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  • Things YOU need to know for the Chuck Norris attack

    Here's what YOU need to know for the Chuck Norris attack. 1) Don't look in his eye. You will be oblitereated if you did. 2) Pray to Chuck Norris. God doesn't exist at this point. You will be obliterated if you don't. 3) Check your closet... More
  • Things to do in Megaton before you blow it to smithereens.

    I haven't played Fallout 3 for at least 2 years ago, and I can't remember what to do in Megaton before you blow it up. Basically, I want to get the most out of Fallout, and while I want to blow up Megaton, I need to get all I need before I kaboom... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Iron Man 2 (Hammertech Powered)

    The fact that this review is Hammertech powered, combined with how slow GIO has been lately should explain why this review is late to the party. Well here we go another summer and more comic book movies. I had been planning on seeing this movie earlier... More
  • Things YOU need to know to survive that creepy little town

    Here's what YOU need to know to survive that creepy town you recently walked into. *Silent Hill 2 spoilers. 1) Get a letter from a dead person.... These types of letters are always legit. 2) Talk to every schizophrenic stranger you see - They may... More
  • What separates "Bros" and "Brahs".

    15 3
    The age old question, which one are you? You are one of these, there is no way around it and this applies to everyone. Let's start out with the obvious, Bros will always be cooler than Brahs. No matter how hard they try, which is one element that... More
  • The End All Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. (Seriously, You Will Never Read Another Guide Like This)

    So, apparently surviving an apocalypse seems to be on everyone's minds these days. Nearly every third blog written in the last few days has covered surviving the Zombie-pocalypse, a vampire attack, nuclear holocaust, etc. Well, I thought I would build... More
  • hollywood hates us but so does god, or I feel like gouging out my eyes and thrusting ice picks through my ears

    this is gonna be a lot of hate, a lot of frustration, and a lot of me rambling with a sugar high at 12:26 at night, you've been warned mortals. just kidding, although I am pretty upset about a number of things, from the liberal media, to the conservative... More
  • Vampire: the story of Malkev (chapter 2)

    Chapter 2: My recollection of life I was born and raised in Scotland, in a village where Perth now resides. My given name was Angus Patter, but that person died tragically long ago. I don’t have very many vivid memories before my 11th birthday.... More
  • List of most anticipated titles of E3

    Here is a list of my most anticipated games that are being announced at E3 (that i know of). This is expanding, and it only has games i truly know and have information about. Give me comments on the list and if you want put up your own. This list is not... More
  • Play lots of NES games in browser!!

    I just came across this site. You can play original NES and Gameboy games. They have a pretty large selection. Games on There are hundreds of vintage Nintendo Entertainment System and Family Computer (Famicom) games here on www.virtualnes... More
  • E3 – That Annoying Relative…

    We’re days away from E3 and to be honest, I’m already dreading it and looking for it to be over. Which is somewhat ironic, because it’s not like I actually attend the event? But it’s like breaking news or the President’s... More
  • Talking to Myself in Public

    Usually my blogs are focused on one topic and I try not to get off track. Today I'm going to try a little experiment and just talk about whatever comes to mind. Feel free to give feedback! School is finally over! I've worked harder in these last... More