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  • Pencil/pen as a dead medium, especially in journalism? A question I posed to a few select editors and i thought I would share with you.

    In todays technological society it seems like a lot of old ways of living are dying off in favor of more convenient, electronically based mediums. Easiest example is email making regular mail obsolete, sans objects that need packaging and shipping such... More
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes coming to Games For Windows Live and PS3 Link Inside

    8 I feel it was a matter of time before this happened. I happen to own GTA IV for the PC and I am really excited about this actually. I know... More
  • What do I do?: PreOrder Question

    StarKiller809 here. I have another question that I am hoping some of you will know the answer too. It is about pre ordering a DS game. I know you are going to be all why in the hell would you pre order that game when you could've pre ordered Mass... More
  • Weekly Previews: Splice and Buried

    Well, I completely neglected doing The Weekly Preview for a few weeks, and that's because I'm currently busy with some other super speshul secret stuff, so I thought I'd make it up by offering two previews of some pretty awesome sounding movies... More
  • Fairchild VI Episode III

    Admittedly, we ran into a slew of technical issues all around the group - but they really ended up being things that were beyond the control of anyone. We're going to chalk it up as divine intervention or manifest destiny... FEATURING: BLOGS : A Google... More
  • My Gaming: Shooters

    This is the first part of a multi-part series that I will refer to as My Gaming. Each part of the series will detail a different genre of my gaming past. I'm currently deciding on what else to do but I know that I will be doing RPGs, Strategy, as... More
  • Mass Effect 2: Initial Reactions

    I am only about 8 hours into the game, but, so far, I am undecided as to whether this game is the epic that it has been made out to be. There are many things that I think are huge steps back from the first game, but a few things I also think are steps... More
  • AVATAR Movie Review (Sooo Getting Hatemail For This)

    NO! I'M NOT GONNA JUMP IN THE BANDWAGON!! I'M JUST NOT!! NO! I WON'T DO A REVIEW OF AVATAR NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!--............srsly? ........God DAMNIT!! Well, they said that If I didn't do this review, they'd rape my mom after chopping... More
  • The most painful gaming related Youtube video I have ever seen...

    Sorry to do this to you guys... More
  • iPad - Announced and Relatively Uninteresting

    There’s that small part of me that is super excited, and then the larger, more logical and practical 4/5ths of me that cringes when I say “iPad”. It’s not a secret anymore that Apple, Inc. formally announced the device today…... More
  • The Kings of Gaming: Heroes

    Heroes. They give us hope when we are down. They slay beasts that are unslayable. They save stupid kittens who got stuck in trees. However you describe heroes in real life, there is usually one word to describe them in video games: awesome. Whether they're... More
  • New Street fighter anime to be added with Super Street Fighter 4

    And my goodness it looks way better than the first one that came with the first game *cause it was pretty a bad way* But this one seems epic. I want to know more of the rivarly between juri and chun-li. Guile is as commando as ever and the... More