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  • The Many 1UP's of my Life

    Everyday of everyone's life is special! We spend it sharing meaningful moment with our families and friends, we spend it ensuring the future of our lives by prioritizing our professional career education. We also, simply, make it special by finding... More
  • Is Split-Screen MultiPlayer Fading Out?

    12 1
    Remember the good old days when multiplayer meant you and a buddy playing in the same room on the same TV? Or when a game said co-op, you knew it meant split-screen? It's something I've really started to miss. Don't get me wrong I love online... More
  • Gaming Motivational Posters

    Since I'm on a (questionable) creative streak (I've yet to blog about something constructive this summer), I decided to just run with it and ended up creating a small collection of personally-created motivational posters related to gaming. The... More
  • Backlog Bummer: When There Are Too Many Choices...

    14 1
    When I was a child, I only had 8 games for my big gray Gameboy brick. There was Mickey Mouse, Operation C, Super Mario Land, Bart & the Juggernauts, Tetris, Castlevania, Donkey Kong Country and Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2. 6 of those games came with... More
  • The Kautionary Tale of Mortal Kombat

    T he truth is, I really like Mortal Kombat. I'm not a very violent person and loads of gore in anything kind of turns me off. But for some reason I like MK. A little smile creeps across my face every time that dragon catches my eye. I never grew up... More
  • The New Generation is Inevitable: What I think it Should Improve On

    There's still some time left in this generation. With both Microsoft and Sony keeping tight lipped on a successor to their home consoles, Nintendo has already announced it's next system. The Wii U looks to be Nintendo's big step into an HD... More
  • The Problems With Metacritic

    I am sure many gamers are familiar with Metacritic, a site that averages up all the scores provided for a game, movie, or album. This sounds all well and good, right? Reviews are a way for critics to let the public know what to expect from a product,... More
  • PSA: Be Careful What You Ask For

    27 1
    I'm going to take a break from posting a regular blog tonight to make this Public Service Announcement. Initially, I was kind of hoping to return kind of like I left and just quietly let myself in without anyone noticing. I really didn't want... More
  • How To Survive A Rock Concert

    I don't do all my blogging on GameInformer, believe it or not. Although you couldn't really call it a blog, I do have quite a few notes up on Facebook that are done in the same vein as my blogs here, except they're more for entertainment than... More
  • The best boss battles ever fought pt.2

    Here we go again! I rounded up more of my favorite bosses that i took down in my gaming career. Once again, spoilers ahead MECHA BOWSER WHY ITS THE BEST: I was about seven, the peak of my game cube's life, when i got to this guy. I had the game for... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 16

    Raz walked up to the robot. “There’s a button on it.” “Press it.” “Okay.” He pressed the button. The robot shook around for a second then shouted, “NEWS TIME!!!!” “News time? What’s that... More
  • Utter Disappointment Sequels That Made Me Go "Ugh"

    Well with Demon Ragnarok doing his blogs on games that disappointed him and Blaze6106 with his I figured "There are plenty of games that disappointed me so why not blog about?" However looking through the games that have disappointed me, I find... More