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  • My List of Top 10 Games

    I've been thinking about making a list of my fvorite top 10 games, so I did... here it is, feel free to disagree. 1. Kingdom Hearts, Very awesome storyline to it, I love this game. 2. LittleBigPlanet, This is an unending game for anyone! Anyone could... More
  • The Modern FPS and a change I can believe in.

    I know this might be a little dated, however playing through CoD: Black OPS got me thinking. The modern day FPS is growing stale. While a few military shooters involve some squad control, the majority of these games do not. The Blackbird mission in Black... More
  • Why we Play Games: An Afterthought...

    You ever think about why it is you play games. I of course assume that it is something you do, at least a little, considering the web domain name of the website you are currently on... why do we play games... thats a good question. For me, I play games... More
  • 6 Online Games Every one Should Play

    If you like casual games that are uncomplicated and no guns and blood involved, you should try out these interesting flash games on the Internet which are free to play. They are easy to play and can be completed in a few minutes. Curve Ball Curve Ball... More
  • The Pursuit of Perfection...

    Hey all, it's the artist formerly known as "The Replay Review!" How's it going? Good? Me too. I wanna talk a bit about perfection today... I’d argue that perfection is unattainable… a false premise, a mirage. It’s... More
  • Copying Wii Games: Is It Really Important?

    A lot of unfortunate things can happen to a Wii game disk. While is hard to calculate the full cost of every mishap in life, you can easily figure out what it will cost you if you damage or lose one your Wii games. It will cost you the full face value... More
  • My friends look easier to read.

    This post has been made before, but now it's readible. Google chrome is beginning to make me sad. Thank you TOGNick for telling me to use a different browser. I was thinking this morning. About Pokemon. And I realized, as a series, it has been one... More
  • I Have A Problem With Gamers

    I have a problem with a niche of the gaming community. Before I rant, let me tell you about my weekend. A youth event was held in my town to raise money for our local Youth Advisory Commission. The event was open to all high school students. We were lured... More
  • The Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame PSA…

    Well here it is...finally! This is the first official "Unofficial GIO Bloggers Hall of Fame" public service announcement. This announcement will provide some background information and a general overview of my vision for this new series that... More
  • Minecraft: What Texture Packs do you use?

    February 15 I am currently using the painterly pack for Minecraft, but I'm still looking at new ones trying to find texture packs I like the best. I'm curious to know what texture packs (if any) the Game Informer community uses! Leave your comments... More
  • How to Use Kinect

    I recently received a brand new Kinect, and decided to post my... impressions. Here's how you really use Kinect. Just the Facts: Kinect may be the coolest thing ever created. Without exception, the Kinect launch lineup has all the depth and complexity... More
  • An Annual Assassin's Creed is a Curious Gamble

    I totally believe that games need a two year gestation cycle, partly for quality control and partly for preventing over-exposure to the audience. We have seen many AAA titles crushed from this behavior and the annual title leaves a bad taste in our mouths... More