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  • Mr. Grazer (the grazing of bjdbuch)

    I have been also grazing alot in the world of video games. Here are my impressions WWE All-Stars Fun game. I really like the selection of fighters. I am very bad at it though Crysis 2 I only really played the muti-player. Very fun. I am a huge fan of... More
  • I Will Not Make You Laugh!

    I bet some of you might be saying "Hey look it's that handsome devil The Journey Man, I'm sure he has something funny to say on this here day!" well first off thank you, second stop rhyming you suck at it and third what do I look like... More
  • My First-Ever Gaming Experiences: 2

    (Sorry for the long wait, but here it is! If you haven't already, read "My First-Ever Gaming Experiences: 1" blog first.) So, I continued playing on my Game Cube, having the time of my little pre-teen life, when, all-of-the-sudden, I went... More
  • Free Realms for PS3 Review

    Free Realms made its way to PC on April 29, 2009 and on Mac in November 2, 2010, and over the past three years Free Realms has a Guinness World Record and a few awards under its belt. It seemed fitting enough to make a launch on PS3 and so it did. Did... More
  • No black ops on PSP? A grouchy old dude report.

    You want to know a universal truth? Well as a wise sage wanting to spew knowledge onto the world, here it is. "Video game companies want your money." BOOYAH! Just dropped some knowledge on you! Anyway, with that universal truth in your mind... More
  • Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 7 remake.


    While the Gameinformer Editors are being silly and posting a bunch of fake news, I'm bringing you the real stuff. Today, Square announced a remake of the game everyone loves, Final Fantasy 7. More details after the jump.

    ... More
  • Gamer or Person, who are we?

    I just finished the blog by Di5a5terp13ce titled " The War is Over-a Response to a GI letter " and it got me to thinking. Why can't we just accept that people outside of our idea of "gamer" are in fact gamers? The letter decries... More
  • Why Video Games Suck

    Is it just me or has video games lost there flare? Wait, they HAD no flare! In the past couple of years what have we accomplished. Nothing. We just play video games, and video games bring nothing for us in greatness. Let me start with the beginning. Super... More
  • What Really Grinds My Gears -- Angry Birds

    You know what really grinds my gears? Angry Birds. I downloaded this beast of a game this last December and it's had me mesmerized ever since. The game has great control, especially for a touch-based game, interesting concept, and is easily accessible... More
  • Mr. Developer, When Can I Play My Way?

    Have you played an FPS in these recent days? Chances are you have, the FPS genre is only the most frequently discussed genre on most sites. A while back, I said that choice and consequence is what this generation needs to focus on to cement its place... More
  • Characters That Need Mustaches, Isaac Clarke

    Okay community, let's face it. Mustaches are dead sexy. Anything that has ever existed can be improved with a fine mustache. Why do you think Mario is such a power house in the video game industry? I'll tell you it's not because of his fantastic... More
  • Closing the Loopholes

    This blog is a direct response to Matt Miller's opinion article on page 44 of the April 2011 Gameinformer magazine. Let me start off by saying that this was probably one of the best opinion articles I have read in the magazine to date. I absolutely... More