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  • Music You Should Be Listening To - Part Tres

    Greetings my fellow GameInformer community members! Today I bring you the third installment in my potentially infinite part blog series, Music You Should Be Listening To. You may notice that this one is entitled "Part Tres" rather than "Part... More
  • Where Is The Fun?

    28 2
    Ever since I was but a wee strappin' lad, I've been playing video games for fun. I didn't have anything to prove; I just liked to kick back and launch some turtle shells at that cart that just passed me. Today though, when I look around, I... More
  • My Top 5: Brawlers

    So, I consider a brawler or beat-'em-up to be any game where the goal is to just plow through a bunch of enemies using either your fists or some melee weapons, maybe with some magic thrown in. Personally, I love these games. While they can get very... More
  • Law Restricting "M" Rated Game Sales FROM Minors? Yes, thanks.

    In March of 1775 at a small church, a radical by the name of Patrick Henry gave a speech to the Virginia Convention. In his speech Henry said one of the most famous lines in American History: “Give me liberty or give me death!” The context... More
  • Review: Record of Agarest War

    Having been in Japan and Europe for well over a year and Aksys Games brings it stateside this week. I’m talking about Record of Agarest War (RoAW), the TRPG that has the dating sim side of the game advertised more than the actual TRPG side. On XBOX... More
  • I'm Your Huckleberry...

    I'm going to be a little honest. In the race for "most popular", games keep adding gizmos and gadgets to separate them from their competitor's products, and I gotta say, I'm getting a little tired of all the flair. From heart beat... More
  • To Whom That Pounds The Nails - A Short Story

    [Well, this is my first short story. Hope you all enjoy it to some extent, even though it's twisted, demented, and I actually find it to be kind of original. The writing style on the other hand, is inspired by Chuck Palahniuk, with lots of attention... More
  • Top Ten Games Compilation

    I had the idea of starting a forum for people to post their top ten personal games lists, and hopefully if I get enough posts I will start keeping track of the most popular ones by editing the beginning of the list. A sort of GOI reader's top ten... More
  • 1,000 points

    Hell Yeah! More
  • Coming Home

    9 2
    Life is not the same anymore here in Panau and I’m glad my assignment is over. In fact, it’s become total chaos. Buildings on fire. Anarchy on the streets. I can’t go anywhere without something exploding. However, it’s been an... More
  • UPDATE 2: Call of Duty: Black Ops Teaser Trailer Dissected: A Pictorial

    I don't know about you, but Treyarch's collage ( ) had my head spinning. So here's a blow by blow perspective of the developer's upcoming entry... More
  • Who knew comics would be so much work?

    Sunday, I made a decision to go somewhere I hadn't been in years, I went to the local comic shop. I had been contemplating, for months now, in getting back into the saddle with my old obsession for all things comics. The biggest reason I hadn't... More