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  • Worst Blog Ever! (Not What You Think)

    Well, hopefull you clicked on this just because you like to read blogs, bad or not. And what I mean by "worst blog ever," is that I have no real reason or template for this blog, it's just my thoughts on many things at the moment. First... More
  • Pushing the Envelope

    The last few year, gaming has seen a lot of new ideas and a lot more rehashed ideas. It reminded me of that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" A philosophy that most people in the industry both as players and developers tend... More
  • Caught off guard!

    Alright. You caught me with me blogger pants off. Today, I was completly tuned off. I forgot to check my blog... I'm bad. In fact I'm really bad. So this is going to be a totally improv blog. I'll just go from topic to topic till the end.... More
  • Let me pause this game while I log onto Facebook...

    Say you are one of my Twitter followers (link's on my page!) or friends with me on Facebook. Do you really care what trophy I just unlocked while playing Uncharted 2 ? Do you want to see an announcement every time I blow somebody off the road in Blur... More
  • Progress on Just Wake Up.....

    I told myself that I wasn't going to post much about the subject until I at least reached the halfway point. And I did just today~ So yeah I'm pretty happy (if not tired lol.) Just Wake Up and Everything Will Be Okay has just been a real project... More
  • Books for Games Revival

    I don't expect many people to know about them, but this was the first blog series I started on this site. Feel free to check them out if you haven't already. If anything, the books I mentioned should at least be interesting reads. Today, I decided... More
  • Five-Sentence Game Impressions #2

    I finally felt the motivation to continue with the second installment of my blog series containing five-sentence thoughts on several video games I have recently played. Just like before, these remarks will range from nerdy complaints to fairly serious... More
  • The Art of War: Video Gamer’s Edition. Part 2 of 2.

    If you missed yesterday’s blog, let me give you a quick recap…three GIO community members and myself constructed a video gamer’s edition of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. If you happened to miss it, you can find it here... More
  • The GameInformer Iphone App

    When I was at my family event besides trying not to hit on my hot cousin, I was thinking about an idea for a GameInformer IphoneApp. I know I will need help with the technical stuff and the edtiors should probaly help me but this is my vision. The GameInformer... More
  • Mafia II Demo Impressions

    I'm officially obsessed with a demo, Thats right a demo. Interference This is probably one of the high points of the game. Heck, everything in this game is a high point. When your in your house you can eat sandwiches, drink beer, drink soda, turn... More
  • Even more Stupid Laws in California

    I thought the laws from my last post was dumb but these are even DUMBER and don't make any sense what so ever. I got really curious and looked these up and I just couldn't stop laughing my @ss off. Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits... More
  • A Special Thank You/ Can You Hear me Now?- A communication Dilema

    It was recently brought to my attention that my blogs have the tendency of becoming quite popular grounds for engaging, civil discussions. I'd like to take all the credit and let it go to my head. People tell me it's quite small anyway, so it... More