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  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 6 & 7

    By request, I will now start uploading 2 parts per day instead of just 1. 20 minutes is enough to sink your teeth into but not so long that it outstays it's welcome.Alright, without further ado: Part 6 Part 7 Miss any other parts? Click a Link below... More
  • 5 Super Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Game

    For many many years developers have been attempting to make great games out of superheroes and 9times out of 10 the game will flop. In most cases it's because they will base their game around a movie about that hero instead of just creating an all... More
  • Continuation of game censorship, (I'm not done with M for Immature.)

    Disclaimer-First of all, before anyone screams at me in disgust for taking the side of a game that tasks you to kill JFK, I do not endorse the game that this youtube link is talking about, the views and opinions that are shared in this video are solely... More
  • At the End of My Rope...

    I had a wonderful weekend and hope you all did as well. I was out and about yesterday doing a little shopping with the wife (not shopping for a wife, shopping with the wife). She usually goes to the girly stores and I usually go by Gamestop and Best Buy... More
  • Kids in online gaming.

    By kids, I mean 7-12 year olds. I KNOW that you all who play online games regularly (mostly Modern Warfare 2 or Halo 3) have had those moments pulled right out of your worst nightmare. The moment you get into a matchmaking lobby and hear a screatchy "Hey... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 5

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    Before we continue on our grand adventure through the land of Hyrule, I've just got a couple of questions for the viewers out there since I haven't had too much feedback. Are you enjoying these segments? Which did you prefer more, when I released... More
  • New Villains Trailer for Spiderman:Shattered Dimensions

    (Spoiler alert, if there is anyone who does not want to know any of the villains for some strange reason?) In my web surfing today I stumbled upon what appears to be a brand new trailer featuring some of the web head's villains that will be featured... More
  • A Forgotten Game from a Lost World...

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    Man I love me some Jurassic Park. I've seen all the movies, read both books, played multiple games based on the series, why, I even have a poster hanging behind me with a picture of a Velociraptor on it, lying it wait, probably getting ready to eat... More
  • Bloody, Gory, I like it!

    Okay, I've never taken the side of corporations using violence as a selling point, I may play violent games but I do not say the companies making violent games are brilliant. Instead, I like shooters like MW2 for being fun, not for featuring blood... More
  • Pokemon multiplying on Wii, DS

    I found this article on gamespot this morning Nintendo announces Pokemon Black and White will join handheld library next spring, while PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure hits European Wii consoles July 9. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver haven't... More
  • Review: ModNation Racers

    Few kart racers stand up to the fun and pace of ModNation Racers (MNR), Mario Kart included. From the fact paced kart racing along an increasingly difficult set of opponents and track styles, the small but interesting weapons, to the seemingly endless... More
  • Fake Halo Reach Achievements

    Here's a list of some fake achievements for Halo Reach. They're good for a quick laugh or a loud guffaw. Source: ReadyUpLive More