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  • Games that changed my playing field part 2

    Those four games in my last blog were not the only ones. In this blog, I highlight four more games from my past. In case you missed the first blog there will be link to it after this one. 5. Zelda. A link to the past. Who didn't run around their own... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Pandorum (I doubt I hallucinated this but I wish I had)

    I know there is no reason to have seen this movie, the trailers practically give away the twist, however I am a sucker for Sci Fi Horror, always have been always will. So I sat down last night while going to bed and decide to give Pandorum a test ride... More
  • Who Knew Vol 2: Hidden Treasures

    I recently started chronicling my experiences coming back into the world of comics after a 7 or 9 year hiatus. (I still am not completely sure when I stopped collecting/reading.) Today's episode brings us, not frustration, but jubilation. Why so jubilant... More
  • Breaking News...

    I usually shy away from blogging about news related stories. There are far too many game sites and bloggers that cover this subject matter, and I’m sure they are more proficient at it than I am. But I came across a story that I haven’t seen... More
  • Overlooked: An Indie Game Worth Your Time

    Xbox Live Indie Game Section on the Game Marketplace is mainly overlooked. Most people go to the arcade section because they know that they will get a quality game at a sometimes decent price. All I got to say is that check out the Indie games section... More
  • My thoughts on the EA Sports Online Pass

    So let me get this straight, beginning with Tiger Woods 2011 (June 8 th , 2010) if I buy a used EA sports game at GameStop, or rent one through gamefly, I am no longer able to play that game online? I have to shell out another $10 just to be able to play... More
  • Gameinformer Webby

    10 2
    I know the webbys were agesss ago, and we were all a bit hyped up about if we would win or not. but as soon as they were over it just died, no one cared. Then I figured you know what I voted I deserve something. Then on a really un-related note we started... More
  • My Take on Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII has received a lot of mixed reviews from the critics. It has been criticized for numerous things, such as its linearity and lack of towns. As for me, I didn’t want to form an opinion of the game until I completed it, from start... More
  • Pokémon: Gotta Play Them All (And I Did, Most of Them)

    Pokémon. It's been a part of my life for as long as I could remember. I was always playing those GameBoy classics with my buddies and trading Pokémon during class (which the teacher always disapproved of). I watched the TV show (back... More
  • How much does it really cost to game today?

    Prices and costs are something that gamers are always complaining about. Whether it be the price of a new system, game, or something like EA's Online pass, gamers love to complain about how expensive things are and how much companies that provide... More
  • why 2010 is the best year for gaming and last year was the worst.

    In 2009 i recall it being a bad year for games.I dont have any memories of playing games in the spring time, or in the summer drought but what i do remember is playing in november is uncharted 2, dragon age, assassins creed 2, modern warfare 2 and arkhum... More
  • The Name Game...

    A History lesson, if you will…but hopefully if History wasn’t your favorite subject in school, you’ll at least stay entertained with this blog long enough to survive the extent of my rambling. No matter how long you have been a “gamer”... More