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  • Missing the Next Big “Thing”…

    I'm missing the next big thing. I don't know what it is...I just know it is. Every now and then...from time to time, something comes along and blows the gaming community away. Leaves us with mouths open; jaws dropped; a look of disbelief on our... More
  • Moral Conunumdrums 1

    Terrorists have captured gaming companies Valve and BioWare. They will soon execute the companies and all their employees( What!? They don't have any demands?) . YOU only have enough men to save ONE company. (This is ,like, the third time! Why aren't... More
  • A Bitter Drink We Call Lonliness (But It's Better Than Gaming Alone.)

    I hate this thing. I really do. It's use has annoyed, agitated, and downright alienated me from online gaming enough to make me slam a controller against the closest human head and then crush that same head on a wall. It has been the most audacious... More
  • How it Should've Ended #1: No Country For Old Men

    *SPOILER WARNING*Hello and welcome to "How it should've ended" a new blog series in which I'll take a movie that had an ending that was lacking in some way, and throw out how I think they could've improved the ending, you may not... More
  • The Bible MMO post.

    Reading the comments on the bible mmo post honestly saddened me. Many called the bible fiction, and that the game was just trying to make money off christians who would play it for the concept. Though I dont know what the company's motives are, the... More
  • Trophies made me a better gamer.

    When i first started playing games (i think this was before i was walking) there were certain challenges i would never attempt. Like beating a game on hard or finding hidden collectibles. i continued playing on easy and just breezing through games, starting... More
  • There Are Two Kinds of Gamers…

    I know I've mentioned this a time or two before, but long before the days of my video game blogging I used to post a non-video game related blog at a few other websites. And kind of like my weekly Member Herding blog at Game Informer Online, I used... More
  • Sign ups for Super Story

    SHi guys! I have an idea for a community blog project called Super Story! It is a story written by you, the gio community! I already have Saint for the first paragraph and I have six spots open. Please sign up for them by commenting on this post. Please... More
  • You, The People don't have the Freedom of Speech, if we find it offensive.

    You know the California law I am talking about today. and I'm not going to restate it. If you don't know, type California Law into Gameinformer's search bar, I'm sure you will find it. So the topic is today whether or not the federal government... More
  • WTF??

    I know this game is a little old but what on earf is going on here? Look at this dead wastelander. I just stumbled onto this minutes ago and decided to record it. You tell me what's going on here. More
  • It's Outrageous!

    Okay, some, if not all, of you readers have probably seen the article on the GIO homepage talking about the price increase for Microsoft's Xbox LIVE service. Well, if you've scrolled down a bit from the article, you've probably also seen that... More
  • I Give it a 10! or 5 Stars?

    I was reading some blogs today and I came across one posted by Saint and it got me to thinking. Getting your moneys worth of course is important, yes. But after the game is over or you are through playing it for whatever reason what scale, if any, do... More