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  • My 10 Defining Moments

    I've seen a lot of people doing these posts, so I know its not the most original thing in the world. And I'm sorry if people were expecting all of my posts to be industry-commentary: sometimes I'll just have fun or personal posts as well.... More
  • ", and now he is tea-bagging."

    I remember my first one. About a minute into my game (first week of online ever) I got killed by a guy talking trash in the lobby. He stepped over me and crouched. Then stood. And repeat. I did'nt know what was going on. Faulty controller? Messing... More
  • An Army of One...

    Gamers are fully aware that successful titles will, more often than not, breed sequels. Game developers will squeeze every last dollar they can out of a title before it's finally abandoned to the bargain bin at the local Wal-Mart. The typical pattern... More
  • InFamous 2 Wishlist

    As the GI team has done a couple of these wishlists, I thought I would do one for inFamous 2, which I really hope they make. Here you go! oh, first things first spoiler alert! 1. Better Choices I really liked inFamous, but some of the choices were lame... More
  • The saddest thing ever.

    W ell... I"m speechless. I think that this is the lowest point in the gaming/technology part of my life. The worst part is, it's all my fault. Recently I've taken to modding. Just kinda messing around with my profile. Of course, I backed... More
  • Video Game Memoirs: A Link to the Past

    Super Nintendo is my favorite console of all time. However, as much as I love it, there were several games that I missed when Super Nintendo was current. One game in particular, I missed for a humorous reason... and that game is The Legend of Zelda: A... More
  • The. . .Of All Time

    Instead of me writing 20 blogs about my favorite games, overrated games, underrated games, etc, i'm just gonna throw them all into one blog. Of course, I know alot of people will disagree, because I have a pretty strict taste in video games. Also... More
  • @ BatmanPrime

    12 1
    Hey I was reading one of your on the seat blogs when you stated that you were going to try to figure out how to get characters on the picture actually sitting. Well I messed around a little and came out with this, and I just figured I would show you. More
  • Dirtiest Bird's arguable blog.

    (Be advised before reading this 75% of you will go into an angered rage after reading,60% will leave a comment complaining about this blog, 25% will agree but only 10% percent will admit to agreeing, and finally 1% will consider this a life changing event... More
  • On The Seat: Master Chief

    Thank you for reading my latest in a line of, what is almost certainly going to be, completely forgotten blog posts (just wait a few years). If you want to catch up before you head into this minefield of drunken obscenities, click here for Big Daddy,... More
  • Reach for the Stars...

    StarCraft has quite the international reputation and its legacy is forever etched in the gaming archives. A number of journalists and industry experts consider the game as one of the most important and influential real time strategy (RTS) games in the... More
  • Shutter Island Movie Reivew (Prepare For Mindf*ck)

    I'll keep this review as spoiler-free as I possibly can. I came into Shutter Island without reading the book, so I was expecting to be wowed. For one thing, it's made by Martin Motherf***ing Scorsese. For another, Leonardo DiCaprio is the lead... More