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  • Part I: Concept of Weapon X modded controller

    My next few blogs will be a little bit out of the ordinary than my usual writing material, there will be 3 blogs including this one which will document my progress on my new found project. I have recently stumbled onto the art of modification and it has... More
  • Gamers Prepared for the Future…

    I’m not a big fan of YouTube…mostly because it can be a rather time consuming and addictive endeavor. You go to look at one clip; you see something else that looks interesting; you watch it; you see something else that looks interesting;... More
  • Killer Koalas From Outer Space - SyFy is Making a Videogame!

    Stop hitting yourself, I was just kidding about the title. No, seriously...well, okay go ahead, it's kinda funny. Yesterday, Trion Worlds announced three MMO's with connected worlds. The first two are called Rift: Planes of Telara and End of Nation... More
  • My home away from home.

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    I officially get on GIO everyday now. Is it the news feeds that makes me come back? Do I like prowling the forums to help people or to join in a topic? Do I get on to have interesting coversations with people like me? The answer to all three is, "Yes... More
  • The Top 10 Best Death Scenes Of All Time...OF ALL TIME!!

    I have a bunch of stuff to be doing, such as teaser trailers, and the like, so here's a TOP 10 list while you're waiting for my certain special "SOMEONE IS COMING" guy to finally come. I have a bunch of Top 10 lists I'm trying to... More
  • Let's Play Megaman X4 Part 9-12

    Missed part 1-8? Visit my youtube channel or check my blog page . Part 9: Military Train Part 10: Space Port Part 11: Final Weapon (Iris Section) Part 12: Final Weapon (General Section) More
  • What's your motivation?

    To sum up, we have to be saviors of the universe, princesses needs lots of protection, and we really want to be the best drivers. I thought it was an interested break down of the top 100 games from whatever source they used. Hope you enjoyed :) More
  • Apple 4G Blogger gets his house raided by Police.

    The police raided the blogger who bought the 4G iPhone prototype. I made a blog about the 4G being found 2 weeks ago but I will explain again. Someone from Apple brought the iPhone 4G prototype to a bar for who knows why. Then he left the prototype at... More
  • Who Are You...

    I may have written a blog remotely similar to this one a while back. To be honest, I write so many that sometimes what sounds like an original idea is actually something I've written before and I'm just remembering it instead of it really being... More
  • Video Game Backsliding: Resident Evil 4 to 5

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    There have been several great games in the recent years and many of them have seemed to move forward with there sequels, games like: Uncharted, Gears of War, and Mass Effect. Though I have discovered a severe case of videogame backsliding( meaning the... More
  • The California Law against Video Game sales to minors, and the Supreme Court

    Video game sales to minors have been banned, several times in the past, and all never reached the United States Supreme Court. That is going to change this year when the Court will hear its first case regarding banning M rated games to minors. The basics... More
  • I want my MTV!

    Just got back from my trip and... the TV station is gone! We only had one station, but now this is gone too?!?! What's going on? More