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  • Know Thy MW2 Enemy (or How I Get Into the Mind of an 11 Year Old)

    14 1
    "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles." - Sun Tzu Summer vacation began for many children around the US this week. What that means to the gaming world, is that we see a lot more pre-teens... More
  • NCAA Football 11 demo impressions

    Those who have followed my other blog for a while know that I'm a big fan of EA Sports' NCAA Football video game. There may have been a few obvious hints of that. So it's no surprise that I can't wait to get my hands on NCAA 11 when the... More
  • On..a lot

    Cool Guys back, SOBs! My computors motherboard failed aftr 5 years. Oh well, At least it can handle Diablo 3 now :). I loved E3 this year, so much awesome. Medal of Honor (getting the Beta, gamertags CRAZYSKILLZ213) iNFAMOUS 2, TOR (Bioware !!!!!!!!)... More
  • Like a Box of Chocolates…

    I follow a lot of the video game industry news, whether it’s on websites like this, places like Google where you can get a summary of headlines and trendy topics, or sometimes straight from the source by following key people on Twitter or other... More
  • Five best shows of all time

    Alright, Face it. We all watch different things. This is just my opinion on the best shows ever concieved.And yes, I am kind of a nerd when it comes to what I watch. You will all realize that reading this. But I bet that there aren't many people out... More
  • Kinect is cheaper than Move

    I was reading the comments to an article here about Kinect's suppose $150 price tag when I decided to view the comments. Man were all of you pissed! You guys shouted about how expensive the Kinect "might" be and how it was to fail so hard... More
  • The Top 5 PIXAR Films Ever Made

    Like pretty much every single person here in the entire world that has ever seen a movie in their entire life: I Effin' Love PIXAR. I love them for making family films that don't insult the audience's intelligence. I love them for making me... More
  • Beyond A Masterpiece

    In case you have been living under a rock in a cave in the Himalayas, then you know that today was the day that Pixar released their newest uber-hit, Toy Story 3. I am lucky to report that it is indeed all we have been hoping for, and then some. I went... More
  • Where is that last *#%(#*@ thermos?

    I was listening to the Talk Radar podcast from June 11, and they had a wickedly funny riff on the collection of thermoses in Alan Wake . I admit that I haven't played that game, but one of the strengths of the game many reviews have mentioned is the... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 02 of XX

    Last week I reluctantly introduced the idea of a periodic blog series titled “GIO Member Herding” which would spotlight a member of the GIO community with a few off the wall questions. I’m happy to report that the feedback was overwhelmingly... More
  • Checking Out? chapter one

    I've decided to write this because I had to stay in a hotel last night, and I have some strange fear of hotels. I always feel like I'm gonna be murdered in my sleep. What didn't help is that there was a blood stain on my sheets. This wasn't... More
  • Xbox Live: more cash cows than Farmville?

    I saw this article linked on Facebook (how many people are saying that nowadays? A lot!) and found it really interesting. While everybody talks about Zynga Games and Farmville and stuff like that, you know who's raking in the money from virtual goods... More