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  • Shovelware: The Real Issue Explained

    So I've found a lot of examples lately where people on our site have really misunderstood the Shovelware issue. The shovelware issue (or more specifically, the complaint of shovelware on Wii) is a big topic lately that is getting discussed a lot,... More
  • My Story

    Hey there everybody. Today I'd like to share a story with you: the story of how I discovered, and became obsessed with, video games. Enjoy. In March of 1999, at the age of four, I was staying over at the home of my grandparents when my life changed... More
  • Hmm my pros and cons of xbox360 and ps3

    So i know most you of still have a hard time choosing if to get a PS3! or a xbox360. Well as i have all systems i said hey why not list the cons and pros i like in both systems. Xbox 360- Pros- Many great exclusives such as Halo, Gears, and LFD. Neat... More
  • A Reviewers Tragedy

    A game review, something that can make or break a video game. There are many websites that post them, IGN,Game Informer, Gamespot. But Game Informer allows you the members to write them yourselves. That where the problems begin. I enjoy reading reviews... More
  • GI vs Gamespot

    I used to use Gamespot as my source of game information untill I started aimlesly standing in EB games to pass the time which is where I saw a GI mag and started flipping through the pages. I got home and instantly signed up, and its proven to be a good... More
  • My Thoughts On MLG.

    I used to LOVE MLG. And LOVE Halo 3. I went so far as I got my 48 in MLG Halo, I made a extra account JUST for Halo. It became really bad. But one day I woke up and saw...this MLG is just tearing me apart as I was actually not enjoying the game Halo for... More
  • Blogs ARGH!!!

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    It's starting to become abundantly clear to me that unless my Blog doesn't take a controversial stance such as calling X game as overrated or as 1 of the top 10 worst games no one here actually cares to read it...granted my first two blogs were... More
  • Fury 3. A game i think microsoft should revist

    Am pretty sure they still have the rights to this game but this game was pure epic and to see a next gen version of fury 3 would be epic. From the enemie ships, boss fights,. and pure epic music this game was nothing but win. I still play it from time... More
  • Uh....what?

    I decided to play a little bit of MAG today and I was looking at a few sites on my computer before I started, suddenly I hear the ding sound of me getting a trophy. I turn around and I see I just got a trophy even though I hadn't done anything. Then... More
  • Heavy Rain Demo Review

    Heavy Rain shapes up to be one of those risky games where the player won’t know if they got what they expected until the get it. Writer / Director of Heavy Rain, David Cage writes : Oddly enough, people think I know what I’m doing. They’re... More
  • The Greatest "First!!1!" Comment Ever Posted

    I usually hate these, but if you EVER think of posting a "FIRST" comment, make sure you make it as epic as this... More
  • The most disturbing non-gaming related video ever!!! Part II...

    Wow, when I saw this I couldn't stop thinking of how creepy it is. Sorry GIO community for this... More