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  • Do Over

    What If You Could Do It All Over? What if you could go back in time and do it all over again? Like me, I'm sure you would do things a bit differently. I wouldn't have started smoking. I would have invested in facebook. Maybe put a little money... More
  • Limbo

    I’m going to shed some light on playdead studios’ latest creation: Limbo. The game features a young nameless boy who embarks on a long journey to find his lost sister in a truly unsettling, decaying world! The first thing you’ll notice... More
  • I'm going on vacation!

    I doubt anyone cares (it is MY blog and I'll talk about what I want), so I'll keep this brief. I leave on vacation tomorrow to the great state of Washington. I will be in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone and *shudder* no internet. So,... More
  • A short poam called "The awakening of a dead heart."

    The awakening of a dead heart by J.K.Ramswick For Chrissy I wasn't looking and yet there you where. I felt it instantly my heart did stir. Terrified of what might be I treaded carefully. Is this what I've been waiting to see? Is this the way love's... More
  • Limbo ending discussion *SPOILERS*

    Here is what I interpreted from the remarkably abrupt ending of Limbo (with some background first): Our unnamed traveler of this volatile world has been searching for his sister. Throughout his journey through Limbo, his encounters have all put him in... More
  • Get off my screen, government,

    So 11 states have backed up the law making the sale of violent games illegal to anyone under the age of 18 illegal. Well I am going to write a letter to these people that have never even played a game. Dear States, Your support on the ban of selling games... More
  • Epic new trailer for Mech and Anime fans*Another Centurys Episode R*

    I almost spazzed in the floor. The trailer looks amazing but heres a little info before the video Another Century's Episode: R ( アナザーセンチュ リーズエピソード アール , Anazā Senchurīzu Episōdo R ? ) , abbreviated as A.C.E.: R , is a mecha action video game developed... More
  • Grammar in the Online Universe and the Dislike of the way I use it

    21 3
    I A word that for some reason many seem to take pride in. Especially when it comes to grammar. But lately many have been getting on to me *members* about my grammar. Since when has the Internet ever been a place where grammar was taken seriously. From... More
  • I Hate Everything About You...

    Does anyone even remember that song or Ugly Kid Joe? Am I that old? Anyway... I'm not a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist or any other kind of 'ist...I did take a Social Deviance class in college and thought a lot of the fundamentals and principles... More
  • 5 Artists That Changed the Rock Genre (active 1990-Present) Part 1

    As stated above, these are 5 artists from 1990-now that I believe that have changed the rock genre for better. Mostly. Kurdt Cobain* (1967-1994)/Nirvana (with Kurdt) (1988-1994) Grunge was not that popular until Nirvana came around. Nirvana basically... More
  • Why MotionScan will change video games, and 3D and motion controls will not.

    13 2
    The hype surrounding the Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft’s Kinect, and Sony’s Move are currently the driving forces behind the video game industry. Many industry critics point to these technologies as the future of video games, but very few people... More
  • Controller-Free Gaming, meet Success-Free Marketing

    9 1
    Question: What's the fastest way to make those interested in buying your product hold off and wait a good while? Answer: Set a price that you know they’ll have to seriously think about. And that's when you know a price point will turn people... More