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  • Zero The Hero

    I've never liked "Thanks for Playing" achievements. What's the point of an achievement if everyone gets it? Why do they put achievements on tutorials? Have you ever gotten one for watching the intro to a game? That's the most ridiculous... More
  • Is This A Joke?

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    I was wandering around the extensive corridors of Game Informer Online and while searching for information I guess I never need, I came across a particular web-page, which included something out of the ordinary. So basically what I'm talking about... More
  • music for mass wars

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    perfect action videos More
  • The News - 05.27.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! First, allow us to apologize for our absence yesterday. Sadly, we ran into a pretty severe internet outage that denied our ability to post yesterday's issue of The News. As such, The News from yesterday has been incorporated... More
  • Music Games: Are Talent and Frenzied Button Mashing Really Compatible?

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    There is a tongue-in-cheek saying that those who can't do , teach, and those that can't teach make LAWS about teaching. To some extent, I think that this saying can also include music games. Generally, music games fall into three different categories... More
  • You know what I want more of (The unstoppable bad guy)

    With the recent release of the new inFAMOUS 2 trailer I have been hiding in the corner of my room with thoughts of dread at having to eventually fight that thing. A fictional enemy has caused me to be overcome with dread. I was not expecting the antagonist... More
  • How Much Are You Willing to Reveal?

    One of the odder aspects of Internet message boards (including GIO) is that you really have no idea who you're talking to. You're essentially talking to people you'll probably never meet. That's weird. But, it does mean that you have almost... More
  • Old Super Nintendo Game, trying to figure out the name.

    Ok everyone, I need some help figuring out the name of this game I played when i was younger for SNES. All i remember is if i remember correctly it was a crime or mafia game kind of free roam type, you could hire a hitman or someone to walk with you at... More
  • Music Geek: Songs That Appeal to My Gamer Side

    I have three passions in life: gaming, women, and music. This is a blog where I will talk about the music I am enjoying at the moment. (And no I'm not going to blog about the women I'm enjoying at the moment since there is only one, and she reads... More
  • Getting An Extra-Life in My Frogpants... *Edition One of Nerd Culture Spotlight*

    Welcome to the first edition of my new weekly series "Nerd Culture Spotlight* where I shine a light on a cool website that is all about bringing on the nerd. If you have any ideas for a possible spotlight, please feel free to send a message to me... More
  • Point-And-Click-Palooza-The Role of the Interactive Story In Gaming

    Dear Developers: make a DS version of The Neverhood-STAT or this monster will eat Klayman! Here's the video, for maximum hilarity: Point and click adventure games are best known for their reign on the PC back in the mid 90's. Games like Monkey... More
  • Call of Duty, a look at the franchise.

    This blog will contain epic information on the call of duty series from start to finish. So fasten your seat belts folks, I'll be recapping everything that has happened and will happen including MW3 (WW3) my thoughts on it and where the franchise... More