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  • Games that changed my playing field.

    There are millions of games that people play everyday. But which of those games left everlasting impressions on you? I want to list certain games that changed the way I thought about games. Games that stayed in my mind all day and night. Games that made... More
  • Concise

    4 days 7 hours 53 minutes until the game of the year. Red Dead Redemption I speak of, of course. More
  • The Worst Wastes of Good Ideas in Gaming

    1. Rogue Warrior - This game had so much potential. A tactical stealth shooter set in the Cold War and you play as Dick Marcinko. However, when Bethesda scrapped the previous team and their work for Rebellion, it all went to hell. This is the most major... More
  • Red Dead Redemption

    I just can't wait for this game to come out!! I am hearing that the game world will be even larger than GTA San Andreas like 2x larger! never been a hardcore old-west fan, but I will play just about anything Rockstar makes they are one of my favorite... More
  • The Perils of Being Eclectic

    For the longest time, I have enjoyed having eclectic tastes. My tastes in music, movies, and at times even games has opened my eyes to many views, styles, and experiences that otherwise, I might have missed out on. The problem however is that inevitably... More
  • Sensory Overload...

    Sometimes I never truly understand the inspiration for my blogs or at least the topics that I blog about. There are times when it is obvious – like when there is breaking news or when I talk about a particular game – but sometimes I get a... More
  • Forever Young

    The other day I was called out of the business office I work at to go down into the facility I work for to help with an activity. The facility I work for is a retirement home for the elderly and this week we were celebrating national nursing week. One... More
  • My love for drawing and gaming collide!

    I started gaming when I was about 6 or 7 (i can't really exactly remember when) but I was far younger when i started drawing, thus making drawing the only thing I place above gaming. I started before I started Kindergarten. I would drawing blocks... More
  • Why Ask Why...

    As kind of a follow up to yesterday’s blog about how users of the iPod, iPad, Xbox and/or Playstation were being diverted and distracted from more important endeavors, I decided to tackle an interesting question. I made a comment in one of my blogs... More
  • Did you know...

    Stonehenge was created by aliens, the ancient Mayans, and John F. Kennedy. It's true, you know. You see, there's all sorts of wonderful facts abound on the internet, from the New World Order having a base under Denver International Airport, to... More
  • Splinter Cell Conviction Review (Xbox 360)

    Splinter Cell Conviction Single-Player Let's first start with the fact that the SP campaign is kinda short. You should be able to finish it within several hours. However, I have to say that the hours are some of the best hours in gaming I've played... More
  • Halo Reach Beta (REVIEW)

    Just how good is the beta its SUPER awsome lol most people dont know what im talking about unless you visit the bungie website regularly but anyway lets get into the review. INVASION: Perfect for playing with friends with this huge map people will be... More