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  • Spongebob based on 7 deadly sins?

    I stumbled upon this while in the forums, and apparently Spongebob's creator based the main characters off the seven deadly sins. I thought it was a pretty cool concept and i checked out this site. More
  • Halo 3 Achievement Hunting & Xbox Live servers shutting down for original Xbox

    As a layman's general bricklaying rule of thumb, the foundation is the fundamental base of anything that is worth maintaining for a long time. I'm talking durable in the sense that the *** we're building is still going to be around for a long... More
  • First movie pic of THOR, soooo epic.

    For all the comic lovers on this site such as myself, here is a leaked first picture of Chris Hemsworth as our favorite norse God, Thor! ( lived up to and surpased my expectations, so pumped for this movie. (This is not really supposed to be a blog, just... More
  • A good find perhaps?

    10 1
    While being dragged along on a road trip to nowhere by my parents I was also dragged into going into some thrift stores. It is not a bad thing though for me. I can get out of the truck and move around after a few hours. These thrift stores are usually... More
  • Interned Insights 4: Does this make-up make me look cute?

    One of my very vague New Year’s resolutions was to get in serious beach body shape. Well,… it’s almost May… I think I should get started on this, huh? So, I woke up early this morning to go running. I had laid out my cutest running... More
  • Boy Scouts are Campers...

    I heard this story on the news this morning, and perhaps you did too...about how the Boy Scouts have a new badge for playing video games (I'm serious ). Depending on where you read the story, it's all kinds of biased...For one, it's not the... More
  • Gamer Chic Essay - final draft

    Are people aware of the growing amount of girls that play video games? I myself am a gamer chick - a girl who plays video games. That’s really all that gamer chick means, although some people see it differently. People perceive gamer chick to be... More
  • Come Fly with Me.

    21 2
    How the jet pack has followed me through the games I've played Man has always wanted to fly, hence the air plane, but man has also always wanted to fly without a plane. Creating super heroes and wacky jet pack ideas came like second nature. Like all... More
  • Kratos: Predictions of his Future

    Warning *SPOILERS* There is plenty of talk of what is happening to Kratos since the end of GOW IIII. Some say that he is back, and going to tackle the Norse godlines, others believe that the game was a trilogy and there is nothing more to do with it.... More
  • Activision, Infinity Ward, Bungie? Today on 40 News!

    Hello and welcome to my newest segment of 40 News! where I put my opinion towards the news. If you are wondering why it has taken so long for me to post a new segment of 40 News! it is because I have been busy and didn't feel I had something to write... More
  • Every Week, Baby!

    I'm sure the picture and the first few sentences could cause you to think this blog post is only about pro wrestling. I assure you, it's not. When I was a kid, my dad made pizza nearly every Friday night (at least that's how I remember it... More
  • It's All About You

    22 5
    I know you're probably sick of hearing us beg for your votes for our nomination on the 14th Annual Webby Awards, but I want to mention it one last time before the winners are announced. I'm not asking for anything this time, I just want to say... More