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  • Game of the Year 2010 Pushed Back to 2011…

    It doesn’t seem like all that long ago the game industry was wagging its tail about how 2010 was going to be this phenomenal year of epic game releases, and while we have certainly been treated to some fantastic contenders for this prestigious award... More
  • I just saw Inception...

    While I was on vacation, I saw Inception, and it was awesome. There was so much awesomeness in it, it was great. I loved the acting, the script, the story, and the plot twists. I loved the movie. More
  • Ken Griffey's grotesquely swollen jaw, Steve Sax and his run-ins with the law...

    I'm talkin' baseball, from Maine to San Diego. Well, Minnesota specifically. As far as the current-gen systems go, the only one I own is the Xbox 360. The only real problem I have had as a result of this is my severe lack of a good baseball game... More
  • Amazing Video Game Music Moment

    Everyone is going nuts for the PBS event. Watch this Marching Band Awesomeness (btw my friend is playing Clarinet in there somewhere) POKEMON IS IN IT!!! More
  • How to Distract a Congressman and Make a Positive Impact, Too

    As we know, video games, or more specifically, violent video games, have gotten much attention from our Congressmen since Mortal Kombat showed us images of heads being ripped off bodies with the spinal cord still attached, still beating hearts being pulled... More
  • Nintendo Defense League: Chapter 3

    Welcome to Chapter 3. Please read The first 2 chapters to catch up on the story. Thank you Chapter 1: Chapter 2: http://gameinformer... More
  • Nobody Panic, Now.

    Anyone who knows me will notice the name chage... If you havn't... I'm MatsudaTohu. I figured that it was time for a change and my name is kind of a tribute to my favorite drummer of all time: James Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold, who passed away... More
  • All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Playing Video Games...

    While I didn't realize the direction this blog was going to take when I started drafting it...I now on and enjoy. In the last Member Herding blog that spot lighted Drubacca117, I asked him to “finish a sentence” about video... More
  • Red Dead Redemption DLC Tuesday Aug. 10th.

    If only I could play the game online without getting kicked back to free roam (even when I'm IN free roam) every 10 seconds. Hope they finally fix this. More
  • The Rebellion Part I- Not a traditional Blog

    So a friend of mine and i have been working on a novel of an idea we had, and this is the first part of the story. I hope you enjoy it. If you want the second one directly afterr this, just email me. But remember, I will be posting the story in parts... More
  • Irrational's new game predictions

    I love Irrational Games. Game Informer's segment on them a few months ago was brilliant, and it makes me want more from them. I loved Bioshock, and I hope that whne it does get around to making a third one, I hope that Irrational handles it, and make... More
  • Play with your food

    What if you could eat your favorite video game characters? We all probably just thought the same dirty thought... Let me start over. I've been inspired by recent blog posts about video games related beer, creepy cakes that were supposed to look like... More