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  • On The Seat: Master Chief

    Thank you for reading my latest in a line of, what is almost certainly going to be, completely forgotten blog posts (just wait a few years). If you want to catch up before you head into this minefield of drunken obscenities, click here for Big Daddy,... More
  • Reach for the Stars...

    StarCraft has quite the international reputation and its legacy is forever etched in the gaming archives. A number of journalists and industry experts consider the game as one of the most important and influential real time strategy (RTS) games in the... More
  • Shutter Island Movie Reivew (Prepare For Mindf*ck)

    I'll keep this review as spoiler-free as I possibly can. I came into Shutter Island without reading the book, so I was expecting to be wowed. For one thing, it's made by Martin Motherf***ing Scorsese. For another, Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead... More
  • Top Ten PlayStation 2 Games

    The PlayStation 2 was arguably the best console of the last generation, and it's hard to say otherwise when looking at the quantity and quality of the platform's game catalog. But which one is the best? Before I begin with my second countdown... More
  • The Case Against Console Exclusive Titles

    I've always had a love/hate relationship with console exclusive titles. When I own the system that the title is exclusive to, I'm happy as a pig in mud. When I don't...I'm disappointed and angry with the developers for signing the deal... More
  • Cats, Conspiracy Theories, and Cold Turkey: A Conversation

    Alright, so quite a while back I thought it would be fun to create a facebook profile for one of my cats, Butterscotch. Once in a while I'll log onto his facebook and just do normal facebook things, but as Butterscotch. It's surprising how often... More
  • Bobby Kotick Announces Stunning New Activision Merger

    In a shocking announcement just minutes ago, Bobby Kotick, Activision's outspoken CEO announced the company's biggest merger to date. If you haven't figured it out from the picture above, the aforementioned merger was with none other than... More
  • "If I own this place and hell I'll rent this place out and live in hell"

    Nothing has gripped my fears more than the desolate town of Silent Hill. As the bleak and foggy town comes alive with that eerie town “air raid” alarm, so does the fear and horror in every corner of my mind. I have always been told to embrace... More
  • Arcade Stick Art Part II

    If you guys haven't read my first blog, this is the second part to my arcade stick art, where I actually printed out 2 of my templates and started putting them onto my MadCatz Arcade Stick Tournament Edition. Here's my first blog to see what templates... More
  • Nielsen Study, may Oblige us to Forget Probable 2011-2012 Game Consoles

    The current generation of video game consoles has achieved staggering market penetration, according to a Nielsen annual survey of U.S. gamers. 41% of U.S. households claim to have a console from the current generation — a Nintendo (NTDOY) Wii, Sony... More
  • Movie Review: The Wolfman

    I know this movie is a week old and therefore ancient by modern standards, but I meant to start reviewing last week and decided to be sick instead. So for anyone still interested: The Wolfman Review by Ryan M. Eft February 19th, 2010 I spent the first... More
  • Movie Review: Shutter Island

    Been meaning to review a movie or two here for a while, so here goes. Shutter Island Review by Ryan M. Eft February 19, 2010 Martin Scorcese’s “Shutter Island” plays on one of our oldest scary places: a vast, enclosed, man-made world... More