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  • Overcast E3 Extravaganza

    So for E3 we said that we would record an episode for everyday of E3. Well we did that and now that it's over it's time to post our thoughts and reactions to the GIO community. Now before we get into this, we did move the EA and Ubisoft press... More
  • Calling In Favors

    You’ve assassinated a senator and you need a new identity, you say? Well, step right this way. For a few tiny little favors, we’ll be happy to help you out. This is the premise for today’s Kongregate Badge of the Day game, Another Small... More
  • e3 2011 Review

    My Top Ten e3 Games (2011 release) Elder Scrolls V : 300+ hours? 150+ unique dungeons? Yea, it looks incredible, has improved combat, and a slick new menu, but more than 300 hours of gameplay? Wow. Batman Arkham City : Catwoman as a playable character... More
  • Noah & the Whale and Saturday Night Gym Club.

    It's that time where I decide to blog about the music currently coursing through my ears! Noah & the Whale - Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down & Last Night on Earth When I first heard their music back in 2006, I must admit that I wasn't... More
  • Nintendo, little real information, unimpressive so far

    OK, so Nintendo announces a system with demos that are not impressive, announce no pricing, a release date over a year away, and no technical specs and wonder why they took a stock hit. How about they watch an Apple press conference, Jobs announces PRICE... More
  • E3 '11

    So E3 2011 is over and now the world slows back down. Now the count down to TGS and CES begin until next year's E3. Thank you so much GI for all of your coverage, I've been reading on my laptop while watching G4's live coverage so thanks to... More
  • Procrastination: The Greatest Evil (And Greatest Love?)

    I've been procrastinating a lot lately. I want to read a bunch of manga, I have a backlog of games (and anime and TV shows and other such things) that I want to do. I have been trying to find time to keep on continuing my own personal 4 panel comic... More
  • It's The Most Wonderful Time... Of The Year

    And no, I don't mean Christmas (though that time *is* quite wonderful). I mean E3. Ah, what a great way to break in the summer. Every year, we get loads of new information on upcoming games, announcements of new games in development, and, as always... More
  • Adventures with Python

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    As I have stated in previous blogs, I study English. I am good at writing things and using words (generally). I can write papers, stories, poetry (I actually published a book of it), office documents, etc. However, this skill at writing does not translate... More
  • How A Reboot Can Help A Game

    It's been said numerous times that controversy can be a good thing, and while obviously that isn't always true I think it applies to the field of rebooting a game franchise nicely. Two reboots in particular have grabbed the interest, and ire,... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 16


    This week is our E3 extravaganza! In this episode we talk about nothing but what we liked and didn't like at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Well... almost nothing. It's GIOR, we can't stay on topic! We talk about Wii U, Smash Bros. on two different systems, the Playstation Velveeta, and I make a My Little Pony reference.

    ... More
  • Thursday's thoughts. A grouchy old dude report.

    Welcome one and all to the greatest show on a Earth type planet which has a breathable atmosphere. Whew! What a week huh? We got Wii-ners and some Losers. Some could say that Wii as a people were shown what "U" could play with later. (too many... More