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  • Tired of the Dead to Rights Advertising???

    Ok so we are all aware that Dead To Rights is a shooter with a guy that has an attack dog that is sworn to protect and blah blah blah. But its getting old seeing the same ol thing every time i get on the site. Now i understand that there is probably some... More
  • He Shoots, He Scores (Or Chokes)…

    For whatever reason that I really don't completely comprehend, I enjoy understanding or at least trying to understand the mechanics behind the inspiration, influence and impact video games have on those who call themselves gamers. I'm not a doctor... More
  • Millar and McNiven's Nemesis

    So I was in the comic shop Wednesday, and my comic guy points out his last issue of this book. The cover of the book isn't really anything special, a superhero standing on the roof of a moving car dual wielding Uzi's with text suggesting how awesome... More
  • Comment Statistics from "Rockstar: Parents That Buy GTA For Kids Are Terrible"

    5 1
    I like making charts. It's odd I know. Anywho, I just commented and started reading the other comments from "Rockstar: Parents That Buy GTA For Kids Are Terrible". I was amused by how the opinions fell, and thought shining some light on... More
  • Resturaunts you MUST go to #2

    IHOP. Most likely, you've been there. Most likely, your city has one, but none the less, you have to go now or later. The reason I'm posting this, even though most people have been to one, is because it's just so darn awesome! The seating... More
  • Shooting Single Player

    So, as anyone who has played Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 can tell you, the single player experience was short. Very short. Don't get me wrong, I loved every second of the single player campaign, it was breathtakingly cinematic and intense, but... More
  • Dr. Claw Hates Nick Ahrens

    I guess "Project Awesome" is just too awesome for some people. Previous episodes can be viewed here . More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 8: Red Dead Wilderness (Pix)

    I decided to search for the Hunting Grounds in Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam and while it wasn't apparent on my private map I did find an area virtually teeming with wildlife. (Screenshot 1: This beautiful terrain belies its dangerous nature... More
  • RDR Fail.

    I got my hands on Red Dead Redemption today, and I have to say its a let down. So far ive come across bugs where, my characters outfit doesnt complete itself after changing into another one (my gloves wont appear back on after wearing the Elegant Suit... More
  • (Dual) Wielding the Power…

    Whether you call it dual wielding or the fancier and more mystical sounding term “akimbo” the fact of the matter is, this not very practical but oh so cool and fun combat technique is always a hit with me. As somewhat of an avid gun enthusiast... More
  • West and Zampella vs. The evil and insane Bobby Khotick

    Just a few months ago, things were looking up for Activision and Infinity Ward. They had the most succesfull FPS of all time under their thumb, and Activision had the dynamo Infinity Ward studio to back up. But that wasjust on the surface, as we all know... More
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