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  • Dept of Redundancy Department - Do We Need Multiple Blogs on the Same Subject...

    So...I had a nice long trip home today. There's something about car accidents in the tunnel turning an 18 mile drive into a 2 hour journey. It did give me plenty of time to think about what I was going to blog about tonight. Honestly, my thoughts... More
  • The Year In Review With Cody Gilley

    This has been a freaking amazing year. Stellar titles have came out left and right, and while our wallets may be getting a liposuction in order to buy all the titles we want, I for one, don't think any of us suffered. I have recently conducted a interview... More
  • Goodbye GIO...

    21 2
    For those of you that have not heard....err.... read, I am leaving GIO. Some of you are probably jumping for joy; some of you may even decide I am a hypocrite for making a post like this, after having lambasted many a blog of similar length and overall... More
  • Is Golden Sun Dark Dawn Too Late?

    In 2001 an rpg by the name of Golden Sun released in the US for the GBA. It received good reviews and was well received by fans. In 2003 Golden Sun the Lost Age released and it got a similar reaction, It even got a 9 out of 10 on IGN. These games have... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 11

    UPDATE: It's confirmed! We will have our very first guest host on the next episode of Robot in the Corner. This guest is a friend of ours... we hope you enjoy his inclusion on the show. Don't get too excited, but Hist is helping me figure out... More
  • Do I deserve to be considered a "hardcore" gamer?

    As the title says above, I suddenly began to question my status as gamer. It happened suddenly last night. I was playing Sonic CD when the thought came into my mind. This caused me to stop playing and take a look back on my gaming carrer as a whole. I've... More
  • The Pros and Cons of each console

    Recently on GIO, I have seen a lot of discussions of which console is best, which one they play most, etc. I have all three consoles, I have played each one a lot. I spend most of my time on my X360, and I play all my cross platform games on my 360. I... More
  • Innovation vs. Refinement: When Should Video Games Apply Them?

    This console generation has seen some of the best games ever to come out. The quality is continuously much better than in years past in my opinion. Developers have been adding more and more content as time goes by and games get more complex. Developers... More
  • TOGNick has issues: Issue 3

    The original issue 3 was a nasty hate filled rant, and I apologize for that, this one will be better much better...for now hope though. You see, I'm a pizza delivery expert, although I don't work for Dominoes who claim to be the "experts"... More
  • Xbox 360: Driving Circles Around the Competition

    Since December of last year (2009), I've owned all three current generation consoles. In early 2007, I bought a Nintendo Wii. Why? Because I was intrigued by the new technology and I was psyched about the Virtual Console (I've utilized it too... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 22 of XX

    After a week hiatus to eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving, the Member Herding blog makes its triumphant return. Once again, I had to resort to Plan B. Plan B consists of a systematic approach using complex formulas and algorithms to analyze a series... More
  • Assassins Creed: Brotherhood AKA Ridiculous story inc.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to criticize AC for having a crazy story. It's basically the video game version of Lost. Both jump around in time, both are crazy, both insist on killing off my favorite characters. Oh yeah, there might be SPOILERS... More