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  • Silent Hill Movie Review (Retrospectively)

    Okay, so the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time movie has been out for almost a month now, and it seems like nobody seems to care about it anymore. Everyone went pretty insane over the hype on how it would change the face of the world of game-based films... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Halo Legends (I can think of nothing witty to say here)

    Ok before any of you say that this sucked (I seriously doubt you will) I knew pratcially nothing about the Halo Universe before watching this collection of short films. I knew enough that Master Chief is a Spartan, and that they kick ass. I also knew... More
  • 5 Things That I Think Should Happen in The Video Game Industry.

    7 1
    5. Interplaying With Interplay While Bethesda has kind of sucker-punched Interplay by taking Fallout, it would be awesome if everyone from Bethesda and Interplay could come together and build a turn-based-FPS sort of thing. Yes, I am aware Obsidian is... More
  • UPDATE: An Unofficial OnLive Review

    22 2
    6/21/2010 ORIGINAL: I recently had the unique opportunity to try out the newly-launched cloud gaming service called OnLive. For those of you unfamiliar with the service, think if it as playing a game that is running on another computer over the internet... More
  • Top Five Games with Awesome Soundtracks

    This is a little morning blog post with the top five video game sound tracks. 5. Halo- Ever since this game was released in 2001, it has always had a special made soundtrack by Martin O'Donnell. The game has it's signature Bada-da-dum sound that... More
  • I quit!

    No, this isn't a post saying that I'm leaving GI or anything like that (and hopefully this text also being visible will make it so that nobody thinks I am). I'm talking about leaving a multiplayer game early, without any notice whatsoever... More
  • The Fast and Furious...

    This is not the blog I had planned for tonight…but looking at my list of blog topics, there are three or four ideas that are all loosely related that keep staring at me and scaring me away. So finally today I lassoed them all into one blog until... More
  • Hitting the Reset Button.

    The reset button has been a big theme with me this summer. Some of you may have noticed I haven't been blogging like I used to. I hit the reset button. Decided that I wasn't going to blog until I had something to talk about. A topic that was mine... More
  • Tformers/Botcon/GI

    Im home after reporting on Botcon for my favorite Transformers news source: and imagine my surprise when I sign in to GI to find that I had made the front page! More
  • Sick of sequels? Then you'd better take a chance on "Singularity"

    Despite how much we complain about them, there's something to be said for the endless march of sequels. You know what you're getting with the latest "Call of Duty" - adrenaline-fueled action, familiar controls, deep multiplayer. If you're... More
  • Beast Mode really........

    Well after watching this years E3 gaming convention i have seen good games that i have high hopes for like Crysis 2 or Rage or even the pirates of the carribbean armada of the damned and after seeing gameplay of my favorite 3rd person shooters Gears of... More
  • Too much on my Mind?*UPDATE*

    I dont know what it is with me today, but I seem to have too much on my mind. I'll try to get all I have to say out right now, but no promises. As some of you who have visited my page, you may have noticed, I'm at the beach. So I do not have my... More