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  • Mass effect 3 possabilites

    When Mass effect 3 is to be announced i think the options they should make after a amazing ending to the thrilling sequel mass effect 2. I suggest that when they start mass effect 3 Shepard gathers all of his squad mates that where from the first and... More
  • Blog of Rock # 6: Hollywood Undead

    I've realized something. Some bands like The Fray and The Gaslight Anthem create clear, open music that appeals to a lot of people. Hollywood Undead isn't one of those bands. With that said, these guys are f***ing awesome. Similar to Zebrahead... More
  • Singularity - an innovative FPS with some issues

    (Yes, I know there is a reviews section on this site, but nobody ever seems to look at reviews, so I'm posting it here) I bought Singularity because I had heard some good things about it and I wanted to support a new IP that seemed promising. I'm... More
  • This man could very well be Nintendo's Jesus

    While Stumbleing the other night, I found out about a man by the name of Johnny Lee, a man with a genius brain and a Wii. He started out posting videos explaining how to use a automatic calibration device he invented. Later, he posted a video that showed... More
  • Game Informer Magazine Ranked 11th...

    10 1
    I received my latest edition of Game Informer in the mail yesterday. Before I dive into the blog, let me provide a brief historical synopsis of my magazine reading credentials. As a gamer with 25+ years of gaming, I've read my fair share of game related... More
  • Inception Movie Review (Spoiler Free!)

    6 1
    I guess I'm kind of a hypocrite when it comes to my opinions on hype. I keep saying that it's probably best to not hype *** up because if you do, it will make high expectations, which in turn, leads to disappointment. Low expectations on the other... More
  • Remebering The Old Days

    I have been a "gamer", I hate that term, for a very long time. Ever since my father bought a Super Nintendo I have been an avid game player. I have seen from the inside everything change for better and for worse. In general video games have... More
  • CinemaBlog #3: Inception

    Inception My mind has just been blown. Let's go under, shall we? You and I are going to take a trip to the unreal. Imagine, for a moment, that there was this film. Now, this particular film was a very special one. It had the action and special effects... More
  • The Rise of the Casual Gamer (or Why This is a Double Edged Sword for the Industry) (Part 2: Motion Controls)

    So, it has been a little while since my last blog. Sorry to those of you who were eagerly awaiting my next installment in this series (if people like that even exist :D). Since it was such a long time ago, I actually had to go back and re-read what I... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Inception (I'm going to need a good kick to get me out of this one)

    I have a little explaining to do, as always. I love dreams, especially since I realize that I am capable of having lucid dreams, dreams you control. These tend to be the best, the ability to manipulate a world around you, to fly, to create life, whatever... More
  • My HEAVY RAIN ending (spoiler)

    I loved this game and it is now one of my favorites. I love it because of the variety of endings and the drastic effects choices can make. I also really like the game because it is different in that it does not have game overs, whatever happens sticks... More
  • Mindgasm time: Daft Punk has an anime!

    Many of you know the robotic duo known as daft punk from the game DJ hero, but here's something that I'll bet you didn't know, Daft Punk had an anime movie to go along with it's "Discovery" album Appearantly, around the time... More