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  • If you're sick, STAY HOME!

    Not much of a video game post today, though I'll tie it in at the end. I was at work yesterday, minding my own business and generally just doing my job (checking in on the Game Informer site as well at times). We've got interviews for a new position... More
  • Days of My Gaming Life Part One: My Early Gaming Days.

    In 1986 I discovered a passtime I would never forget. Gaming. It started in a pizza joint on a stormy weekend night when we were unable to leave because of heavy rain. I was on bordeline insanity by boredom, and my mother wisely gave me some change to... More
  • Valve's E3 Surprise...

    I have every intention of making this a short blog, which may be a relief for some of you. Actually, that is always my intention, but seldom does it work out that way. Anyway, I had one of those moments last night during “game time” where... More
  • The Bondage Of Gaming.

    I would like to share a personal story. Growing up, me and my father only saw each other every two weeks and eventually almost never, and when we saw each other, it wasn't for very long. My dad was unfortanate and lost alot of jobs, though it was... More
  • Worms 2! - And other XBLA Deals of the Week

    After reading Saint's ode to the wonder that is the Worms franchise (or at least the first couple of games), i was intrigued, but wasn't really interested in tracking the game(s) down. There's just so much other stuff to play! But last night... More
  • Picturing Armageddon: Red Faction Trailer Revisited

    If a picture says a thousand words, this post should speak volumes, LOL. Yeah, I'm back with another pictorial, this time of the chaotic, rapid-fire Red Faction: Armageddon trailer that promises a kind of dungeon crawling action transplanted direct... More
  • Put the games back in the right hands.

    Our favorite game series are being herded, corralled, and slaughtered at an ever increasing rate. By whom you ask? Why the Uber Developers of course. More specifically, the Big Three: EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. They seem to be inclined to cause everything... More
  • Maturity isn't on the label.

    Batman Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games I've ever played. It was able to tell a mature, Batmanish story and maintain a dark, Rapture-like atmosphere, along with being fun. All this was suprising, because it was rated T. This shouldn't... More
  • 50 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

    Here is a list of the 50 Greatest Guitarists of all time thanks to LA magazine 1. Duane Allman 2. Chef Atkins 3. Jeff Beck 4. Chuck Berry 5. Ritchie Blackmore 6. Micheal Bloomfield 7. Julian Bream 8. Charlie Christian 9. Eric Clapton 10. Roy Clark 11... More
  • I’ll Take Video Game Genres for $1000…

    For $1000, the answer is...this style of war game does not occur in real time; rather, it gives each player a pre-determined amount of time to designate troop movements and combat actions before moving on to the next player. If you said, "Turned... More
  • Video Gamers Anonymous (V.G.A.)

    "Hi, my name is Chris..... and I'm addicted to video games." "Hi, Chris." I had to come to a sad realization recently. I am a video game addict. Not that I see this as necessarily a bad thing. Let's face it, there are worse... More
  • TNC Casino

    TNC HQ Rules: You start with 100 points, you can bet ANY number of points you have except for numbers with decimal places. If I bet 50 and I win I will get 50 points and have 100, If I lose I will have 0 points. If you lose all your points, then its the... More