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  • Remembering a Classic...

    Every now and then I remember a particularly special game from the past that was revolutionary at the moment, but over time its popularity declined until it was eventually forgotten. Most gamers probably have never even heard of the game I’m about... More
  • Dementium II Review

    Be prepared to be scared in Renegade Kid's third DS outing, Dementium II. Sore spots from the first Dementium, namely a severe lack of save points, respawning enemies and some very repetitious environments, have been fixed and allow you to focus on... More
  • New Rap: Brandon

    Back from yesterday, I hit the hay but now I'm back in black, cut no slack boy, you d'nt need too cuz ya know I'd kick yer ass, Bring me back, one big stack, ya got some debt to pay the new york boy, don't pay off I'll eat like pork... More

    who plays ultimate mortal kombat for ds if you do ill play you online. My friend code is 107637673163 More
  • The Random Preview: Scream 4 Teaser Poster Released

    Ask me what my favorite slasher series is. I said earlier that Nightmare on Elm Street was my favorite of the original 80si slasher films, but there is one series that is honestly my personal favorite that was made in the 90s. The Scream series. A fresh... More
  • Series Haters

    OK I'm just posting this to rant really but bare with me. Why do people give so much hate to succesful games like Halo or Call of Duty or Final Fantasy? These series are big sellers and for some reason that tends to make people freak out because they're... More
  • Games that changed my playing field part 2

    Those four games in my last blog were not the only ones. In this blog, I highlight four more games from my past. In case you missed the first blog there will be link to it after this one. 5. Zelda. A link to the past. Who didn't run around their own... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Pandorum (I doubt I hallucinated this but I wish I had)

    I know there is no reason to have seen this movie, the trailers practically give away the twist, however I am a sucker for Sci Fi Horror, always have been always will. So I sat down last night while going to bed and decide to give Pandorum a test ride... More
  • Who Knew Vol 2: Hidden Treasures

    I recently started chronicling my experiences coming back into the world of comics after a 7 or 9 year hiatus. (I still am not completely sure when I stopped collecting/reading.) Today's episode brings us, not frustration, but jubilation. Why so jubilant... More
  • Breaking News...

    I usually shy away from blogging about news related stories. There are far too many game sites and bloggers that cover this subject matter, and I’m sure they are more proficient at it than I am. But I came across a story that I haven’t seen... More
  • Overlooked: An Indie Game Worth Your Time

    Xbox Live Indie Game Section on the Game Marketplace is mainly overlooked. Most people go to the arcade section because they know that they will get a quality game at a sometimes decent price. All I got to say is that check out the Indie games section... More
  • My thoughts on the EA Sports Online Pass

    So let me get this straight, beginning with Tiger Woods 2011 (June 8 th , 2010) if I buy a used EA sports game at GameStop, or rent one through gamefly, I am no longer able to play that game online? I have to shell out another $10 just to be able to play... More