly Coverage 8/27/11

    August 26, 2011 @ 1:19p.m. Original Author-Jeff Cork With the release of Dead Rising 2, it had everything and more from the first Dead Rising. The one thing it was missing however, was sandbox mode. Today(Aug. 26) at PAX, developer Capcom said that was... More
  • UPDATE: 30/30 The Beginning of Something Epic (And with a Contest too)

    Update: Okay so the $5 per right category guess can't happen. Apparently it is more difficult to get $5 PSN and XBL cards than I thought, so instead I'm taking that money and putting it into one big prize. Instead of guessing each individual category... More
  • Game Informer Online Achievements – An Introduction

    42 1
    I'm going to open with a quick shout out because if you read nothing else then at least you'll hopefully read this part. What you're about to witness would not be possible without the creative genius of born4this who contributed to this project... More
  • Battle of the Bands! Round 1

    I like Rock Music. This is a fact, no doubt about it. I like varying types of rock and several different bands. I also want to see what you like, and what you think of my favorites. So I will try to put similar bands up against each other in a sort of... More