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  • The guide to a teenager\pre-teen\child being accepted in the multiplayer gaming world

    Well to tell you the truth I grew up in a gaming world filled with multiplayer experiences and now at the age of 14 I can only say that it's getting better and better. When I was born in 1997 Video game multiplayer just hit a major stride with the... More
  • Call of Battlefield (Homefront Mutiplayer Demo Review)

    Hey guys! I recently downloaded the multiplayer demo for Homefront on PS3. Here are my impressions. Pros Weapon selection is nice, even at a demo stage The maps are big like Battlefield, so you have access to many play styles The inclusion of vehicles... More
  • Wii U- Too late? Or too early

    With Nintendo's recent announcement of the Wii U, plenty of people are excited knowing a console that can compete graphically and other things with the PS3 and 360 is coming from Nintendo. But is the console to late or to early for this generation... More
  • The News - 07.20.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today was relatively quiet in the world of video games. However, the one thing of note is the announcement and exposure of a new free-to-play title based on the highly popular "Family Guy" television show that... More
  • Why I'm a phony.

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    I love the Gameinformer Online Community. Its so amazing hearing all of your guy's experience with classic video games. Were all gamers. But I find that I'm not as great of a gamer as I think I am. I'm actually quite a phony. I was never able... More
  • For the Love Of Cuteness, dear Nintendo, Please Do Not Abandon the NDS Yet!

    Nora and the Time Studio-a twist on the 2D cuteness that Atlus is famous for.... Since yesterday was a bit too autobiographically-whiny, I have decided to get down to business-the business of talking about games, that is! And what better topic than CUTE... More
  • Is it worth it?

    Now, I just got inFAMOUS 2 and love it, and especially the user generated content. If we've learned anything from LittleBigPlanet, its that the fans are the ones that make the fantastic levels. I gave it a shot and put 5 hours into a mission that... More
  • Violence in video games: Is that what affects the kids?

    A few days ago, I began thinking about the case of violent video games causing violence in people. As I was pondering it, I thought is it the violence? Or addiction. Sure violence in games may cause some agression depending on the player but does it cause... More
  • Satisfaction Not Always Guaranteed

    Have you ever been in a situation like this: A game with a ton of anticipation has released, and your friends just can't stop talking about it. Everything they have to say about the game is perfect. Graphics are great, gameplay is crisp and refreshing... More
  • Catherine Is Not Maturity

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    Is it just me or is everyone off their rocker? I have been amazed for the past year to watch the development of the game known as Catherine, and by amazed I mean absolutely petrified with fear. I knew the moment I saw it I wouldn't like it. Why is... More
  • It's Ten O'Clock, Do You Know Where Your Blog Is?

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    I did something yesterday that I'm not proud of. I Google'd myself. This didn't yield many results, thankfully. What is anyway? Eh, probably nothing...However, when I decided to Google some of my blogs the results were eye... More
  • Contrary To Popular Opinion...RPG Stories Suck

    "Be honest. If you met anyone of these people at the grocery store you would hate them." First off I love RPG's, but...The general consensus over the last 25-30 years has been that if you want a game with a good story then you had to play... More