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  • The 3DS vs. The NGP

    In the last month I've been working on a problem of mine; whether to go out right now and buy a 3DS, or wait and buy an NGP. With a good amount of cash saved up under my belt and a mind that really takes in the little things as important facts for... More
  • Apozem's Guide to Having Fun in Black Ops

    Well, the title is a bit misleading. This is more of a general guide for having fun in online multiplayer as a whole. You see, I was really touched and concerned by AllAboutJane's post where she vents her rage in an angry storm of keyboard rage at... More
  • Fate of Caracatus: Chapter 1 - Jaggerhead

    Year 2060 A.D. It's been 47 years since the bombs fell all over the world, causing worldwide destruction and devastation. Almost every city, every settlement, every nation, every piece of land got destroyed and irradiated. But somehow, one chunk of... More
  • Range: S2 Part 1

    So, we left off with Alphonse just meeting a man named Jack who says he is Alphonse’s new partner. If you want more recap read it for yourself. “Partner?” Alphonse asked, “What do you mean.” Kate walked up, “You know... More
  • The 3DS lite

    No, the 3DS lite hasn't already been announced. This is just a mock up that I made based off of what I would like to see should Nintendo decide to redo the 3DS. The 3DS is a pretty sexy system but, perhaps due to it being rushed, it could stand a... More
  • GIO March Madness Contest: Congrats to Kyle and Game Over...Continue!

    Well this years NCAA Tournament has come to a close with the UConn Huskies defeating the Butler Bulldogs last night in the title game. It was a really unpredictable tournament with surprises like Butler making it to the title game a second year in a row... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner: Episode 27

    UPDATE: On this week's show, we hinted at a few potential guests we may have on in the near future. One of these guests has been confirmed today. Thanks to Saint, we've been in contact with video game designer, Scott Rogers, and he will be the... More
  • Review - Costume Quest - Ultimate Cuteness!!!

    Sometimes I realize that there's more to life than shooters. Blowing things up is cool, watching bloody body parts go flying can be wicked, but sometimes you just want something a bit more...peaceful. Something fun, of course. But something cute that's... More
  • Wouldn't it be great if...

    I've decided to start a new blog series, and just jump on top of all those ideas that we all come up with that we know probably won't happen, but at the very least would really like to see happen. 5 topics, short thoughts on them, hopefully every... More
  • Characters That Make Me Cringe: The Grey Warden

    Time for another pass. BioWare is known for crafting expansive and excellent adventures filled with great characters both under and out of the player's control. Despite Dragon Age 2's many short comings I came out of that with two new characters... More
  • Kyle's Mass Effect 2 "Arrival" DLC Review


    My official review of Mass Effect 2: Arrival, one of 2011's most hotly anticipated DLC releases. Does it live up to the hype? How does Arrival affect the Mass Effect canon? Will the events in Arrival have effects on Mass Effect 3's storyline? The answers to all of these questions and more are inside!

    ... More
  • So good SOCOM So what. A grouchy old dude report.

    Hello and salutations my friends. Well I hope you have a good weekend and Monday didn't treat you so bad. I didn't do much just played some games. I tried SOCOM fire team bravo two demo on my PSP. I liked it. The button lay out was a little confusing... More