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  • My Favorite Games of All Time

    Some spoilers may lie ahead GTA 4-Xbox 360 This is by far my favorite game on this list. Apart from the amazing single player , There is something called Free Roam. Free Roam is my favorite game mode put in to any game ever made. Gather a bunch of your... More
  • My Dream Interpretation of God of War.

    Disclaimer: No, this blog isn't some kind of "What I want to see in a GoW movie" type thing, this is about a dream I had. A dream about the story of God of War... which is pretty messed up, and nothing like GoW. The other night, I had a... More
  • NCAA Football 11 - a couple of comments

    Go Cyclones! I just bought EA Sports' NCAA Football 11 , and I've got a couple of comments about the game. I've only played 4 or 5 games so far, so I obviously can't review it (I also haven't played the Road to Glory mode). But there... More
  • ModWorld: Call of Duty Ep. 3 "Sticky as hell"

    As you know, the one and only free, fun, no aimbot, hack, glitch or player enhancement group of mods will be viewed in today's Episode of ModWorld: Call of Duty. So welcome to Ep. 3, I shall title it Sticky as hell Well, this title will make more... More
  • Wii have Motion Controls To Make Us Move, But Can We Kinect?

    Much has been said about the upcoming motion controls for the 360 and PS3. On one side, you have the Sony camp that maintains that their motion controller will revolutionize active gaming by having improved motion tracking and greater third party support... More
  • The Piper's Tavern 8/8- Bioshocking around

    So today's Piper's Tavern is devoted to irrational, and Project Icarus, and all the great gaems Irrational has made. After this i think i will take a break from Bioshock. Spending time at the beach is great. Especially when you see your cousin... More
  • The Illest Villan's Guide to GIO

    20 1
    As many of you have noticed, there have been a lot of, what I like to call, noobs on GIO lately. That being the case, I decided to make a set of rules that to go by when browsing GIO. Enjoy. 1. MW2 or Halo 3 fanboys (AKA Probably not real gamers) I understand... More
  • Game Informer Achievement Unlocked – Black Belt Blogger…

    DISCLAIMER: I think most of you who know me or have read some of my blogs hopefully know that I’m not the type to brag or pat myself on the back, so I sincerely hope this blog doesn’t come across that way. If it does, that wasn’t my... More
  • ModWorld; Call of Duty Ep. 2

    NOTE: None of these mods enhace players over each other in any unfair way. All of these mods are showcasess of creativity, hard work, and look like lots of fun. No aimbots, no hacks, no glitches, no elevators. Just Fun Hey guys! I'm back with more... More
  • The Never Ending Argument vol. 6

    Come one, come all, and welcome to the Never Ending Argument!!! This week, for your viewing pleasure, we have recruited an argument from the world famous Gabriel360 !! He suggested I ask... "What is out there beyond the billions of galaxies that... More
  • Yet 5 More Games That I Think Should Have Sequels (Part 2)

    Oh man, this week was hell. Pure laziness got to me; I just got out of high school this summer and I've taken one easy season break. Phew. Well, time to accomplish something this week; here's the next five in my 20 choice list for game sequels... More
  • Playing with Swords can be dangerous...

    but it's so much fun! Dan Americh, formerly of Official Xbox Magazine and now Community Manager for Activision, is known as "One of Swords" online now. He can be found under that moniker pretty much everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, web site... More