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  • Paying for multiplayer - is it coming?

    As many of you know, Activision president Bobby Kotick has reiterated his desire to charge the typical Call of Duty player for multiplayer capability. But that's just him talking, right? Just Bobby being Bobby? Many of us have been over and over the... More
  • Movie Review: Inception

    Chris Nolan’s “Inception” sets its own rules and, most importantly, stays true to them. It does not throw nonsensical curveballs at the audience, and unlike his earlier “The Prestige”, it does not cheat. The temptation to... More
  • Movie Review: Predators

    I've been busy for a while, so I thought I'd drop back in and leave off a couple recent reviews. Predators When you go to a movie like “Predators”, you kind of know what to expect. There is a kind of monster movie in which suspense... More
  • Is GameStop Evil (Part 3 of 4) Trade In Policy…

    See…this is why I said in my Blogging for Dummies blog – “never do a series”. Don’t get me wrong, the views and responses have been fantastic, but it takes a toll on you after awhile, especially when it’s such a serious... More
  • Backing Up Games: Is it Legal?

    Before I begin, let me just be perfectly clear: I do not engage in or support piracy. This blog is being written because I am genuinely curious about the legality of copying video games which you have personally purchased solely for the purpose of protecting... More
  • The Never Ending Argument Vol. 3

    Greetings, ladies and germans, In this installment of The Never Ending Argument, I do the first reader requested argument. We have fellow GIO user, Dominick , to thank for this great question: Did Splinter Cell: Conviction destroy the series' great... More
  • Jailbreaking Your iDevice (Why Should You/How-to/Recommended Applications)

    NOTE TO MODS : Jailbreaking your iDevice is not illegal. The legality of jailbreaking an iPod or iPhone remains unclear, particularly in the context of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act . As part of the 2009 DMCA rulemaking, the Electronic Frontier... More
  • "I'll Drive, You Shoot!"

    One thing I heard a lot of when Microsoft showed the Kinect Star Wars game was people saying that it would suck solely because it's on-rails. But I think on-rails games have something unique to offer, something that can't be experienced through... More
  • Roger Ebert- The Gameophobe

    8 So here is Roger Ebert once again bashing something he knows nothing about. Except for this time he does not reference games as not being art, instead he makes terrible... More
  • Music, anyone?

    I have to say I am one of the biggest music geeks out there. My life pretty much revolves around my music. I''ve had the same band be my favorite band since 7th grade. That band is Avenged Sevenfold and my avatar is a picture of their recently... More
  • Screw art, I just want to play.

    *Cracks fingers* Ok, my first (real) blog post, and I'm ready to rant. Here I go. Roger Ebert and Rex Reed, what do they have in common? A lot of things apparently, most notably, they're grouchy, hate video games, and are professional movie critics... More
  • Mass Effect 2

    Finally finished Mass Effect 2 last night. I won't spoil it here, so don't worry. You can read on. I have two thoughts on the ending of the game, first as a game and then as a story. It's pretty much common knowledge that the end of the game... More