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  • 30 Day Blogging: Edition #2: If it's on Facebook, Then it Must Be True

    Wohoo! Day two, I am doing great... Wait, no I am not. 30 Day Blogging Challenge Edition #2 Day 2, Monday, April 25, 2011 If it's on Facebook, Then it Must Be True... By Jane, AllAboutJane I am here, again trying to put some thought and creativity... More
  • Brocast Finishes Out April With Achievements, Gears Beta Action, And Whatever We Feel Like

    So if you tuned in last week then you probably saw me and Stubbs run through the Portal 2 co-op campaign. As many problems that I have with Valve, I have to say that it was one of the most fun times I've had in a cooperative game in a very long time... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 30

    Episode 30 is available now. This week, Wes gives his impressions of Mortal Kombat, and Dean gives his impressions of Portal 2. Break audio taken from music by Emery . Click here to play this audio clip PORTAL KOMBAT! (art by Steven Ray Brown ) Show Notes... More
  • Got Certs on the brain.

    I am very ambitious with my studies and I sincerely hope it all pays off; namely because I have certifications coming up in next month for Network + and CCNA. Realistically I feel I am ready for the Net + but not so much for the CCNA as Cisco has its... More
  • Achieving all trophies/achievements on games

    So Im on my 3rd playthrough of Uncharted 2 (this time on hard) to get my platinum trophy. But as I have noticed things are getting a lot harder as its difficulty level is getting higher. I still need to beat 75 enemies in a row without dying and find... More
  • Expanding My Horizons... *Gamebeast23456 Is Making A Podcast, Maybe* **UPDATE****

    *On a side note, this process makes me feel like a politician whose on the fence about running for office. I'm like- maybe I will, if it all works out.* Recently, I've had a strange thought arise in my head. This thought, which continually reoccurs... More
  • Digital Karma and Realization

    Well, after a full weekend without the PSN, we all go back to work....I wouldn't really call my Mondays a grind, but they're easily my least favorite days. I manage a fitness facility with an outdoor pool.....surrounded by pine trees and farmland... More
  • The end of the road...

    This is it. After a long gaming career, the end of the road has been reached. After years of watching the game industry grow,consoles evolve and games get prettier, the time arrived to call it quits. The same goes for blogging and other activities we... More
  • Endless Koins in Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Playing through the Challenge Tower on Mortal Kombat, I found a little exploit that kan give you as many koins as you like... While working your way up the tower you will at times kome to challenges that give you koins for every hit you land on your opponent... More
  • Overcast Podcast Episode 9: Talks With Ben Hanson

    It is Monday and that means it is time for our weekly edition of Overcast! I'm going ahead and posting this (instead of your regularly scheduled poster Miyuki Snow) at 2AM because I'm not tired and you all deserve some fun on a Monday. This week... More
  • Games that became T.V shows

    In this my first blog that I am posting here I will talk about a few video games that became TV shows. I hope you all enjoy it. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog This was an American and French animated series that was first broadcast in September... More
  • Silent Protagonists with Personality

    I mentioned in my last blog about videogame storytelling that one of videogame's major pitfalls is proper characterization. I then went on to voice concerns about the use of silent protagonists, who, without the ability to speak, will resultantly... More