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  • My Favorite Movies Of All Time Part 1: The Fountain

    [This is part one of my reviews for my top 4 favorite movies of all time. Number 4 in the list is The Fountain. Stay tuned for more reviews of my other favorites films, and in the meantime, enjoy this one.] People throw around the term "best"... More
  • Things I think GIO needs to work on

    Hmm where to start. Well lets get on with it For one the layout of the site. This needs a total overhaul. The news section is not that bad in fact since not that much news comes out in a day the home page is fine the way it is. But the forums on the other... More
  • My favorite Co-Op titles

    So it's no secret I love Co-op, so today, i decided to tell yall my favorites. Anytime you want to play one of these with me, just hit me up and i'll gladly play. -Borderlands- this game doesnt exactly have the strongest storys(some of the non... More
  • Why Bladewarrior23 Will Be Missed

    Assuming this is the whole truf and nothing but the truth. To start, let me adress all the people who think I actually do hate Blade (Josh), I do not. He's actually one of my favorite members. And a member that GIO will miss. Blade may not have been... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Son of Rambow (Silly French Kid)

    I really had little expectations for this movie, I read a review in the City Paper, in Baltimore, and said I had to see it. I can't even recall what the review said, but I can only imagine, it spoke of the absolutely magical feel this movie has. I... More
  • What's Happened to Difficulty?

    Think really hard. What was the last satisfying thing you remember doing in a video game? Was it winning the highest score out of your peers or siblings? Jumping on, smashing, or shooting random enemies which scatter throughout fairly complicated courses... More
  • Alan Wake and the Signal - dual review

    I know, I know. I promise this the last time I'll blog about Alan Wake (at least until the second DLC comes out). But after all of the drama about why I didn't buy it , and then the announcement that I did buy it , how could I not tell you what... More
  • Game of the Year 2010 Pushed Back to 2011…

    It doesn’t seem like all that long ago the game industry was wagging its tail about how 2010 was going to be this phenomenal year of epic game releases, and while we have certainly been treated to some fantastic contenders for this prestigious award... More
  • I just saw Inception...

    While I was on vacation, I saw Inception, and it was awesome. There was so much awesomeness in it, it was great. I loved the acting, the script, the story, and the plot twists. I loved the movie. More
  • Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw, Steve Sax and his run-ins with the law...

    I'm talkin' baseball, from Maine to San Diego. Well, Minnesota specifically. As far as the current-gen systems go, the only one I own is the Xbox 360. The only real problem I have had as a result of this is my severe lack of a good baseball game... More
  • Amazing Video Game Music Moment

    Everyone is going nuts for the PBS event. Watch this Marching Band Awesomeness (btw my friend is playing Clarinet in there somewhere) POKEMON IS IN IT!!! More
  • How to Distract a Congressman and Make a Positive Impact, Too

    As we know, video games, or more specifically, violent video games, have gotten much attention from our Congressmen since Mortal Kombat showed us images of heads being ripped off bodies with the spinal cord still attached, still beating hearts being pulled... More