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  • 5 Games That Failed To Reach Their True Potential

    Disappointment is a part of life. In fact, most things in reality are fairly disappointing which is why many people turn to video games. They're a kind of trap door that leads to a different world. In this world players get to experience a sense of... More
  • Gaming's Greatest #1: Metal Gear Solid and Super Metroid

    Metal Gear Solid 1998 was undoubtedly one of the greatest years in gaming. It saw the release of landmark games that have shaped the industry into what it is today. Think about it. Link made the jump into 3-D with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time... More
  • I'm starting a new series

    Yeeeeeuuuup. I'm entering a contest and I think it would be alot of fun and could give me something to practice inking techniques, paneling, ect. So yeah....I'm hoping (have to) finish this project before (latest at) September 15th....SO Yeah... More
  • Pushing a Controller Down Your Throat.

    People are pushy, we all know that. An article in GI highlighted a fault that many games have. Some gamers aren't satisfied with being gamers themselves- they want everyone to be a gamer. Their kids, their spouses, friends, family. Virtually everyone... More
  • Snake's View Volume II

    13 1
    Hello and welcome to a bit of an overdue Snake's view. I'll be covering the community for the entire blog, but I hope to update you on my gaming exploits sometime soon. Now onto the subject at hand. A recent debacle has occurred over the span... More
  • Add-ons and improvements to Red Dead Redemption

    By the way i love this game and give it a 9.99 out of 10. I just want to say some improvements that could be made. In the single player i dont really want any improvements but on DLC it would be cool to expand on Jack Marston's (son of John Marston... More
  • Dare to Be Different...

    Busy day + Running late = Short blog. I did it. I finally finished Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on the PC. I’ve played it before and have spent countless hours playing this game online, but honestly, it was always on the Xbox 360. Yeah, I know... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 12 & 13

    Alright, as promised here's part 12 and 13. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the finale. Part 12 Part 13 Miss any parts? Click a Link below. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 & 7 Part 8 & 9 Part 10 & 11 More
  • My Summer Reading

    For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the arrival of June means one thing: SUMMER!!! I just got released from school yesterday, so the next couple months, when not working part time, are going to be full of hanging out by the beach/pool. Of course, when... More
  • A very Big Planet (2 million and growing.)

    I envision a future when games are what we make them. Anyone who has ever played LBP has gotten the giddy feeling that limitless creation is within our grasp. While the exploits of this adorable little sack creature are endearing, I know he is just a... More
  • The "F" Word

    I’ve played several mature games throughout my life and I’ve noticed a peculiar trend when it comes to certain words in video games. The “F” word is often either avoided like the plague, used in just the right way to convey comedy... More
  • Stupid Internet... (rant)

    rant/ My family has a fast internet service. This service supplies internet to a wired PC, a wireless PC, and my PS3. The speed is supposed to be up to 20mbps. However the service has been sagging. Every so often the internet vanishes leaving both computers... More