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  • Top 5 creepy video game songs

    I have gained this fascination for really creepy video game songs, so I decided to compile 5 of my favorites. First up is the song of healing reversed, so the song of disease of injury or something. It's made even creepier because every time I hear... More
  • When Networks Don't

    I've been unable to play online for the past few weeks, my work's been interrupted for hours on end the past three days, and I haven't been able to blog on the site Blogger for the past two days. What do all these issues have in common? Electronic... More
  • Do What you Love

    I'm not some expert "Self Help" author. I'm not some educated professor. Heck, I'm still not technically even a college graduate yet. But I will tell you this: I'm happy. I am extremely happy with my life, despite ups and downs... More
  • The News - 05.13.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We're going to have a relatively quick article of The News today as very little has happened in the gaming industry. So, we will be covering the matter of a delay in the promised update to the Nintendo 3DS system that... More
  • I have gotten mah first platinum and Im proud.

    Yes I have accomplished my first platinum trophy for my PS3. That lucky game that I platinumed is none other than Uncharted 2. It took me 4 playthroughs (one for each diffulculty), but it was completely worth it. And If you don't believe me here is... More
  • So You're Telling Me That I Can Only Have *2 HOURS* of "Screen Time"?

    "I only get HOW many hours to use technology?" So recently, I've been getting a lot of "parenting" articles in my Facebook feed/email inbox, largely articles that make me feel like a bad parent for letting my daughter watch cartoons... More
  • I'm Back!

    Hello, my loyal fans it is my pleasure to tell some exciting news! First things first I have started playing Resident Evil and I love it. It's just awesome! I've finaly got the new Mortal Kombat. $60 did not go to waste! Alot of people will not... More
  • Range: S3 Part 4

    I'm sorry, I was listening to this while posting and decided to use it instead of the normal theme song. Do you think it's awesomer than the anime openings I've been using? That night Alphonse went out excited by last nights happenings, hoping... More
  • Perspective: A List of Things About Us Gamers


    Over the past month I've been thinking about things that gamers do, how we behave, and what we enjoy about games. So, here's a list of the things I thought were worth pointing out to the game developer out there that might want a gamer's input on how to win over an audience for their game. Or, more than likely, you're a fellow gamer who's got nothing better to do than check the blogging section of Either way, hope you see something you hadn't noticed before. If you have something to add, feel free to put it in the comment section below. Here goes nothing:

    ... More
  • Uber-Huge Tremendous Not-Expected Announcement (sort of)!

    That's right! I've hinted a bit at this on Twitter, but I've just now started a dev-blog (whoops..) on the biggest project I've ever taken on! That's right, I'm working on something. Something big. Something I'm not ready to... More
  • Black Ops: Call of the Dead Walkthrough

    I spent the better part the Call of the Dead release week with a few friends getting the Ensemble Cast achievement. We figured out some of the steps ourselves, but then had to Frankenstein together a proper guide after trial and error proved that most... More
  • Lackluster Titles: Game On, or Game Gone?

    I recently began my first playthrough of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II for the PS3. After escaping Vader’s cloning facility and navigating the jumble of skyscrapers that is Caito Nemoidia, I wanted to stop playing, eject the disc, put it safely... More