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  • The Death of Nintendo?

    As the interviews from game developers such as "Cliffy B" begin pouring out about how everyone should and will buy the Wii U because of the simple fact that it is Nintendo I start to wonder. Is the Nintendo first party library really great or... More
  • Discussion: Has Gaming Become a Mass Art Form?

    Art has been around since the earliest days of humanity, beginning with acting, art, dance, forms of literature, and music. Each of those mediums have continued to evolve with technology to the point where we have combinations of multiple, with things... More
  • Tail of the sun contest entry

    This is my contest entry to Tail of the Sun T-shirt showdown! I spent nearly all day on it, and i hope it shows! tell me what you think. but before you do, know this, three hours into this one my program crashed, lost everything and had to start from... More
  • Catherine Demo Impressions

    As we begin to hit the half way point of Summer, the game release drought really begins to take effect. Gone are the fantastic May & June we had this year, with a pretty empty July & August to follow before what I like to call "The Holiday... More
  • Head Shots: Negating the effects of exposure to ludicrously Violent Games

    Well that's a title. Jokes aside, how often have you heard a news story, or a parent complain about how violent video games corrupt the minds of children? I believe not only little children, but people of all ages are suspect to violent thoughts or... More
  • Dating Advice For Gamers

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    By writing this blog, I don't mean to imply that gamers are awkward, self-conscious basket cases, I simply mean to imply that people are awkward, self-conscious basket cases, especially on the dating scene. However, gamers have a few extra hurdles... More
  • If I could design a game - Concept #3: Lawless

    As apart of a series of blogging I'm doing. The series intention is to convey my ideas of some dream concepts of mine (that one day I hope to make into a reality) for video games. I aim to make sure each idea has a new innovative concept yet to implemented... More
  • The mini minute: Pix' N Love Rush, A great game for the PS3/PSP! A grouchy old dude review.

    Pix' N Love Rush is a game made by Sanuk games a developer who is known for making great games for people on a budget. Pix' N Love Rush doesn't fail to deliver on entertainment and value either. This game is a platform style game with very... More
  • Batman: Arkham City Riddler Trailer - Puzzle revealed.

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    With my morning coffee, I figured it out. You have to rearrange the words with the number attached to them you get this: Ridd(9)le m(1)e t(13)his wh(2)at doe(5)s i(20)t t(20)ake t(5)o Kee(18)p a(20) Shar(8)p pup(1)pet o(14)n (25)a Str(15)ange str(21... More
  • The Next, Biggest Media Hit...Maybe?

    " Kei's Creature Quest " "There is a legend that tells of a powerful creature, that appears on Earth every seven hundred years. It is said that whoever captures the creature, may use it's power for the good of mankind or the evil... More
  • The Culmination of All Your Efforts- Boss Battles

    DON'T READ THIS AS IT IS NOT YET FINISHED!!!! I recently read an article on and I was surprised. The article was talking about how it was time to essentially do away with the classic boss fight. The article blasted the Batman v. Joker fight... More
  • Video Game Music: Special Edition: Final Fantasy, part 1

    So I decided to break this one up into 2 parts, mostly because there is a lot of Final Fantasy Music that I like, most of it coming from 7 through 10, because I think those games have some of the best songs, but that doesn't mean all of them come... More