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  • I Think I May Suck At Video Games...

    It's sad, but I am fairly certain it is true. Let me give you a little context. My K/D ratio in CoD:MW2 hovers around 1/3. I have never beat Halo 3 on legendary. Heck, I rarely crank up the difficulty in most games above normal, because they become... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2

    Episode 2 is available now. This week, we discuss the fall TV premiers, Hulu Plus, the newest Mass Effect 2 DLC, Kinect, True Achievements and more. This is our new recording space! Wes' dad is an amatuer musician (he's actually a pro, but he... More
  • Gamestop thinks I'm evil.

    Weird, I know. Normally it's the other way around, but here's why I think my local Gamestop hates me. It's not that they treat me like a random idiot when I walk in there, it's because whenever I go in, I work them to death. On Tuesday... More
  • Warning! Reading this may cause your eyes to explode

    Exploding peripherals would certainly make your day kind of sucky, wouldn't they? I was looking for some blogging inspiration, and happened upon the news item about Sony's press release regarding counterfeit PS3 controllers possibly exploding... More
  • Ready for the Zombie Invasion…

    12 1
    Okay...again...not the blog I had planned for tonight...but after working on 2 of 3 college assignments for the past couple of hours, my brain is fried and ready to be done looking at this computer screen any longer. Speaking of daughter comes... More
  • Bad Focus

    Been awhile since my last blog, but I've wanted to tackle this topic for awhile. Is there a bad focus in developement today? In almost every game I've played this generation I've seen developers focusing lots of time and effort on things that... More
  • RE: Medal of Honor "Killing COD"

    People in this industry always get overconfident with games. Proof you ask? I'll just leave it with everything Peter Molyneux has ever said about Fable. Anyway moving on. Let's just assume that the new reboot to Medal of Honor comes with massive... More
  • Flash Attack: Blog 1 Shooting

    This is a new series on which I will review flash games FPS in Real Life This is a great game. There is nothing like this. Live Action is so much fun. Great controls and no real problemx Rating: Play Link: More
  • Moral Conunumdrums 4

    Hey! Welcome back! We're back into that good old routine of deciding who'll live, and who'll die. This time we've got some terrorists against big-gaming companies, claiming that they 'kill the souls of games.' They've targeted... More
  • Adult Entertainment: Gillian’s Billiards…

    I had a pretty good blog topic picked out for the night...but unfortunately, I just got home a bit ago. So it will have to wait until tomorrow. When I was kid, I used to spend every Friday at the arcade (it was named The Sports Palace) for hours sinking... More
  • A Plea for Local Multiplayer

    If you're anything like that adorable and kind-natured kitten, then you enjoy beating the hell out of other people in multiplayer. And let's face it, multiplayer in general is a blast. While story-driven games like Fallout 3 will always be appreciated... More
  • The Many Viewpoints of Alan Wake (Contains SPOILERS)

    The following contains MAJOR spoilers for the main game & The Signal DLC. You've been warned. So, in my never-ending quest to be a complete achievement-wh*re, I've been replaying Alan Wake's campaign about 3 times now (I've even went... More