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  • A lament for Xbox Live's "1 vs 100"

    As Game Informer (and many other outlets) recently reported, it looks like the second season of Xbox Live's "1 vs 100" will be its last . I'm really sorry to see it go, actually, though as Dan Americh reported , it was a *lot* of work... More
  • A F#@%&!G WHOPPER!

    Well, guys as many of you might know, I just came back from a week of vacation in Cape Cod. Well, it's a 6-12 hour drive there. So we obviously need breakfast and lunch on the road. Well, on the way back, for lunch we stopped at a rest stop which... More
  • Two Talented Filmmakers That Bug Me

    Specifically David Fincher and Christopher Nolan, two widely renowned and beloved filmmakers who never fail to bug the hell out of me. It's not so much their films, or their directorial approach, it's really more little things that are somewhat... More
  • Is GameStop Evil (Part 4 of 4) Extra Services + the Future…

    The fourth and final part. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little relieved. Not just because interest seems to have tapered off a bit, but because I’m always pleased when I set out to publish a series and am able to see it through... More
  • Most gamers don't want change, no matter how much they may say it

    Recently, I feel that I've been reading more and more that people think the gaming industry is running itself into a rut. That we're just getting the same types of games; shooter after shooter, open world game after open world game. We live in... More
  • Replay: Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Advance

    Hello people bjdbuch here and i am going to start replaying Donkey Kong Country on my Game Boy to get ready for the new Donkey Kong Country game. I will post Progress Reports every Saturday. I also have 2 new LittleBigPlanet levels which I will tell you... More
  • The Piper's Tavern 7/17: The 3DS should DIE

    Welcome to The Piper's Tavern! I am your host, Happyginger, and i invite you to sit in on my first session of my weekly blog. Feel free to question my authority, and criticize me. I'm new here. And now for the grend Debut of: The Piper's Tavern... More
  • Paying for multiplayer - is it coming?

    As many of you know, Activision president Bobby Kotick has reiterated his desire to charge the typical Call of Duty player for multiplayer capability. But that's just him talking, right? Just Bobby being Bobby? Many of us have been over and over the... More
  • Movie Review: Inception

    Chris Nolan’s “Inception” sets its own rules and, most importantly, stays true to them. It does not throw nonsensical curveballs at the audience, and unlike his earlier “The Prestige”, it does not cheat. The temptation to... More
  • Movie Review: Predators

    I've been busy for a while, so I thought I'd drop back in and leave off a couple recent reviews. Predators When you go to a movie like “Predators”, you kind of know what to expect. There is a kind of monster movie in which suspense... More
  • Is GameStop Evil (Part 3 of 4) Trade In Policy…

    See…this is why I said in my Blogging for Dummies blog – “never do a series”. Don’t get me wrong, the views and responses have been fantastic, but it takes a toll on you after awhile, especially when it’s such a serious... More
  • Backing Up Games: Is it Legal?

    Before I begin, let me just be perfectly clear: I do not engage in or support piracy. This blog is being written because I am genuinely curious about the legality of copying video games which you have personally purchased solely for the purpose of protecting... More