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  • Character Bio part 1: Darth sidious. Part 2

    After wiping out the Jedi, Darth Sidious continued to build the Death star. He appointed Maws to govern over different planets and to keep the galactic community in check. After Starkiller help start the rebellion, rebel pilots would attack random areas... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 27 of XX

    Greetings fellow denizens of Game Informer Online. To deliver on a promise I made yesterday about posting a real blog tonight, I present one of the real crowd pleasers - the latest episode of Member Herding. Please hold your applause until the end of... More
  • Totally Worth It!?!

    After going through my achievements(I'm not much of hoard, but i do hunt when i can) i got to asking my self was it worth it, collecting items that have no value what so ever in the real world. Then of course i went and slapped some sense into me... More
  • Deadliest Warrior Blog: Part 1 (featuring Saint)

    Hello everyone, and welcome to part one of the Deadliest Warrior Blog, the blog that pits gaming's most famous and dangerous characters against each other to see who is the deadliest. For those of you who didn’t read the announcement blog for... More
  • A Reflection On How Far I've Come As A Blogger

    It may be shameless plugging on my part, trying to push my old blogs back into the lime light, but since I wrote these before I obtained a higher member level, they were just sitting on my profile waiting to be read. Now I have the opportunity to get... More
  • Help Me Pick

    So there's a dilemma. There are three games about to come out real soon and I can't decide between them so I need your help. I can only get one (because I don't want to be broke) so I need the gameinformer community to decide for me with compelling... More
  • Classic

    I love the Double Dragon series, and IMO, the best game in the series is Double Dragon II The Revenge. My brother and I spent so many hours beating the crap out of street thugs, ninjas, and some weird Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike in green sweat pants... More
  • Making Time For Reading & Commenting On Blogs

    The more I get involved with GIO and it's members, the more I want to make time for reading and commenting on people's blogs. For me, I get a sense of happiness and a sense of accomplishment when someone reads and comments on my blogs. They took... More
  • Fiction Feedback

    Okay this is going to be slightly unorthodox even for me. This blog is mostly an attempt to share a piece of a project that I am working on. Considering that one of my classes for the coming semester is fiction writing, I decided to get in a little practice... More
  • My humble beginning

    I just got done reading xXxSKOLxXx 's first blog and it inspired me to write one myself. In this blog I'm going to touch basis on a few things. From my interaction with GIO members, blogging and my experiences. The Beginning I've been visiting... More
  • Easily Learn How To Create IPhone Apps

    Developing a great iphone app or game is just part of the tale. The most vital part is how to make a game or application and then sell it with success to get on top of apps retail store product sales. In addition, apart from income, you receive respect... More
  • Free online games favourite pastime of children

    It is the age of online games. Such games are played on the computer screen by using keyboard and mouse and sometimes joysticks. To play on the playground is something impossible in today�s modern world due to the land problem or scarcity of land. Thus... More