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  • Midnight riders

    I remember my first midnight launch. It was Halo 3 at a Gamestop in the Merced Mall. I was very excited. In the car was two of my cousins, my friend, and my wife. When we got to Merced (I lived a good 30 miles away) it was 10:30. There was a small group... More
  • Swear Filter Inanities

    We all know why web sites and other fora have swear filters for their users. It's because it's a site for all ages, and we don't want little kids to be out there cursing like drunken sailors (sorry, Saint) because of something they picked... More
  • Some game ideas from the grouchy old dude.

    I just got through watching the replay of NARC and someone made a comment about a making a level in LBP2 look like NARC. It got the mice on the wheels turning in my head and I got this idea what would be some cool game mash-ups? So as a resident of sunny... More
  • Gamebeast23456'a Random Blog Blog (and some info on my community blog)

    I love everything about Battlefield 3's reveal in the upcoming issue of Gameinformer, it makes me seriously consider registering for getting GIO in the mail again. Usually, I just read important stuff on GIO (cover stories, blogs. Replays, you know... More
  • Nothing But Action

    This is my first blog post and I was trying to come up with something to write about, so I decided to go with the last game I beat. Recently I finished Vanquish for the third time, and a thought just kept occurring to me as I played through it. The thing... More
  • The ever expanding header!

    Today I decided that I wanted to make a header. I wanted it to be unique so I knew I had to make it but I only have Microsoft paint, but I decided to work with what I have. I started with the explosion. Then I decided that I wanted a bunch of gaming stuff... More
  • Games The Kinect Will Love

    I've been thinking, pensively one could say, about the Kinect. There have been numerous hacks that perked the Kinect in many ways. From Lightsaber Wielding to Call of Duty Shooting, there's no doubt we can make it more than what it was meant for... More
  • What if's in gaming

    Out of pure embaressment of this blog i have just decided to edit it to this. More
  • Game Informer’s Newest Opponent…

    Hopefully this doesn't come across wrong, but I see the Game Informer staff chat with other video game journalists and they even refer to other video game sources in some of their stories, so me mentioning what I'm about to mention hopefully isn't... More
  • Versus: Blog 1 Helghast VS Chimera

    Versus is my new blog series where I put 2 gaming icons in a battle of wits. And the best part is, you the reader decides the outcome. I will tell you how to vote at the end. This week's match-up is between 2 ps3 shooter enemies, the Helghast and... More
  • Video Game Music Remixes Vol.1

    I don't know about you guys, but music is an integral part of the video game experience to me. I took some time and tinkered with and started remixing some of my favorite video game songs. I was pretty happy with the results so I decided to share... More
  • What I want for Christmas is...

    I know what you're thinking,"Christmas? That's like, a year away! You must be outta your freaking mind!' But for a gamer, planning starts pre-E3, or even sooner. With games like Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, and (the recently announced... More