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  • Games That Deserve a Sequel/Re-Make #1

    Back in 1997 I received a Playstation for my birthday. Back in those days I was an avid reader of Electronic Gaming Monthly and that holiday season, they included coupons to Software etc. (which would eventually be brought into the Gamestop empire) for... More
  • Hawk reviews: Assassin's Creed II (PS3)

    Ubisoft delivers this time, as it fixes many of the problems found in the original Assassin's Creed in just two years. The really cool part is, they can just focus on adding new things and laying on even more polish from here on out. Things can only keep getting better.... More
  • Reviewtiful Reviews -- Back to the Future: The Game, Episode 1

    If you're like me, you're familiar with the Back to the Future trilogy. If not, you should definitely watch the movies. Like, right now. Stop reading this review and watch them, then come back and read this review on Telltale's great visioning... More
  • Review: ME 2's final DLC satisfies, but isn't the arrival we expected.

    Billed as the final story related DLC used to bridge the stories of Mass Effect 2 and 3, Arrival's discovery and subsequent announcement brought about a wave of anxiety and feverish speculation. Who is Amanda Kenson? Are the Batarians working with... More
  • Video Game Movies: A Solution

    If you listened to Robot in The Corner this past week, then you may remember that I asked the Robot about video game movies. The question was "Given that video game movies aren't going to go away, what do you think it will take to make a video... More
  • The Problem With The 3DS

    I have always had an odd relationship with Nintendo products. I get impressed by the innovative risks they take, but let down by poor third party support and other skipped features. Their first party games are always of the highest quality, but never... More
  • Hobo With a Shotgun: Delivering Justice, One Shell at a Time...

    Around four years ago we were treated with a movie called Grindhouse, a two for one deal with a film directed by Robert Rodriguez and the other by Quentin Tarantino, which paid homage to the old exploitation films from way back in the day. To this day... More
  • Hazardous Button Smashing

    In my childhood, when we still had the NES clone called Dingo, I played so many fighting games I think I even cannot name them all. There was Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Battletoads, Street Fighter, Mighty Final Fight... They all were great "punch... More
  • New Blog!

    As readers of yesterday's review of Costume Quest already know (and judging by the number of views, that's not many of you), I'm starting up a video game review blog. It's called " Dave's Video Game Revue ," and I've... More
  • The 4th Floor: Episode 3

    Welcome GIO community, this week we discuss movies, as if that's a change. However we decide to focus on a certain Mortal Kombat production, including a sequel to the God of War movie. Did you know there's a new Mission Impossible movie coming... More
  • That Glitch Saved My Life!

    Usually when you hear that a game has a glitch, you think that that glitch is a failure. And in case you're not sure what a failure is. This, my friends, is a failure! Moving on! This post is dedicated to the glitches that saved my life in a game... More
  • GI health week - Cutting down on sleep deprivation.

    March has come and gone,and a new month has began. So forgive me if I'm off to a slow start with my blogging. But an article for GI health week has caught my eye. Titled "Sleep deprivation and gaming," the article talks about the effects... More