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  • My Most Feared Problem About L.A Noir

    Most likely you subscribers have gotten your eager hands on GI's latest issue, with a full wrap around cover about Rockstars new IP, L.A Noir. GI already revealed the March cover on the website, so i wasn't too suprised. However, as I read the... More
  • My 3 Worst Games of All Time

    So, everyone else is doing their best games of all time. Time to give you the garbage. :) I was tempted to put Ocarina of Time on this list (sorry, I just don't like it), but I don't want everything to center on that. :) So here we go! 3. Carnival... More
  • A Completely Random Debate

    What's this so-called debate you ask? Well I'll tell you. With a long-yet-somewhat-short explanation. 1. Pick a system, any sytem! 2. Pick a game, any game! 3. Tell me why you hate, like, despise, love, or want to destroy it! 4. Be very detailed... More
  • Ok so maybe this time I'll go to hell...My Half Way 10 in my top 100

    ok so the last 100 list where I analyze my bottom 5 in my top 100 was a huge success we're talking a million+ views and that's saying here we go with the halfway 10 just remember it's my list I have full control, you can agree... More
  • How split screen came to die

    Alright here it is lesson number 343...what happened to split screen. So, we've been around for awhile and most of us have good memories of sitting around a tv with 3 of our friends playing some game, probably an FPS (there is no better way for a... More
  • Review: Song Summoner:The Unsung Heroes - Encore

    While not a ‘new’ title, Square Enix’s Song Summoner is a App Store game that shouldn’t be missed. It brings a few elements to the game that are both intuitive and integral to the fun within the style of game, especially for the... More
  • I R Gamer (or for those who will flame me right away for that Are you a gamer?)

    Ok so another thread and I think another blog neccesary to discuss it. The ultimate question of questions the one question to rule them all...What does it take to be a gamer? First I would like analyze what exactly the word gamer is it's an indentifier... More
  • Dragon Age Romance Problems

    I'm trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. Today I beat the game as a human female mage. Throughout the course of the story, I chose to win Lelianna's approval and try to romance her. After going through the whole game and getting her... More
  • Top 5 Most Overpriced Games

    Game publishers have been making collector's editions and special bundles for years, and recently it seems they are almost required for a big release. Even if its a new IP, if the company feels confident or the hype is enough, the metal boxed versions... More
  • Borderlands DLC Achievements Revealed

    The new DLC coming out was obviously announced and today as I looked on Xbox Live I realized Borderlands had 70 achievements. And 1500 gamerscore. I looked and found the new DLC Achievements Making a Monster - 10G Build the New Car : Monster Athena, Out... More
  • Reviews

    I'm now dedicating my entire blog to reviews. If you guys want me to review a game on PC, Xbox 360, or even a game that's on both PS3 and 360, comment here with the name of the game and the platform. More
  • "The Birds" - The Story Of A Traumatic Experience I Had When I Was Only A Young Boy

    17 1
    Hey guys and girls, I just finished writing a story, short in length, and I was hoping that maybe you, the GI Community could maybe read it and tell me what you think of it. I want to pursue a writing career after high school and college, and it would... More