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  • Sound Strategy for Success...

    What constitutes cheating? Don't get me wrong, there are obvious examples of cheating. Everyone would agree that any unauthorized program or modification that allows for an unfair advantage would be cheating. Things like aimbots and wall hacks are... More
  • My Commitment

    I hearby declare myself A GAMER. As a gamer, I will dedicate 2/3 or more of my life towards video games. Every single popular system must be played. The systems have to be both handeld and stationary. You must spend over $1000 in your whole entire life... More
  • Pokemon: A Look To My Youth, and the End of an Era

    The year is 1999, and at the tender age of eight years old, I was among the most respected kids in my latchkey. It wasn’t because I was athletic or social, (few could match my horrendous lack of running ability), rather my fame came from being the... More
  • The Downhill Part Of Life

    So if you read my Blacklisted blog you will know things have gotten shity for me. If you havnt and want to read it heres a link (Im really just having fun putting links everywhere now that I know how) Anyway I woke up today and was feeling pretty crap... More
  • Bioshock 2 plot questions

    I recently finished Bioshock 2, and although I was quite impressed at how well 2K Marin did at recreating the wonder of Rapture, I had a couple of questions about the plot, and Bioshock lore in general. There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, so only go on if... More
  • Blog Loss

    Okay, time for me to step away from my normal long and mostly informative blog posts and just complain for a minute. I have recently been suffering from an extreme amount of Blog Loss and it is draining the creative life and will to write from me. This... More
  • Pedro's impressions of Modern Warfare 2

    Bear in mind that this is not a review; there's no way I can be objective enough to do one of those. I'm simply putting my thoughts on the game here. Recently, I rented MW2 off of Gamefly. I've always loved the single-player campaigns for... More
  • Kirby, Where'd ya Go?

    I don't think there's anyone on this earth and even in Dreamland who knows where Kirby went to? Announced, then canceled. Then announced again, then delayed. Currently still cropping up under the radar, mysteriously, on cryptic Japanese release... More
  • Virtual Reality Goggles for the Nintendo Wii?

    Two years ago, my Engineering Methods class required making something innovating using a 3D design program called Rhinoceros. Since I heard the rumor that Sony and Microsoft were going to make their old controllers, I thought of designing something that... More
  • My 10 Defining Moments

    I've seen a lot of people doing these posts, so I know its not the most original thing in the world. And I'm sorry if people were expecting all of my posts to be industry-commentary: sometimes I'll just have fun or personal posts as well.... More
  • ", and now he is tea-bagging."

    I remember my first one. About a minute into my game (first week of online ever) I got killed by a guy talking trash in the lobby. He stepped over me and crouched. Then stood. And repeat. I did'nt know what was going on. Faulty controller? Messing... More
  • An Army of One...

    Gamers are fully aware that successful titles will, more often than not, breed sequels. Game developers will squeeze every last dollar they can out of a title before it's finally abandoned to the bargain bin at the local Wal-Mart. The typical pattern... More