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  • My Call of Duty: Black Ops review (21 days after the fact)

    After giving myself 21 days to really get into all of the crevices of Call of Duty: Black Ops, I've decided to write my in-depth review. Single-Player Campaign First off, I'd like to say, I love the single player campaign. It is, undoubtedly,... More
  • Is The Playstation Move Failing To Find An Audience?

    Today Game Informer released a news article stating that the Playstation Move had sold 4.1 million units to date. Immediately I noticed something strange about the wording in the article. " The full suite of Move products includes the PlayStation... More
  • Is the Gaming Industry Losing Focus?

    The Holidays are here. You have STELLAR SALES and CYBER MONDAY (and if your brain works like mine... first thing you picture from that title is a bunch of tweens doing naughty things with the text messaging and IM programs), but there is very little of... More
  • How Cowboys Are Stealing Your Christmas . . . and other old west phenomena

    Howdy, pardner! I’d like to talk to bend your ear for a spell about the Old West. Dusty streets, gunfights, Indians, horses, and soon, ninjas, aliens, and zombies. Fact of the matter is, seems like this holiday season’s being invaded by the... More
  • Get Involved! - How to Create a Competitive Gaming Scene

    Hey guys! Saka here! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving week! I know mine was! Full of food, shopping, and full dose of playing and hosting a Super Street Fighter IV tournament in my area. As gaming is becoming more popular, competitive gaming is... More
  • Goal Check: Week One

    Last week I wrote a blog about setting weekly goals for myself in order to complete a rather large list of games in my gaming backlog. Some I've finished with a few lingering achievements, some I've gotten halfway through and stopped playing for... More
  • Real Gamers

    One of the things I really hate, is when people call themselves a gamer, but they aren't. Sure, people who play video-games are called "gamers", but there are very few who deserve the title. "Real Gamers" are a rare breed of gamer... More
  • Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting (My Thoughts on Classic Fighting Games)...

    I admit it. I am a First Person Shooter (FPS) fanboy. And while I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, I will freely admit that sometimes I forget there are other genres out there. And yes, sometimes I'm so absorbed in the latest FPS... More
  • Play This, Not That (if you have a pinched nerve in your neck)

    I’ve had this pinched nerve on the left side of my neck aggravating the crap out of me off and on (more on than off) for 3 weeks now. I don't like it. Hurts to turn my head, lean back in a chair, roll out of bed, you get the gist. Can’t... More
  • Best Games of 2010

    Ok, so I know the year is hardly over. But since I am about two hundred percent certain I wont be buying any more games this year, I thought I could get a head start on my end of the year lists. 2010 has had some excellent games come out, and it started... More
  • Leslie Nielsen - A Tribute

    Forbidden Planet. The Poseidon Adventure. Two of the best movies ever had Leslie Nielsen in them. Both of his roles in these films were grim and serious, and for awhile nobody thought he could be a comedy man. Then again, they had never seen Airplane... More
  • Game over.A sign that means more than failure.

    Game over... How many times have we seen this screen? How many times have we failed to complete a stage and lost all our lives in the process? To many to count. While the "game over" screen is a way of telling you that you lose and if you like... More