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  • TOGNick Presents: Gamers and Games about their life.

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    This is a special moment for me, blog number 100. It's been a long and tumultuous year, filled with ups, downs, and controversies. As I was gaining ground on number 100 I wanted to do something involving fellow community members, and this is the blog... More
  • My first Blog!

    All right so i guess by my title you can tell this is my very first blog. To be honest I'm not really sure what a blog is. From others i have read i assume it's a look into life, thoughts, and fears of myself. However this being a gaming site... More
  • Who's the biggest bad-ass?


    Am I allowed to say bad-ass? Hmm...

    ... More
  • About My PSN Name...

    A long @$$ effin time ago I wanted to download Patapon 2 on my PSP, and I by that time I didn't know that much of the PSN, so I went and created a PSN account with a very simple username that right now I totally regret doing. So now I'm thinking... More
  • Religion in Games?

    A touchy subject indeed, religion in video games is a resource very much untapped. It is very controversial to people, but why? In movies, writing, and other mediums of media, religion is the conflict, something that starts the problem, fuels the problem... More
  • Chicken Pox: A Disease From Hell

    I just recently turned 27, and what better way to celebrate than getting the Chicken Pox. I was never given the vaccine, since they didn't have it in the 80's. However, I got the chicken pox when I was very young, therefore, the doctor said I... More
  • Sisters Thoughts On 'Gamers'

    Okay, first off, this is not being written by McCola. I would just like to point out that a lot of you..."gamers" are complete "noobs." I would use more profanity but i don't want you to go cry to your xbox. I've just noticed... More
  • Always Wins, Never Dies

    Look out here comes a Spider-man blog! Spider-man is a hot commodity in entertainment media these days. He's the star of TV shows, movies, and even his own musical. Video game developers have gotten in on the act as well and it seems as though every... More
  • The Gr1m and Fr0stB1tt3n Realm – A Metal Music Blog, Part One

    Anyone that knows me is well aware of the fact that my world is orbited quite closely by both music and gaming. Musically my tastes are wildly eclectic; however metal music is certainly at the forefront of that passion; hence being on the staff of the... More
  • 2011 - Proving Ground For Motion Controls

    At the end of last year both Microsoft and Sony released their version of motion controls. The Kinect and the Move strived to capture some if not all of what Nintendo had with the Wii. Both technologies launched with trumpetry and fanfare, but now in this new year it is time for both Microsoft and Sony to prove that the Kinect and the Move were worth the investment.... More
  • 14 Years Later: Is it fair to Review Duke Nukem Forever?

    On May 3, what is possibly the most anticipated game of all time (Defiently the Longest Wait for a game), Duke Nukem Forever will finally release after being stuck in Development hell for 14 years. This game began development right after I was born. After... More
  • What makes a game worthwhile to a Girl Gamer?

    Girl gamers... we are the mystery. The etheral creature watched and observed and hunted after by many, many different types. I think the biggest source of our mystery is the way we choose our gaming interests. Most of us don't ascribe to one genre... More