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  • Offline Multiplayer VS bots....Why more FPS games need this.

    Hello to all the gamers out there.Anyway I just finished looking up info on COD black ops when I stumbled across a news clip about confirmed offline multiplayer for Black ops.This news got me excited for a good reason.Since I don't have internet at... More
  • Does Black Ops Take Things Too Far?

    A recent discussion-prompting article on the GIO website asked the question "Does Call of Duty: Black Ops take violence and gore too far?" Rather than answer that question in one meaningless sentence and watch the ravenous hordes of members... More
  • Modern Warfare 2 - R.I.P. (When to Pull the Plug on Old Video Games)...

    So now that Black Ops is whirling around in the drives of millions of gamers around the world, I have to wonder about the fate of Modern Warfare 2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big supporter of the game and I realize it's probably holding... More
  • The Pokemon Dilemma: Sweet or Geek?

    When I was 11 I bought Pokemon Diamond. I enjoyed the game very much, being as it was a solid RPG game. My brother, however, also bought a Pokemon game: Pokemon Platinum. While I enjoyed my game, he fell head over heels for his. It was at this point when... More
  • A Body of Investigators... give us True Reviews

    Where does one start? I've been gone from the community eye for a very long time. I lost my interest, I must say... and I moved on to things that I have a great deal of passion for (I've been unfairly spending 90% of my free time on writing websites... More
  • My renewed love for Star fox and my memories with him.

    Hey everyone whats up?*waves* Anyway I just got back into a series I haven't played in a VERY long time.Yup...its Star fox.After a long time out of my gaming time the fox pilot has finally gotten back into my game life.Anyway I want to look back to... More
  • Gaming's Top Five Pipe Dream Titles: Because I Can['t]

    The definition of a 'pipe dream' is a fantastic hope that's nearly impossible to achieve, a term originating back in the 19 th century to describe what opium smokers would experience. But even without opium, we all have are little pipe dreams... More
  • Black Ops – Yet Another Controversy?

    Black Ops has literally inspired a handful of blog ideas for me. This is just one of them... It seems like ages ago since everyone was up in arms over the whole Medal of Honor - Taliban debate, an issue that escalated to the point it made the national... More
  • 1 Year in GIO

    It has been about one year since I joined GIO Online. To celebrate, I composed my favorite blogs from the past. Enjoy This is my first... More
  • Call of Duty Black Ops Review: The Best COD Multiplayer

    Well I guess this was inevitable. Considering this was the biggest video game of…(the month?) and considering I got it the day it came out, and I’m done with the campaign, and I’ve gotten a hefty dose of the Multiplayer, well it is... More
  • Black Ops Pentagon Mission?

    If you have passed the mission I have put as the title where you are taken to the Pentagon for a meeting with President Kennedy, you might be asking the question "What was the point of the mission?". Anyone have any ideas on why it is there... More
  • Black Ops (Spoiler Free) Review - Rated M for a Reason...

    *NOTE* While I say this is a spoiler free assessment of Black Ops, I do mention various components of the game that could reveal details you might not want to read if you haven't played the game yet. Read at your own risk. A few days ago I posted... More