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  • Never going to get away from it.

    Looking back on it, all the complaining, whining, pleading, insulting, and lecturing to the insufferable "Firsters" has not, and will not do any good. The bozo feature is awesome, but there are ways to get around it. No matter what we all do... More
  • God of War: Collection/God of War III E3 demo review

    God of War: Collection provides both new and old fans of Kratos' escapades with an excellent hands on retrospective of the series. Consumers get both God of War and God of War II and all the goodies from both games, along with a code to download the... More
  • Mario is Simply an Overlooked Evil!

    In the vein of ongoing controversy against video games I have decided that I would contribute to the witch hunt and disclose a violent game that might have slipped under the radar: Mario. The perfidy of the aforementioned game is that it disguises itself... More
  • The Game Character Who Lost Everything

    Let me state that no other character in gaming history has lost more than Max Payne. Yes there is Sam Fisher, but in the end, the cruel and darkest of gaming worlds did not stare at Sam like it did to Max Payne. Payne has stood toe to toe with evil, have... More
  • I'm going to hell for this...My Bottom 5 games in my Top 100 list

    Yes I know I said these lists are stupid...I sir am a hypocrite and proud of it, but I just couldn't keep people in the dark as to my favorite games, but I didn't want to do a Top 10 that would be boring you've probably played those games... More
  • My Beef With CoD

    Over the past months on this site, years as a gamer, and lifetime as a human, I've never been one to keep to myself when it comes to something I don't like. Last year I finally got a PS3 and entered the realm of next-gen gaming. Being such a huge... More
  • Super Street Fighter IV : Makoto, Dudley, and Ibuki CONFIRMED!

    The images speak for themsleves, now lets wait to see the final character, Hakan : More
  • New Meme From Mass Effect 2!!

    I'm sure a lot of you have played Mass Effect 2. There's a certain portion of the game where a woman wants to interview you about some of the things you've done in the first game. It is in this portion, that a new meme was born. Thanks to... More
  • The Serious Guide to Get People Gaming

    There have been a couple of posts lately about people who refuse to play games, particularly girls who were driven away from the hobby. I wanted to offer a friendly guide on how I've gotten my girlfriends, family members, and non-gaming friends to... More
  • What's so wrong about innovation?

    Ok so I've done some more perusing, *** this lack of daytime hours and nothing being on television, and I've discovered yet another disturbing trend. First we hate on Natal without it even being released or anyone really having any play time with... More
  • Glitching? Really?

    Whenever I post to my blog, I normally post a pretty long, yet edifying read (dont mean to sound full of myself). But for now, I really just want to ask a question. Lately, whenever I play a game online, I have to deal with numerous glitcher/cheaters... More
  • Fallout 3: Two Days in the Capital Wasteland

    So, I just logged in 48 hours on Fallout 3, and wanted to give another update and get a little more feedback from some fellow fans. Thanks to everyone who responded to my first blog post, as it really helped me to enjoy the game a lot more. To give you... More