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  • Retro Review: Resident Evil 4

    13 1
    I review an awesome old game, Resident Evil 4. If you can't read this, zoom in your browser. Press and hold Ctrl and press +. And yeah, I know that the preview pic is huge. More
  • My gaming experience so far...

    Well, I remember my first game (other than the little kids games like Reader Rabbit, etc.) was either Shogo on PC or Soul Calibur on PS1. I lived in chicago at the time with my dad and a room mate named Anthony. Him and my dad were major gamers at the... More
  • Blaster Master how to's.

    So, long story short, my ordered copy of 1988's NES hit Blaster Master came to my door. After cleaning the connectors with 2 Q-tips and some Wind-x. I've realized I have no idea what to do. I foiund an FAQ and beat a few levels- but when I turned... More
  • A Weekend at the FanimeCon Anime Convention - Part 2

    The busiest day at FanimeCon has come to a close. Quite a few new cosplayers showed up, and I hope the same thing happens on Sunday! I've uploaded my latest batch of photo from the convention so that Game Informer's online readers can get a closer... More
  • My top 10 Comic Movie list (it's a list yay!!!)

    Ok so I'm hoping this list causes little controversy I'm pretty sure it will though. I just hope that the controversy is over where the movies fall on the list...I wil tell you right now if you try to tell me that I missed any of the X-Men movies... More
  • Red Dead Redemption: The Short Film

    For the past week, I have heard of how John Hillcoat (whoever he may be) was useing Red Dead Redemption to make a short film. Finally, after much waiting I watched it. The results of this little experiment are decidly mixed. You must be warned of the... More
  • We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Glitches…

    How many of you read the title of this and thought I was going to talk about Modern Warfare 2? Come on be honest…this has nothing to do the glitches in Modern Warfare 2. Well not really. I’m usually a pretty patient person when it comes to... More
  • The Collector Movie Review (And A Rant on Torture-Porn Films In General)

    You know, I'm starting to wonder: How exactly did torture porn end up getting so successful and popular? I mean, a lot of slasher films were pretty simplistic in their concepts, AND they pretty much set the standards when it came to blood and gore... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 2

    Missed part 1? Click here . Part 2 More
  • PoP Movie Review - Flicker of Hope for Gaming Movies

    Score: 7/10 Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time Studio: Jerry Bruckheimer Films Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures Release Date: May 28, 2010 Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal -Dastan/The Prince Gemma Arterton - Princess Tamina Ben Kingsley - Nizam Pros: Great action... More
  • Syco Clan changed from XBL group to PSN/XBL/STEAM group!

    Syco clan has been changed fron an strictly XBL group to PSN/XBL/STEAM group! I know that people will look at the link and see that we have a little amount of members. That's why I'm posting here. I'm trying to find people who are willing... More
  • Anatomy of a Backlash: The Rise and Fall of Call of Duty

    If you can't read this, zoom in your browser by pressing and holding Ctrl and +. More