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  • Whats Going On, AllisFighter? #1

    Here is a quick write up of all the events and articles that is on! Soul Calibur Content Team Revealed! AiF mod, KirbyoftheStars is leading a very strong Soul Calibur content team, to bring you the very latest in SC community news from... More
  • AAARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13 1
    The Yellow Light of Death, how I hate thee. EDIT: I guess no one understood what I meant, here's the translation. My PS3 just got the YLOD, what a worst time to get it, as I do not have enough money to pay for repairs and I am scared to do it myself... More
  • The Rising Mod: Cod WaW MP/COOP Nazi Zombie mod (PC Only)

    We are proud to announce the official release of The Rising Mod! After months and months of intense scripting and testing while in Beta, the mod has finally turned Gold for release. The Rising' is a Mod based on Tryarch's built-in Zombie Co-Op... More
  • ZCT_Mod V2 for CoD WaW Nazi Zombies (PC ONLY)

    Description: ZCT_Mod has undergone a complete overhaul, the entire personality system has been rewritten. Now with - 9 Personalities ( Weak, Normal, Strong, Distortion, Stalker, Phaze Shifters, Teleporters, Field Effect And Teleporting Phaze Shifters... More
  • No Ma'am: Gender Superficiality

    33 2
    I hear it a lot, “girl gamer” and less frequently but represented “gay gamer”. What the hell is a ‘girl gamer’? Are they gamers who happen to be female or females that happen to game? Is there really a difference? Who... More
  • VGM Radio Ep.1

    Welcome to the first episode of VGM Radio. A station dedicated to bringing you the best music in video games from the 8-bit era to today. This is a community inspired station that plays songs you guys want to hear. I strongly encourage you to leave a... More
  • Game Reviews and How to Write Them, Dos and Don'ts

    Okay, pretty much everyone on this site has been to one of the game hub pages and read reviews on a game that they were thinking about picking up, or simply just interested in. And it's hard to look at a single one without finding a slew of awful... More
  • Fallout 3: A Discussion in Time Sucking

    Okay, so I have usually only used blogs to post reviews of games I'd only played for an hour. While a few people have found these interesting, I think I'm going to start posting a little bit more on here about things I'm playing, thoughts... More
  • Is COD:MW2 online easier on PSN than XBL?

    So my friend got a PS3 and MW2 for christmas this past year. Was never a big gamer himself but now he is gradually turning into one. I was at his place this past weekend and we were shooting the breeze, having some rum, beers and ' herbal ' aromatherapy... More
  • Gamers Perspective #0: Intro to my New Blog Series

    Welcome to Gamers Perspective. Gamers Perspective is going to be a series of Blogs by me that will try to nail out the gaming world by looking at all it has to offer, issues, etc. . Its never really been put into words before, and I intend to do that... More
  • The Quest for 75K Gamerscore, Week 2: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

    Greetings all you voyeurs into my quest for achievements. This week has been a blast with my first play through of Mass Effect 2. So good in fact that Monday came and went and I failed to even think about blogging. But having thwarted the evils of the... More
  • Halo Reach: Weapons: DMR

    Several weapons have been announced for Halo Reach, with several others having their presence tacitly acknowledged. Over the next several weeks, we'll take a look at some of them. First up is the DMR. Here are some screenshots, specs, and other general... More